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Medifast Cost: Prices Per Day, Week, & Month

medifast logoHow Much Does the Medifast diet Cost? One of the most intimidating reasons to stall on starting a diet of any kind is the price tag. No matter what weight loss program you commit to, it’s going to affect your monthly budget, but by how much?

First, How Medifast Works

Before understanding how much it costs to be on the Medifast Diet, it’s important to understand how the diet works, and read through customer reviews.

Essentially, you eat smaller meals (6-7) more frequently throughout the day. Most of these meals are “Medifast meals” which are the packaged meals (like shakes) that you see on their website. These meals are supplemented with “grocery store” meals and snacks that you prepare yourself, consisting of vegetables and lean proteins.

The most popular way to start the Medifast program is with a 15 or 30-day promotion for the  Flex or Go! kits that includes free enrollment in Medifast Advantage, which is simply an auto-ship program. Auto-delivery comes with monthly rewards including free shipping + a 10% discount that are included in the cost estimates below.

Most of the cost of the Medifast program is in the Medifast Meals, but you’ll want to account for the supplemental “grocery store” meals as well to estimate your total monthly costs.

Medifast Plan Options: “Flex” or “Go!”

The most effective way to start the diet is to choose either their, “Go!,” or “Flex” plan, depending on your weight loss goals. After the initial promotion ends, you can either stay on with their auto-delivery service (called, “Medifast Advantage”), or just cancel for free and buy meals individually from their website.

Here’s the difference between Medifast “Flex” and “Go!” plans: (compare)

  • The FLEX “Select” plan (most popular) is a more flexible meal plan that delivers more gradual weight loss. It consists of: 4 Medifast meals + 2 Lean & Green Meals + 1 Healthy snack
  • The FLEX “Complete” plan is similar to “Select,” but costs $100 more per month, adding more “Flavors of Home” microwavable meals, more snack options, and a bundle pack ($50 value) of their Essential1 Heart and Digestive supplements.
  • The Go! plan (formerly the “5&1 plan”) is intended to deliver faster weight loss, and is often preferred for busy people. Go! consists of: 5 Medifast meals + 1 Lean & Green Meal

Medifast Cost Per Day, Week, Month:

As a new customer, you can get a great deal on the first month, but you’ll be billed at a higher rate after the promotion ends. However, if you opt-in to the Medifast Advantage (auto-delivery) program, you’ll get 10% off and free shipping on each monthly delivery.

Here’s a breakdown of the estimated daily and monthly expense of being on the Medifast Advantage (auto-delivery) program for their Flex, and Go! plans:

Medifast Cost:Flex "Select" Plan:Flex "Complete" Plan:Go! Plan:
Per DAY:$13.25/day$16.65/day$13.65/day
Per WEEK:$100/wk$125/wk$103/wk
Per MONTH:$400/mo.$500/mo$410/mo
*First Month:
(New customer promo)
  • Prices are estimated for after your initial 30-day promotion ends
  • Whether you are new or existing customer, you can save on every order by using a Medifast coupon

promotion banner
*Get 30% Off the GO or FLEX Plan!

TOTAL Cost of being on the Diet = Medifast Meals + Groceries

The Medifast plans are a combination of “Medifast Meals(packaged meal replacements) plus meals of real food from the supermarket or restaurants. (Vegetables and lean proteins called, “lean, green meals”) Add a daily snack or two, and that’s your total food consumption under the Medifast Achieve Plan.

So, to determine the total cost, let’s add Medifast meals and grocery store food together and come up with a daily average cost.

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Add Your Average Grocery Store & Restaurant Cost

medifast vegetarian plan couponMost of your meals are going to come from the packaged meal replacements included in your Medifast Advantage (auto-delivery) monthly kits, so the extra amount you need to spend at the grocery store won’t break the bank.

Here’s where the prices of Medifast can vary, depending on what foods you purchase to supplement their packaged meals.

They say that the average family spends about $330 each month on groceries, and an average of $225 each month at restaurants.

That sounds low to me, so let’s round the average up. Then, let’s assume there are an average of 3 people per household, so we can divide that number by 3 and get $250 per person for groceries and dining out each month.

That means you should assume that your supplemental food including groceries and dining out on the Medifast Diet will cost about $12 per day.

TOTAL Cost (in food) of Being on the Medifast Diet? (About $25 per Day)

When we add the price of the actual packaged Medifast meals ($13) to the cost of buying groceries and restaurants ($9) we get a grand total cost of $25 per day to be on the Medifast Diet. (About $750 total per month)

If you are frugal at the supermarket and rarely eat out, that number is less. If you like to dine out a lot, or buy premium or organic foods, your daily expenses are more. In fact, the infographic below shows that.

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Interesting Cost Comparison: Medifast vs. Eating on the Road

A big plus of the Medifast weight loss program is that you eat frequent, small meals that are quick to prepare. Most people who consider Medifast have active lifestyles and may find themselves traveling on the road, which can be expensive.

Here’s a helpful info-graphic from Medifast that compares the cost of their program with a typical day on the road.

medifast cost comparison

The Cost of Medifast Meals Are About Equal to The Price of the Meals They Replace

So, I wouldn’t say that you save money by being on the Medifast diet, but if you look at the chart above, you can make a good argument that on average, being on the Medifast diet costs about the same as not being on it.

In that respect, it’s a closer comparison to the cost of Nutrisystem or The South Beach Diet (cost) than the cost of Weight Watchers, as most meals are provided / prepared for you with Medifast.

This, of course, assumes that you spend less at restaurants and the grocery store because you are replacing those meals with Medifast.

You can actually try a 2-week trial of the Medifast program for $149 to do your own accounting to see if these cost estimates hold up.

The Monthly Price Tag of Medifast Is Intimidating, But You’re Probably Spending a Lot on Food Already!

medifast mealsDuring the course of a week, you spend your money on food sporadically; a $10 sandwich here, a $4 coffee there. Maybe you spend $100 at the grocery store on Sunday?

With the Medifast program, you’re buying a month of meals at once, so the $400 monthly purchase can be hard to swallow, even if it’s about what you already spend!

Without complicating the question of how much Medifast costs, also consider that being overweight is expensive. In fact, we estimate the cost of obesity in our country to be in the hundreds of billions of dollars, mostly due to it’s affect on your health and productivity.

When determining the true cost of any diet, including Medifast, you inevitably come to terms with how much money you are spending on food, and usually it’s too much! Weighing your dieting options is a great time to estimate just how much it already costs to feed you and your family, and it’s probably more than you think!

The Cost of Other Common Stuff

I guess you could see the cost of any diet as an investment though. You generally feel healthier and happier when you take care of yourself. Consider these other daily costs that you may not have thought of:

Medifast Coupons Can Help Lower the Cost

medifast logoEvery week there are promotional codes and offers available towards your first month of Medifast, or a discount towards a minimum purchase of food. Common coupons include $15 off $150, $25 off $250, or free shipping on your order. (If you are enrolled in the monthly Medifast Achieve Plan, your order ships free anyway.)

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