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Nutrisystem Results After One Month? Here’s What to Expect

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How much weight can you lose in the first month of Nutrisystem? The Nutrisystem Diet is currently amongst the top five commercial diets available to consumers (U.S. News and World Report).

It is particularly notable for its ability to help dieters lose a significant amount of weight over a short period of time via portion control, calorie restriction, and meal delivery services.

Dieters who sign up for Nutrisystem (reviews) don’t have to worry about crafting healthy recipes themselves and tracking points (as dieters do with the WeightWatchers Freestyle program).

Participants receive prepared Nutrisystem meals on their doorstep, which are loaded with fiber, healthy fats and proteins, and vital nutrients. These meals are designed to help all participants reach their weight loss goals quickly–without having to dream up the meals and total the calories themselves!

Nutrisystem: About the First Month

The first month of the Nutrisystem diet is called Fresh Start. During this first, relatively restrictive month, dieters can expect to lose a significant amount of weight over four weeks by priming the body’s system for maximum weight loss. Each day, dieters consume six meals designed to monitor blood sugar levels, curb cravings, and amp up metabolism.

The goal here is to end bad eating habits, and to teach your body to burn fat instead of carbs. This transition from using carbs to fat for fuel is why most dieters experience significant weight loss in the first month.

Following this first month of “Turbo 13,” Nutrisystem dieters allegedly enjoy sustained weight loss through continued portion control and calorie restriction.

In some cases, the results of Turbo 13 may sound too good to be true! In this post, we’ll discuss what results you can truly expect from the first four weeks of a Nutrisystem diet.

How Much Weight Can You Lose In the First Month?

There are a lot of variables to consider, so it wouldn’t be fair to give an exact answer to that question. However, here’s what Nutrisystem says about the first month:

  • Women lose up to 13 lbs. and 7 inches in the first month
  • Men lose 18 lbs, and up to 9 inches in the first month (aka, “Drop 18 Now“)

Nutrisystem also notes that in a recent study, the average weight loss result was 11.6 pounds and 8 inches in the first month, which is slightly less than the numbers above.

So, those are the weight loss goals for the first month. A lot of people wonder results after two weeks, and while you could divide the “first month” numbers in half, I think you should at least give it a month before deciding whether it works. If you stick to the program, you should be able to see similar initial weight loss totals for yourself.

These significant results are often attributed to the first week of the program, called “Fresh Start,” which immediately starts targeting individuals’ glycemic index, a measure of carbohydrates’ influence on blood sugar levels.

All Nutrisystem meals of Turbo 13 are high in protein and complex, fiber-dense carbohydrates, which limit fat accumulation and effectively manage metabolism.

The meals are also designed to restrict caloric intake, and while they don’t require dieters to count anything (calories, points, etc.), they are intended to modify portions and dramatically influence the calories you take in and the ones that you ultimately burn.

In most cases, Nutrisystem meals also subtly control bad eating habits, ensuring that you reach for what can ultimately help you in your weight-loss journey.

Nutrisystem Weight loss per Week?

The most dramatic weight loss results should occur during Turbo13. During this first month of the Nutrisystem program, the goal for women is to lose about 3 pounds per week, while men can lose 4 pounds per week.

In subsequent weeks the goal for both women and men is to lose a sustainable 1-2 pounds per week depending on your starting weight and activity level. Note that weight loss is usually faster early in the Nutrisystem and naturally slows as you get closer to your goal weight.

Let’s hear what actual users say about their weight loss results after the first month:

Users Talk About Their First Month Results

Here’s a 40-second video from Melissa, in which she reports losing 10 pounds in two weeks, and 19 pounds after her first month on Nutrisystem:

Want to see more first month results? Here’s a Nutrisystem ad touting Turbo 13 and featuring Ashley, who lost over 20 pounds in her first month on the way to a total weight loss of 135 pounds:

Sorry that her story turned into an ad for Nutrisystem, but I think it gives you a decent overview of the first month. By the way, if you are interested in possibly signing up, don’t click the video, as you get the best price through their banner below:

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We also compiled a number of before and after pics, plus testimonials with specific first month and total weight loss results with Nutrisystem.

The First Month is the Most Important

The first few weeks of any diet are crucial ones. They can be difficult, particularly as the body experiences changes in metabolism, appetite, and fitness. This first month is also important from a psychological perspective, as it can make or break a participant’s commitment to dieting itself.

The Turbo 13 component of the Nutrisystem diet keeps all of this in mind and more, promising dieters effective weight-loss in a short amount of time, and then a sustainable weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week thereafter.

The majority of the success stories on Nutrisystem’s website reference rapid shedding of pounds within the first week of sticking to the diet, as in this one here. Other reviews on Consumer Affairs cite losing anywhere from seven to twenty pounds after the first month of the program.

Many dieters also mention the sheer amount of energy they experience within the first month of following the Nutrisystem diet. Turbo 13 is, after all, designed to boost metabolism and elevate energy levels throughout those first four crucial weeks.

Still others mention their capacity to lose anywhere from fifty to seventy pounds within the span of a year spent following the Nutrisystem diet. These success stories frequently refer to dieters’ rapid weight loss at the beginning of starting the diet itself.

Final Thoughts: Nutrisystem Results After One Month

Given Turbo 13’s emphasis on “body-priming,” essentially getting your body’s metabolism and resources ready for four weeks of fat-blasting, most dieters can expect to lose significant weight within the first month of following the Nutrisystem diet.

Your ability to keep the weight loss going will depend on your commitment to the diet itself, as most dieters cite the largest changes as a result of months- and years-long relationships with Nutrisystem. This diet can be used for quick, turnaround fat-blasting, but Nutrisystem emphasizes the value of staying on the path once you’ve reveled in the glow of Turbo 13’s initial results.

The good news is that Nutrisystem does have a money back guarantee for first-time participants, but you should know the cancellation policy before signing up. The manufacturer also seems to thoroughly monitor its reviews on Consumer Affairs, demonstrating its commitment to your experience as a dieter and health-conscious individual.

If you’re ready for some drastic weight-loss without the burden of meal preparation, why not give Nutrisystem a try? Here’s their best current offer:

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Have you tried Nutrisystem? Let us know about your first month results here.


What Is Nutrisystem ‘Turbo Takeoff Week?’ (Great 2-Minute Answer!)

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*Update: Turbo Takeoff is now called, “FreshStart®.” 

If you are considering signing up for Nutrisystem, you should know what to expect. Well, it all starts with Turbo 13, which is the first month of fast weight loss to kick off the program. Included in this first month’s shipment is your Turbo Takeoff Kit, which is the very first thing you’ll start with to stop unhealthy cravings and prepare your body for a long period of healthy weight loss. Here’s how Turbo Takeoff week works:

Turbo Takeoff Week: Start Your Engine!

We’re talking about the quick weight loss phase of “Turbo 13” here, so I thought a racing metaphor would be appropriate.

Turbo Takeoff is the relatively restrictive first week of the Nutrisystem program that prepares your mind and body for months of sustainable weight loss. Think of it as a week of boot camp for your body, as all those high-carb treats and mega-portions are out the window. The good news is that both men and women should see weight loss results quickly. Here’s how it works:

Here’s how Turbo Takeoff Week works:

Turbo Takeoff: What You Eat

Turbo Takeoff week is the most restrictive week of Nutrisystem for a reason. The idea is that your weight gain has probably been caused by the cravings and over-eating that result from eating too many simple carbs. Turbo Takeoff kickstarts your diet and regulates your blood sugar levels and metabolism so that your body can learn to burn fat instead of carbs.

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TurboTakeoff Menu:

Heres what you eat on a sample day during Turbo Takeoff Week:

  1. Breakfast: One specially selected breakfast, like their highly-rated double-chocolate muffin
  2. Snack: One Nutrisystem shake (Women have a TurboShake, Men have a Nutri-Pro Shake)
  3. Lunch: One specially selected lunch, like 3-cheese chicken or a chocolate peanut butter bar
  4. Snack #2: One Nutrisystem Nutricurb bar which is high in protein and fiber plus probiotics to support digestive health and help combat belly-bloat
  5. Dinner: One Nutrisystem dinner like chili with beans or chicken alfredo
vegetarian dessert

Plus, you’ll eat 4 servings of non-starchy vegetables, and at least 64 oz. of water throughout the day.

The “specially selected” meals are lower in carbs and sugar than most meals, but after Turbo Takeoff Week you’ll start adding “PowerFuels” and “SmartCarbs” to your menu.

Track all Your Progress with the “Numi” App

Track all of your meals, water, activity, and weight with Nutrisystem’s Numi app. It’s an important part of Turbo Takeoff week because you should start seeing results quickly. Once you do, it’s motivational, and you might not mind the initial restrictive menu. During the entire program you also have support from professional counselors to help you with any questions.

Turbo Takeoff Week: What’s “Bad”

Excuse me, I’m feeling a bit restricted…

So, I’m not here to sell you on Nutrisystem, more like to educate, because no single diet is best for everyone. In that spirit, let’s talk about what isn’t good about Turbo Takeoff Week.

  • The Food: The first week of Nutrisystem is a big change in your diet, and some people may find this uncomfortable. If you’re used to big plates of pasta, gourmet or fast food, and Venti latte’s at Starbucks, then Turbo Takeoff week is going to be a big adjustment for you. The food during your first week is comparable to mediocre tv dinners.
  • The limitations: Nutrisystem basically tells you what to eat and when with 5 smaller meals each day. Even your favorite salad dressing is probably off-limits, and no alcohol. If you want a more “do it yourself” diet without limitations, maybe consider Weight Watchers?
  • Cancellation fee: If you go through a couple of weeks of Nutrisystem and decide you dislike it, you have to quit in the the first 30 days or you’re charged a $99+ cancellation fee! (How do you cancel?) More about that top complaint in our review of Nutrisystem 

Turbo Takeoff Week: What’s “Good”

While your first week on Nutrisystem is a big adjustment, there’s a reason for that.

  • Fast initial weight loss: The real goal with Turbo Takeoff is to get you excited with real, tangible weight loss results in the first week. Hence, the limitations and mediocre food.
  • Structure: The root cause of obesity and weight gain is bad eating habits, unstructured meals, and cravings. The best part about Turbo Takeoff week is that it’s like a militant personal trainer who aims to whip you into shape and doesn’t want excuses.
  • Relatively Inexpensive: Nutrisystem is cheaper than the similar South Beach Diet, and also less expensive that other more restrictive meal delivery diets like Medifast. Amazingly Jenny Craig costs twice as much when compared to Nutrisystem!  You can also use a promo code to save an extra $50.

*If you’ve tried Nutrisystem, please write a review.

Why is Turbo Takeoff Week More Intense?

funny weight loss card

The Turbo Takeoff week is the most restrictive week of the entire Nutrisystem program. You’re menu is limited and no alcohol is permitted. It’s the first week of the month-long Turbo 13 program, during which the goals is to lose 13+ pounds. (18 pounds for men)

There are two reasons Nutrisystem has you hit the ground running with Turbo Takeoff week:

  1. To condition your body: Think of Turbo Takeoff week as boot camp to wake up your body for months of weight loss training. It’s when bad habits are broken, and your body turns to fat, instead of carbs for fuel
  2. Motivation: Nutrisystem’s own studies and research clearly show that people get motivated with early weight loss results. Basically, if people don’t see results in the first few days, they are likely to lose their initial enthusiasm and may go off-track. If you follow the restrictive guidelines of Turbo Takeoff Week, you should start seeing and feeling results quickly

In Conclusion

During Turbo Takeoff Week, you’ll know you’re on a diet, because the menu you were used to is off-limits, and your eating habits drastically change. The whole reason that you considered Nutrisystem in the first place was probably to bring structure to your eating, because you likely had bad habits that resulted in an unhealthy weight. Well, Turbo Takeoff week is a wakeup call to your body that change is here! 

Think of Turbo Takeoff Week as a trip on an airplane. The food isn’t great, and you’re a bit restricted in your coach seat, but you’re going to a really great destination, so maybe it’s worth it!?

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Here’s How Nutrisystem “Turbo 13” Actually Works:

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*Update: Turbo 13 is now called, “FreshStart®!”

How does Nutrisystem’s Turbo13 program work? You may have seen one of the tv commercials promoting nutrisystem.com/turbo13 and wondered how it all works. Here’s the skinny on the new, initial fast weight loss phase that they call “Turbo 13.”

If you think of the Nutrisystem program as a car, then Turbo 13 is the ignition and turbo boost. The first month of the program Turbo 13 prepares your body for weight loss by priming your body’s engine and flushing it out.

Turbo13 works to achieve three main goals:

  1. Control your blood sugar levels to curb cravings
  2. Speed up your metabolism to increase energy
  3. Training your body to burn fat instead of carbs

It achieves these goals by acclimating your body to 6 smaller prepared meals a day, plus 8+ cups of water each day. These pre-portioned meals are low in carbs and high in protein and fiber to help tune up your body and feel fuller for longer.

The Turbo 13 phase also adds special bars, shakes, and TurboBoosters to specifically regulate your blood sugar and boost your metabolism.

But how does Turbo 13 work? Let’s take a look under the hood.

Nutrisystem’s Turbo 13 Explained:

Turbo 13 is the kick-start for all Nutrisystem plans and it all starts with the Turbo Takeoff week. This first week of the program includes 7 days of meals, TurboShakes, NutriCurb Bars, and TurboBoosters.

Your initial shipment also includes 3 additional weeks of food designed to help you lose weight quickly. In fact, the goal is for women to lose 13 pounds in the first month (hence the name Turbo 13) and men can lose 18 pounds!

You can learn more and lock-in a low monthly rate with their new customer promotion below:

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What’s In Your First Order & How It Works

The Turbo 13 program is designed for fast initial weight loss. When you signup, you’ll get:

  • 7 “TurboShakes (or “Nutri-Pro Shakes” for men) to help shrink your belly
  • 7 NutriCurb Bars to curb your hunger
  • 7 TurboBoosters to boost your metabolism
  • Free shipping + 40% off
     (new customers only!) 

Nutrisystem designed their plans to minimize your involvement in counting calories or points and restricting diet while using science and psychology to keep you going.

Nutrisystem is based on your glycemic index. When you take in carbohydrates, your body turns those carbs into sugar and your body either uses that sugar as energy or stores it for later as fat. High carbohydrate foods are also high in calories, a feature you want to avoid when dieting. (remember, reducing calories in is the goal)

To lose weight quickly, just reducing your calories and your “bad” carb intake isn’t enough. You have to increase your metabolism as well, and that’s where the Turbo Takeoff week comes in.

Turbo 13’s Turbo Week: aka “Turbo Takeoff”

nutrisystem turbo 13 shakes bars

When you first begin to diet, your body will rebel. It’s not used to getting fewer calories. But if you persevere, your body will adapt.

To both help you persevere and to increase your metabolism during the first week, Nutrisystem includes three things in your kit. TurboBoosters, bars, and shakes. This is on top of the usual meals in a typical Nutrisystem plan.


nutrisystem turbo boosters

TurboBooster is like your morning coffee but better. Yes, it has caffeine and caffeine increases your metabolism, but it also includes other nutrients and supplements to help you stay focused throughout your day.

TurboBooster includes green tea extract, a powerful antioxidant, and another metabolism booster. You’ll also receive the thermonutrient black pepper in your TurboBooster which improves nutrient absorption which uses 10% of the calories you put in your body.

Turbo Shakes and Bars:

turboshakes nutrisystem

Your stomach is one of the reasons your body rebels when you diet. When you put less food in your stomach, you feel hungry.

The solution? More fiber.

There’s a reason you can eat a lot of veggies and not gain weight. They are mostly full of fiber and low in calories.

The “TurboShakes” and “NutriCurb Bars” included in your first week of Turbo 13 will do several things. First, they combat hunger by filling your stomach with fiber. Second, they act as dessert to help you stay away from your go-to bowl of ice-cream. And third, they give you a massive dose of protein with added probiotics.


That’s right, protein! There is a reason why keto diets are so popular. Increased protein changes the weight-regulating hormones in your body such as GLP-1, peptide YY, cholecystokinin, and ghrelin. The first three in the list help increases, helping you feel satiated when eating, and the last decreases, reducing your hunger factor.

Protein also burns more calories when metabolized. This combined with every other aspect of your Turbo Week, good and balanced carbs, more fiber, energy boosting supplements, and portion control will be the jumpstart you need to lose the most weight and keep going with Nutrisystem.

Turbo 13 and Your Metabolism:

metabolism food

To understand how the TurboWeek works, you have to understand how metabolism works. Metabolism is the chemical process where your body derives the energy to live and function. It’s also how your body absorbs nutrients and eliminates bad things.

But for the sake of this article, we’ll focus on the energy aspect. Your metabolic rate is the rate at which you combine food and oxygen and turn it into energy. Several things determine this rate.

  • Your age: As you age, muscle decreases and fat increases. These factors decrease metabolism.
  • Your sex: Men usually have more muscle and less fat than women on average. This equates to higher metabolism.
  • Body Composition and Size: More muscle equals higher metabolism. But so does less fat.
  • Physical Activity: You have to exercise at a high intensity to change your metabolism through physical activity. But just being active does have a small impact.
  • The Food You Eat: Eating too many sugars and the wrong carbs and not enough protein will lower your metabolism.
  • Chemicals: What chemicals you put in your body can either lower or increase your metabolism.

TurboWeek uses the last two on the list to help increase your metabolism and increase your weight loss.

Turbo 13 Reviews

As mentioned, Turbo 13 is the first month of your weight loss journey on Nutrisystem, and not everyone likes the lifestyle adjustment that it requires.

By reading through hundreds of customer reviews, I came away with the following summary:

“This diet is best for busy people who like a structured diet and are willing to sacrifice the freedom and taste of home-cooking and restaurant food for successful weight loss results and a healthier lifestyle.”

Put down that doughnut! The initial Turbo 13 phase of this diet is all about addressing bad eating habits by telling you what to eat and when, and that doesn’t work with some people.

That’s OK, though! That’s why their’s vanilla and chocolate and elections. (You mean not everyone loves our current President?!)

For a comprehensive review of the Nutrisystem diet, check out our full review here!

Is Turbo 13 and Nutrisystem Right For Me?

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nutrisystem logo

If you’ve been putting off dieting because of the work involved in getting started, then Turbo 13 and Nutrisystem is probably perfect for you. The system ramps you up to weight loss quickly and easily and tells you what to eat when.

If you’re looking to learn more about Nutrisystem, check out our full review here. You can also take advantage of their best current promotion for new customers, and lock-in a 40% discount with this offer:

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*Some coupons for Nutrisystem don’t lock-in the low promotional rate, and your monthly cost increases after the third month, but this one doesn’t!

Nutrisystem isn’t for everyone, however. For example, Nutrisystem has special plans for diabetics and vegetarians, but if you must eat a gluten-free diet you’ll have to consider other options like South Beach or Weight Watchers.

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