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numi nutrisystem app review

Nutrisystem NuMi App Review: How It Works + 7 Best Features

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NuMi app review: In 2007 we wouldn’t have imagined a world where weight loss was so simple and portable. We counted our calories in analog fashion. We carried around recipe and points guides.

Today you can say goodbye to all of that thanks to the smartphone. Every top weight loss program including WW (reviews, coupons), has gone digital, and Nutrisystem (reviews, coupons) is no different.

Nutrisystem’s official tracking app is called, Numi, which you’ll start using immediately in Fresh Start, the first week of the program. NuMi syncs with your Nutrisystem plan to seamlessly track your food, flex meals, activity, measurements, and more.

NuMi describes themselves as, “the only app customized to your Nutrisystem® plan. Stay on track and help increase your weight loss.”

numi app tracking

So, NuMi is kind of like the GPS of the Nutrisystem plan, helping you track your food and activity while guiding you along on your journey.

The NuMi app offers:

  • Easy tracking of food including Nutrisystem and non-Nutrisystem meals, snacks, and drinks
  • Smart reminders help you track your meals, water intake, and activity
  • Daily health-related articles, tips, and recipes relevant to where you are on your weight loss journey
  • NuMi resources provide daily motivation and accountability which are both key to the success of any diet
  • NuMi users can participate in contests, and win prizes and milestone badges, plus get exclusive special offers

NuMi doesn’t make restrictions or promote any specific foods, but instead focuses on daily calorie goals and macronutrient intake to help you meet your weight loss goals with healthy choices and activity.

Before we talk about the best features of Numi, it’s important to understand the concept of “responsive dieting.”

NuMi is “Responsive Dieting”

Everyone is different, so why expect the same version of a product to work for everyone?

It’s been said that while the Starbucks menu itself minimal, their are 87,000 ways to order a drink. Starbucks understood the concept of mass customization a long time ago, (tall vanilla latte, skim milk, 2-pumps, please!) You can think of the NuMi app in the same way. Even though there are only a few Nutrisystem plan options, using the app results in a myriad of ways to experience the program.

That concept is called “responsive dieting;” meaning that the program adapts to the needs of the individual.

How does NuMi do this?

The Numi app considers factors like lifestyle, food preferences, activity level and metabolism. Unlike most weight loss apps, Numi also addresses the psychological components of successful long-term weight loss.

The app goes as far as helping you eat what’s already in your fridge. It will combine these items to create meals within your calorie restrictions.

Oops, did you overeat at dinner last night? No problem, NuMi (not Noom) can keep you on track by adjusting its calorie recommendations for you so that you stay on track. In other words, you won’t completely blow your diet if you eat that piece of chocolate cake or indulge in a glass of wine!

NuMi User Reviews

All of these features sound great, but does NuMi work? Generally users rate the app highly in more than 1700 reviews on the App Store:

numi app reviews

You can easily sort NuMi reviews by “most recent,” or “most helpful” to get an idea of what’s good and bad about the app’s features.

Nutrisystem has recently improved NuMi to be, “faster, easier to use, and better than ever,” and customer reviews seem to confirm these improvements. Now let’s take a look at the app’s best features.

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Top 7 NuMi App Features

“Let NuMi guide you to a healthier lifestyle.”

Think of NuMi as the Sherpa on your weight loss journey with Nutrisystem. It’s included with all of their plans, (cost?) and is a significant evolution in the Nutrisystem program. If you are thinking of joining Nutrisystem, you should familiarize yourself with the NuMi app, which is central to the experience and ultimate success of the program.

Here are 7 of the best features of NuMi Nutrisystem:

1. NuMi Eats Out With You

nutrisystem numi app food

Like we mentioned earlier, the NuMi calorie and goal tracking features are dynamic. If you slip-up, the app adjusts your goals for you.

The guys at Nutrisystem also know you’re not going to be eating out of the fridge all the time. This is why they’ve included a handy feature that helps you pick menu items from over 300 chain restaurants. If you stick to the app’s recommendations, you’ll always be within your diet and hit your goals.

2. Behavior Modification

Creating healthy habits starts with daily decision making. You have to intentionally do things different every day to re-wire your brain. NuMi allows you to see the decisions you’re making every day and helps you adjust them appropriately.

Self-monitoring is a proven way to improve your chances at dieting success. Not only will it help you keep track of your slip-ups and adjust for that, it will track your positive progress. You receive real-time guidance throughout your weight loss journey to keep you on track.

3. Syncs With Fitness Trackers

numi fitbit

Easily access NuMi from your phone or iPad. Your calorie needs won’t be the same every single day. If you exercise, your calorie needs will be higher on training days than recovery days. This is why NuMi is compatible with various activity trackers like FitBit.

If you own a smart-scale, you should be able to connect it to the app via wifi. Again, in the age of the smartphone, NuMi makes weight loss tracking even easier.

4. Quick Log Features

numi nutrisystem app review

One incredible way NuMi is flexible: it won’t make you find your exact meal ingredients for logging. If a particular type of meal is “close enough” to the calories consumed, you can just pick a category.

For example, if you ate an average Nutrisystem entree, you just log the “Nutrisystem Entrees” category. You won’t need to go searching for a Nutrisystem hamburger with exact ingredients.

Of course, if you’re type A, you might not be able to handle this kind of fudging on your calorie count. In that case, you’re more than welcome to be as exacting in your food log as you like.

To use the Quick Log feature, tap the circular food icon in your Journal. If you want to be more specific, you can always go back and change it to a specific food at a later time. Just tap the icon once more and remove the “Quick Log,” and add the specific food.

5. A Food Scanner and Recipes

numi app recipes

If you’ve ever wished you could just scan the label on your food instead of searching through a database, you’re in luck. Most food tracking apps now include some sort of bar code scanner.

Nutrisystem’s NuMi app includes a database of over half a million foods. And the barcode scanner will automatically find and log any of those foods.

If you’re an aspiring chef, there are plenty of recipes in the database as well. It’s simple to search for a recipe, make it, and then log what you eat.

6. NuMi Meal Recommendations

nutrisystem numi app

The NuMi app uses the food database and your personalized profile to give you food recommendations. All you need to do is push the orange plus sign at the bottom of the screen and hit “Food.” You will then have the option of either getting food recommendations or creating your own meals.

7. Complete Challenges, Earn Rewards

One of the unique aspects of the NuMi app is its reward system. Nutrisystem creates in-app offers and track-to-win challenges and motivational tasks throughout the year for its NuMi members.

You can even capture your journey with snapshots of your progress.

Rewards include free gifts, exclusive recipes, discounts, and awesome weight loss milestone badges that you can share with others. You can even earn credit towards a la carte food at the Nutrisystem store!

See Numi Nutrisystem App In Action

Hopefully our review has given you a pretty good idea of how Numi works. We also came across this helpful video which gives you realtime footage of how to navigate the NuMi app:. It’s actually quite simple and user friendly:

Want to read more reviews?

Compatibility: NuMi requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

You can find the NuMi app on both Google Play and the Apple App Store. You can even try it out by downloading it for free, even if you haven’t joined Nutrisystem yet.

Thinking of joining Nutrisystem? Their best special is below, plus you can save even more when you check out our Nutrisystem coupons:

nutrisystem save40 coupon
*Featured promotion, or view all coupons

Before joining Nutrisystem, you can also consider the South Beach Diet, which is a similar meal-delivery-based diet. It costs a little more, and generally isn’t quite as highly rated though.

Have you tried Nutrisystem? We’d appreciate it if you write a review for our readers.

review noom

Noom Review: Diet Plan, How The App Works, Cost? (I Joined!) • 2019

noom logo

Our review of the Noom diet plan: Recent advancements in technology are disrupting every sector, and this revolution is now obvious in the health and diet space. Big names like WW and Nutrisystem have been forced to evolve rapidly as wellness apps are starting to steal their (healthy) lunch.

One of the rockstars in this new wave of app-based diets is Noom. Their personalized wellness program is backed by 8 years of research and has been proven effective by several medical journals. It might be best described as, Weight Watchers for Millenials,” and promises to “make healthy living easy” for those who are frustrated by dieting.

The foundation of the program is their app which guides members on a journey to a healthier lifestyle, which results in gradual and sustainable weight loss.

So, does Noom work? I decided to join online and then download the app to try their diet “wellness” program myself.

Jump to: What is Noom? | How Does it Work? | User ReviewsCost | Free Trial

What Is Noom?

Noom (Start free) believes that health and wellness is a combination of both nutrition and behavioral change. They never mention the word “diet,” and believe that weight loss is merely the happy result of a healthier lifestyle. The most important concept in the Noom program is “self efficacy,” which is essentially believing in yourself, and then achieving your goals.

noom free trial

The first message you’re greeted with on noom.com is, “Noom: Stop dieting. Get life-long results.” That pretty well captures their mission in 6 words, and is consistent with the recent trend in the industry to move away from the narrow goal of “weight loss” in favor of  of “wellness.”

This diet revolution reminds me of Apple’s 1984 Superbowl commercial when the woman threw a sledgehammer through the screen of the metaphorical status quo.

diet industry
Diets, they are a-changin’

That’s kind of whats happening in the health and diet industry. It’s also why Weight Watchers changed their brand to “WW,” and now treats “diet” as a four-letter word. Anyway, let’s talk about Noom.

Here’s how Noom describes their program:

“Noom uses cutting-edge technology to accurately monitor your progress and provide expert advice and analysis to keep you on track. By making the experience relevant to who you are, your goals, and your interactions, we provide a personalized plan that makes a balanced, healthy life attainable and fun.”

Like WW and Nutrisystem’s NuMi app, Noom asks you to track meals daily on their app, but Noom advertises themselves as the only weight loss program developed by world-class experts in both psychology & motivation. Noom uses advanced technology to provide personalization as well as individual and group support.

The Noom diet plan provides structure, motivation, and guidance to inspire healthy lifestyle choices and better eating habits that should last a lifetime.

OK, sounds interesting! Now, here’s more on exactly how Noom works:

How Noom Works

noom reviews

Did you ever really think about why you’re overweight? What good are protein shakes or pills if the root of your problem is emotional eating, or stress?

Noom puts a lot of emphasis on the mental component of health and weight loss. Other weight loss programs don’t tackle the thoughts, triggers, and obstacles that can sabotage your progress. Noom’s approach helps you tackle the mental and emotional barriers between where you are and where you want to be.

When it comes to food, Noom coach uses a calorie density strategy; sort of a simplified version of the WW point system. Essentially, all foods are categorized into three categories: green, yellow, and red, according to calorie density. (calories per serving divided by grams per serving) Think of it as Noom giving every food either a “thumbs-up,” “thumbs-down,” or a “meh” if it’s in the middle.

This helps you understand what’s in the food you’re eating so you can make healthier choices every day. Critics might argue that putting foods into so few categories is overly-simplistic, but Noom’s goal here seems to be the KISS principle. (Keep It Simple, Stupid!) 

Even though you join Noom online, the program is app-based, so after joining you’ll be emailed a link to download the app from the App Store.

You’ll track all of your meals on the app, which also gives you simple tasks every day, including a brief health lesson:

how noom app works
What a day on Noom looks like

The goal with Noom is to lose an average of 1-2 pounds per week on your journey to a sustainable, healthier lifestyle. You’ll log your current weight first thing every morning so that you can always monitor your progress:

noom weight graph

They only ask for about 10 minutes each day to guide you to your weight loss goal. In order to understand how Noom works, let’s talk about:

  1. The power of believing
  2. Personalized weight loss
  3. Coaching & support
  4. Calorie Density & color system
  5. How to log food
  6. Health education

#1. The Power of Believing

noom diet believe

If there’s one word that best summarizes Noom it’s, “believe!

Noom tells members, “whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”

welcome noom

They believe that the most important factor in losing weight is the belief in your ability to succeed, and data seems to confirm that idea. In other words, If you believe you’ll reach your goals, you will. 

Noom’s app is smart and the “course” is personalized for each unique individual. Now, let’s talk about the importance of a personal experience when it comes to wellness and weight loss.

#2. Personalized Weight Loss

personalized weight loss

How do you like your coffee?

The first thing that Noom will focus on is understanding you as an individual. Everyone is different, and you’ve probably heard the expression about trying to fit, “a square peg in a round hole.” It doesn’t work, and even public schools have started to realize that everyone is profoundly different when it comes to learning. No one curriculum will work best for all students, and it’s the same with weight loss.

History has shown that the practice of selling the same exact diet product to everyone is often doomed to failure. So, Noom puts great emphasis on understanding you as a unique person even before you join. To accomplish this, Noom presents you with a series of questions to better understand you and your unique personality.

Besides the expected questions about height, weight, and age, you can expect questions like:

  • What is your current activity level?
  • How often do you currently eat each day?
  • Do you have back problems, diabetes, or other medical issues?
  • Do you live in the country, suburbs, or city?

By understanding your personality and lifestyle, Noom coach and their algorithm can start crafting a weight loss program that works for you as a unique individual. They can also hand-pick a support group of other Noom members that compliments your personality and needs.

You didn’t think you’d be alone in this journey, right? The Noom Personal and Group Coaches are central to this program, and here’s how they work:

#3. Weight Loss Coaches & Support:

noom coaches

The crucial role of coaching and support distinguishes Noom from other discount or free weight loss apps. Noom describes weight loss as a “team sport,” so it’s fitting that you should have coaches and a support group.

Based on the results of your initial questionnaire, Noom will match you with both a Goal Specialist and Group Coach. The coaches help you set your goals, review your food logs, and help keep you on track. You’ll also be given a support group to lean on.

The Noom coaches are like the Sherpas of your weight loss journey. Here’s how your coaches work:

Goal Specialist:

noom coach

Your personal Goal Specialist is ICHWC-certified, and will help you to dig deep to set and stick to personal short-term goals each week. They will provide you with powerful, on-the-go psychological strategies that give you the confidence to easily avoid temptations. Plan on touching base with your Goal Specialist once a week.

Group Coach:

noom group coach

After the first two weeks you’ll meet your Group Coach. The Group Coach will lead you through the day-to-day and help put what you’re learning into practice through discussions on recent topics and challenges for well-rounded daily support.

Now, let’s talk about how food and eating works with Noom:

#4. Calorie Density + Color System

noom app log food

Every food has a value for both calories and caloric density. Calories are not all the same, and Noom stresses the importance of calorie density.

In other words, a quarter-pounder has 14x the calories of a salad of equal weight, but they both make you feel equally full. That’s because studies have proven that food weight (not calories) determines how full you feel.

When you eat foods with low calorie density, you feel full quicker with fewer calories (and vice-versa). The more water a food has, the lower its caloric density, because water has zero calories.

noom food color

Noom classifies all foods as either green, yellow, or red according to caloric density:

  • Green foods have the lowest caloric density and the most healthy nutrients. Think: veggies, fruits, skim milk, and whole grains
  • Yellow foods have a mid-level caloric density and amount of healthy nutrients, like lean meats, eggs, Greek Yogurt, beans, and starches
  • Red foods have the highest caloric density and the least healthy nutrients. Examples are red meat, oils, peanut butter, and desserts

The lower the caloric density the better, as it will take fewer calories to fill you up.

To illustrate this, Noom uses grapes as an example. Did you know that a pound of raisins has 5x the calories of a pound of grapes? It’s true, and it takes the same weight of both will make you feel full.

Now you’re understanding calorie density, and how important eating foods with low caloric density is if you want to lose weight.

Think of the color system as a portion control guide, so you’re asked to be mindful of how much red food you’re eating. It’s not realistic to think that you’ll mostly be eating green foods, so Noom recommends the following breakdown:

  • Green: 30%, Yellow: 45%, Red: 25%

As you log your food on the app, Noom Noom keeps track. Here’s how tracking meals works:

#5. Logging food:

Like WW, Noom asks you to track all of the food that you eat. However, instead of a point system, Noom focuses on calories, and caloric density (by color). You’ll have a daily budget of calories to stay within, and your current progress is always displayed:

noom log food review

The Noom database has calorie values and colors assigned to every food, so every time you log an item, it adds it and keeps track. 

noom logging food

After you log foods you also get helpful feedback on your choices. This gives you a better understanding of food and portions:

noom color coding

Speaking of knowledge, it’s also an important part of the Noom program. Weekly lessons are incorporated into the “course,” in the form of health education.

#6. Defining Your “Big Picture” Goals

noom goals

Remember how Noom says you only need 10 minutes a day? Well, on the first day the most important task is to define your goals.

doubt limits quote

After downloading the app, Noom tells you that, “The first step in achieving any goal is having a big picture in mind.”

So, this is when you really want to peel back the layers and think about what your goals are. Your “Big Picture” is comprised of 2 things:

  • The Super Goal is what you want to accomplish by the end of the course. Examples include: losing 20 pounds, running a 5k, and feeling good in a bathing suit.
  • The “Ultimate Why” is all about motivation; the driving force that pushes and inspires you towards your Super Goals every day. Like a curious 5-year old you need to keep asking yourself “why” you want to attain your goals.

Even though Noom sets small, short-term goals, the Big Picture is what you’ll always be working towards. Another important part of the Noom diet plan are the simple “lessons” that they incorporate into your course.

noom banner

#7. Health Education

noom education

Like Nelson Mandela, Noom believes that “education is power” when it comes to your health. The Noom program includes 16 weekly “lessons” on topics that help you gain new skills to live a healthier lifestyle. Here are the four phases, each with four weekly lessons:

PHASE 1: (Weeks 1-4)

In Phase 1 you’ll dig deep to define your goals and motivation so you can understand the “why” behind your bad habits and change them. In Phase 1 you’ll:

  1. Discover your “Ultimate Why”
  2. Your motivation and road map
  3. Develop keystone health habits
  4. Beat inner-food demons

PHASE 2: (Weeks 5-8)

In Phase 2 you’ll uncover the psychology behind weight loss, so you can think critically about how to sustain your new healthier habits. In Phase 2 you’ll:

  1. Crush thought distortions
  2. Optimize for health
  3. Debunk weight loss myths
  4. Conquer your personal triggers

PHASE 3: (Weeks 9-12)

During this phase, they show you the connection between your biology and psychology so that you can build up your willpower and manage stress effectively. Here’s what you’ll do each week:

  1. Manage your stress
  2. Win over your inner-critic
  3. Build mental resilience
  4. Resist food pushers

PHASE 4: Week 13-16+

In the last phase of Noom, you’ll pull everything together with additional tricks on mindfulness and enhancing your workouts so that you can make this new healthy lifestyle permanent. You’ll learn to:

  1. Rock your workouts & activity
  2. Become a master of mindfulness
  3. Love your new-and-improved “normal”
  4. Make it last for life!

As you can see, Noom believes that a large part of sustainable weight loss is psychological. so these short lessons help to motivate and address bad habits.

So, does Noom really work? Let’s look at user reviews to see what customers say: 

Noom User Reviews

noom user reviews

If you have a few minutes, you can find a lot of Noom inspiration on Instagram, including before and after pics.

However, the best place to find Noom reviews is on the app store where thousands of customers leave honest reviews of the Noom app:

noom app reviews

As you can see, Noom gets an impressive 4.7/5 score from over 33k customer ratings. Reviews are easily sorted by a number of criteria including highest and lowest ratings.

I also find that bad reviews are always helpful to read, even if there are many more positive reviews. Speaking of negative reviews, it’s also worth checking out Noom reviews on BBB (Better Business Bureau). On bbb.org a number of people complain about being unexpectedly charged after the free trial ended, and difficulty of refunds..

Does Noom Work? Expert Ratings:

As far as expert reviews for the Noom diet plan, here are some highlights:

  • The British Medical Journal found 64% of Noom users lost more than 5% of their weight
  • Scientific Reports found that 78% of Noom users sustained weight loss over 9 months
  • University of Sydney’s Medical Center ranked Noom #1 out of 800 weight loss programs
  • Woman’s Day ranked Noom as a top weight loss app

Noom Reviews on Reddit:

noom reviews reddit

Another good place to find honest reviews for the Noom diet plan is Reddit. Users give opinions and tips and write about whether Noom worked for them. It’s also helpful that many user profiles include info like gender, age, current weight, and goal weight. Check out Noom reviews on Reddit.com!

Noom Cost?

Noom starts you out with a free online evaluation which ends in an offer for a 14-day free trial After the free trial ends, you’ll be billed automatically depending on which purchase option you choose.

Here’s the current pricing: (auto-recurring payments)

  • Monthly payment: $59/mo.
  • 2 months: $99 ($49.50/mo.)
  • 4 months: $129 ($32.25/mo.)
  • 6 months: $149 ($24.83/mo.)
  • 8 months: $159 USD ($19.87/mo.)
  • Annual plan: $199 USD ($16.58/mo.)

As you can see, a longer initial commitment drops the monthly price, and by default the bi-monthly billing option is selected. However, the downside of a long commitment is that you may have difficulty getting your money back if you wish to cancel your membership early.

Is Noom Worth It?

Data shows us that only a minority of people can really succeed in losing weight without a plan that includes structure, motivation, and accountability.

In deciding whether Noom is worth the money, first think about your personalityDo you do well showing up at the gym and working out on your own, or do you benefit from a personal trainer?

If paying for sessions with a personal trainer or attending group classes isn’t your speed, then maybe Noom isn’t worth the cost.

There are free or cheaper weight loss apps out there, but they don’t provide the coaching component which is central to the Noom. If you like the idea of a DIY approach to weight loss, consider WW or even one of the free weight loss apps.

If you believe that the coaching adds significant value, then I recommend that you try Noom with their free evaluation and 14-day free trial.

How to Signup for Noom:

noom free trial

Thinking of joining? You’ll want to first take their free online evaluation. After completion you’ll have the chance to signup and get started right away with a free trial.

When you signup, Noom will email you a link to download the app. You’ll need to open the email on your phone, as the link will take you to the app store to download the app:

noom app download

You’ll use your phone to access Noom, which can also easily sync with most wearable devices (Fitbit, Garmin, etc).

Your Own Noom Review?

Have you tried Noom? Did it work for you? Please share your review with us by commenting below!

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.


Does Jenny Craig Work? Reviews, Ratings (Good + Bad!)

jenny craig logoWhat is the Jenny Craig diet, and does it work? Founded in Australia in 1983, Jenny Craig soon became a household name in weight loss. The program is currently ranked as the #2 commercial diet, trailing only Weight Watchers in the rankings from U.S. News.

Jenny Craig (coupons) offers a comprehensive approach to healthy weight management involving food, mind, and body. That all sounds promising, but does it actually work?

Let’s look at both Jenny Craig users and weight loss studies to see if Jenny Craig delivers on the weight loss results that they promise.

How Does Jenny Craig Work?

Before we look at whether the program works, let’s look at how it works. Jenny Craig is a popular meal-delivery weight loss program based on science. The program is much more than just food, combining the following components for effective for weight management:

  • Portion control / meal replacement: The foundation of the Jenny Craig program is the nutritious, pre-portioned, packaged food that’s delivered to your door
  • Reduced energy-density foods: The Jenny Craig program  emphasizes eating reduced “energy density.” This is also a key component in the popular “Volumetrics” diet, which has shown that consuming foods with lower calorie density helps to make you feel fuller and eat less.
  • Behavior modification: Most people are overweight because of bad eating habits. The Jenny Craig Program teaches you healthy eating habits that should last a lifetime. They also teach healthy self-care and stress management skills that encourages a healthier mind and body
  • Motivational counseling: Most other meal-delivery diets don’t include personal support  from a trained counselor, which Jenny Craig believes is crucial to keeping you motivated and on track to meet your goals. This one-on-one attention is also the reason why Jenny costs more than other commercial diets
  • Consistent physical activity: Weight management is more than just what you eat, but also including regular movement and exercise in your weekly routine

Each one of these components has been individually proven to be effective for weight management. By combining them into one program, Jenny Craig has created a holistic approach involving food, mind, and body that encourages effective weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

How Do the “Personal Consultants” Work?

When you join Jenny Craig, you’ll make an appointment to speak with a trained counselor via phone or video chat. They will assess your lifestyle and weight loss goals and develop a personalized program and menu for you. They will also touch base with you once a week while you’re on the program; either through the Jenny Craig Anywhere program via phone or chat, or in person at one of the 500+ Jenny Craig weight loss center locations.

These sessions function to keep you on track to meet your weight loss goals, but also help with motivation, accountability, and to set your menu choices.

You Start With “Rapid Results”

rapid results jenny craigThe program now starts with their new “Rapid Results” program, (similar to Nutrisystem’s FreshStart®) which helps you lose up to 16 pounds in your first 4 weeks. This innovative fast weight loss phase was inspired by recent Nobel Prize-winning science that revealed the important relationship between our body clock and metabolism. (more)

How Food Works:

Most of the monthly cost of the program is in the price of food, which is required and averages about $20 per day. These prepared meals are delivered to your door every two weeks, and you are strlled once per month.

For the first phase of the diet you’ll eat 3 pre-packaged Jenny Craig meals and one snack in addition to 5 servings of fruits and vegetables + 2 non-fat dairy products each day. You’ll be asked to provide these fresh fruits and veggies will from the grocery store, so plan on that as an additional expense when estimating the cost of the program.

As soon as you reach half of your weight loss goal, you’ll transition to eating more “real” food and slightly increasing your daily calories. You’ll do this by cooking two meals for yourself each week using Jenny Craig’s recipes and guidelines for preparation and portioning. The idea is to ween you off of their prepared meals so that you can continue with your weight loss journey by incorporating their tools, personal support, and more “home-cooked” food each day.

How Long Does the Program Last?

The diet lasts as long as you need it to, and there’s no long-term commitment after the initial two months. Some people may find that after a few months they’d like to go it alone, while others enjoy the structured meals, personal support, and motivation, and stay on the program for a couple of years.

When you feel that you have the tools to ability to drop the prepared meals and weekly counseling, you are free to quit the program and use the healthy eating and lifestyle choices that you learned during the program to maintain a healthy weight.


When you join Jenny Craig, your personal consultant will work with you to develop a personalized activity plan based on your fitness level and lifestyle. The goal here is to incorporate 30 minutes of moderate activity and movement into your daily routine, 5-days a week.

How Much Weight Will You Lose?

With the current Rapid Results plan JennyCraig claims that you can, “lose up to 16 pounds in the first 4 weeks,” and add that, “Members following our program, on average, lose 1-2lbs per week,” including, “an average of 11.6 pounds in the first 4 weeks” according to their own study.

The goal is to achieve a healthier lifestyle that results in a sustainable 1-2 pound weight loss, although reviews include a wide-range of results from customers who have lost from 0-50+ pounds.

Your First Order – What to Expect:

Here’s a great overview of what to expect from the program, including your first delivery of food:

If you live near a Jenny Craig weight loss center, you can pick up your food there and choose to meet with your consultant in-person. If not, you’ll follow the “Anywhere” program in which food is delivered to your door and you talk via phone with your personal consultant. (above)

Cost of the Program:

You can estimate that the program costs about $20 per day, but we wrote all about the cost of Jenny Craig here. Also, here’s their best current special for new customers:

jenny craig promo banner*Best deal for joining Jenny Craig

Reviews: So, Does Jenny Craig Really Work? 

Customer ratings of Jenny Craig

Customer ratings from Consumer Reports

It’s one thing to put several components together (like Voltron!) into a weight loss program, but does the diet actually deliver on weight loss results? 

As mentioned, for most people the diet does work, resulting in an average weight loss of about 12 pounds in the first month, but that doesn’t mean it will work for you.

Here are the strengths and weaknesses of the program based on expert ratings, success rates, and hundreds of customer reviews:

Reviews & Ratings: GOOD

review goodAs we mentioned, Jenny Craig recently ranked as the #2 commercial diet in America, and a rated as a “Best Diet” for 8 years straight.

Let’s see why the diet works for most people, and look at the common themes found in positive user reviews:

  1. Fast Weight Loss: The Jenny Craig program has you hit the ground running with their “Rapid Results” program that immediately puts you on a structured plan that helps to curb cravings and prepare your body and mind for sustained weight loss. This first month helps you to lose up to 16 pounds or more, and its high success rate is a big reason why Jenny Craig is ranked an impressive #3 by U.S. News for short-term weight loss
  2. Easy to Follow: JennyCraig works for a lot of users because it’s a structured plan that tells you what to eat and when, and helps you to make simple adjustments to your daily routine for a healthier lifestyle. There’s no need to count calories, carbs, points, or measure portion sizes. It’s ranked highly at #7 for “Easiest Diets to Follow” by U.S. News
  3. Personal Attention: The top commercial diets seem to realize that personalization, motivation, and accountability are all an important part of what makes a diet work. While DIY diets can be cheap, research says they aren’t as effective. That’s why Jenny emphasizes the role of a dedicated personal consultant in the program to help support you in a number of ways. It’s also why WW reports that people who attend meetings are twice as likely to achieve their weight loss goals.
  4. Popular with Diabetics: A lot of the good reviews online are from customers who have Type 2 Diabetes, and Jenny Craig offers a custom plan for diabetics. This plan includes foods with fewer carbs, less sugar, and self-management strategies for diabetics. Smaller, more frequent meals with a lower calorie density also help to regulate blood sugar levels for diabetes control

You can find lots of positive customer reviews and testimonials on JennyCraig.com, but sometimes it’s better to read the (sometimes painfully honest) negative reviews.

Reviews & Ratings: BAD

review badIt’s important to be skeptical of all diets and weight loss programs. There is no one presidential candidate or brand of shoes that works for everyone, and the same could be said for diets. The important thing is that a weight loss program should work for your lifestyle and unique personality, and you shouldn’t feel like a square peg trying to squeeze into a round hole.

Let’s look at which areas this diet doesn’t rate favorably, and learn why people complain that Jenny Craig did not work for them.

  1. The Price: The #1 complaint about Jenny Craig in both user reviews and expert ratings is the high price. By their own estimates you’ll spend about $20 per day on food while on the program which means that at $600+ per month, the cost of this diet could be a deal-breaker for many people. Does the role of the personal consultant justify a price tag nearly twice the cost of Nutrisystem? You’ll want to decide whether the personal attention is important to you and worth the hefty price tag.
  2. The food: There are literally no meal-delivery diets with gourmet food that will knock the socks off of a New York Times food critic. Such is the case with Jenny Craig and their food that might be described as mediocre or “adequate” by those with a fickle palette. While most restaurant food is off-liits, you can supplement their meals with fresh fruits and vegetables from the grocery store.
  3. Lost weight may return: As mentioned, the actual Jenny Craig program has no set duration, and some people may quit after 3 months, feeling that they are ready to go it alone. Bad habits are hard to break, which may be why customers complain in negative reviews that their weight has come back after leaving the program. There is also a significant emotional component to eating which may not get corrected in only a few months. While ranking well for “short term weight loss,” Jenny Craig gets a mediocre 3-stars for “long-term weight loss” with U.S. News.

If you’re looking to scour through some bad reviews, try ConsumerAffairs.com. It’s where a lot of angry customers go to write bad reviews. Now, let’s look at what the experts say. 

Expert Ratings:

U.S News asked a group of health and diet experts to rate Jenny Craig in several important areas. The result was that they scored well, once again taking the title of “highest rated meal delivery diet,” and the #2 commercial diet behind Weight Watchers. Here’s how they scored:

jenny craig rating

Based on the same criteria, we gave them a slightly higher score, but note that Jenny Craig’s high price may be a concern.

Is Jenny Craig Effective? Clinical Studies & Success Rates:


Does Jenny Craig really work?

To answer that question, the review from Consumer Reports may be most useful (below), as journals and independent studies can be a slog to read through. They also can be vague, filled with numbers and citations, and rarely commit to concluding that any diet will really “work,” as there are a lot of variables to consider.

  • Consumer Reports conducted a clinical trial in 2011 ranking the 6 top commercial diets including Jenny Craig, Weight Watcher, Atkins, Slim Fast, Ornish, and the Zone diet. They ranked Jenny Craig #1 overall, factoring in food and nutrition, plus short and long-term weight loss results.
  • Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism: Research study of 133 overweight women found that Jenny Craig participants lost an average of 12 pounds, which was slightly more than plans like Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, and Weight Watchers: study
  • Annals of Internal Medicine review found that Jenny Craig participants lost the most weight over 12 months, including almost 5 percent more than women and men given weight loss counceling alone: review
  • American Medical Association study (*funded by Jenny Craig) of 331 overweight and obese women found that Jenny Craig participants lost an average of 10% of their body weight compared to 2.6% with the control group

Jenny Craig does offer a guarantee that you will, “Lose 12 lbs. in 12 weeks or your first three month’s fees back.” However, because most of the cost is in the food, that’s not a “full-refund.” 

Will Jenny Craig Work for YOU? – Ask Yourself These 3 Questions:

Did you know that in the 1960’s the average woman spent 112 minutes per day cooking? Things have really changed as that time has been cut in half, with 50% of people now reporting that they hate to cook.

1.) Do you like to cook? Well, if you’re included in this growing percentage of people who don’t prioritize home-cooked meals, then a meal-delivery diet program like Jenny Craig might work well for you.

If you do enjoy cooking and eating out at restaurants, you might dislike Jenny Craig’s prepared meals, menu limitations, and structured eating schedule. and a DIY diet like Mayo Clinic Diet (cost) or Weight Watchers (reviews, costcoupons) may work better for you.

2.) Do you benefit from personal attention? Some people can just set up equipment in their basement and follow an exercise routine. Personally, I can’t, and the treadmill that we bought a few years ago was clearly a waste of money and is now just gathering dust.

If you’re like me and taking classes (plus the occasional help of a personal trainer) is more appealing to you, then diets like JennyCraig and WW + meetings. should be more effective and compatible with your personality.

3.) What’s your Budget? Also think about your monthly budget. While Jenny does replace most of the meals you are currently paying for, the $600+ per month price-tag is still relatively expensive, and much more than alternative meal-delivery diets like Nutrisystem (reviews, cost, coupons), South Beach (reviews, cost, coupons), and BistroMD (coupon). 

*New: We compare Jenny Craig to nutrisystem here


jenny craig logoChoosing the right diet is a personal decision, and there is no “one-size fits all” program out there. If you value structure, convenience, and personal attention over thrift and menu-freedom, then it’s worth considering Jenny Craig’s Lose 16 pounds for $16 promotion:

jenny craig promo banner*Jenny Craig’s best promotion now!

Have you tried Jenny Craig? Please rate this diet and comment with your own review of whether Jenny Craig worked for you:Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterest

reviews bistro md

BistroMD Reviews | How It Works, Ratings, Top Complaints

bistro md logoOur review of BistroMD: Bistro MD describes their weight loss program as “the #1 doctor-designed, chef-prepared weight loss program.” That may be true, but let’s learn more about how Bistro MD works and decide whether it’s a good meal-delivery diet option for your specific needs.

We did our homework, contacted the company, and scoured through scores of customer reviews. (We also got an exclusive 30% off coupon in the process!) Here’s what we learned about Bistro MD:

First, How BistroMD Works:

bistromd food

dr cederquist bistromd

Trust me, I’m a doctor!

BistroMD was developed by board-certified physician, Dr. Caroline Cederquist, who has over 20 years experience in the field of weight management.

Working with a team of nutritionists and chefs, Dr. Cederquist combined proven weight loss principles with nutritional science to create a gourmet food delivery diet based on the formula of: 40-50% protein, 30-35% good carbs, and 20-25% healthy fats

With Bistro MD healthy frozen meals made from high-quality ingredients are delivered to your door every week. BistroMD is the only home delivery diet program proven to treat metabolic dysfunction using a nutritionally complete and balanced blend of macro nutrients.

Dr. Cederquist  recognized that the biggest complaint with most meal-delivery diets was the taste of the food, so they set out to create a better program.

Remember the Papa John’s slogan, “Better ingredients. Better Pizza?” That’s pretty much what Bistro MD is going for here in the meal-delivery diet category. In fact, on their homepage they say, 

“We reject the fat idea that healthy weight loss food must be bland and boring… Bistro MD diet delivery is weight loss without the sacrifice.”

bistromd healthy

Its science, people!

BistroMD also distinguishes themselves from their competitors by providing complete frozen meals prepared with fresh ingredients delivered weekly.

BistroMD believes that freeze-dried food is for astronauts, and shakes aren’t really meals. All of their meals are real, healthy food and you don’t need to supplement them with anything from the grocery store other your choice of beverage. 

Although their meals are not technically certified as organic, they use top-quality ingredients resulting in USDA-certified entrees that have no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, trans fats, msg, or nitrates.

The Bistro MD “recipe for success” centers around building a custom weight loss plan and tasty menu based on science that fits your lifestyle and unique nutritional needs. They also provide members the support and encouragement of: professional dietitians, fitness experts, text messages, and their private Facebook group.

What Customer Reviews Say:

bistromd reviews facebook

BistroMD ratings from 120 customer reviews on Facebook

Here’s what we learned from reading all of the customer reviews on BistroMD’s Facebook page as well as popular sites like consumeraffairs.com:

Positive Reviews:

• “I would highly recommend this program. The food is great, and the results are proof it works. I am losing weight, a pound or two a week. Better than that, my strength and energy are high and motivating. Eating normal food, under portion control gives me hope that I can maintain my goal weight with what the knowledge I have gained. Thank you BistroMd!” – Lori Pepper

“So far so good. I can’t believe that the pork in the meals isn’t dry!!!!! I am also surprised that real potatoes are used to make the mashed potatoes! Definitely better than the frozen meals you get in the super market but they should be given the difference in price. You are paying more hence you would expect better quality. I love how how the meal plans are done for me. I would spend so much time meal planning on WW and meal prepping that I didn’t have much down time on the weekends. I also tried Jenny Craig… this is far better!” – Paula Jean

• “I have been using BistroMD for almost 4 months and I couldn’t be happier. I have 20 meals delivered per week and they are all healthy and well portioned. I even have trouble finishing the breakfasts! The menu is vast, which you can easily peruse on their website, and it is also very easy to remove any meals that you wouldn’t like from your menu.

The meals all taste like they were prepared by a good chef… There are basics like Meatloaf and Turkey with Gravy, diverse tastes like Jambalaya and Chicken Tikka Masala, and even classier meals like Beef Bourguignon and Barramundi Seabass with Sweet Coconut Pineapple Sauce. If you are considering trying a meal plan, try this one. You won’t be disappointed.” – Laura of Jacksonville, FL

Ok, that’s a helpful review! Generally customers seem to agree that the food tastes good, and is generally better than Nutrisystem or Diet-To-Go. Also, unlike other meal-delivery diets, I encountered few reviews that complained about billing or an unfair cancellation policy.

Here’s a very positive testimonial from a customer:

They also post other customer reviews and testimonials on their site at bistromd.com.

Negative Reviews / Complaints: 

• “I would argue that the meal plans, the most exclusive of which reach over $150 per week, are quite expensive even for a full delivery service. It should be noted that while the meals taste quite good for a meal plan, they are not quite as good as comparably priced restaurant food in terms of taste alone.” – Robert of Marietta, GA

“I signed up and the first week of food was within my budget. The second week cost more, plus you have to pay almost $20 for shipping. The good thing is that you can quit whenever you want without a cancellation fee. I’m a teacher and this diet cost too much for my budget.” – Kelly Straub of Selinsgrove PA

The biggest complaint in reviews is that Bistro MD is expensive, but usually customers were willing to pay more for better food. At $9 per meal, the cost is comparable to the price you might pay for a meal at a quick-serve restaurant, but much healthier. The price of weekly shipping is another complaint, but like orders from Omaha Steaks, the expense of shipping frozen and perishable food packed with dry ice seems to be unavoidable.

The good news is that, unlike other meal-delivery diets, I came across very few people who complained about the food or the simple cancellation policy!

Several Plan Options:

BistroMD offers plans that provide either 5 or 7 days of meals with optional breakfasts and “EATS” (Essential and tasty snacks) delivered weekly. You can choose their “Standard” plan, or a number of other plan options for specific dietary needs.

Here are the Bistro MD plan options for Women or Men:

  • Standard Plan: Physician-designed and chef-prepared entrees that taste great and target fat. Just because it’s “Standard” doesn’t mean it isn’t special, as their registered dietitians build a customized program just for you
  • Diabetic Plan: Do you have diabetes or pre-diabetes? Bistro MD has a Diabetic Plan that’s low in carbs and high in lean protein to regulate your blood sugar levels
  • Gluten-Free Plan: If you have been diagnosed with celiac disease, you’ll be happy to know that they have a plan with all meals meeting the FDA’s gluten free standard
  • Menopause Plan: (Sorry guys, women only! ha, ha) BistroMD offers a plan designed specifically for the nutritional needs of menopausal women
  • Silver Plan: This plan was created for the special needs of seniors to address common challenges as we age such as weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure, and more. This plan is popular with AARP members and seniors who prefer not to cook daily

Want to customize the menu? No problem, you can do so at any time from your online dashboard. Learn more…

Sample Menu:

bistro md sample menu

Day 1 Menu:

  • Breakfast: Ham, egg and Swiss cheese bagel
  • Lunch: Chicken w/ Greek Lentils
  • Dinner: Asian Sweet & Sour Chicken

bistro md menu

Day 2 Menu:

  • Breakfast: Southwestern Omelet
  • Lunch: Grilled Spinach-Stuffed Chicken Breast
  • Dinner: Chicken Paprikash

bistro md sample day menu

Day 3 Menu:

  • Breakfast: Sausage & Cheddar Muffin
  • Lunch: Salmon Picatta
  • Dinner: Shrimp Curry

Yum! Looks pretty good for a diet, right? 

Nutritional Info: Is BistroMD Healthy?

Did you know that 96% of chain restaurant meals exceed the recommended portion size, fat, and sodium?

It’s hard to accurately count calories and portion meals correctly even when you do your own cooking, so most people consume too many calories and bad carbs even when on a popular DIY diet. With a meal delivery diet like BistroMD there’s no guesswork, and all of the nutrition, portioning, and calories are already calculated for you.

So, how much protein, carbs, and sodium is in BistroMD? Here’s this diet stacks up for recommended daily nutrition:

 Bistro MD:Daily Recommended:
Calories:1000-14001200-1600 (source)
Carbs:75-130g135-195g (source)
Protein:100-160g46+ g (source)
Sodium:2000-2200 mg2300 mg
Sat. Fat:6-9g9-12g (source)

*Recommendations for a woman trying to lose weight

As you can see, BistroMD is high in protein, low in carbs, and compares favorably against the recommended daily amounts of these nutrients.

How Much Does It Cost?

The short answer is “about $9 per meal,” which means that the price depends on which weekly plan you choose. We wrote an article all about the cost of Bistro MD here! You can also get the best price online with their their best coupons herenew updated daily!

Does BistroMD Work?

Bistro MD can be an effective diet because it structures your eating with pre-portioned, nutritious meals that are high in protein and low in carbs. There’s no portioning or counting calories or points so whether it works comes down to math.

Most people consume more than the recommended 2000 calories per day, and with BistroMD you’ll be consuming under 1400 calories per day. Consider that there are 3500 calories in a pound of fat, and now you see how the fat will start to burn off if you don’t stray from the diet.

At that rate you should experience a sustainable 1-2  pounds of weight loss per week. Add more exercise to your routine and you could lose even more weight. Most reviews of Bistro MD confirm that their program works, too. 

Not a “One Size Fits All” Program

“So much more than calories, and we offer more than just low calorie diet food. Eating less can be important, but just as important is eating better.” – BistroMD

Bistro MD is a lot like its rivals Nutrisystem and South Beach Diet in the sense that it’s nutritious pre-portioned meals delivered to your door. However, there are a few key differences including the fact that:

  1. Their food generally tastes better
  2. Bistro MD costs more per month, but meals are complete; no need to supplement with groceries
  3. Their plans are more personalized 
  4. Their menu is easier to customize
  5. Their meals are all fresh frozen and delivered weekly (not monthly)
  6. No contract and no cancellation fees! Choosing a diet shouldn’t feel like buying a used car; you can stop delivery at any time!

Also, unlike most of their competition BistroMD offers several specialized plans. You won’t find a “gluten-free” plan from Nutrisystem or Weight Watchers, but you will with Bistro MD. Here’s how their plans work.

In Summary:

bistro md logoThe BistroMD diet is the result of years of research and development by Dr. Caroline Cederquist and a team of dietitians. They’ve studied the science, and done the math, so if you eat their meals you should lose a sustainable 1-2 pounds per week. Like other meal delivery diets, the best feature is convenience, and this diet works best for busy people who don’t like to cook/

Bistro MD is a relatively expensive meal delivery diet, but most of their customers agree that they are willing to pay more for better food.

If you’re looking for other meal-delivery diets to compare to BistroMD, consider the slightly less expensive Nutrisystem or the South Beach Diet.

If meal delivery doesn’t sound appealing, consider top-rated Weight Watchers for more of a DIY approach that relies on a point system with no foods off-limits.

bistro md promo

If you’re considering this diet, you can checkout today’s promotions here. If you’ve already tried the BistroMD diet, please share your own review with us below!Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterest

weight watchers reviews

WW (Weight Watchers) Reviews | Here’s How it Works. Does It? • 2019

ww logo

WW Freestyle Program Review: It’s no accident that WW (formerly, “Weight Watchers”) “Wellness that Works™” is the number one name in weight loss. In fact, it was recognized again this year as the “Best Weight Loss Diet” by U.S. News.

But exactly how does WW work, how much weight can you lose, and how does the new Freestyle program work? Let’s see what we can we learn from all of the reviews and ratings online by examining the following:

What is WW, Wellness That Works? (formerly Weight Watchers)

Got 2 minutes? The video above is a great overview of WW, “a lifestyle, not a diet,” learn more.

WW isn’t just a diet, and for decades their weight loss plan has evolved and taken millions of women and men on a journey of positive, lasting change.

In fact, they challenge you to, “move more, eat well, connect with others, celebrate victories, overcome challenges, and reach what you never thought was possible”

Wow, that’s really inspiring, did Oprah say that?

How Does WW Digital (formerly Weight Watchers OnlinePlus) Work?

OK, apparently everyone is losing weight, I get it. But, how does WW work?

WW is based on a science-backed SmartPoints system that assigns every food and beverage a points value based on nutrition. Foods that have more saturated fats,  sugar, and empty calories get assigned higher point values while foods high in protein and “good” carbs have lower point values. No food is off-limits, but you’ll have to limit portion sizes make good food choices.

Each day you have a certain number of points called, “SmartPoints,” to spend on food, which helps to teach you good eating habits. For example, grilled salmon with asparagus will cost you zero SmartPoints, while a cheeseburger is going to cost you 12 points! See where we’re going with this?

weight watchers promotion coupon

*View their featured promotion (above) or all WW coupons

What Is the WW Freestyle Program?

ww freestyle

WW’s new Freestyle program adds more flexibility and healthy foods that cost zero points. This encourages you to eat more fruits, veggies, and lean protein, while skipping foods high in sugar and bad carbs. Freestyle also lets you rollover unused points to other days (think travel and vacations) when you need them more.

Most diets end in failure because they are based on food restriction which tends to make your cravings for unhealthy foods even stronger. The philosophy of Weight Watchers is to teach you good eating habits so that you enjoy sustainable long-term weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

*Changes made in the new Freestyle program are a bit controversial, which we discuss in the reasons for negative Weight Watchers reviews below. 

*Related: WW Points list: See the 99 most tracked foods

3 WW Plan Choices: Online Plus, Meetings (Studio), or Personal Coaching

compare weight watchers plans

While all WW FreeStyle plans include Digital (formerly Weight Watchers Online Plus), you may want to consider adding the personal interaction and motivation that you get by adding Studio (formerly Meetings) or Personal Coaching. Here’s what each of the WW plans offer:

  • WW Digital (formerly, “Online Plus”): The cheapest option, but still full of features, and helpful tools. WW Digital includes the WW app to track your food and daily Smart Points anywhere at anytime. You also have access to their thousands of searchable online recipes plus encouragement from the WW online community with “WW Connect”
  • WW Studio (formerly “Meetings”): Choosing WW Studio will cost more, but significantly increases your potential success rate. Attending meetings adds the powerful component of personal support, motivation, and accountability. *More: How do WW meetings work?
  • WW Coaching: If you like the idea of meetings, but it doesn’t work with your schedule, consider adding personal coaching. You have all the features and tools of WW Digital and the phone and text support from a personal coach of your choice. Your Coach will create an action plan that works with your lifestyle and personality

Really, which plan you choose is a personal preference. Although studies suggest that adding meetings increases the success rate, you shouldn’t feel that meetings are required, especially if they don’t fit into your busy schedule!

How the WW App Works:

The WW app is central to their entire program, as it’s what you’ll use to track your points, and access their resources such as WW Connect. (formerly “Weight Watchers Connect”)

WW Connect is their social network consisting of thousands of other women and men who are using WW to reach their weight loss goals. It helps to provide you with support and motivation, two crucial factors in successful weight loss. You can access Connect right from your phone to share photos, recipes, weight loss updates, posts, and more.

Here’s how the WW app works:

weight watchers app iphone

The app looks a little different on Android / Samsung, but basically the same.

Does WW Work?

does weight watchers work

In order to determine whether WW really works, let’s look at ratings and reviews from users and experts to determine a success rate.

Because there are no published WW success rates. However, WeightWatchers.com emphasizes the fact that most participants lose at least one pound a week if they stick to program requirements. , but do they really?

For a better measure of success rate, lets look at Weight Watchers’ satisfaction ratings from hundreds of (honest) customer ratings on ConsumerReports.com:

Customer Satisfaction / Success Rate:

The best source of honest WW customer ratings is ConsumerAffairs.com, so let’s look at how 1050 users rated WW: (Updated 1/02/19)

Assuming that 4+ stars means that WW (no longer “Weight Watchers”) worked, we can assume an 80% success rate based on 1050 user ratings.

These customer ratings are consistent with a 2017 Lancet study of WW efficacy which concluded that long-term participants lost over twice as much weight than individuals who sought short-term intervention and self-help weight loss solutions. These participants committed to the program for at least a year and were also able to maintain their new weights more effectively.

It should also be noted that WW success stories focus on one thing: WW as a permanent solution for long-term change. Many dieters are able to keep their new weights because of conscious lifestyle modifications; most stay with the program for months and even years, going on to become WW mentors and personal coaches.

From this perspective, WW is highly successful; usually working for those who are receptive to its principles and commit to long-term healthy lifestyle choices.

How Much Weight Can You Lose on WW?

The goal of WW is to lose weight at a sustainable pace of about 2 pounds per week or 6-8 pounds per month. Depending on your starting weight you could lose more in your first month as your body reacts to your healthier food choices and fewer bad carbs.

You should also note that weekly weight loss can fluctuate, so the monthly weight loss total is most significant. Now, let’s look at how the experts rate WW.

WW: Expert Ratings

weight watchers freestyle reviews

Let’s look at how WW rates compared to other diets. Here’s how a panel of weight loss experts rated WW in several key categories: (2018 U.S. News)

  • Rated #1 in: Best Commercial Diet Plan
  • Rated #1 in: Best Fast Weight Loss Diets
  • Rated #1 in: Best Long-Term Weight Loss Diets
  • Ranks #2 in: Easiest Diets to Follow
  • Ranks #3 in: Best Diabetes Diets

In the important, Easiest to Follow category, (rated #2) experts stated that,

“Weight Watchers outperformed most of the other ranked diets on this measure. Why? You’ll get enough to eat, you don’t have to eliminate any favorites and there’s a strong emphasis on emotional support, which tends to lead to a higher success rate”

For their rating in the all-important, Long-Term Weight Loss category, (rated #1) they also added,

“Thanks to WW (Weight Watchers) emphasis on a balanced diet with no restrictions, experts named WW No. 1 in this category. They also appreciated the program’s support system, which helps dieters keep the pounds off.”

More Expert Ratings:

scientists test whether Weight Watchers really works

To support the claim that WW does work, let’s look at more expert ratings from professionals and credible authorities.

“WW (Weight Watchers) is one of the most well-researched weight loss programs available. And, yes, it works.” – Brunilda Nazario, MD

That sounds pretty promising coming from a doctor! Here’s what the American Journal of Medicine found in their study, specifically noting the effectiveness of adding WW Studio:

“In summary, this study found that participants in a community-based, intensive behavioral counseling program demonstrated significantly greater weight loss at 6 months compared with participants in a self-help condition…

These findings suggest that the WW program is effective in promoting significant weight loss in community-based settings and is a viable referral choice for clinicians’ patients diagnosed with obesity.”

*Credible Study: A study by Indiana University concluded that in a study of 225 obese adults with pre-diabetes, those who used WW (formerly Weight Watchers) lost “significantly” more weight (and more improvements in their health) than a control group of people who attempted to lose weight on their own. Although no actual success rate was published, the results seem to affirm that WW works.

*WebMD says: When asked if WW works, WebMD reported that, “Overall, (Weight Watchers) is an excellent, easy to follow program because it does the work for you… great for people with high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, and even heart disease.” 

In conclusion I would say that when followed properly, WW does work and results in significant weight loss, especially if you add meetings with WW Studio, and use the app.

Why WW (Usually) Works:

women cooking ww food
Um, Sally… are you sure you want to eat cake for breakfast?

OK, an impressive majority of customers and experts agree that WW works, so let’s talk about why it works. There’s usually a very significant emotional component involved in eating. For this reason, a DIY approach to weight loss usually ends in failure, because in a sense you’re fighting yourself. (that’s a battle you can’t win!)

Alcoholics Anonymous was founded on the principle that “a great personal addiction or struggle requires an attention shift away from the “self” to a higher power with the support and fellowship of others.”

I believe that adopting a healthy lifestyle can be a similar struggle, and requires some degree of support from others.  WW offers “WW Connect” as a supportive app-based social network to their members, as well as optional in-person weekly meetings for fellowship, connection, and accountability.

Those who embrace the social component to the WW program enjoy a much higher success rate, and I believe that is the “secret sauce” of why WW works.

WW (formerly Weight Watchers) Customer Reviews:

customer reviews weight watchers

Honest customer reviews are probably even more important than how doctors and weight loss experts review WW.

Consumer Reports: It’s worth noting that WW is the top-rated commercial diet with Consumer Reports readers, earning an impressive 74/100 score, and an “excellent” score in 4 out of 6 categories.

Now, let’s take a look at customer reviews from ConsumerAffairs.com and examine common complaints and positive praise for the diet:

WW: Negative Reviews

thumbs down

There’s a lot to like about WW, and plenty of testimonials out there, but let’s look at why WW didn’t work for a lot of people. When people complain or want to write a negative review, they often do so at ConsumerAffairs.com. Let’s look at the nearly 1000 reviews and 500 ratings to see what customers complained about:

So, how is it that the #1 rated commercial diet gets so many online complaints? Here are the top 5 complaints we found in negative WW reviews:

  1. Freestyle (New Points System) “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” – Bert Lance. The most common complaint in recent WW reviews is that customers don’t like the new Freestyle program. Specifically, a lot of long-time members say that Freestyle encourages them to eat too much, and they aren’t losing enough weight. Even though FreeStyle still uses “SmartPoints,” a lot of people feel the old points system was more structured, more effective, and that there are too many new ZeroPoint™ foods. For a lot of current members, adapting to the new Freestyle program was an unwelcome disruption to their routine.
  2. Tech Support “For a list of all the ways technology has failed to improve the quality of life, please press three.”  – Alice Kahn.
    WW is most effective when you take advantage of the online features and tools and the WW app. A number of people had frustrating tech problems including with the WW app, synching WW to FitBit, and accessing the Coaching feature.
  3. Misleading Fees / Billing – When you sign up as a new customer you get a lower, promotional rate for up to 6 months. After the promotional period ends, you are automatically billed at a higher price. For OnlinePlus this is $19.95/month, and for WW + Meetings it’s $54.95/month. You are also responsible for buying all of your own food, so most of the actual cost of WW is in your grocery bill. If you prefer prepared meal-delivery, you can consider plans like Nutrisystem or South Beach Diet, although with these diets you’ll pay for your food all at once each month. ($300+ monthly)  
  4. Early Cancellation Fee “If you have purchased a subscription and are currently on a 3-month plan your subscription is non-refundable except according to the special refund circumstances policy and subject to law…” – weightwatchers.com refund policy. Most people join WW by taking advantage of the 3-month Savings Plan for new customers. What they don’t often realize is that your initial signup is a contract and therefore non-refundable or has an early termination fee of $39.95. However, if you stay with WW past your initial commitment, you can cancel any time.
  5. Just Download a Free App Instead” – A number of negative reviews mention regret for having not just downloaded a free weight loss app instead of paying for WW. There are some great free or cheap weight loss apps out there including MyFitnessPal, SparkPeople, FitBit, and Lose It! Of course, you should consider the value of the WW community, recipes, support, and the highly-rated WW app for tracking and counting points. It can get a little lonely on some free apps!

WW: Positive Reviews

review good

OK, there are lots of good reviews and testimonials out there too, so let’s try to be fair and balanced like Fox News (um, right!?) So, here’s what customers like best about WW:

  1. WW FreeStyle Program – Yes, customers biggest complaint is also their favorite part of the program, so you could say the Freestyle plan is a bit controversial among members. For all the people who wrote negative reviews about it, there are a lot more people who really like it and think it’s an improvement. While change is often hard, a plethora of reviews champion the new flexibility… even Oprah!
    “The Freestyle program has made WW easier than ever. ZeroPoint™ foods are what keep me full, with pointed-foods there to supplement and make it fun. I don’t feel like I’m on a “diet” at all.” Bea of Miami, Fl
  2. The Price – WW is probably the least expensive commercial diet, consisting of online resources, tools, recipes and community with optional meetings. This means that at $20 per month, WW OnlinePlus can fit into any budget. A lot of customers think it’s a terrific value, even with Meetings and Coaching  costing more (about $50 / month).
  3. The WW Community – “Now you see me going through it, you may think there’s nothing to it, but I simply cannot do it Alone! – Velma Kelly, Chicago the Musical
    Reaching your weight loss goal (estimate yours!) is more likely when you get support from others. Positive reviews often praise their supportive online community, Connect. A number of people even mentioned making long-lasting friendships online and in meetings.
  4. “Easy to Return To” – Many reviews are from women and men who tried WW (when it was, “Weight Watchers”) years ago and are returning.
    “I am a returning member to WW. When I quit, thinking I can do it on my own, I gained most of my weight back. When I returned, not only was I welcomed but I was also not judged. This encouraged me to get back on the right path and the Freestyle program is perfect for me. I’m happy to be back.” Margaret of Washington, DC.
    Since the cost is minimal, ($20 / month) you can quit Weight Watchers after a number of months or years and come back again in the future.
  5. The Meetings – “I love the leader of the meeting and feel the meetings really inspire, and push me towards my goal!” Karen of Rocky Hill, CT
    “I’ve done online only, but the only thing that really works for me is meetings combined with online/app. I have lost weight with other “diets” but truly feel that WW is a lifestyle and not a diet.” – Debbie of Tulso, OK
    Are you the type of person who benefits from personal interaction? WW Studio (meetings) offers both encouragement and accountability, and are proven to increase the success rate of WW up to 50%.
  6. “WW Not Just a Diet” – “I feel like I have a whole new life. WW is great, because I’m learning how to use real food for a healthy lifestyle while staying active. I cook my own dinner, go out to eat, eat pizza, and I am still on program. It is something I can do for the rest of my life!” – Meredith of Chapel Hill, NC

Well said, Meredith, and a healthy lifestyle with better food choices is the core of the WW plan.

WW Testimonials (Video)

Personally, I think it’s inspiring to know that thousands of others are facing the same challenge that I am. That’s why real testimonials can be motivational to watch. Such is the case with the testimonials from actual members that are posted on weightwatchers.com. Here’s an inspiring video testimonial of a women who made a lifestyle change with WW:

More video testimonials on their site here

WW “Wellness that Works,” isn’t a miracle pill or a weekend cleanse, it’s a lifestyle. It’s more than just losing 10 pounds for a wedding, and asks you to challenge yourself to live a healthier lifestyle. That’s why it’s rated the #1 commercial diet, and has helped millions of men and women reach their weight loss goals and live a healthier life without giving up the foods they love!

weight watchers promotion coupon

*View today’s featured promotion (above) or all WW coupons

WW Online Plus: Your Own Review?

Have you tried WW Freestyle? Rate this diet and let us know if it worked for you:

nutrisystem reviews women

Nutrisystem Reviews: How the Diet Works, and Does It Really? • 2019

Our Nutrisystem Review: Do-it-yourself diets usually fail because they lack structure, convenience, and support. It takes a lot of time and effort to prepare, portion, and plan your own meals, and that can be frustrating.

Nutrisystem was founded in 1972 as an alternative to the traditional DIY diets. Their program is easy to follow and delivers nutritious, pre-portioned meals straight to your home.

But, will Nutrisystem work for you?

diets are like boy bands
…But, I think JC is the best!

People have different tastes, lifestyles, and personalities. Therefore, like blue jeans, one-size doesn’t fit all. Knowing that is the key to assembling a good boy band, (I like the bad boy!) selling coffee (grande, with soy milk!) and choosing the right diet.

Let’s look at how Nutrisystem works for women and men. Plus, reviews, ratings, and cost to decide whether this is a good diet for your unique needs and goals.

Jump to: How It Works | Does It Work?| What’s Good & Bad? | Food Reviews | User Reviews

How Nutrisystem Works

how nutrisystem works
nutrisystem logo

Nutrisystem has evolved over the years, but they have always maintained that weight loss is easier when you don’t have to cook, count points, or spend a lot of time planning, preparing and portioning meals.

That’s why the foundation of the program is their nutritious, “perfectly portioned” prepared meals delivered to your door each month.

These chef-created meals are designed to be high in lean protein, fiber, and low-glycemic (good) carbs and low in saturated fat and bad carbs.

Got 60 seconds? Their new TV commercial is a good overview of how the diet works:

nutrisystem save40 coupon

*Best Nutrisystem deal ever? 40% off + stack these 3 promo codes!

Sounds great, but to really understand how Nutrisystem works, you need to know these 8 things:

#1. “The Food You Love, Made Healthier”

You can think of Nutrisystem as “the food you love, made healthier.” That’s because they are made with delicious, high-quality ingredients, and perfectly balanced to put you in fat-burning mode for healthy, sustainable weight loss.

You’ll notice that items like pizza and pasta are on Nutrisystem’s menu, but they are healthier versions. Their weight loss experts and dietitians design Nutrisystem plans to be:

  • The right nutrient balance to fuel your body and promote health
  • High in lean protein from a variety of sources like lean meats, poultry, eggs, fish, and low-fat dairy
  • High fiber foods keep you feeling full, longer, and promotes healthy bowels. (That’s a great dinner party conversation topic!)
  • Include nutrient-dense carbs (low-glycemic) like whole grains, fruits, and vegetables
  • Low in saturated fat with no artificial flavors or sweeteners

#2. Nutrisystem Begins With FreshStart®

Research shows that fast initial weight loss is highly motivating, and makes the long-term success of a diet more likely. That’s why all plans begin with the FreshStart® program the first week.

Here’s more about how FreshStart® works:

Fresh Start is like a wake up call for your body. It’s nutritional balance and calorie restriction causes you to switch from burning carbs to burning fat as a fuel source. This also helps to break the unhealthy eating habits that you might be accustomed to.

#3. You’ll Eat 6 Times a Day

Maintaining a good campfire requires feeding it a little bit on a regular basis, and it’s the same with your body. Research suggests that eating smaller, nutritious meals more frequently throughout the day promotes effective weight loss. With Nutrisystem you will:

  • Eat every 2-3 hours (5-6 times per day)
  • Enjoy a Nutrisystem breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks each day
  • Supplement their foods with fresh groceries, including several healthy Flex™ Meals on your own each week for variety

You’ll supplement these meals with lean proteins and dairy, called “PowerFuels,” and high-fiber fruits and vegetables called, “SmartCarbs.” Every week you’ll also incorporate “Flex meals” for flexibility.

#4. You’ll Enjoy “Flex meals”

recipe woman cook

Variety is good, so every week you’ll have the opportunity to incorporate one breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack of your own.

These Flex meals can be out at a restaurant, or your own cooking. Nutrisystem provides simple guidelines and recipe options for dining out or eating in.

#5. You Log Food on the “NuMi” App

man review

Did you know that people who log their meals are twice as likely to lose weight?

That’s why Nutrisystem encourages you to log your meals and exercise each day on your phone with the Numi app. It’s a great way to track your progress, and works like a GPS to your weight loss goals.

Numi is included with all plans, and is a free and easy download from the app store.

#6. How Much Weight Can You Lose?

woman learned

While specific weight loss depends on a number of variables including starting weight, activity level, and height, Nutrisystem does provide estimates for how much weight you can expect to lose.

After the first month:

  • Women: Lose up to 13 pounds + 7 inches (overall)
  • Men: Lose up to 18 pounds + 8 inches

Then, in subsequent months the goal is to lose a sustainable 1-2 pounds per week until you approach your weight loss goal.

*So, do people really lose that much weight? In a study, Nutrisystem found that women lose an average of 11.6 pounds the first month, while men lose about 15.

#7. Plan Options & Cost

With Nutrisystem there are 4 plan levels or both women and men to choose from. These pans are similar, with the main difference being that you’ll pay more for an increased variety of food.

Nutrisystem has 4 plan options with prices: (updated 1/22/19)

nutrisystem cost 2019
  1. Basic: Pre-selected foods with fewer options that leave some users wanting more variety (lowest-rated)
  2. Core: The most popular plan, choose from 100+ foods
  3. Uniquely Yours: Their highest-rated 28-day plan offers the best selection of foods (150+) plus unlimited frozen foods
  4. Uniquely Yours Plus: All the features of Uniquely Yours plus 28 protein shakes each month

Each plan level also has personalized options for men, diabetics, and vegetarians.

Nutrisystem food costs about $300 per month plus the expense of supplemental groceries including fresh fruits and vegetables.

#8. How to Get the Best Price

man money

If you are thinking of signing up for Nutrisystem, it’s really important to get the best deal.

The only offer that locks-in your initial low membership rate is the 40% off promotion.

Others will go up in price as early as the second month, so it’s really important to join with the 40% off deal:

*Get 40% off, then enter 2+ codes for an extra $30 off plus freebies! To see todays codes, visit our Nutrisystem coupon page!

Does Nutrisystem Really Work?

nutrisystem customer satisfaction
nutrisystem logo

This all sounds like a good plan, but let’s look at whether Nutrisystem actually works.

To do so, let’s look at two important factors: customer satisfaction and expert ratings of the diet.

Customer Satisfaction

Sure, Nutrisystem works in theory, but what about real results? Because there is no published success rate for Nutrisystem, the best resource we have is from user ratings.

Actually, we’ve found that the best resource for user ratings is on nutrisystem.com, where you can find thousands of Nutrisystem reviews with ratings from verified customers.

Here’s the distribution of 4670 ratings from user reviews on nutrisystem.com: (Updated: Jan. 2019)

  • 5-Star Ratings, (Positive): 2376
  • 4-Star Ratings, (Positive): 1392
  • 3-Star Ratings: (Neutral): 511
  • 2-Star Ratings: (Negative): 234
  • 1-Star Ratings: (Negative): 246

As you can see, the majority of ratings for Nutrisystem are positive. In fact, about almost 80% of users give Nutrisystem a 4+ star rating, inferring that it works most of the time.

Expert Ratings:

expert ratings health

U.S. News ranked Nutrisystem as the #5 Best Commercial Diet behind #1 Weight Watchers, and #2 Jenny Craig

They asked a panel of diet experts and specialists in diabetes and heart disease to rate Nutrisystem on several important criteria: short and long-term weight loss, easy to follow, and healthiness.

nutrisystem expert reviews
  • Short-term Weight Loss: (3.7/5) Nutrisystem ranked best in this area, as experts agreed that portion control and calorie restriction should result in fast weight loss
  • Long-term weight loss: (2.5/5) Nutrisystem scored low in this area. This is probably because the diet depends on users eating and tracking mostly Nutrisystem foods. A number of customers seem to have tired of their food and wanted to return to menu freedom
  • Easy to Follow: (2.5/5) Convenience is the biggest plus of Nutrisytem, and it’s a favorite of busy people. Prepared, pre-portioned food is delivered each month to users’ doors with clear instructions. However, experts low score in this area reflects that it isn’t easy to adjust to a structured diet with prepared foods and menu limitations.
  • Healthy: (3.3/5) Nutrisystem scored well in this area as their high-protein foods are low in saturated fat and meet or exceed FDA recommendations. Their food is also much healthier than the average American’s diet (view comparison)

Nutrisystem User Reviews:

diet user reviews

No single diet is best for everyone, because people are very different, with unique lifestyles, personalities, and weight loss goals.

However, it’s important to note that almost 80% of Nutrisystem reviews are positive. This is especially impressive when you consider that only 13% of people like their jobs, and that the highest approval rating ever for a president was 70% (for JFK).

OK, so the good reviews outweigh the negative reviews, but what do users like and dislike most about the diet? We read through hundreds of Nutrisysem reviews to find common complaints and praise for the program, plus how users reviewed the taste of the food. Here’s what we learned:

Nutrisystem Bad Reviews:

review bad

“I used Nutrisystem for one month and I was not happy with how the food tasted. When you cancel your plan they charge you a $125 fee. They never tell you there will be a fee and on the website it says free cancellation. Don’t do business with Nutrisystem – their food tastes horrible and the company is a scam.”

Josh W. via user reviews

Wow, tell us what you really think! It’s OK; sometimes you can get more helpful information from bad reviews than good ones. Here are the top complaints for Nutrisystem:

  1. Cancellation fee: Customers venting anger about Nutrisystem’s cancellation fee is the biggest complaint in user reviews. If you don’t like the program cancel in the first 14 days. If you cancel after 14 days but before your second shipment, you will be charged $125. Learn more about their cancellation policy here.
  2. Food taste & variety: Switching from complete menu freedom to a structured diet of pre-packaged meals is not easy for some people. One bad Nutrisystem review criticized their menu as being, “the return of the tv dinner.” Other users complained that there isn’t enough variety of foods, especially if you choose their vegetarian or gluten free foods.
  3. The Cost: All meal delivery plans can seem expensive, as you are billed for an entire month of food at once. Nutrisystem (cost) is actually relatively inexpensive compared with other meal-delivery diets like Jenny Craig, (cost) but you still get hit with a $300+ monthly charge on your credit card. The best way to drop the price is by using a coupon
  4. High In Sodium? A lot of bad Nutrisystem reviews complained about high salt content. However, in their defense, Nutrisystem’s daily sodium content of 2300 mg per day is within the FDA’s recommended amount (2300 mg per day) and much less than the 3400 mg per day that average American consumes. If you have diabetes, their Nutrisystem D plan selects foods with less sodium and sugar
  5. Price Increase: Here’s an important one. Some promotions, including their “$100 off“ seasonal promotion do not lock-in the promotional rate. These coupons only apply to your first 3 months, and by month 4 you may be surprised by a price increase. For the best deal, signup with the “40% off” promotion which does lock in the price. For an even lower price, checkout our coupons here!

Complaints from bad Nutrisystem reviews can be helpful in learning why the diet did not work for certain customers, and then imagining you might have the same complaints.

For example, if you don’t like the idea of committing to a significant monthly payment, perhaps an app-based diet like WW or Noom might be a better option.

Bad reviews on Consumer Reports?

Surprisingly, we found that Nutrisystem reviews from Consumer Reports readers were especially bad:

nutrisystem reviews consumer reports

However, these ratings were submitted by a small sampling of customers, and no actual review was provided by the CR themselves. Therefore we’ve decided not to give these bad ratings much weight.

*It’s worth noting that the company responds to most negative Nutrisystem reviews on sites like Consumer Affairs. It seems that they try to resolve each of the complaints from bad reviews, offering their phone number with an apology and potential solutions. This frequently results in the customer significantly increasing the star-rating in their review at a later time.

Now, let’s look at praise from good Nutrisystem reviews and testimonials.

Nutrisystem Good Reviews:

nutrisystem good reviews
review good

“Thank you Nutrisystem! The 35 pounds you helped me lose are fantastic, however, my new relationship with food, health, and exercise is what I am most grateful for. The portion control principles and the opportunity to practice using my own foods has set me up for a lifetime of health and success…

My life has been changed because of Nutrisystem. I am now healthy, confident in myself, and motivated to be the best me that I can be. There is no better investment for my money than my health and happiness!”

Sean B. via user reviews

Ok, time to look at what has made Nutrisystem one of the top commercial diets over the last 40+ years. Nutrisystem is generally rated highly by users, and the program works for most women and men.

Here’s what users like most about Nutrisystem:

  1. Fast weight loss: Nutrisystem has you hit the ground running on week #1 with their Fresh Start plan. During the first month, women lose up to 13 pounds, while men can expect to lose up to 18 pounds. Nutrisystem achieves it’s highest ratings in this category, and is consistently ranked as a top “fast weight loss diet”by U.S. News
  2. Convenience: Nutrisystem delivers you pre-packaged, pre-portioned meals every month and tells you what to eat and when. There’s no need to count calories, carbs, or points, and if you follow the program, the math says you’ll lose weight. This makes the program a favorite of busy people, and may appeal to the 50% of Americans who say they hate to cook
  3. The Cost: Wait, wasn’t cost a top complaint in bad user reviews? True, but let’s do the math. The average person with a moderate budget spends $250+ per month on food, and most of us spend a lot more; we just don’t realize it. At a cost of about $300 per month, Nutrisystem may actually be less than you are already spending on food. This is especially true if you eat at restaurants which cost an average of $12.75 per person. So, you could say the cost of Nutrisystem may be the same or less than the meals its replacing
  4. Healthy: Nutrisystem’s nutritional content is within the recommended daily amounts, and exceeds the daily recommendation of protein and fiber which helps curb cravings. They also refuse to jump on the “low carb” bandwagon, encouraging you to supplement their meals with fruits and non-starchy vegetables which are high in “good” carbs.
  5. Structure: DIY diets can be cheap or even free, but have high failure-rates. This is because they don’t offer enough structure, and it’s easy to get off-track. Nutrisystem ranks highly with users for helping to bring control and order back into their lives.
nutrisystem save40 coupon

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Nutrisystem Food Reviews

nutrisystem food a la carte

Nutrisystem offers over 160 menu choices, but how do they actually taste? Nutrisystem.com seems to be the best place to read honest user reviews for their food. To do so, just visit their site and click, View Menu at the top.

Then, select a meal (breakfast, lunch, etc) and you’ll get a sortable list of foods. By default you’ll see them listed by “top-rated,” but you can change that:

food reviews nutrisystem
Honest customer reviews of every meal and snack

Click on any food and you can read all customer reviews for that specific food, including the bad ones. For example, the Hamburger is highly rated at 4.7 stars (out of 2407 ratings):

nutrisystem food nutrition info

Whether you’re a Nutrisystem customer or not, I recommend reading food reviews before ordering. All of their plans, except Basic, give you the ability to customize your menu choices. So, if there are foods that don’t look or taste good, drop them from your menu!

Is Nutrisystem a Healthy Diet?

Let’s compare the nutrition in a day of Nutrisystem to the FDA’s recommendations, plus show what the average american consumes on average:

Here’s how Nutrisystem’s FreshStart® program stacks up for calories, protein, carbs, sodium, and fiber:

 Daily Recommended:Nutrisystem:
Calories:1600-2000Women: 1200
Men: 1500
Carbs:45-56% (135-195g) Men: 45%
Women: 47%
Fiber:25g (source)Women: 30g
Men: 36g
Sodium:2300 mg (source)2124 mg
Sat. Fat:10% (9-12g) 8-9% (6-9g)

As you can see, Nutrisystem meets or exceeds most of the FDA’s daily recommendations for nutrition including calories, protein, fiber, carbs, and sodium content. The program is also a lot healthier than the average American’s diet.

Do you still have questions? This recent video addresses the top questions about their program:

Top Nutrisystem FAQs

Ok, let’s consider all of the reviews, ratings, and info and decide whether Nutrisystem really works.

Conclusion: Does Nutrisystem Work?

Based on reviews and expert ratings I would conclude that Nutrisystem does work for most people, as the data infers a success rate of about 75%.

Nutrisystem has spent years researching and developing their weight loss program. Through balanced nutrition, portioning, and calorie restriction the math says that if you stick to the program you should lose weight.

However, because everyone is different, that doesn’t mean that it will work well for your unique needs.

If you do consider joining, check out our coupons below:

nutrisystem save40 coupon
*Featured promotion, or view all coupons

Reviews Summary:

3.2 rating
3.2 out of 5 stars (based on 21 reviews)
Very good14%

Your Nutrisystem Review?

*Read reviews

Have you tried Nutrisystem? If so, please share your own review with us for others to read. Thanks for stopping by MightyDiets.com!

*This review originally posted in 2017, then updated in 2018 and 2019


South Beach Diet Reviews: Does It Really Work?

woman learned

Our review: does the South Beach Diet Work? In the U.S. today, 7 out of every 10 people are considered overweight. This number continues to grow each year. Whether that is the result of our DNA or our love of fast food and fatty meals is unclear.

What is clear is that with obesity at an all-time high, the demand for effective weight loss plans has risen as well. This has led to an influx of fad diets. While many promise big results and fail to deliver, there are many that can provide real results and help you live a healthier lifestyle. One of those is the South Beach Diet.

Backed by tons of positive South Beach Diet reviews, this plan for healthy eating and exercise may be the solution that you’re looking for, especially now that it’s keto-friendly. In our review we’ll discuss:

South Beach Diet: How it Works | User Reviews | Expert ratings | Cost | Coupons

How the South Beach Diet Works:

Here’s how it works + today’s promotion

Oh, I get it. They send you food, and then you frolic in the ocean until the weight comes off? Well, actually, here’s how it works:

Invented in 2003 by a cardiologist by the name of Arthur Agatston, the South Beach Diet rolled out at the height of the fad diet craze. But unlike many of those that offer quick-fixes and real results, the South Beach Diet remains popular more than ten years later.

Agatston first introduced his diet plan idea in his book, “The South Beach Diet: The Delicious, Doctor-Designed, Foolproof Plan for Fast and Healthy Weight Loss.”

The idea behind the South Beach Diet is a nutrition plan that is low in bad carbohydrates and high in lean protein and healthy fats and good carbs from fruit vegetables, and whole grains. Because it doesn’t involve cutting tons of items out of your diet, it is simpler to follow. (I guess that’s how people in Miami eat?) 

new promotion south beach

View promotion, or see all coupons

You can still enjoy many of your favorite foods while on this diet, although simply reading the book doesn’t give many people enough structure. That’s where the monthly meal-delivery comes in.

How Does the Diet Work?

south beach diet meal delivery

Here’s how the diet works: (from southbeachdiet.com)

  1. Eat the right carbs and healthy fats to keep you satisfied while losing weight
  2. Lose weight with a nutritionally sound plan that consists of a wide variety of wholesome foods
  3. Learn how to make better food choices for life

Unlike other fad diets, the South Beach Diet doesn’t involve adding any special ingredients to your food or eating, liquid meals, or eating so few calories that you feel as though you can’t function.

Instead, the South Beach Diet now revolves around a subscription meal service. Frozen meals and optional protein snacks are delivered right to your door every month.

South Beach Diet reviews reveal that the meals feature tasty, popular recipes high in lean protein and good carbs that are low on the glycemic index. This helps to keep your blood sugar and metabolism steady, making you feel full longer.

In fact, many of the meals resemble everyday meals that you likely indulge in already.

Because they are frozen and packaged individually, you can easily take the meals to work, to a friend’s house, or even on vacation with you.

The diet itself consists of 3 phases, and meal-delivery is only necessary during the first two phases.

What are the Phases of the South Beach Diet?

south beach vintage

The South Beach Diet is broken into three phases, each of which claims to serve a different role in the dieter’s weight loss journey.

1. Phase One: “7-day reboot”

Phase one is designed to be a 7-day reboot for your body and health. You’ll start with the low-carb, high protein diet plan, which begins to boost your metabolism and helps begin your weight loss journey.

In Phase 1 you will: 

  • Reset your body with fast weight loss
  • Burn fat and transform your metabolism with a low-carb, high-protein plan
  • Enjoy South Beach Diet pre-packaged meals
  • Reduce cravings for unhealthy foods

The meals and snacks that you’ll enjoy during this phase of the South Beach Diet plan are designed to help reduce sugar cravings and make it easier to transition to the diet plan you’ll be following from here on out.

South Beach Diet reviews often cite how easy it was to make the transition, and how many people don’t miss the items that they cut from their diets. More about how Phase 1 works

2. Phase Two: “Steady Weight Loss”

Phase two of the South Beach Diet is the steady weight loss phase in which you keep losing weight to hit your goal.

In Phase 2 you will:

  • Add in good carbs from whole grains, fruits and more veggies
  • Continue to enjoy South Beach diet meals
  • Add a DIY breakfast, lunch and dinner each week

The meal plan begins to add in good carbs, as well as more fruits and vegetables, during this phase. The workout tips and plans also increase during this phase to help support your weight loss.

3. Phase Three: “You’ve Got This”

The final phase of the South Beach Diet plan is intended to help you maintain a healthy weight without being hungry.

In Phase 3 you’ll:

  • Enjoy all foods in moderation
  • Follow the principles of the South Beach Diet
  • Look your best and feel great
  • No/optional meal-delivery in this phase!

You’ll get South Beach Diet tips that help you follow the plan even when you are no longer receiving the meals or strictly following. The idea is that your body has now adapted to healthy meals, exercise, and less excess, like sugar or unhealthy carbs.

South Beach Diet reviews often reveal that by the time the dieters reached this phase, it was easy to follow the guidelines for healthy eating.

Customer / User Reviews:

south beach diet customer reviews
South Beach Diet customer reviews & ratings

In my search for honest customer reviews of the South Beach Diet, I was surprised to find that the best resource for honest reviews, testimonials, and complaints was actually on their own site. They don’t seem to attempt to hide the bad ones either, as there were a couple one-star reviews featured on the first page.

The success rate indicates whether customers successfully lost weight. Although an actual success rate or percentage is not published, we can consult 300+ online ratings and user reviews to estimate a success rate:

  • Positive Ratings: 60% of customers rate the diet favorably (4+ stars)
  • Neutral Ratings: 13% of users give the South Beach Diet a neutral rating (3-stars)
  • Negative Ratings: 27% of customers rate the diet negatively (1-2 stars)

Customer ratings infer that the success rate of the South Beach Diet is 60%, with the balance of the ratings being either neutral or negative. Experts rate the diet well for short term weight loss results, but not as well for long-term success.

Independent Study: A study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine (2004) compared the South Beach Diet with the government’s National Cholesterol Education Plan (sounds exciting!) and found that over a 12 week period 60 South Beach dieters lost about 13.5 pounds compared to 7.5 pounds on the NCEP plan.

Anyway, for every bad review there are at least two good ones, so check out our infographic above to see how the ratings were distributed. Now, let’s look at common reasons why users praised or hated the South Beach Diet.

South Beach Diet: Negative Reviews


Having been around for so long, there have been thousands of South Beach Diet reviews, but a lot of these reviews are based on the South Beach Diet book, and not the meal delivery diet.

It’s also important to remember that not every diet will work for every person. A successful diet should be compatible with the personality and lifestyle of the individual. Having said that, here are top complaints from South Beach Diet customers:

Top Complaints from Users:

  1. Food Taste: The most common complaint in bad reviews is that people didn’t like the taste of the food. Some mentioned that the food was spicy, or even “inedible,” while others quit after several months because they missed eating more “real” (restaurant / home-cooked) food. The portion sizes are also smaller than some customers expected.
  2. Expensive: With a $300+ /mo. price tag, (plus fresh fruit and veggies) the South Beach Diet doesn’t fit into every budget. Even though their meals replace most of the ones you’re buying now, many users complained about the relatively high price
  3. Not Working: The diet didn’t work for a number of people, who lost motivation and didn’t make the adjustment to scheduled, pre-made, pre-portioned meals
  4. Cancellation Policy: A number of bad reviews expressed anger after trying to quit. Basically, if you cancel auto-delivery before the second month delivery, you are charged a cancellation fee of $125  more
  5. Nutrisystem is Better– A number of users who tried both South Beach Diet and Nutrisystem preferred the latter for both food and price. (compare

As with any diet, weight loss should be the happy result of living a healthier lifestyle, and not just a single end goal. If prepared meal delivery and being told “what to eat and when” sounds constrictive, maybe this diet is not for you?

South Beach Diet Alternatives? If you like the idea of meal delivery and a structured eating plan, consider Nutrisystem, a similar diet that customers and experts rate well. If you like the idea of a DIY diet based on counting points (with no forbidden foods) check out Weight Watchers!

Positive Reviews:

Well, if 11 million people have tried the South Beach Diet (online or book) then they must be doing something right?! The majority of users leave a positive review or rating, so let’s look at the positives of the South Beach Diet.

Common Praise:

  1. The Diet Works – Positive reviews are likely to include specific weight loss results. The most common theme among good reviews is that people achieved real weight loss results
  2. Structured – Meal delivery is not for everyone, but many turn to it after other DIY diets fail them. The South Beach Diet sends you food each month and tells you what to eat and when. If you follow their plan and stay active, the math infers that you will lose weight each week
  3. Convenient: Preparing meals is time-consuming. Many customers rated the South Beach Diet highly for convenience, and mentioned the hours they save not planning meals, cooking, and calculating portions
  4. Food Is Good – No one claimed in their review that the South Beach Diet food rivals gourmet restaurants. However, a lot of people were happy with the food quality and flavor, and that they were content with eating it as a means to lose weight.
  5. Flexible – The South Beach Diet allows you to have a weekly meal out along with several home cooked meals each week, which a number of users look forward to.

Most customers find that the convenience and effectiveness of the South Beach Diet outweighs the potential sacrifices you must make to be successful. I imagine that people who really like this diet might think of it as a long airplane flight; the food isn’t spectacular and there are restrictions, but ultimately it gets you to a better place! *Related: South Beach Diet vs Nutrisystem

OK, we’ve listened to the wisdom of the masses, now let’s see what the experts say:

Expert Reviews / Ratings:

south beach diet expert reviews
South beach diet expert reviews / ratings U.S. News. (Playful beach man not included)

U.S. news recently asked a panel of health and diet experts to rate the South Beach Diet on a number of criteria. As you can see, the diet gets good reviews for “short-term weight loss,” but a bad review for “long-term weight loss,” as customers seem to lose enthusiasm, and tire of the food.

  • Short-term weight loss: Experts give the diet a 3.4/5 rating
  • Long-term weight loss: Experts give the diet a 2.4/5 rating

Here’s more about the South Beach Diet:

How Much Does It Cost?

diet cost

The South Beach diet ships you meals every month, and when you signup you are automatically on auto-delivery. This means that your credit card is charged each month at the same rate that you paid at signup.

This is why it’s so important to find the best promotion available, because you will be billed at that rate every month going forward.

If you signup with today’s new customer promotion for 40% off, the South Beach diet costs about $10-12 per day or $300-350 per month. depending on the plan.

new promotion south beach

Click to apply discount, or view all coupons

*Want to know more? We explain the costs in detail here!

What are the Meals Like?

south beach diet meals

When you sign up for the South Beach Diet meal delivery, you’ll get four weeks of meals designed to support the South Beach Diet three-phase plan.

The South Beach Diet calls for dieters to eat six times a day. To do this, the meal plan features both meals and snacks.

The basic meal delivery plan includes only the meals for two weeks. It averages around $10.75 per day. With this basic plan, you must supply your own healthy snacks in order to properly follow the plan.

There are plenty of snacks that fit the diet available in any grocery store. The South Beach Diet plan will provide you with plenty of ideas for healthy snacks, like hard boiled eggs, carrots, or avocado toast.

Customizing meals: By default you’ll get the “chef’s picks” for meal delivery, but you can customize that through your online preferences for future orders. For your first order they recommend that you stick with the Chef’s Picks, as it gives you a sampling of their most popular foods.

You can also opt to include snacks in your South Beach Diet delivery plan for just $40 extra for four weeks worth of healthy snacks high in protein.

Should you add snacks? South Beach Diet reviews are mixed about whether the snack option is a must or not, so if you skip the snacks, have some protein or Kind bars handy as a good substitute. You can buy them in bulk pretty cheaply on Amazon.

Jesse James Decker Is On the S. Beach Diet:

*Frivolous slow motion beach-frolicking not included!

Is the South Beach Diet Right for You?

If you’re tried fad diets and failed to lose weight, have trouble cutting too many foods from your diet, or just want a healthier lifestyle, South Beach Diet might be the right choice for you.

The South Beach Diet reviews make it clear that anyone, with a little determination, can be successful with this diet. If you want to learn more, they’ll give you 40% off the price. You can also check out all of today’s specials here.

If you don’t think that the South Beach Diet is for you, don’t worry. There are plenty of other effective diets out there that can help you achieve your weight loss goal!

mayo clinic diet reviews

Mayo Clinic Diet Reviews: Here’s How It Works

mayo clinic logoDoes the Mayo Clinic Diet Work? Jan lost 105 pounds by following the Mayo clinic diet after a hysterectomy. She had been able to lose weight in the past, but it never stayed off for long. Like thousands of others like her, Jan learned that the only way to keep weight off is by living a healthy lifestyle not trying crash diets.

So, what is the Mayo Clinic Diet? 

You don’t usually think of “health” when you hear the word, “mayo,” but in this case that’s what it’s all about. The Mayo Clinic diet is a simple, realistic doctor-approved approach to weight loss consisting of two unique phases. It’s also rated as one of the top 5 healthiest diets by U.S. News.

Read on for everything you need to know to decide if this is the right path for you or check out this month’s promotion to join for only $4 per week.new (below)

How Does the Mayo Clinic Diet Work?

mayo clinic diet promotion

  1. Add good habits: First you will add good habits, such as eating a healthy breakfast, eating whole grains and moving 30 minutes a day
  2. Break bad habits: Next you will break bad habits that are sabotaging your weight, such as watching TV while you eat, snacking and eating out.
  3. Follow the Program: Using the online program to guide you day by day will keep you on track and motivated!

Ok, that’s the gist of the diet. Now, here’s how it works:

The Mayo Clinic diet focuses on eating and provides tools including the healthy weight pyramid. This tool tells you how many servings from each of the 4 food groups you should consume per day.

mayo clinic diet pyramid

The Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid helps you to consume fewer calories while still feeling full. The diet also places an emphasis on becoming more physically active and making healthy habits part of your lifestyle.

This diet is not a crash diet that follows a grapefruit and pepper water menu. Instead, this diet helps people set realistic goals and keep them motivated until they reach their goal weight.

Mayo Clinic Diet: Here’s what else you get: 

  • Daily meal planner
  • Mayo Clinic phone app
  • Food & Fitness journal
  • Weight & habit trackers
  • Portion control guides
  • 100’s of tasty recipes
  • Personalized workouts to make your days more active
  • Fitness tips and guides for all levels
  • Learn more

How Experts Rate the Diet:

U.S. News asked a panel of experts in health and diet fields to rate the Mayo Clinic Diet in several key areas. Here’s how they fared:

mayo clinic diet ratings

As you can see, the diet is rated very highly for being healthy, but a little lower for being easy to follow and for long-term weight loss. Part of the reason is that, like Weight Watchers, the Mayo Clinic Diet is more of a guide with tools to help you lose the weight without providing you the actual food.

Ok, the experts rate the diet highly, but now let’s look at ratings from honest customer reviews:

Mayo Clinic Diet: Customer Reviews:

mayo_clinic_diet customer reviews

Good ratings from user reviews

Only recently did the folks at the Mayo Clinic expand on their popular Mayo Clinic Diet book, to now offer it as a more complete and convenient program. The Amazon reviews for the book are very helpful to learn more about the methodology of the program, and also to appreciate the overwhelmingly positive results that customers have had.

One user sums up the Mayo Clinic Diet well when she concludes,

“This diet is NOT for you if you’re looking for a magic weight loss plan, or a new theory of weight control.

This diet might be for you if: You subscribe to the old, tried-and-true formula for weight loss (eat fewer calories, exercise more), but need to know the details and need some help in getting, and staying, motivated.”

My opinion: why buy the paperback book for $25-30 when you can sign up for their program with loads of resources, recipes, and a helpful app for only $4 per week.

Here’s more about how the Mayo Clinic Diet works.

Doctors & Dietitians: The Experts Behind the Diet

A group of 11 experts from the Mayo Clinic came together to design this diet. This includes medical doctors, nutrition and preventative medicine experts, clinical health psychologists, fitness experts and a chef.

In other words, some of the smartest, most qualified doctors in the country came together to create this diet.

The joint expertise of this group enabled this program to consider all the aspects of weight loss, including the emotional and mental struggles.

The contributions of the chef allowed for a wide variety of Mayo Clinic diet recipes available to subscribers so that people don’t get bored or run out of meal ideas. That’s actually a top complaint of meal delivery diets such as Nutrisystem, South Beach Diet, and Medifast!

Phase 1: Lose It!

There are two phases in the Mayo Clinic diet. The first phase is called Lose It and is made to kick-start the weight loss journey.

Mayo Clinic diet reviews show that people can expect to lose anywhere from 6-10 pounds during this phase.

Phase 1 lasts two weeks and makes losing this initial weight safe and healthy. Besides learning what to eat and how much, participants also learn about good habits that will maximize their success and motivation. They will also become aware of the bad habits they follow and learn how to break them.

Very little prep work is required to get going with the mayo clinic diet menu. You just need to shop for groceries.

In these first 2 weeks, you will eat regularly with a focus on lots of fruits and veggies, whole grains and healthy fats.

Each day, you should aim for 30 minutes or more of physical activity. Any kind of activity that gets you moving is acceptable. This includes walking, swimming, playing tennis or dancing.

Forming Habits During Phase 1

The habits you will drop include eating in front of the TV, having snacks (fruits and veggies are allowed) and eating out. You can eat out if the food you order follows the food pyramid, however.

You will not over-indulge on meat or full-fat dairy products such as yogurt and homogenized milk.

People who are super motivated to get started can start tracking their food in a journal. If you are ready to really make a change in your life, cut out the processed food from your diet (in fact throw it out and don’t buy anymore) and exercise an hour a day. During this phase, those changes are not required but can be useful for those who want to start off strong.

After two weeks, it’s time for the Live It! phase of the program.

Phase 2: Live It!

The second phase, called Live It!, does not have a set timeframe. (nor does it involve mayonnaise!) You will stay in this phase until you reach your weight loss goal and beyond.

The Mayo Clinic diet is meant to be the final diet you’ll ever use that will get you through the rest of your life in great health.

During this phase, you can expect to lose 1-2 pounds each week until you hit your goal. Along the way and after you hit your goal, your subscription will give you expert tips and suggestions to make your journey successful.

While phase 1 was very specific about the number of calories you should eat, in this phase you will focus on servings, not calories. While in phase 2 you will be allotted a certain number of servings of each of the four food groups.

Phase 2 Foods

On the 1,400-calorie plan, you can have four or more servings of fruits and four or more servings of veggies each day. You get five servings of carbs, four of protein/dairy and three of fats.

Many fad diets cut out carbs completely or restrict them to 1 serving a day. Science shows that your body needs carbohydrates to fuel your body. Often your body holds onto the fat you have because you are not giving it the carbs you need.

One of the best things that Mayo Clinic diet reviews say is that in phase 2 you don’t need to weigh, measure or count your calories. Pretty quick you learn to eyeball your portions to make sure that you are eating the right amounts.

For example, a serving of fruit is the size of your fist. You can easily your hand to determine serving sizes for each of the food groups.

Because healthy and safe weight loss takes time, this phase has some wiggle room so that you can eat the foods you love. You won’t feel like you are on a restricted diet. This can go a long way toward helping you stay motivated and happy during your weight loss journey.

In phase 2, you will continue to incorporate physical activity into your lifestyle for a happy, healthy heart and body.

Mayo Clinic Diet Cost (and Coupon?)

mayo clinic diet promotion
Some diet programs require you to go to meetings or buy their brand of food. The Mayo Clinic diet does not require either.

The Mayo Clinic website also has some free tools, recipes, and weight loss ideas. But the best way to make the most of the diet is to subscribe for the online support. With their new customer promotion, it costs only $4 per week. You pay it once a quarter which works out to $52 for 13 weeks. (More about cost

Once you join and pay, you can search for meal plans and recipes, access tracking tools to help you work on your new habits, and get tailored fitness plans.

You can choose to renew your subscription after the first 13 weeks or just cancel and keep on your journey alone. It really depends on what areas you need the most support in.

*Related: Read about how our hunter-gatherer DNA affects obesity today.

mayo clinic diet review

Mayo Clinic Diet? You’re doing it wrong!

Tools to Fuel Success

The Mayo Clinic diet offers some helpful tools to help users lose weight and track their progress. (Not a 3-day diet! see below) 

Habit Tracker

The habit tracker lists 15 key habits that Mayo Clinic experts have identified as vital for weight loss success. This tracker is meant to be used during the first 14 days (the phase 1 period).

You check off habits as you do them and your daily progress report logs them. This is a great way to see what you are doing well and what areas are your weak spots.

The Mayo Clinic Diet App

This interactive app is fun and easy to use. It helps with all sorts of aspects of weight loss such as portion sizes at a glance. This app lets you track your food servings (which is handy if you are on the go). You also get support from the Mayo Clinic experts with just a few swipes of your fingers.

Subscribers get access to the app for free. Note: it is only available for the iPhone. An android app does not exist.

It’s Not a 3-Day Diet! (With Mayo on the Side, Please!)

I noticed that there are a lot of people looking for the Mayo Clinic 3-Day Diet, which doesn’t exist. As we mentioned, this plan is not a quick fix!

Any way, we hope you found this guide about the Mayo Clinic diet helpful. As you can see, this diet is one that your doctor would support. Of course, feel free to speak to your physician about a weight loss strategy.

Because no foods are off limits, cravings don’t bombard you night and day. And by focusing on adding healthy habits and dropping bad ones, you are setting yourself up for a lifetime of health and physical fitness.

The downside to this diet is that there is no in-person support. So if you feel that you need a weekly meeting to keep you accountable, this may not be the best option for you, although the personal attention of a diet like Jenny Craig is expensive!

Interested? Check out their current new-customer promotion, with a special rate of only $4 per week to join!new 

You can also check out the latest specials for Weight Watchers (a similar hugely-popular diet) here!

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