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nutrisystem costco hack a la carte

Nutrisystem Promo Code for Existing Customers? Use “Costco” Hack

If you are on Nutrisystem or thinking of joining, you’ve probably noticed that all of their promo codes are for your first order only. So, is there a way for existing customers to get a discount on your second order, or towards a la carte food?

The good news is that we’ve found a hack that works for existing customers towards their second and subsequent orders, but you have to be a Costco member.

The Secret is buying Nutrisystem Gift Cards at Costco.com at up to a 40% discount!

Are you a member of Costco? Perhaps you have a family member or close friend who has a Costco membership? If so, you are eligible to buy discounted Nutrisystem gift cards in-store or at Costco.com.

costco nutrisystem discount

These $100 gift cards cost only $59-79 each, and can be used towards your first order, or a la carte food thereafter. Here’s how:

First Order

If you are joining Nutrisystem, (does it work?) there are promo codes available to save big at signup.

However, you can also buy multiple discount $100 gift cards to use towards your first order to save even more. So, if your first order is $350, you can buy up to 4 discounted Costco gift cards to use towards the total.

Just enter the code at checkout just like a promo code where it says, “enter gift card.” It’s a great way to save big when you join!

But, you may notice that you can’t enter a promo code for your second order. Here’s a hack to get a discount as an existing customer:

Second Order:

So, you’ve already completed the first part of Nutrisystem (FreshStart®) and are ready for more?

While there are no promo codes out there for existing Nutrisystem customers, you can use the balance of a gift card just like a promo code at checkout.

Example: If your first order total is $350 and you use 4 x $100 gift cards, you are left with a balance of $50.

The good news is that you can use that balance towards your second order! Just be sure to save the gift card with a remaining balance, as you will have to enter the code again towards your second order, including a la carte Nutrisystem food anytime.

A la Carte Food

buy nutrisystem food a la carte

Want to keep using these discounted Nutrisystem gift cards towards every order? Here’s where it’s a bit tricky, because when you signup for Nutrisystem, they put you on auto-payment. If you cancel before your second month, you’ll owe a $125 cancellation fee.

So, what can do you save money and beat the system?

Once again it comes back to the discount Nutrisystem gift cards. Here’s what you can do:

After your first two orders, you can log into your account and choose to delay your shipments.

Instead of receiving your third (or later) shipment, you can order food a la carte through your account at Nutrisystem.com, using the discount Costco Nutrisystem gift cards.

Existing Customers Can Still Save!

So, while by definition this isn’t a promo code for your second order, it’s a hack to get Nutrisystem food through your account at up to a 40% discount!

From this point on you can resume your auto-delivery shipments at any time, or continue ordering Nutrisystem food a la carte at a big discount; it’s up to you!

If you aren’t loving Nutrisystem, you can even quit after the second month without fear of a cancellation fee.

To get the most out of this hack, watch the price of Nutrisystem gift cards at Costco. While the regular price for these $100 cards is $79, you can find them on sale for as cheap as $59 each. That’s like finding a promo code for a 40% discount for existing customers!

Are you a Costco member? If so, check out today’s price on Nutrisystem gift cards here.

Other Promo Codes & Coupons?

If you aren’t a Nutrisystem member yet, we have exclusive coupons to get you the best price when you join. We recommend skipping the tempting 50 percent off sale, and going with the “

Not sold on Nutrisystem? We also have exclusive coupons for Weight Watchers (WW) and up to $100 off the cost of joining the South Beach Diet.

(Oh, and during tax season we can save you up to $25 on TurboTax with this coupon!)

Need inspiration? We just put together a list of our favorite weight loss quotes here.

Regardless of how you choose to strive towards your health and weight loss goals, good luck!

is nutrisystem worth it

Is Nutrisystem Worth It? 7 Reasons It Is (And, Why It Might Not Be!)

nutrisystem logo

Is Nutrisystem worth the investment? Price is one of the biggest considerations when considering any diet. It’s important to ask yourself whether the considerable time and money you put into a weight loss program is worthwhile. We’ll attempt to answer the question, “is Nutrisystem really worth it” by considering the following:

Nutrisystem: Here’s What You Get

In deciding whether Nutrisystem is worth the money, let’s first look at what you get for your money. First, you should know that there are four plan options. All plans include 4 meals per day including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack. Men get those same 4 meals plus an extra snack each day, so their plans cost a bit more. All Nutrisystem plans start with the Fresh Start program, which includes bars and shakes, and you’ll track everything on the NuMi app.

Here are Nutrisystem’s four plan options:

  1. Basic: This is the most economical way to do the diet, but there is less flexibility and food options. A lot of people don’t like the lack of menu choices, and therefore users might say it’s not worth the money
  2. Core: This is the most popular plan because it’s still economical, but includes 100 foods on the menu and unlimited customer support
  3. Uniquely Yours: This is the best rated plan as it adds more menu variety including frozen foods. Even though it’s more expensive, users are likely to say that it’s worth the price
  4. Uniquely Yours Plus: Everything in the “Uniquely Yours” plan plus 4 weeks of shakes with protein and probiotics, but it costs more.

The foundation of every Nutrisystem plan is the monthly delivery of their pre-portioned, packaged foods that are high in protein and fiber and low in bad carbs for fast weight loss of up to 13 pounds in the first month. Recently they also started offering an optional DNA test kit, but the jury is out on whether it’s worth the expense.

Here’s what’s included in your first month’s delivery:

Really the main difference in plans is just menu variety including frozen foods in the better plans. Now, let’s talk about the price tag.

How Much Is Nutrisystem?

Like all meal-delivery diets, the cost of Nutrisystem can be intimidating as you are literally paying for a month’s worth of food all at once. You’ll still have to supplement their meals with fresh fruits and veggies, so while Nutrisystem does replace most of your meals, you’ll still have to account for some groceries in your monthly food budget.

You should estimate that this diet costs about $10-12 per day, or $350 per month. So, is it really worth that? You can click below to learn more, or find a coupon:

nutrisystem save40 coupon

*Is there a better deal? View today’s top 5 Nutrisystem coupons

Ok, now let’s look at arguments on both sides to decide whether Nutrisystem is really worth the money:

7 Reasons Why Nutrisystem Is Worth It

Consider the following when determining the cost of Nutrisystem:

  1. Economical: While Nutrisystem appears costly, it’s not a significant extra expense because Nutrisystem will replace most of the meals and groceries that you currently pay for
  2. Time is money: Nutrisystem will significantly reduce the amount of time you currently spend planning and preparing meals
  3. Efficient: Did you know that we waste half of the food we buy? Nutrisystem’s prepared, pre-portioned meals can be considered a more efficient and cost-effective way to eat, as the food is already portioned and no food should go to waste
  4. Structure: Have you tried other diets and failed? You might need more structure in your diet. The math says that if you follow Nutrisystem and don’t cheat, you’ll lose the weight
  5. Usually Works: Most users are happy with their weight loss results, and say it’s worth the money and effort
  6. The cost of Nutrisystem is inexpensive compared to other meal delivery diets like South Beach and Jenny Craig
  7. An Investment: Being overweight is expensive. Whether you are talking about the extra health problems associated with obesity, potential missed work, or superfluous food purchases, being healthy saves money!

Although being on a diet or weight loss program can seem expensive, think of it as an investment in your health.

5 Reasons Why Nutrisystem Is NOT Worth It

Ok, we’re not here to just cheerlead for Nutrisystem. Skepticism is often a good thing, so let’s play devil’s advocate. Here are some reasons why Nutrisystem may not be worth it:

  1. Restrictions: With Nutrisystem you are basically told what to eat and when. If you aren’t good with such structure, you might resent the menu limitations
  2. Do It Yourself Instead: If you have not been on a diet before, consider a more DIY weight loss program like MyFitnessPal or Weight Watchers. At under $20 per month, you’re not risking much!
  3. Food Taste: Bad reviews have called Nutrisystem “return of the TV dinner.”
  4. Too Expensive: While this diet does replace most of your current meals, you’re still going to have a $300+ charge on your credit card bill. Can you live with that?
  5. Commitment: This isn’t a 30-day diet, and cancelling after the first month can be a hassle. If you just want to lose 10 pounds for a wedding, you might not want to commit to 3-6+ months

Ok, those are fair points. Now, back to the fact that Nutrisystem replaces most of your current groceries. Let’s talk about how it’s possible to spend less while on Nutrisystem.

How Nutrisystem Can Actually Save You Money

save money

While on Nutrisystem you’ll spend less at the grocery store and at restaurants. In addition to saving you hours of time on meal planning and prep, their prepared meals replace most of the meals you’re paying for now.

Here’s how Nutrisystem can save you money each month:

  1. Cost of Groceries: They say that groceries cost the average woman about $250 per month, and the average man about $300 per month. (source) Let’s estimate that while on Nutrisystem your grocery bill is cut in half, which means it will cost $5 per day for supplemental food.
  2. Cost of Dining Out: Most people eat at restaurants less frequently while on Nutrisystem, so this is another area of potential cost savings. The average meal outside the home costs about $13 per person, so if you eat 1-2 fewer meals out while on the diet, the savings can add up
  3. Cost of Alcohol: Alcohol isn’t good for any diet, including Nutrisystem. That’s why they ask you to only consume 1-2 alcoholic beverages per week. Reducing your alcohol intake is healthy and can also save you a lot of money!

You still have to buy food: Although spending in these areas is reduced while on Nutrisystem, it’s not completely eliminated. They do ask you to supplement their meals with fresh fruits and vegetables and allow for several “flex meals” each week consisting of one breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack on your own.

If you are currently spending $400+ per month on groceries and dining out, you can see how being on Nutrisystem could result in a significant cost savings. I would estimate that while on the diet your current food spending should be cut in half. In some cases this savings is enough to pay for the monthly cost of Nutrisystem. 

Related: Is Weight Watchers worth it?

So, Is Nutrisystem Worth It?

Even though most users say that Nutrisystem works, about 1 in 5 people fail on the diet. That’s because no single diet will work for everyone. A diet should be compatible with the unique needs, personality, and lifestyle of the person. While having discipline is important in reaching any goal, you shouldn’t have to change who you are to fit the requirements of a diet.

So, the better question to ask is, “is Nutrisystem worth it for you?” Consider both the pros and cons we mention above, and imagine whether this diet will be compatible with your life.

If it is, then you will likely lose considerable weight, which will be sustainable if you stick with the program. Many people find that the first month, Turbo 13 Fresh Start is good motivation because you can lose 13 pounds in the first month. Those kind of results make negatives like food limitations and potential expense more than worthwhile.

The Nutrisystem plan isn’t for everyone, but it’s biggest strength is convenience. People who don’t like structure and wish to have more freedom in what they eat can consider the Weight Watchers diet, which has no prepared meals or restrictions, but requires you to count points.

We hope that this article helps you decide whether Nutrisystem will be worth it for you!

If you do consider joining, we have an exclusive coupon here.

Have you tried Nutrisytem? Please let us know if it worked by writing a review.

nutrisystem costco gift cards

$100 Nutrisystem Costco Deal: $100 Gift Cards for $79 (or Less!)

Nutrisystem Costco deal: Did you know that Costco has discounted gift cards for Nutrisystem? If you are thinking of signing up for Nutrisystem, know this: as a Costco member you can buy $100 Nutrisystem gift cards for $79 or less!

This is a quick way to save at least $25, and a no-brainer if you are planning on joining Nutrisystem. Plus, stack a promo code on top, and it’s the cheapest way to join their program. Here’s our review of how the Nutrisystem Costco deal works:

Discount Nutrisystem Gift Cards at Costco.com

Members of Costco just need to login at costco.com, then check today’s discount price for gift cards:

nutrisystem costco gift card_discount

Nutrisystem $100 gift cards usually cost $79, but can be as cheap as $59 during seasonal promotions. Here’s how to use them:

How to Use Nutrisystem Gift Cards from Costco

Using costco gift cards for nutrisystem? Here’s how:

  1. Buy $100 Nutrisystem gift cards at costco.com
  2. eGift cards are delivered via email within one hour
  3. Use gift card on top of 40% off promotion
  4. Stack a $30 off code for cheapest price ever on Nutrisystem!

You can buy more than one gift card, but know that your first order likely will be around $300, so you will probably only be able to use a maximum of 3 gift cards on your first order.

If you have $$ left over on a gift card, just re-enter the number on your second order to apply the balance of the gift card.

Example: So, if your First order total was $290, and you used three $100 gift cards, re-enter the third gift card again on your second order to have the remaining $10 balance applied.

At costco.com you can read the glowing customer reviews for these discount gift cards, even though reviews for the program are mostly good but mixed. Anyway, every review on costco.com seems very happy to save an unexpected $20+!

*To read how using one or more of these discount Nutrisystem gift cards is like a promo code (towards a la carte food) for existing customers, read this article

Where to Enter Code at Nutrisystem.com

Although the Nutrisystem deals at Costco are pretty straightforward, it’s a little hard to find where to enter the actual gift card code at nutrisystem.com. The place to enter the code is on the 3rd checkout screen like this:

nutrisystem where enter gift card
Sneaky link to enter gift card number at nutrisystem.com

Just click that link and it will open a field to type in the gift card number and PIN like this:

gift card code nutrisystem

Once you click “apply,” the gift card should be entered towards your order total.

Costco: When Do the Nutrisystem Gift Cards Go On Sale?

You can get $100 gift cards for Nutrisystem for $79 each every day, but a couple of times a year they go on sale for $59 each! These Nutrisystem deals at Costco are usually around January 1st for all those people with New Year’s resolutions, but you can expect these $59 gif cards to be available at least twice a year.

When you click, “Sign in for price,” you’ll get today’s best deal:

costco nutrisystem discount

Tip: Stack a Promo Code at Nutrisystem.com

Saving $20+ on each gift card is great, but here’s how to get the cheapest price possible on Nutrisystem. Click their 40% off promotion, and then use a promo code for an extra $20-30 off at signup!

Promo code SAVE20 usually works for a $20 discount, but sometimes we have even better codes here.

Costco discount + Nutrisystem discount + promo code = a triple discount!

How Much Does Nutrisystem Cost at Costco?

Costco does not sell actual Nutrisystem products in-store, and they do not directly sell memberships. However, they do sell discounted gift cards that can be used towards your purchase at Nutrisystem.com. During seasonal sales like New Year’s, these $100 gift cards are priced as low as $59!

*Related: How Much Does TurboTax Cost at Costco?

The Cheapest Way to Join Nutrisystem

You might have seen an ad on TV for their Drop 18 Now or Nutrisystem D program, but that doesn’t give you the best price. Instead, use all 3 discounts mentioned above, and it ends up being the absolute cheapest price on Nutrisystem. Remember, it all starts with an eGift card deal from Costco, and then click below to lock-in the best monthly rate:

nutrisystem women promo banner

Featured new customer promotion or, view all coupons


nutrisystem for men review

Nutrisystem for Men Reviews, Ratings: Does This Diet Work?

nutrisystem for men logo

Men’s Nutrisystem: Thinking about taking the plunge and signing up for Nutrisystem for men?

Starting a new diet solution can be an exciting but intimidating decision, so it’s important to know exactly what you’re signing up for.

Nutrisystem for Men is a version of their popular meal-delivery diet specifically catered to men’s needs. In their TV commercials they claim that a man can lose up to 18+ pounds (aka, “FreshStart®“) in the first month, but is this the right diet for you? Read on to learn about how Nutrisystem for Men works, the cost, and whether it’s a good fit for your personality and manly weight loss goals.

*Update 1/22/19: Nutrisystem now allows you to stack promo codes! This means you can get 40% off + $30 off + free stuff. See today’s promo codes here. Sweet!

Nutrisystem for Men Explained: (In 90 Seconds)

Ok, sorry the stock music in that video is annoying, but it’s actually very informative!

man review

Anyway, all Nutrisystem plans are based on pre-packaged, “perfectly portioned” meals delivered to your door every month. The big strength of this diet is convenience, as there are no calories or points to measure.

You’ll know what to eat and when, and it’s basically just heat and eat from there, with the exception of supplementing their meals with fresh fruits and vegetables.

With Nutrisystem for Men you will:

  • Eat 6 smaller meals a day
  • Supplement meals with fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Have your meals & snacks delivered every month; up to 150 to choose from
  • Enjoy 4 flex meals a week, including healthy restaurant meals, or your own cooking from their online recipes
  • Start with the Fresh Start program the first week, and drop up to 18 pounds now + 8 lose inches in  your first month!
  • Expect to lose an average of 1-2 pounds per week

Plan options?

When you signup, you’ll have the choice between the BasicCoreUniquely Yours, and Uniquely Yours Plus plans. Basically, you pay a bit more for increased food options, and Uniquely Yours Plus adds 28 protein shakes per month. All plans, except Basic, also include unlimited support including access to counselors, professional dietitians, and online tools and trackers.

The Uniquely Yours plan offers “total menu freedom,” (didn’t Braveheart die for that!?) meaning you can mix and match between all of their 150 meal and snack options.

All plans are based on “perfectly portioned” foods that are high in protein and fiber, and low in bad carbs. with emphasis on the glycemic index. (blood sugar levels) The meals are delivered for “free” via FedEx automatically every month, and you can customize your menu online anytime before it ships.

Nutrisystem for Men Cost:

nutrisystem promo banner
*Use Nutrisystem for men/40 promotion, or view all coupons

Nutrisystem’s plans for Men cost about $1/day more than the equivalent plans for women. This is because they include more food to meet men’s higher daily calorie intake.

Here are the latest costs for men with their 40% off (nutrisystem for men/40) promotion:

Nutrisystem for Men: MEN: (w/ discount)
(Most popular)
Uniquely Yours:
(Top rated)
Uniquely Yours Plus:
(Most variety)
(Core Diabetes)

*The 40% off promotion is best because it locks-in the low monthly rate. Other offers, like the $100 off coupon, increase by as much as $50 per month after the 3-month promotional period!

What Men Like About the Diet: (Positive)

nutrisystem for men/40
review good

As mentioned, it’s an easy diet to follow, which makes it a favorite option for busy people. Nutrisystem for Men ranks as the #5 best commercial diet, and #11 overall for easiest diet to follow by U.S. News & World Report.

It also ranks well for best fast-weight loss diets,” as you hit the ground running and can expect to shed weight quickly. In fact, Nutrisystem for Men challenges you to lose up to 15 pounds in your first month. (based on starting weight) 

Nutrisystem for men promises the “right mix of nutrients to fuel your body,” including lots of protein and fiber, which makes you feel fuller, longer. They also have special plans for vegetarians and those with diabetes.

Another plus is that they offer new customers 40% off and that price doesn’t go up. (Don’t just go to their homepage to signup, as you’ll pay more!) 

So, in summary, it’s very convenient, making it popular with busy people who don’t want to cook every day. You can see inspiring testimonials for Nutrisystem for Men here.

Why Men Complain: (Negative)

“Say something positive?
Well positive ain’t where I live!” – Naughty by Nature, Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

review bad

Convenience is a two-sided coin, and the “heat and eat” approach doesn’t work for every man. Although reviews are mostly positive, a common complaint is that Nutrisystem for Men limits your food options.

In fact, I think more than one negative review has been written by teary-eyed men sitting at Buffalo Wild Wings, trying to resist forbidden wings and beer!

Anyway, as with all meal-delivery diets, (Medifast, Bistro MD, South Beach Diet, etc.) you’re committing to eating the meals and snacks they send you. This approach requires discipline, and is the source of most failure and bad reviews. That means “long-term weight loss” could be considered a weakness, because not all men want to stick with it after a few months.

No one dog breed (I like dachshunds!) or presidential candidate works for every man (apparently!) and the same goes for diets. If you’re here, you’re skeptical and doing your homework, and that’s good!

Another potential “negative” is that you are charged for a whole month’s food up-front. Even though you’d be spending that same $300+ a month on food if you weren’t on the diet, it’s a chunk of change on your credit card bill every month.

If you prefer to do your own cooking and count points, maybe meal-delivery isn’t for you and you’d rather just pass. If so, you can always consider Weight Watchers instead. (Nutrisystem vs Weight Watchers

What Are the Meals Like? Here’s a Sample Menu:

nutrisystem food reviews

Wondering what kinds of food you’ll actually eat on this diet? Here’s what a day on Nutrisystem for Men might look like:

Day 1: (sample)

  • Breakfast: Nutrisystem® Sweetened O’s Cereal A.M. Snack + 1 cup non-fat yogurt
  • A.M. Snack: 1 low-fat string cheese + an apple
  • Lunch: Nutrisystem Beans & Ham soup w/ cheese + a salad
  • P.M. Snack: Nutrisystem popcorn
  • Dinner: Nutrisystem Thick Crust Pizza w/ mushrooms
  • Dessert: Nutrisystem White chocolate chunk cookies

Day 2: (sample)

  • Breakfast: Apple strudel bar + 1 hardboiled egg
  • A.M. Snack: Whole grain crackers + 1 cup low-fat milk
  • Lunch: Nutrisystem cheese tortellini + 1 pear + 1 low-fat string cheese
  • P.M. Snack: Nutrisystem milk chocolate flavored pretzels
  • Dinner: Nutrisystem Mushroom risotto + fresh asparagus
  • Dessert Nutrisystem carrot cake

The “man” menu: Every food choice includes: customer reviews, nutrition facts, and ingredients:

nutrisystem food nutrition info

Want to see more sample daily menus? Nutrisystem posted a week’s sample menu on their site to give men an idea of what a sample menu looks like

Is Nutrisystem for Men Healthy?

nutrisystem for men healthy

Nutrisystem for Men is high in protein and low-glycemic (good) carbs. It also adds a healthy amount of fiber so that you stay full longer.

Losing weight is one thing, but is Nutrisystem food good for you? To answer that question, let’s look at the daily amounts of calories, protein, carbs, sodium, and fiber.

Here’s how Nutrisystem for Men compares to the daily recommendations for a man trying to lose 1+ pound per week:

 Nutrisystem: (for Men)Daily Recommended:
Calories:1450-15002000 (source)
Carbs:165-206g225-325g (source)
Protein:73-113g46g (source)
Fiber:30-40g25g (source)
Sodium:2000-2300 mg2300 mg (source)
Fat:33g40g (source)
Sat. Fat:17g20g (source)

As you can see, Nutrisystem for Men foods compare favorably to the recommended daily allowances for men on a diet.

How Much Does It Cost? (For Men)

Nutrisystem plans for men cost a bit more than the same plans for women. In fact, the “man” plans end up costing about $1.50 more per day. Not a huge deal, but it adds up over a month, and you should be aware of the cost.

Why do men pay more? Men pay more because the plans are based on your daily calorie and nutrition needs. Men are generally bigger and taller, and require more calories, so Nutrisystem includes an extra snack every day. That extra food accounts for the price difference. Besides that, the men’s plans are very similar to the women’s plans.

Cost depends on the plan you choose: There are 3 plan options, and on average, they cost about $12 per day, ($360 / month) unless you have a coupon, which drops the price. (below)

The main difference between plan options is that you pay more for increased variety of foods. You can learn more about the cost of Nutrisystem here!

men promo

*Featured promotion or, view all coupons

Nutrisystem for Men: Plan Options:

sample menu nutrisystem men
Choose your own menu with CORE and Uniquely Yours plans

There are three plan levels: BASIC, CORE, and Uniquely Yours.

Which one is best for you? That depends on how much meal variety you want, and whether you might need additional support from their dietitians.

  • BASIC Plan: Pre-selected foods, lacks “unlimited” support, but it’s the least expensive. If you are OK with their meal choices, a lot of men save money with “Basic”
  • CORE Plan: The most popular choice for men; adds more food variety, allowing you to choose from 100+ meals and snacks to make your menu
  • Uniquely Yours: Best variety, offering 150+ food choices and unlimited support, but it will cost you about $1.50 more per day

*You’ll notice that Nutrisystem uses celebrities like Dan Marino to advertise their plans for men, as Marie Osmond is apparently not exactly click-bait for the average man.

Does Nutrisystem for Men Work?

In an attempt to answer the question of whether Nutrisystem for Men works, we consulted the ratings from 4760 customer ratings from nutrisystem.com.

Although user ratings are from both men and women, the result is that about 80% of men and women report being “satisfied” (4 stars) or “very satisfied” (5 stars) when asked to rate the diet for “overall satisfaction.”(Updated 1/22/19)

While diets, including Nutrisystem for Men, don’t publish actual success rates, this is a good reference for whether the diet works.

Tip: You’ll Need to Supplement with Fruits & Veggies

circus strongman small

Have you heard of Nutrisystem’s Fresh Start campaign for men? (They also advertise it on tv as, “nutrisystem for men/40“) Like their regular plans, Nutrisystem for Men advises you supplement their prepared meals with fresh fruits and vegetables.

When calculating the potential cost of this diet, make sure to account for your (weekly?) trips to the supermarket, and the occasional restaurant meal.

The fresh fruits and vegetables give you vitamins and nutrition crucial to every healthy diet. No dietician or doctor worth their salt would recommend any diet that omits fruits and vegetables, so skip the miracle weight loss pills and detox shakes that do!

Tip: Know the cancellation policy

Customer review: “I read the fine print but evidently missed the part about owing a penalty if I canceled after the first order and didn’t order a second. This is not a good business practice… So now I owe a $125.00 penalty!” – Larry of Palm Harbor, FL

Before you signup, all men should understand Nutrisystem’s cancellation policy. It’s the source of some bad reviews, and education can prevent that. Here’s how it works:

If you signup and don’t like it, you have 14 days to cancel without paying a penalty. If you don’t cancel in that timeframe, you are obligated to pay for and receive at least 2 months of meals. That means if you cancel after 14 days and before your second shipment, you pay a $125 cancellation fee.

Why $125? They figure that’s the savings you got when you signed up, so they are taking it back, and it angers people who have to pay it!

*Related: Weight Watchers for Men Review

Tip: Contact Them Before You Write a Bad Review

One thing that you’ll notice on trusted review sites is that Nutrisystem responds to most negative reviews, and tries to resolve the situation. In fact, on Consumer Affairs a number of men have favorably changed their review and rating after Nutrisystem contacted them to address their complaint.

So, if you do try it out and things aren’t going well, give them a call and tell them why you’re unhappy. They might be able to fix the issue and get you back on track!

Men: Also Make Sure You’re Getting These 5 Vitamins Daily

Nutrisystem is high in fiber and protein, and appears to meet daily recommendations for most nutrients that a man needs. However, regardless of what diet you’re on, men of all ages should make sure they get the following every day. (top 10)

  1. Multivitamin: This is a no-brainer, but make it part of your daily routine. Also, men’s multivitamins should include selenium (fights cancer) and zinc (for sperm)
  2. Fish Oil: 1-3g ear day for brain and heart health
  3. Probiotics: For gut health and your manly immune system
  4. Vitamin D: Has a number of health benefits for guys and helps to fight diabetes
  5. Glucosamine with Chondroitin: Great for your joints as you get older, especially if you have pain from sports injuries

In Conclusion

Mens Nutrisystem is a very convenient dieting option. Like the popular South Beach Diet (review / cost) they tell you what to eat, and when, and send you the “perfectly portioned” snacks and meals that are high in protein and fiber every month. You just have to supplement their food with fresh fruits and vegetables of your own from the grocery store.

The main difference in the diet for men is that you’ll be eating an extra snack during the day, and can drop 15-18 pounds in the first month. As a result, it costs a little more for the gentlemen than the ladies.

So does Nutrisystem for Men really work? For most men it does, but like any subscription or commitment, it’s good to ask yourself, will this diet work for my unique needs? If you think it might, check out today’s best coupon here.

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Your Review?

If you’ve already tried Nutrisystem for Men, please leave us a comment with your own review below:

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How Much is Nutrisystem? Total Monthly Price + How to Save • 2019

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How much is Nutrisystem? Price is an important consideration before beginning any weight loss program. If the diet doesn’t fit comfortably into your budget, it’s not going to work for you long-term.

So, how much does Nutrisystem cost? (reviews) While the advertised price for women and men is about $300-350 per month, ($10-12 per day) you’ll need to know more than that to calculate the total monthly price tag.

In order to estimate what Nutrisystem will cost you, let’s look at these important factors: plan choice, promotion, optional extras, groceries, and flex meal spending.

1. Nutrisystem Cost: Women

nutrisystem cost per day
woman wink

If you just go directly to nutrisystem.com without activating a coupon, you’ll pay too much!

There’s always a promotion available for new customers, so make sure you the best one for 40% off. (Reflected in pricing below)

Here are Nutrisystem costs per day & month:

Nutrisystem Plan: Cost: (w/ 40% discount):
(less variety)
(Most popular)
Uniquely Yours:
(Top rated)
Uniquely Yours Plus:
(Most variety)
Nutrisystem D:
(Core Diabetes)

Apply discount
nutrisystem save40 coupon

*Tip: Want to get the lowest price for Nutrisystem? Use the 40% off special, plus stack 2+ promo codes for up to an extra $30 off + a free shaker and food!

2. Nutrisystem Cost: Men

nutrisystem for men cost
army man

Men pay a little more for Nutrisystem to account for an extra snack every day to meet their daily calorie requirements. Also, be sure to use a good coupon. In this case, the pricing below reflects their best 40% off promotion.

Here’s the cost of Nutrisystem for Men per day & month:

Nutrisystem for Men: MEN: (w/ discount)
(Most popular)
Uniquely Yours:
(Top rated)
Uniquely Yours Plus:
(Most variety)
(Core Diabetes)
nutrisystem promo banner

*Tip: Want to get the best price on Nutrisystem for Men? Use the 40% off special, then stack 2+ promo codes for up to an extra $30 off + free food!

3. Monthly Cost Depends on Plan Selection

nutrisystem select plan

As you can see, how much Nutrisystem costs depends on which plan you choose. Their program has four levels: Basic, Core, Uniquely Yours, and Uniquely Your Plus. They also have special plans for diabetics and vegetarians.

Their program has four levels: Basic, Core, Uniquely Yours, and Uniquely Your Plus. They also have special plans for diabetics and vegetarians.

The main difference between plans is that is that you pay more for menu variety, including frozen food. which is a popular, but sometimes expensive addition.

Regardless of which plan you choose, the good news is that you can save money with one of their new customer signup promotions.

4. Which Promotion is Best?

nutrisystem save40 coupon
*Get an extra $30 off, free shaker, and free meals this week!

Did you know that the person sitting next to you on an airplane probably paid a different price than you for their ticket? It’s the same with Nutrisystem, as their various promotions result in different monthly pricing. So which one is best?

It’s tempting to choose the $50 or $100 off coupon, but think twice before you do. Those deals may result in the lowest price for the first month, but the price may go up as early as the second month, making them a bad deal.

Nutrisystem’s 40% off special is best because, unlike other coupons, it locks in the initial low price. You can also use 2+ promo codes at checkout to bring the cost down even more!

5. Buying Optional Extras?

Hopefully you’re excited about joining Nutrisystem and making an investment in your health. However, don’t buy more than you need.

When you begin the checkout process at nutrisystem.com you’ll have the option of adding extras to your first order. Expect to see recommendations like snacks, bars, and vitamins and offers like this: 

nutrisystem optional expenses

Do you really need extra bars and vitamins? Probably not on your first order. After you get used to the Nutrisystem program you can always add them later, or buy similar items on your own to save money.

*DNA Kit: Nutrisystem now also offers an optional DNA Blueprint test kit (review) at checkout for an extra $99 expense. ($50 w/ coupon) The kit offers some genetic insight that may be helpful in losing weight. Is it worth the extra expense? If you’re on a budget I recommend skipping it. You can always buy it a la carte later at the same price.

6. How Much is Nutrisystem food?

If you join Nutrisystem, food will be auto-delivered to your door each month. While this food represents most of your meals for the month, you do have the option to add additional a la carte food, including frozen food at any time.

To do so, just log in and click “a la carte” from the menu. You’ll be able to sort food by meal, snacks, frozen, and more. Every item includes a price underneath.

Here are sample Nutrisystem food prices:

nutrisystem frozen food cost

You can also buy a number of snacks and meals in bulk with “sampler packs” of food. Here’s what they cost:

nutrisystem sampler packs prices

While frozen food is a customer favorite, it can add a significant extra expense to your monthly bill. If you’re on a budget, be careful how much a la carte food you add!

Note that frozen food ships separately (in dry ice), and you get free shipping on $75.

7. Add the Cost of Groceries

groceries fruit woman

Nutrisystem provides most of your meals, but you’ll need to supplement them with some groceries every week. Specifically, they ask you to add fresh fruits and vegetables to meals, which are crucial for fiber, good carbs, and myriad of health benefits.

They say that the average person spends about $325 per month on groceries. While Nutrisystem replaces most of this food, I would still budget $150+ per month ($5 per day) for groceries.

8. Add “Flex Meal” Expense:

eating chicken wings restaurant

Nutrisystem realizes that eating only prepared meals is boring. So, they incorporate “flex meals” into your weekly eating schedule. This means that you are on your own for one breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack every week. While this variety is welcome, it can be expensive.

Consider that the average person spends about $13 per meal at a restaurant. That’s more than an entire day of Nutrisystem meals!

By contrast, the average meal prepared at home only costs about $5. If you’re on a budget, opt for meals at home instead of dining out. Its also healthier, and personally, I like to cook the occasional meal.

Let’s assume that your flex meals consist of 2 home-cooked meals ($10), one lunch out ($13), and a protein bar or muffin for a snack. ($3)

The home-cooked meals came from the cost of groceries that we already accounted for, but the weekly lunch out and snack is an extra $15+ per week.

Tip: Do you drink coffee? If so, the expense can really add up. Consider that a single cup of coffee ($4) from a coffee shop every weekday adds up to $80+ per month!

9. Total Cost of Nutrisystem?

nutrisystem cost

While the advertised monthly price of Nutrisystem is most of your food expense on the program, it’s worth estimating the total potential cost before joining. So, let’s add everything up:

  • Nutrisystem plan: $300/month ($10 per day)
  • Groceries: $150/month ($5 per day)
  • Dining Out / Snacks: $15/week
  • Total Food Cost: $510 per month

So, even though the advertised cost of Nutrisystem is around $300+ per month, the total cost is significantly higher. You should plan on spending considerably more than just the cost of a plan to estimate your total food cost each month.

10. How Much Does a Year of Nutrisystem cost?

Before adding in the extra expense of groceries and dining out, here’s how much an entire year of Nutrisystem food costs:

  • Basic: women: $3156 | men: $3600
  • Core: women: $3432 | men: $3876
  • Uniquely Yours: women: $3876 | men: $4320

That sounds expensive, but it’s not much more than the average adult already spends on food each year. Also consider that buying one Starbucks coffee every workday costs about $1250 a year, and a (half-pack a day) smoking habit costs $4600 per year!

Nutrisystem Can Seem Expensive: Here’s How to Save Money

people money

Ok, so how can you cut food costs while on Nutrisystem? Here are a few ways:

  1. Use a promo code: Every month there are promo codes available for up to an extra $30 off when you join
  2. Nutrisystem at Costco: Did you know you can buy discount $100 Nutrisystem gift cards at Costco for about $75 or less? They are good towards your first order, or a la carte food anytime!
  3. Nutrisystem at Walmart: Want to try out Nutrisystem food before joining? You can buy 5-day kits at Walmart
  4. Skip the extras: No need to buy the add-ons at checkout. Buy items like protein bars, probiotics, and vitamins in bulk on your own. It will save you money and provide the same health benefits
  5. Limit restaurant food: Dining out is really expensive and generally not healthy. Save money by cooking your own flex meals.
  6. Plan your flex meals before grocery shopping to reduce leftovers
  7. Don’t order drinks: You might be shocked at how much you already spend on drinks like coffee, wine, and smoothies at restaurants. Make your own drinks for a fraction of the price!
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Wow, Food Is Expensive!

Are you surprised at how much Nutrisystem really costs each month?

Actually, you might be surprised to learn what you’re already spending on food every month. Most of us really have no idea how much we’re spending, and we waste almost half of the food we buy.

A $300+ monthly charge on your credit card is a lot to swallow because you’re paying for a month of food all at once. However, when you do the math, each Nutrisystem meal and snack only costs an average of about $2 each.

When you account for reduced spending on groceries and dining out, it’s quite likely you’ll actually save money every month by being on Nutrisystem!

In any event, when you consider starting a diet, it’s a good tie to assess where your money is going, and make some positive changes.

Cheaper Diet?

Nutrisystem’s $300+/monthly price is a significant expense, so is there a cheaper option?

Surprisingly, when it comes to meal delivery, Nutrisystem is actually relatively inexpensive, as diets like Jenny Craig cost much more.

If Nutrisystem isn’t in your budget I would recommend the #1 rated Weight Watchers (coupons). It’s not fair to compare the price to Nutrisystem as WW provides no food. However, if you’re thrifty and cook your own food, you’ll save money.

nutrisystem reviews women

Nutrisystem Reviews: How the Diet Works, and Does It Really? • 2019

Our Nutrisystem Review: Do-it-yourself diets usually fail because they lack structure, convenience, and support. It takes a lot of time and effort to prepare, portion, and plan your own meals, and that can be frustrating.

Nutrisystem was founded in 1972 as an alternative to the traditional DIY diets. Their program is easy to follow and delivers nutritious, pre-portioned meals straight to your home.

But, will Nutrisystem work for you?

diets are like boy bands
…But, I think JC is the best!

People have different tastes, lifestyles, and personalities. Therefore, like blue jeans, one-size doesn’t fit all. Knowing that is the key to assembling a good boy band, (I like the bad boy!) selling coffee (grande, with soy milk!) and choosing the right diet.

Let’s look at how Nutrisystem works for women and men. Plus, reviews, ratings, and cost to decide whether this is a good diet for your unique needs and goals.

Jump to: How It Works | Does It Work?| What’s Good & Bad? | Food Reviews | User Reviews

How Nutrisystem Works

how nutrisystem works
nutrisystem logo

Nutrisystem has evolved over the years, but they have always maintained that weight loss is easier when you don’t have to cook, count points, or spend a lot of time planning, preparing and portioning meals.

That’s why the foundation of the program is their nutritious, “perfectly portioned” prepared meals delivered to your door each month.

These chef-created meals are designed to be high in lean protein, fiber, and low-glycemic (good) carbs and low in saturated fat and bad carbs.

Got 60 seconds? Their new TV commercial is a good overview of how the diet works:

nutrisystem save40 coupon

*Best Nutrisystem deal ever? 40% off + stack these 3 promo codes!

Sounds great, but to really understand how Nutrisystem works, you need to know these 8 things:

#1. “The Food You Love, Made Healthier”

You can think of Nutrisystem as “the food you love, made healthier.” That’s because they are made with delicious, high-quality ingredients, and perfectly balanced to put you in fat-burning mode for healthy, sustainable weight loss.

You’ll notice that items like pizza and pasta are on Nutrisystem’s menu, but they are healthier versions. Their weight loss experts and dietitians design Nutrisystem plans to be:

  • The right nutrient balance to fuel your body and promote health
  • High in lean protein from a variety of sources like lean meats, poultry, eggs, fish, and low-fat dairy
  • High fiber foods keep you feeling full, longer, and promotes healthy bowels. (That’s a great dinner party conversation topic!)
  • Include nutrient-dense carbs (low-glycemic) like whole grains, fruits, and vegetables
  • Low in saturated fat with no artificial flavors or sweeteners

#2. Nutrisystem Begins With FreshStart®

Research shows that fast initial weight loss is highly motivating, and makes the long-term success of a diet more likely. That’s why all plans begin with the FreshStart® program the first week.

Here’s more about how FreshStart® works:

Fresh Start is like a wake up call for your body. It’s nutritional balance and calorie restriction causes you to switch from burning carbs to burning fat as a fuel source. This also helps to break the unhealthy eating habits that you might be accustomed to.

#3. You’ll Eat 6 Times a Day

Maintaining a good campfire requires feeding it a little bit on a regular basis, and it’s the same with your body. Research suggests that eating smaller, nutritious meals more frequently throughout the day promotes effective weight loss. With Nutrisystem you will:

  • Eat every 2-3 hours (5-6 times per day)
  • Enjoy a Nutrisystem breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks each day
  • Supplement their foods with fresh groceries, including several healthy Flex™ Meals on your own each week for variety

You’ll supplement these meals with lean proteins and dairy, called “PowerFuels,” and high-fiber fruits and vegetables called, “SmartCarbs.” Every week you’ll also incorporate “Flex meals” for flexibility.

#4. You’ll Enjoy “Flex meals”

recipe woman cook

Variety is good, so every week you’ll have the opportunity to incorporate one breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack of your own.

These Flex meals can be out at a restaurant, or your own cooking. Nutrisystem provides simple guidelines and recipe options for dining out or eating in.

#5. You Log Food on the “NuMi” App

man review

Did you know that people who log their meals are twice as likely to lose weight?

That’s why Nutrisystem encourages you to log your meals and exercise each day on your phone with the Numi app. It’s a great way to track your progress, and works like a GPS to your weight loss goals.

Numi is included with all plans, and is a free and easy download from the app store.

#6. How Much Weight Can You Lose?

woman learned

While specific weight loss depends on a number of variables including starting weight, activity level, and height, Nutrisystem does provide estimates for how much weight you can expect to lose.

After the first month:

  • Women: Lose up to 13 pounds + 7 inches (overall)
  • Men: Lose up to 18 pounds + 8 inches

Then, in subsequent months the goal is to lose a sustainable 1-2 pounds per week until you approach your weight loss goal.

*So, do people really lose that much weight? In a study, Nutrisystem found that women lose an average of 11.6 pounds the first month, while men lose about 15.

#7. Plan Options & Cost

With Nutrisystem there are 4 plan levels or both women and men to choose from. These pans are similar, with the main difference being that you’ll pay more for an increased variety of food.

Nutrisystem has 4 plan options with prices: (updated 1/22/19)

nutrisystem cost 2019
  1. Basic: Pre-selected foods with fewer options that leave some users wanting more variety (lowest-rated)
  2. Core: The most popular plan, choose from 100+ foods
  3. Uniquely Yours: Their highest-rated 28-day plan offers the best selection of foods (150+) plus unlimited frozen foods
  4. Uniquely Yours Plus: All the features of Uniquely Yours plus 28 protein shakes each month

Each plan level also has personalized options for men, diabetics, and vegetarians.

Nutrisystem food costs about $300 per month plus the expense of supplemental groceries including fresh fruits and vegetables.

#8. How to Get the Best Price

man money

If you are thinking of signing up for Nutrisystem, it’s really important to get the best deal.

The only offer that locks-in your initial low membership rate is the 40% off promotion.

Others will go up in price as early as the second month, so it’s really important to join with the 40% off deal:

*Get 40% off, then enter 2+ codes for an extra $30 off plus freebies! To see todays codes, visit our Nutrisystem coupon page!

Does Nutrisystem Really Work?

nutrisystem customer satisfaction
nutrisystem logo

This all sounds like a good plan, but let’s look at whether Nutrisystem actually works.

To do so, let’s look at two important factors: customer satisfaction and expert ratings of the diet.

Customer Satisfaction

Sure, Nutrisystem works in theory, but what about real results? Because there is no published success rate for Nutrisystem, the best resource we have is from user ratings.

Actually, we’ve found that the best resource for user ratings is on nutrisystem.com, where you can find thousands of Nutrisystem reviews with ratings from verified customers.

Here’s the distribution of 4670 ratings from user reviews on nutrisystem.com: (Updated: Jan. 2019)

  • 5-Star Ratings, (Positive): 2376
  • 4-Star Ratings, (Positive): 1392
  • 3-Star Ratings: (Neutral): 511
  • 2-Star Ratings: (Negative): 234
  • 1-Star Ratings: (Negative): 246

As you can see, the majority of ratings for Nutrisystem are positive. In fact, about almost 80% of users give Nutrisystem a 4+ star rating, inferring that it works most of the time.

Expert Ratings:

expert ratings health

U.S. News ranked Nutrisystem as the #5 Best Commercial Diet behind #1 Weight Watchers, and #2 Jenny Craig

They asked a panel of diet experts and specialists in diabetes and heart disease to rate Nutrisystem on several important criteria: short and long-term weight loss, easy to follow, and healthiness.

nutrisystem expert reviews
  • Short-term Weight Loss: (3.7/5) Nutrisystem ranked best in this area, as experts agreed that portion control and calorie restriction should result in fast weight loss
  • Long-term weight loss: (2.5/5) Nutrisystem scored low in this area. This is probably because the diet depends on users eating and tracking mostly Nutrisystem foods. A number of customers seem to have tired of their food and wanted to return to menu freedom
  • Easy to Follow: (2.5/5) Convenience is the biggest plus of Nutrisytem, and it’s a favorite of busy people. Prepared, pre-portioned food is delivered each month to users’ doors with clear instructions. However, experts low score in this area reflects that it isn’t easy to adjust to a structured diet with prepared foods and menu limitations.
  • Healthy: (3.3/5) Nutrisystem scored well in this area as their high-protein foods are low in saturated fat and meet or exceed FDA recommendations. Their food is also much healthier than the average American’s diet (view comparison)

Nutrisystem User Reviews:

diet user reviews

No single diet is best for everyone, because people are very different, with unique lifestyles, personalities, and weight loss goals.

However, it’s important to note that almost 80% of Nutrisystem reviews are positive. This is especially impressive when you consider that only 13% of people like their jobs, and that the highest approval rating ever for a president was 70% (for JFK).

OK, so the good reviews outweigh the negative reviews, but what do users like and dislike most about the diet? We read through hundreds of Nutrisysem reviews to find common complaints and praise for the program, plus how users reviewed the taste of the food. Here’s what we learned:

Nutrisystem Bad Reviews:

review bad

“I used Nutrisystem for one month and I was not happy with how the food tasted. When you cancel your plan they charge you a $125 fee. They never tell you there will be a fee and on the website it says free cancellation. Don’t do business with Nutrisystem – their food tastes horrible and the company is a scam.”

Josh W. via user reviews

Wow, tell us what you really think! It’s OK; sometimes you can get more helpful information from bad reviews than good ones. Here are the top complaints for Nutrisystem:

  1. Cancellation fee: Customers venting anger about Nutrisystem’s cancellation fee is the biggest complaint in user reviews. If you don’t like the program cancel in the first 14 days. If you cancel after 14 days but before your second shipment, you will be charged $125. Learn more about their cancellation policy here.
  2. Food taste & variety: Switching from complete menu freedom to a structured diet of pre-packaged meals is not easy for some people. One bad Nutrisystem review criticized their menu as being, “the return of the tv dinner.” Other users complained that there isn’t enough variety of foods, especially if you choose their vegetarian or gluten free foods.
  3. The Cost: All meal delivery plans can seem expensive, as you are billed for an entire month of food at once. Nutrisystem (cost) is actually relatively inexpensive compared with other meal-delivery diets like Jenny Craig, (cost) but you still get hit with a $300+ monthly charge on your credit card. The best way to drop the price is by using a coupon
  4. High In Sodium? A lot of bad Nutrisystem reviews complained about high salt content. However, in their defense, Nutrisystem’s daily sodium content of 2300 mg per day is within the FDA’s recommended amount (2300 mg per day) and much less than the 3400 mg per day that average American consumes. If you have diabetes, their Nutrisystem D plan selects foods with less sodium and sugar
  5. Price Increase: Here’s an important one. Some promotions, including their “$100 off“ seasonal promotion do not lock-in the promotional rate. These coupons only apply to your first 3 months, and by month 4 you may be surprised by a price increase. For the best deal, signup with the “40% off” promotion which does lock in the price. For an even lower price, checkout our coupons here!

Complaints from bad Nutrisystem reviews can be helpful in learning why the diet did not work for certain customers, and then imagining you might have the same complaints.

For example, if you don’t like the idea of committing to a significant monthly payment, perhaps an app-based diet like WW or Noom might be a better option.

Bad reviews on Consumer Reports?

Surprisingly, we found that Nutrisystem reviews from Consumer Reports readers were especially bad:

nutrisystem reviews consumer reports

However, these ratings were submitted by a small sampling of customers, and no actual review was provided by the CR themselves. Therefore we’ve decided not to give these bad ratings much weight.

*It’s worth noting that the company responds to most negative Nutrisystem reviews on sites like Consumer Affairs. It seems that they try to resolve each of the complaints from bad reviews, offering their phone number with an apology and potential solutions. This frequently results in the customer significantly increasing the star-rating in their review at a later time.

Now, let’s look at praise from good Nutrisystem reviews and testimonials.

Nutrisystem Good Reviews:

nutrisystem good reviews
review good

“Thank you Nutrisystem! The 35 pounds you helped me lose are fantastic, however, my new relationship with food, health, and exercise is what I am most grateful for. The portion control principles and the opportunity to practice using my own foods has set me up for a lifetime of health and success…

My life has been changed because of Nutrisystem. I am now healthy, confident in myself, and motivated to be the best me that I can be. There is no better investment for my money than my health and happiness!”

Sean B. via user reviews

Ok, time to look at what has made Nutrisystem one of the top commercial diets over the last 40+ years. Nutrisystem is generally rated highly by users, and the program works for most women and men.

Here’s what users like most about Nutrisystem:

  1. Fast weight loss: Nutrisystem has you hit the ground running on week #1 with their Fresh Start plan. During the first month, women lose up to 13 pounds, while men can expect to lose up to 18 pounds. Nutrisystem achieves it’s highest ratings in this category, and is consistently ranked as a top “fast weight loss diet”by U.S. News
  2. Convenience: Nutrisystem delivers you pre-packaged, pre-portioned meals every month and tells you what to eat and when. There’s no need to count calories, carbs, or points, and if you follow the program, the math says you’ll lose weight. This makes the program a favorite of busy people, and may appeal to the 50% of Americans who say they hate to cook
  3. The Cost: Wait, wasn’t cost a top complaint in bad user reviews? True, but let’s do the math. The average person with a moderate budget spends $250+ per month on food, and most of us spend a lot more; we just don’t realize it. At a cost of about $300 per month, Nutrisystem may actually be less than you are already spending on food. This is especially true if you eat at restaurants which cost an average of $12.75 per person. So, you could say the cost of Nutrisystem may be the same or less than the meals its replacing
  4. Healthy: Nutrisystem’s nutritional content is within the recommended daily amounts, and exceeds the daily recommendation of protein and fiber which helps curb cravings. They also refuse to jump on the “low carb” bandwagon, encouraging you to supplement their meals with fruits and non-starchy vegetables which are high in “good” carbs.
  5. Structure: DIY diets can be cheap or even free, but have high failure-rates. This is because they don’t offer enough structure, and it’s easy to get off-track. Nutrisystem ranks highly with users for helping to bring control and order back into their lives.
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Nutrisystem Food Reviews

nutrisystem food a la carte

Nutrisystem offers over 160 menu choices, but how do they actually taste? Nutrisystem.com seems to be the best place to read honest user reviews for their food. To do so, just visit their site and click, View Menu at the top.

Then, select a meal (breakfast, lunch, etc) and you’ll get a sortable list of foods. By default you’ll see them listed by “top-rated,” but you can change that:

food reviews nutrisystem
Honest customer reviews of every meal and snack

Click on any food and you can read all customer reviews for that specific food, including the bad ones. For example, the Hamburger is highly rated at 4.7 stars (out of 2407 ratings):

nutrisystem food nutrition info

Whether you’re a Nutrisystem customer or not, I recommend reading food reviews before ordering. All of their plans, except Basic, give you the ability to customize your menu choices. So, if there are foods that don’t look or taste good, drop them from your menu!

Is Nutrisystem a Healthy Diet?

Let’s compare the nutrition in a day of Nutrisystem to the FDA’s recommendations, plus show what the average american consumes on average:

Here’s how Nutrisystem’s FreshStart® program stacks up for calories, protein, carbs, sodium, and fiber:

 Daily Recommended:Nutrisystem:
Calories:1600-2000Women: 1200
Men: 1500
Carbs:45-56% (135-195g) Men: 45%
Women: 47%
Fiber:25g (source)Women: 30g
Men: 36g
Sodium:2300 mg (source)2124 mg
Sat. Fat:10% (9-12g) 8-9% (6-9g)

As you can see, Nutrisystem meets or exceeds most of the FDA’s daily recommendations for nutrition including calories, protein, fiber, carbs, and sodium content. The program is also a lot healthier than the average American’s diet.

Do you still have questions? This recent video addresses the top questions about their program:

Top Nutrisystem FAQs

Ok, let’s consider all of the reviews, ratings, and info and decide whether Nutrisystem really works.

Conclusion: Does Nutrisystem Work?

Based on reviews and expert ratings I would conclude that Nutrisystem does work for most people, as the data infers a success rate of about 75%.

Nutrisystem has spent years researching and developing their weight loss program. Through balanced nutrition, portioning, and calorie restriction the math says that if you stick to the program you should lose weight.

However, because everyone is different, that doesn’t mean that it will work well for your unique needs.

If you do consider joining, check out our coupons below:

nutrisystem save40 coupon
*Featured promotion, or view all coupons

Reviews Summary:

3.2 rating
3.2 out of 5 stars (based on 21 reviews)
Very good14%

Your Nutrisystem Review?

*Read reviews

Have you tried Nutrisystem? If so, please share your own review with us for others to read. Thanks for stopping by MightyDiets.com!

*This review originally posted in 2017, then updated in 2018 and 2019

does nutrisystem work

Is Nutrisystem Healthy & Effective? Here’s Why It Should Work • 2019

nutrisystem logo

Nutrisystem has been a popular diet for decades, so it must be working for most people, right? True, most reviews are positive, but no diet works for everyone.

Is Nutrisystem really a healthy and effective diet? If you’re considering joining Nutrisystem, it’s a good idea to know the daily amount of nutrients and calories, and whether it’s really a healthy diet.

We did our homework by learning how Nutrisystem works, the cost, and reading hundreds of reviews. Let’s look under the hood of this diet and learn whether it’s really healthy.

Here’s how Nutrisystem really works:

Why Does Nutrisystem Work?

We asked the company why their diet really works, and they were happy to respond with this video, 8 science-backed reasons why Nutrisystem works:

  1. You get nutritious, portion-controlled meals. With fewer calories and better nutrition, the science infers you’ll effectively lose weight
  2. They offer weight loss counseling and support by phone
  3. The convenience of pre-portioned meals that arrive monthly at your door encourages weight loss, and slashes your grocery bill
  4. Studies have found that diet tracking is key to successful weight loss. It’s easy to keep track of your food and exercise on the Numi app
  5. Nutrisystem is not restrictive. Studies have found that diets with too much deprivation are likely to fail
  6. They teach you life-long habits so that you can ween yourself off their diet and make your own healthy choices
  7. They have plans for numerous budgets and special needs including those with type 2 diabetes
  8. Decades of user reviews and weight loss results show that Nutrisystem works if you follow the program. Based on reviews, that is approximately an 80%* success rate.

OK, that’s helpful, but is the diet healthy? Let’s look at nutritional content to decide.

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Is Nutrisystem Healthy?

nutrisystem food a la carte

Nutrisystem’s prepackaged, pre-portioned meals are the foundation of their weight loss program, but are they healthy?

Nutrisystem food is formulated to be high in protein, “smart” carbs, and fiber. The meals have no artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, or trans fats.

Ok, that’s a good start. Now, let’s look at real numbers for the nutritional info.

Nutrisystem Food: Nutritional Info: (Daily) 

While nutritional info is available for every Nutrisystem menu item, let’s look at a typical day’s nutrition. Here’s how Nutrisystem FreshStart® compares to the FDA recommended daily allowance for calories, protein, carbs, fiber, and sodium:

 Daily Recommended:Nutrisystem:
Calories:1600-2000Women: 1200
Men: 1500
Carbs:45-56% (135-195g) Men: 45%
Women: 47%
Fiber:25g (source)Women: 30g
Men: 36g
Sodium:2300 mg (source)2124 mg
Sat. Fat:10% (9-12g) 8-9% (6-9g)

A you can see, Nutrisystem meets or exceeds the FDA’s daily recommendations for nutrition including calories, protein, fiber, carbs, and sodium content.

*Reference: Totals based on recommended daily amounts for women on a diet: https://health.gov/dietaryguidelines/2015 You can view health and nutritional information for men here

Want to learn more? We also put together a sample 7-day menu of Nutrisystem food. You can click below to apply a discount, and learn more about their menu:

Nutrisystem: How Many Calories?

A healthy intake of calories is about 2000 per day, so to lose weight you have to aim for a lower number than that.

All calories aren’t equal, so a good way to do lose weight successfully is to eat fewer empty carbs. This causes your body to switch from burning carbs to burning fat for fuel.

A day of Nutrisystem food amounts to 1200-1500 calories per day to achieve a sustainable 1-2 pounds of weight loss per week.

Food: How Much Sodium?

A lot of people ask if Nutrisystem is high in sodium because it is based on prepared food. A day of their meals has 1900-2300 mg of sodium, which is just within the FDA’s recommended amount, but well below the average American’s daily intake of 3400 mg.

So, compared to the amount of sodium you might already be getting, Nutrisystem would be a healthy improvement.

However, if you have diabetes, high blood sugar, or are older 51, your doctor may prefer that you stick to a low-sodium diet of 1500 mg of sodium per day such as Nutrisystem D.

Nutrisystem: How Many Carbs?

Is Nutrisystem a low-carb diet? No, Nutrisystem is not officially a “low-carb” diet, although their food is generally low in carbohydrates, especially during the initial Turbo 13 phase. A true low-carb diet requires that you eat fewer than 100 carbs a day, which is very low and a bit controversial among nutritionists who champion the value of “good” carbs.

The Nutrisystem diet provides about 170g of carbs per day which is within the recommended amount to achieve weight loss. This is more carbs than diets (Atkins, Paleo, South Beach) which brand themselves as being “low-carb.”

Remember that not all carbs are equal, as some carbs are very healthy, such as those from vegetables, brown rice, and whole grains. Nutrisystem targets these “good” carbs, which are the best source of energy for your mind and body.

Food: How Much Protein?

Protein is the building block of muscle, bone, skin, cartilage, and even blood. Lean protein has numerous benefits. to your health, and is the foundation of the Nutrisystem meals and bars.

Protein is also the foundation of the Nutrisystem diet. Their plans for women and men (drop 18 now!) provide significantly more protein each day than the FDA’s recommended amount at over 70g per day.

How Much Fiber?

The health benefits of fiber include controlling blood sugar levels, healthy bowels, (that’s a great name for a band!) and achieving healthy weight. Nutrisystem food has more fiber than the recommended daily amount, (especially their vegetarian plan) and focuses on healthy fiber more than most other diets. They also ask you to supplement their prepared meals with high-fiber fruits and non-starchy vegetables from the grocery store.

Nutrisystem Posts Nutrition Facts for Every Food

Ok, so we have an idea of the total daily nutrition, but what about the nutrition facts for each meal and snack?

The good news is that detailed nutritional info for every menu item is available at nutrisystem.com:

nutrisystem food nutrition

Click on “nutrition facts” to get a detailed amount of calories, fat, sodium, carbs, protein, and more:

nutrisystem d sodium carbs sugar

Just click on “view menu” and view by: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Food is sorted by rating, so make sure you don’t get food included in your monthly delivery.

If you have food allergies or a special diet, food can be sorted by a number of criteria including by ingredient and low-sodium.

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Want to see how 4500+ customers rate Nutrisystem? We maintain a chart of the current ratings distribution here.

Is Nutrisystem Effective?

expert ratings diet

To determine whether Nutrisystem works, let’s consider the success rate. Well, apparently Nutrisystem does not publish a success rate, so to determine effectiveness, let’s look at more findings from experts:

  • U.S. News ranked Nutrisystem as the #5 Best Commercial Diet behind #1 Weight Watchers, and #2 Jenny Craig
  • A 2016 study by Obesity Society found that those who ate portion-controlled, prepackaged meals lost 27% more weight on average, noting that, “Increased portion sizes in Americans’ diets is widely recognized as a contributor to the obesity epidemic”
  • The New England Journal of Medicine concluded that diets, including Nutrisystem, that offer calorie restriction and portion control, tend to encourage weight loss. In other words, Nutrisystem’s structure of prepared meals seems to increase the likelihood that the diet will work. – source
  • The Annals of Internal Medicine found in a 2015 study that people on Nutrisystem lost about 4% more weight after 3 months than those who received only weight loss counseling – source
  • A 2009 Nutrisystem-funded study of obese people with Type 2 diabetes found that the 70 participants lost an average of 18 pounds over 3 months on the Nutrisystem D plan, andan average of 24 pounds after the 6th month. (which infers that Nutrisystem does indeed work)

Conclusion: I Would Say Nutrisystem Is a Healthy Diet That Works for Most People 

health experts

Nutrisystem is high in protein and fiber and low in bad carbs. The diet is also within the recommended daily amounts of caloriessodium, and fat. Because of this data, I would say yes, Nutrisystem is healthy.

If you are considering joiing Nutrisystem, check out their featured promotion below, and save even more when you use a promo code:

But, Will Nutrisystem Work for YOU?

how much weight loss

Nutrisystem is an effective weight loss plan if you follow the program. So, instead of asking whether Nutrisystem works, you might want to ask, “Is Nutrisystem compatible with my needs?”

Consider whether this diet fits your unique personality, lifestyle, and goals. If it does, then Nutrisystem should work to help you achieve your weight loss goals. If it doesn’t, then it will likely fail.

If the idea of prepared meals and a structured eating schedule is unappealing, then it’s unlikely that Nutrisystem will work long-term for you. If you like to cook your own meals and prefer independence to structure, consider #1-rated WW (coupons) instead.

If you’d like to learn more, you can apply a coupon and visit their site below:

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Did the Nutrisystem Program Work for You?

Have you tried Nutrisystem? We would love if you’d let us know by leaving your own review here.

weight watchers vs nutrisystem

Weight Watchers vs. Nutrisystem: Which Diet is Better for Weight Loss?

retro foodWeight Watchers versus NutriSystemCoke or Pepsi? Cat or dog? Netflix or cable? Let’s face it, life is full of choices, and no one choice is going to work for everyone. That’s the case with diets, so let’s talk about two popular options: Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem.

Weight Watchers is a DIY diet and Nutrisystem is based on meal-delivery, so the biggest question to ask yourself in determining which is better for you may be, “do I like to cook?”

America is split on this question with 50% of people saying that they “hate to cook.” That means even though Weight Watchers is rated higher by experts and more popular, it might not be the better diet for your lifestyle.

Before we talk about each of these popular diets in detail, let’s see how the experts rated them head to head:

Ratings: Weight Watchers vs. Nutrisystem

rating weight watchersrating nutrisystem

U.S. News asked a panel of health and diet experts to rate these two diets on a number of factors including short and long term weight loss results. Weight Watchers came away with an impressive score, but no single diet is best for everyone. Here’s more about Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem:

Weight Watchers Overview:

weight watchers logo

  • Ranked #1 in “Best Weight Loss Diets” (source)
  • Ranked #1 in “Best Commercial Diets”
  • Consumer Reports Diet Plan Ratings Score: 74
  • Weight Watchers reviews

You already know that Oprah loves it, but in case that’s not enough to sell you on WW, here’s how it works.

Weight Watchers is a bit of a do-it-yourself diet. With WW all foods are assigned a point value and you have a daily “budget” to spend on them. That means that no foods are off-limits, but the unhealthy, sinful treats might cost you big.

WW loves when you eat fruits and vegetables, and most of them are “free” in their point system. With their new Freestyle program, you can even carry over unused points to another day if needed.

Weight Watchers Online includes tools, recipes, and the support of the online community. For more support and accountability you add meetings which will cost you more but have been proven to double the success rate.

Just stay within your daily point allotment and you should experience gradual weight loss!

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Nutrisystem Overview:

nutrisystem logo

Unlike Weight Watchers’ DIY approach, Nutrisystem is a monthly meal-delivery diet that tells you what to eat and when. Their program is based on portion control, balanced nutrition, and eating smaller more frequent meals and snacks throughout the day.

Their prepared meals and snacks are high in lean protein and fiber and low in bad carbs and fat. Nutrisystem has three plan levels: BASIC, CORE, and Uniquely Yours with the difference being that you pay more for increased food variety.

Nutrisystem starts out with the Turbo 13 fast weight loss phase that challenges you to lose 13+ pounds in your first month. The goal of Turbo 13 is to quickly regulate your blood sugar levels and boost your metabolism to prepare you for months of sustainable weight loss.

Nutrisystem provides you with most of your food for the month, although you’ll have to supplement meals with fresh fruits and vegetables. You’ll also have a few “Flex meals” each week consisting of a breakfast, lunch, and dinner on your own.

Consumer Reports says that NutriSystem is, “best for non-cooks who want to spend the least possible amount of money on packaged foods.” 

Nutrisystem is very popular with busy people and diabetics, as it focuses more on regulating blood sugar levels. Here’s their latest promotion for new customers:

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How These Diets Differ:

women weight loss battle

Weight Watchers versus Nutrisystem!

There’s a big difference in the strategy of these two opponents. Think of Weight Watchers as the heavily-favored World Champion, but the underdog Nutrisystem and their “Turbo 13” move can’t be overlooked.

The biggest difference here to consider is “do-it-yourself” (Weight Watchers) vs. “meal-delivery (Nutrisystem).” Two completely different styles. Consider the following:

  • If you enjoy cooking: point Weight Watchers
  • If you are very busy: point Nutrisystem
  • If you enjoy dining out, point Weight Watchers
  • If you don’t like prepared food, point Weight Watchers
  • If regulating your blood sugar levels is important, point Nutrisystem

Well, no knockouts yet, let’s look at the price.

Cost Comparison:

Weight Watchers only costs $20+ per month, (unless you add Meetings) but to say that it’s cheaper than Nutrisystem is misleading. Why? Because Weight Watchers requires that you buy all of your own food while Nutrisystem sends you most meals every month.

Even though Nutrisystem costs about $300 per month, their prepared food replaces most of the meals you would have been buying on your own. That means your grocery store bills should drop like a rock as you’ll only need to buy fruits and veggies to supplement the meals and snacks that they provide.

When you consider that the monthly grocery bill for one person is about $300-440 per month, you’ll see why the cost of these two diets is pretty comparable.

If being on Nutrisystem drops your grocery bill by 70%, then your daily food cost is going to be a similar $15+ per day (total) with both diets.

So, it seems the main cost difference between Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem is that with Nutrisystem you pay for a month of food all at once instead of one day at a time.

Tip: Both of these diets will force you to skip that daily $5 Frappuccino from Starbucks. Not only is it expensive, but It’s got 72g of carbs and 69g of sugar! (source) That’s a bomb that will destroy any diet!

Weight Watchers or NutriSystem: Which Is Better?

Weight Watchers is consistently rated higher than Nutrisystem, and usually wins the annual titles of “Best Weight Loss Diet” and “Best Commercial Diet Plan” from U.S. News.

Also, Consumer Reports rates Weight Watchers higher, and concludes that people are more likely to reach their weight loss goals with Weight Watchers than Nutrisysem.

So, according to the experts, Weight Watchers is the better diet. and wins the fight!

And, the Winner Is… Weight Watchers! 

women weight loss contest

Weight Watchers is a powerful opponent!

Ding, Ding, Ding! OK, Weight Watchers wins, but it may not be a unanimous decision. That’s because choosing a diet is a personal decision, and you must ask yourself “which diet is best for me and my lifestyle?”

If you like the idea of a hands-on, do-it-yourself diet (with the option of meetings) then you’ll probably agree with the experts that Weight Watchers is better.

However, if you don’t like the idea of counting points, preparing your own meals, and watching portion size, then maybe you’d prefer a structured meal-delivery program like Nutrisystem?

Either way, if you do sign up for one of these two heavyweight diets, be sure to get the best price by checking today’s coupons below!

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