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Weight Watchers for Men: How to Lose (Weight) Like a Man!

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Weight Watchers plans for men? In the 1960’s WW founder Jean Nidetch began inviting her female friends to her house to discuss how to best lose weight. These were the first Weight Watchers meetings, and apparently of little interest to men.

While Weight Watchers started out as a weight loss plan for women, it didn’t take WW long to realize that men lose weight in exactly the same way. Well, not exactly the same, as even though the plan, pricing, point system, and coupons are the same, it’s marketed differently to men.

Here’s all about Weight Watchers for men, including SmartPoints, the WW App, Resources & Support, and Meetings.

Men: SmartPoints & Tracking

men weight watchers app
A man is shown tracking his daily Weight Watchers points

As we mentioned, WW’s plans for men are the same as those for women, but you could say that the experience is slightly different. First, instead of counting calories on Weight Watchers, you’ll count points. This is the foundation of the WW program, and was quite a revolutionary idea from the beginning.

Why? Because 200 calories from a donut is completely different than 250 calories from grilled salmon. Sounds obvious, right? That’s why a glazed doughnut will cost 11 SmartPoints and the grilled salmon will cost you 2 SmartPoints! 

Ok, more about how Weight Watchers works for men. Just like the fairer sex, men are assigned a number of daily and weekly SmartPoints based on height, weight, age, and gender.

So, as a man, you might get 36 SmartPoints each day. Think of it as your budget for “buying” your food. While unhealthy foods are not forbidden, they will cost you more. Healthy foods are worth fewer points, and most fruit and vegetables are free. If you are counting WW points, you’ll quickly realize that healthy choices cost fewer points and are a smarter choice.

Men are treated a bit differently when it comes to SmartPoint allocation because they are generally bigger and taller, and have more lean muscle mass. It’s the same program and point system, but men usually get a few extra points to spend each day. All of this point-tracking is done from the palm of your hand with the Weight Watchers app.

Men: Behold the Weight Watchers App:

Just like the ladies, men also use the Weight Watchers app to track SmartPoints every day. Tracking points helps you understand what you’re eating and keeps you within your budget. The idea is to train you to make better choices with food, which is a life-long benefit of Weight Watchers. The app is included in the price of all plans, and the most important tool to weight loss success.

So, how does the Weight Watchers app work? Here’s what the WW app looks like on an iPhone:

weight watchers app iphone
ww app on iphone

Hopefully the infographic above is pretty self-explanatory. Weight Watchers encourages you to track your points after every meal or snack, and not wait too long to track because accuracy is key for tracking.

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WW Connect = Resources & Support for Men: (What is #WWbros?) 

As phones and social media has evolved, so has Weight Watchers. Men used to have to login to the Weight Watchers website to find support, but no more. In fact, online support has evolved into “Connect,” which more of a social network of Weight Watchers members.

Did you know that 1/3 of men in the U.S. are obese? That’s a scary number, and men often don’t get the same social support that women enjoy. Connect gives men the chance to interact and find support from thousands of other men who are on Weight Watchers. Connect is an important component of Weight Watchers that you won’t get with other free dieting apps like MyFitnessPal.

Most diets fail, often because of a lack of motivation. Taking advantage of Connect’s supportive community provides the daily motivation that’s crucial for any diet’s success. Men are encouraged to post:

  • Photos or videos of your journey
  • Favorite recipes & exercises (sample)
  • Things that inspire you
  • Encouragement to others

Popular hashtags just for men include the popular #WWbros which you can also find on Instagram with before and after photos from men on Weight Watchers like this:

and this #WWbros post by another man on Weight Watchers:

I’ve tried buying exercise equipment to work out by myself at home, but I always lacked the motivation I got from going to the gym and connecting with others. I guess other men would say that Connect helps fill this “motivation void” in the same way.

Men: Meetings

men meeting

Meetings have been proven to double the long-term success rate of Weight Watchers. Why? Those two important factors again: motivation and accountability.

Weight Watchers has done a good job of providing both of those through Connect, but some people do better with more personal attention. Have you ever used a personal trainer or taken classes at the gym? It’s a lot easier to find direction when you do, and you’re less likely to quit.

With meetings you really get personal attention, and the weekly weigh-ins and support from others provides both motivation and accountability. Men are less likely to stray from their diet when they know they must be accountable.

Most men opt to do “online only” (aka FreeStyle) with Weight Watchers, as meetings don’t fit into the average man’s busy schedule, cost more, (about $50 per month) and most meeting groups are heavily skewed with females. (Hey, why is that bad!?) However, it’s worth seeing if there is a meeting location near you, as for some men it may be the difference between success and failure. If you want to know more about how WW meetings work, we wrote a post on it here: What to expect at your first Weight Watchers meeting?

Weight Watchers for Men Cost?

As mentioned, men literally join the same plans as women, and there is no price difference. For their popular OnlinePlus plan, men pay about $20 per month, while adding meetings will cost you about $50 per month total. That’s still a lot less than Nutrisystem! You can drop the cost of WW even more when you use a coupon.

DJ Kalid Explains Weight Watchers for Men; Any Questions?

“I want to carve some of my, like sculpture… greatness. We gonna lose weight, and continue winning!”

Weight Watchers for Men? It’s the Same Program, Just Different Marketing

marketing to men
Men apparently respond to different marketing tactics

So, in conclusion, know that WeightWatchers for Men is the same program that the ladies enjoy, but the marketing is different. It’s really the same plan at the same price, the only difference is that men might get a few more SmartPoints, and have more manly resources suggested to them through the app.

Another similarity is that both men and women can take advantage of the same weekly promotions from Weight Watchers for up to a 50% discount on your first 3 months:

ww featured promo

*View today’s featured promotion (above) or all WW coupons

I hope you learned a bit more about Weight Watchers for men! It’s consistently ranked as the best weight loss diet, (by U.S. News) and at about $20 per month it’s quite reasonable. (Or, less w/ a coupon

Good Luck!

Bonus: The Difference Between Men & Women

If you have a couple of minutes, you should really watch Chris Rock explain the difference between men and women: (PG-13)

*If you’re a man who has tried Weight Watchers, let us know with your review below:

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does nutrisystem work

Is Nutrisystem Healthy & Effective? Here’s Why It Should Work • 2019

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Nutrisystem has been a popular diet for decades, so it must be working for most people, right? True, most reviews are positive, but no diet works for everyone.

Is Nutrisystem really a healthy and effective diet? If you’re considering joining Nutrisystem, it’s a good idea to know the daily amount of nutrients and calories, and whether it’s really a healthy diet.

We did our homework by learning how Nutrisystem works, the cost, and reading hundreds of reviews. Let’s look under the hood of this diet and learn whether it’s really healthy.

Here’s how Nutrisystem really works:

Why Does Nutrisystem Work?

We asked the company why their diet really works, and they were happy to respond with this video, 8 science-backed reasons why Nutrisystem works:

  1. You get nutritious, portion-controlled meals. With fewer calories and better nutrition, the science infers you’ll effectively lose weight
  2. They offer weight loss counseling and support by phone
  3. The convenience of pre-portioned meals that arrive monthly at your door encourages weight loss, and slashes your grocery bill
  4. Studies have found that diet tracking is key to successful weight loss. It’s easy to keep track of your food and exercise on the Numi app
  5. Nutrisystem is not restrictive. Studies have found that diets with too much deprivation are likely to fail
  6. They teach you life-long habits so that you can ween yourself off their diet and make your own healthy choices
  7. They have plans for numerous budgets and special needs including those with type 2 diabetes
  8. Decades of user reviews and weight loss results show that Nutrisystem works if you follow the program. Based on reviews, that is approximately an 80%* success rate.

OK, that’s helpful, but is the diet healthy? Let’s look at nutritional content to decide.

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*View featured promotion, or see our coupons

Is Nutrisystem Healthy?

nutrisystem food a la carte

Nutrisystem’s prepackaged, pre-portioned meals are the foundation of their weight loss program, but are they healthy?

Nutrisystem food is formulated to be high in protein, “smart” carbs, and fiber. The meals have no artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, or trans fats.

Ok, that’s a good start. Now, let’s look at real numbers for the nutritional info.

Nutrisystem Food: Nutritional Info: (Daily) 

While nutritional info is available for every Nutrisystem menu item, let’s look at a typical day’s nutrition. Here’s how Nutrisystem FreshStart® compares to the FDA recommended daily allowance for calories, protein, carbs, fiber, and sodium:

 Daily Recommended:Nutrisystem:
Calories:1600-2000Women: 1200
Men: 1500
Carbs:45-56% (135-195g) Men: 45%
Women: 47%
Fiber:25g (source)Women: 30g
Men: 36g
Sodium:2300 mg (source)2124 mg
Sat. Fat:10% (9-12g) 8-9% (6-9g)

A you can see, Nutrisystem meets or exceeds the FDA’s daily recommendations for nutrition including calories, protein, fiber, carbs, and sodium content.

*Reference: Totals based on recommended daily amounts for women on a diet: https://health.gov/dietaryguidelines/2015 You can view health and nutritional information for men here

Want to learn more? We also put together a sample 7-day menu of Nutrisystem food. You can click below to apply a discount, and learn more about their menu:

Nutrisystem: How Many Calories?

A healthy intake of calories is about 2000 per day, so to lose weight you have to aim for a lower number than that.

All calories aren’t equal, so a good way to do lose weight successfully is to eat fewer empty carbs. This causes your body to switch from burning carbs to burning fat for fuel.

A day of Nutrisystem food amounts to 1200-1500 calories per day to achieve a sustainable 1-2 pounds of weight loss per week.

Food: How Much Sodium?

A lot of people ask if Nutrisystem is high in sodium because it is based on prepared food. A day of their meals has 1900-2300 mg of sodium, which is just within the FDA’s recommended amount, but well below the average American’s daily intake of 3400 mg.

So, compared to the amount of sodium you might already be getting, Nutrisystem would be a healthy improvement.

However, if you have diabetes, high blood sugar, or are older 51, your doctor may prefer that you stick to a low-sodium diet of 1500 mg of sodium per day such as Nutrisystem D.

Nutrisystem: How Many Carbs?

Is Nutrisystem a low-carb diet? No, Nutrisystem is not officially a “low-carb” diet, although their food is generally low in carbohydrates, especially during the initial Turbo 13 phase. A true low-carb diet requires that you eat fewer than 100 carbs a day, which is very low and a bit controversial among nutritionists who champion the value of “good” carbs.

The Nutrisystem diet provides about 170g of carbs per day which is within the recommended amount to achieve weight loss. This is more carbs than diets (Atkins, Paleo, South Beach) which brand themselves as being “low-carb.”

Remember that not all carbs are equal, as some carbs are very healthy, such as those from vegetables, brown rice, and whole grains. Nutrisystem targets these “good” carbs, which are the best source of energy for your mind and body.

Food: How Much Protein?

Protein is the building block of muscle, bone, skin, cartilage, and even blood. Lean protein has numerous benefits. to your health, and is the foundation of the Nutrisystem meals and bars.

Protein is also the foundation of the Nutrisystem diet. Their plans for women and men (drop 18 now!) provide significantly more protein each day than the FDA’s recommended amount at over 70g per day.

How Much Fiber?

The health benefits of fiber include controlling blood sugar levels, healthy bowels, (that’s a great name for a band!) and achieving healthy weight. Nutrisystem food has more fiber than the recommended daily amount, (especially their vegetarian plan) and focuses on healthy fiber more than most other diets. They also ask you to supplement their prepared meals with high-fiber fruits and non-starchy vegetables from the grocery store.

Nutrisystem Posts Nutrition Facts for Every Food

Ok, so we have an idea of the total daily nutrition, but what about the nutrition facts for each meal and snack?

The good news is that detailed nutritional info for every menu item is available at nutrisystem.com:

nutrisystem food nutrition

Click on “nutrition facts” to get a detailed amount of calories, fat, sodium, carbs, protein, and more:

nutrisystem d sodium carbs sugar

Just click on “view menu” and view by: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Food is sorted by rating, so make sure you don’t get food included in your monthly delivery.

If you have food allergies or a special diet, food can be sorted by a number of criteria including by ingredient and low-sodium.

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Want to see how 4500+ customers rate Nutrisystem? We maintain a chart of the current ratings distribution here.

Is Nutrisystem Effective?

expert ratings diet

To determine whether Nutrisystem works, let’s consider the success rate. Well, apparently Nutrisystem does not publish a success rate, so to determine effectiveness, let’s look at more findings from experts:

  • U.S. News ranked Nutrisystem as the #5 Best Commercial Diet behind #1 Weight Watchers, and #2 Jenny Craig
  • A 2016 study by Obesity Society found that those who ate portion-controlled, prepackaged meals lost 27% more weight on average, noting that, “Increased portion sizes in Americans’ diets is widely recognized as a contributor to the obesity epidemic”
  • The New England Journal of Medicine concluded that diets, including Nutrisystem, that offer calorie restriction and portion control, tend to encourage weight loss. In other words, Nutrisystem’s structure of prepared meals seems to increase the likelihood that the diet will work. – source
  • The Annals of Internal Medicine found in a 2015 study that people on Nutrisystem lost about 4% more weight after 3 months than those who received only weight loss counseling – source
  • A 2009 Nutrisystem-funded study of obese people with Type 2 diabetes found that the 70 participants lost an average of 18 pounds over 3 months on the Nutrisystem D plan, andan average of 24 pounds after the 6th month. (which infers that Nutrisystem does indeed work)

Conclusion: I Would Say Nutrisystem Is a Healthy Diet That Works for Most People 

health experts

Nutrisystem is high in protein and fiber and low in bad carbs. The diet is also within the recommended daily amounts of caloriessodium, and fat. Because of this data, I would say yes, Nutrisystem is healthy.

If you are considering joiing Nutrisystem, check out their featured promotion below, and save even more when you use a promo code:

But, Will Nutrisystem Work for YOU?

how much weight loss

Nutrisystem is an effective weight loss plan if you follow the program. So, instead of asking whether Nutrisystem works, you might want to ask, “Is Nutrisystem compatible with my needs?”

Consider whether this diet fits your unique personality, lifestyle, and goals. If it does, then Nutrisystem should work to help you achieve your weight loss goals. If it doesn’t, then it will likely fail.

If the idea of prepared meals and a structured eating schedule is unappealing, then it’s unlikely that Nutrisystem will work long-term for you. If you like to cook your own meals and prefer independence to structure, consider #1-rated WW (coupons) instead.

If you’d like to learn more, you can apply a coupon and visit their site below:

nutrisystem save40 coupon

Did the Nutrisystem Program Work for You?

Have you tried Nutrisystem? We would love if you’d let us know by leaving your own review here.