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Nutrisystem DNA Blueprint Review (*How it Works, Cost + Coupon!)

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Nutrisystem diet with DNA Blueprint: Nutrisystem believes that one size does not fit all when it comes to weight loss. This is why they offer several different plans, and encourage you to customize your menu based on your tastes and personal needs.

Taking this one step further, Nutrisystem (reviews, coupons) now offers a DNA Body Blueprint program (view) that promises to, “unlock your body’s weight loss secrets.” by examining your genetic profile so that they can tailor their monthly weight loss program specifically to your DNA results. Here’s more about how the DNA Body Blueprint works, plus how much it costs.

*Update: New coupons for the DNA kit now available:

Just click above to apply the coupon.

How the DNA Blueprint Program Works

nutrisystem dna blueprint kit
Nutrisystem: Know your genes!
  • Why do I crave sweets, or overeat? 
  • Can I eat carbs and still lose weight? 
  • How does my metabolism affect my ability to lose weight?

These are the kinds of questions Nutrisystem intends to answer with their new DNA Body Blueprint kit. They currently sells the kit both as a stand-alone product, and as an optional add-on feature to any of their weight loss plans. Nutrisystem states that the DNA kit is:

“a resource for understanding how your unique genetic makeup can be used to recommend diet and exercise strategies that are tailored to your genotype.”

In other words, people are genetically very different, and the DNA kit is an attempt to better understand your specific DNA and metabolism in order to personalize your weight loss strategy.

How Do You Use the DNA Kit?

If you purchase the DNA Blueprint kit online, it’s mailed to your house along with instructions for use. Here’s what the instructions ask you to do:

  1. Register your DNA kit online in your Nutrisystem account
  2. Swab your inner cheek to gather cells which contain your DNA.
  3. Place the DNA sample in the addressed, stamped envelope
  4. Mail the envelope so that it can be sent back to their certified lab for testing

What Does the DNA test Look for?

The lab will process your DNA sample and analyze specific genetic markers that scientific research has shown to be highly relevant to your ability to lose weight. The DNA Blueprint Kit will asses:

  • Your unique metabolism
  • Your eating behaviors
  • How your body utilizes Macronutrients (including carbs, fats, and proteins)
  • How your body processes vitamins and minerals
  • Your genetic response to exercise

How Do You View the DNA Kit Results?

After the results are processed, Nutrisystem will put together a comprehensive 30-page report that outlines your results which will suggest what you should and shouldn’t do on your weight loss journey, and tips for meaningful lifestyle changes based on genetics.

DNA Body Blueprint Cost (and Coupon) 

nutrisystem dna kit review
The Nutrisystem DNA Blueprint kit

Nutrisystem’s DNA kit is priced at $99, which is less than other popular health-focused DNA-testing kits available online like DNAFit and Nutrigenomix which cost about twice as much. The price is the same as popular DNA test kit, 23 and Me, which is yields results of ancestry, but doesn’t search for health and diet info.

You can either buy Nutrisystem’s DNA kit a la carte with this coupon for 20% off + free shipping, or together with one of their weight loss plans, and enjoy up to a 50% discount as a new customer.

Here is the best current promotion for the DNA Blueprint kit:

Coupon for 20% Off DNA Kit:

nutrisystem dna kit coupon

*Tip: If you are interested in buying the DNA kit and signing up for Nutrisystem, I recommend first signing up with their 40% off + $30 off coupon, and then buy the DNA kit separately to get the best price.

*Update: Nutrisystem recently discontinued the coupon for 50% off the DNA kit with new customer signups, but the 40 off deal is better anyway!

Nutrisystem DNA Blueprint Kit on TV:

Here’s their recent commercial promoting the DNA Body Blueprint program:

The promotion featured in the video is available here, and we also update all Nutrisystem coupons daily on this page. Here you’ll find the best discounts, regardless of whether you decide to include the DNA Blueprint kit in your weight loss program.

*New: Recently, Nutrisystem CEO, Dawn Zier appeared on CNBC to discuss the new DNA program:

Nutrisystem DNA Blueprint: Customer Reviews

Nutrisystem believes that customers want more personalization in what they buy. You see this every day, whether you are buying a cup of coffee or a new car. Factor in the recent surge in popularity of DNA testing kits, and Nutrisystem believes they’ve got a groundbreaking evolution in weight loss.

However, this is a new product, and while there are plenty of reviews online for their plans, no men or women have reviewed the DNA program yet. If you have tried Nutrisystem’s DNA Blueprint program, please leave up your review below to help others who are thinking of trying it.

abundant food obesity dna

Gorging Gene: How Our “Hunter Gatherer” DNA Is Making Us Fat Now

How is our pre-historic DNA making us obese? For most of human history, we lived as foragers. This means that for tens of thousands of years we travelled in search of food instead of settling in one place.

Our ancestors’ nomadic lifestyle was dictated largely by the seasonal migration of animals and the growth cycles of plants. (and they were generally in great shape!)

Then, sometime around 10,000 years ago, we collectively decided to settle down. We stopped chasing our food and decided to domesticate animals and plant crops instead.

This relatively swift transition of our species from “hunter gatherers” to farmers and herders is known as the “Agricultural Revolution.” 

History and science books applaud this evolution of our species as “progress,” but in some ways we’re still struggling to make the transition.

Although it’s been a long time since we stalked migrating bison, or dug for edible roots in the woods, our DNA still hasn’t forgotten when food was scarce. Enter the, “gorging gene theory.”

hunter gatherer diet wall

“You guys up for Happy hour at The Cheescake Factory?”

The Curse of Abundant Food

Our lifestyle has changed dramatically over the millennia, but our DNA has been struggling to catch up.

In fact, many of us are consuming nearly double the recommended amount of calories each day.

As food becomes more abundant, more accessible, (and lower quality!) we find ourselves plagued by a worsening obesity epidemic, which is now even spreading to poorer, developing nations.

Obesity costs us hundreds of billions of dollars each year, and puts crushing weight on our already groaning health care system.

Even historically poor rural China is now grappling with an obesity explosion, as 17% of boys under age 19 are obese. (Up from only 1% on 1985)

We don’t want to be fat, so why to we have such a problem eating in moderation? 

Part of the answer to this question may be found in our DNA, and the eating habits we formed during the tens of thousands of years when we were foragers.

The “Gorging Gene” Theory

During most of human history, food was generally in short supply. We didn’t have the means to preserve or store much of it, so we were always on the move to find our next meal.

Imagine the excitement of our “hunter gatherer” ancestors when presented with a greasy slab of freshly cooked bison meat, or upon discovering a tree full of ripe fruit.

Such a bounty of food was rare, and our survival instincts told us to gorge while we could. After all, there was no telling when we’d be presented with such a feast again, and we’d be wise to store extra calories, especially because our ancestors lived such active lifestyles.

Over thousands of years, these eating patterns became imprinted in our DNA. They seem to be contributing to our weight problems today, as (low-quality) food is cheap and abundant in most places.

obesity dna

Our DNA Still Thinks That Food Is Scarce

If you think of human history as a 24-hour day, it’s really only been in the last few “minutes” that food has been so easily accessible and abundant.

You might say that opening an over-stuffed refrigerator today is like our foraging ancestors discovering a bush full of ripe berries in the woods.

Even in a time of abundance, our survival instincts still tell us that food is scarce, and implore us to feast while we can.

The gorging gene is still in our DNA, telling us that food is scarce. (and we listen) 

You could say that by trying to eat in moderation (in a time of abundance) we are literally fighting tens of thousands of years of evolution!

  • Idea: Don’t drive. Take a long walk or bike to a restaurant or supermarket instead. The extra effort will awaken out your “inner-forager,” and the food will definitely taste better! 

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