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How Much Does Jenny Craig Cost? Price per Day, Week, Month

jenny craig logo

How much does it cost to join Jenny Craig? One of the most popular and highest-rated commercial meal delivery diets, ranked behind only Weight Watchers, (by U.S. News) but does it work for your budget?

Unlike other leading meal-delivery programs, Jenny Craig is not a “one-size fits all” approach to weight loss, so the cost isn’t the same for everyone. This means that their pricing can be a little confusing, and requires a bit of homework to estimate how much it will cost you personally.

After you sign up, a personal consultant will work directly with you to determine your dietary needs, and because almost all of the cost of being on Jenny Craig is in the price of the food, there is a range of what the diet will actually cost you. For this reason I contacted Jenny Craig directly to for more cost info so that the potential price tag is clearer.

Let’s look at the total daily and monthly expense of Jenny Craig, and see if it really makes “dollars and sense” to join.

Costs of Membership:

There are two ways to join Jenny Craig: either through their “Premium 12-Month Program” or their “Trial 12-Week Program.”

To calculate the price of Jenny Craig, let’s look at all of the expenses first before we break it down by daily, weekly, and monthly average:

1.) Premium 12-Month Program Cost:

  • Enrollment fee: $99 $49 to join
  • Membership fee: $19 per month
  • Food: $17-25 per day ($20 average)
  • Shipping cost: $29 per food shipment (twice per month)

The premium program offers unlimited personal support. When you join their Premium program, you’ll pay an initial $68 + the cost of food… more

2.) Trial 12-Week Program:

  • Enrollment fee: $99 FREE to join 
  • Membership fee: $16 for 12 weeks
  • Food: $17-25 per day ($20 average)
  • Shipping cost: $29 per food shipment (twice per month)

Personally, I think the current promotion for the Trial 12-Week Program looks like the best way to get started:

jenny craig promo banner

Cost of groceries: Also note that with both programs you will be expected to supplement their prepared meals with fruits and vegetables from the grocery store. Although it’s not fair to include that in the price tag, you should account for this spending for your “all-in” cost estimates.

Jenny Craig Cost: Per Day, Week, Month

Ok, now let’s put all of those expenses together. Because there is a range of what food costs based on your caloric needs and menu preferences, we’ll go with the average food cost reported by Jenny Craig.

Here is the average cost of the Jenny Craig program:

Per Day:Per Week:Per Month:
  • They also offer a 12-week trial,” and the daily and weekly cost averages are the same
  • The one-time $49 enrollment fee that you pay at signup is refunded to you once you reach your goal weight
  • The advertised $100 off food promotion is split over each of your first 10 weeks
  • Jenny Craig: Today’s Best Deal

More About the Cost of Food:

jenny craig food cost

Upon joining jenny Craig, a phone appointment will be set up with a personal consultant who will determine your menu based on factors like your starting weight, lifestyle, and desired weight loss. Your resulting caloric needs and food preferences will help determine your menu, and the resulting cost of food. For this reason men pay slightly more for food on average as they may require more calories.

Although the cost of food is listed as “$17-25 per day,” it might be helpful to use the “$20 per day” average for calculating potential daily food cost. Your initial phone call with the personal consultant is a great time to discuss your budget if you would like food costs to stay within your budget.

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Add Grocery store food costs:

buy groceries

While Jenny Craig does replace most of the food you would normally buy at the grocery store, you still have to account for some additional spending.

I would assume a minimal cost of $5 per day for fruits and vegetables from the grocery store to supplement your prepared Jenny Craig meals. Popular weekly fresh food choices include bagged salads, fruit, (apples, grapes, blueberries, etc) and non-starchy side dish veggies. (broccoli, peppers, and zucchini, etc). Jenny Craig emphasizes the importance of fruits and vegetables, so this is an unavoidable but important additional expense.

Also, Jenny Craig doesn’t encourage eating out at restaurants, so we won’t factor that in as an expense. If you do go out to eat, they suggest that you order a garden salad and stay away from alcohol.

My Thoughts on the Cost:

As mentioned, Jenny Craig doesn’t offer plans with a set price for food, but that’s where most of the expense lies. It should be noted that Americans spend $160+ per week on food, (men spend more!) which is almost exactly the price of Jenny Craig. (plus the price of fruit & vegetables)

That is still relatively high for a meal delivery diet, and much more expensive than competitors like Nutrisystem, (review, cost, coupons) but why?

It looks like the role of the personal consultant (who you touch base with by phone, chat, or in-person at a Jenny Craig location at least once a week) is a big factor in why the diet is more expensive. Jenny Craig believes that the role of the personal consultant is very important to the success of their program, and because of this added value, it’s worth the additional expense. 

Even DIY diets like Weight Watchers (reviews, cost, coupons) recognize the importance of individual attention, which is why they report that customers who attend meetings are twice as likely to meet and sustain their goal weight as those who go it alone.

In Summary

Even though most people would be surprised to see what they are already spending each month on food, there’s no denying that Jenny Craig is a relatively expensive diet. Fans of the Jenny Craig would argue that the personal attention is worth the extra cost, but would you? Most customers are happy with the diet, but the hefty price tag is the source of most online complaints. (Also know that if you cancel their program before the second food shipment, you’ll be charged a $99 cancellation fee!)

jenny craig promo banner

If you really like the idea of meal delivery but want a cheaper alternative, consider Nutrisystem or South Beach Diet. If you like the idea of personal support and prefer to cook your own meals, then consider WW + meetings.

*New: Jenny Craig vs Nutrisystem

Thanks for reading our info and thoughts on the cost of Jenny Craig! If you have opinions on the fees and expenses, please leave us a comment below:

bistro md cost

Bistro MD Cost? Prices Per Day, Week, Month + 3 Ways to Save

diet costBistro MD costs: The price of Bistro MD is relatively expensive, costing upwards of about $9 per meal. Your weekly cost is determined by the plan you choose for 5 or 7 days of meals each week and whether you want 2 or 3 meals per day.

If you are wondering whether this diet fits into your budget, Here’s more about the costs:

BistroMD Cost Per Day, Week, Month:

Here is the price per day and week for BistroMD:

Bistro MD Cost:Per Day:Per Week:1st Week Promo:
Lunches & Dinners:
(10 meals)
(30% off)
Full Program:
(15 meals)
(30% off)
Lunches & Dinners:
(14 meals)
(30% off)
Full Program:
(21 meals)
(30% off)

*Tip: We usually have a promo code for 30% off your first week, which drops these prices even more.

At about $9 per meal, an initial comparison shows that that Bistro MD costs more than other popular diets like Nutrisystem (cost) and South Beach Diet (costs), but less than Jenny Craig (costs | coupons) While this is true, you should consider the following:

  1. Bistro MD meals are “complete,” and there is no additional food required
  2. Prices are the same for women and men and for special plans like Diabetic and Gluten-Free
  3. Every Bistro MD meal is a fresh frozen entree, and unlike other programs, there are no shakes, bars, or packets of food called “meals”

Still sounds expensive? Here are 3 ways to reduce the weekly and monthly cost of BistroMD:

1.) Reduce the Cost w/ a Coupon

Besides opting to have 5 days of meals per week delivered (instead of 7), the best way to save on BistroMD is to use their 30% off coupon (get code here) which includes free shipping for your first week. They also have a 25% off promotion below. (click to apply) 

bistro md promo

2.) Skipping Breakfast Drops the Price

Looking for another way to drop the cost of BistroMD? Personally, I would choose one of the plans that does not include breakfast. 

Breakfast is optional with their plans, so if you do include it, it will cost you more. You’ll also pay more for shipping each month than many other diets, as meals are sent weekly, not monthly.

Since the price tag of Bistro MD is high, consider passing on breakfast, and make yourself a  smoothie instead. A lot of the time I opt to just eat a protein bar and an apple which is a healthy and low cost alternative to the expense of having 3 prepared meals a day.

3.) Opt for 5 Days of Meals per Week, Not 7

Personally, I think in most cases 5 days of prepared meals is enough, especially if you are out and about on the weekends. You’ll save a good 20% on your weekly and monthly costs if you choose a 5-day plan instead of 7. Plus, you can always upgrade your plan later if you want more meals and don’t mind the price.

Ok, so to summarize, here are 3 ways to save on a costly BistroMD subscription:

  1. Use a coupon for up to 30% off & free shipping on your first week
  2. Skip breakfast and have a smoothie or protein bar w/ fruit
  3. Choose a 5-day meal plan, not 7.

In Summary:

Did you know that the average American spends over $300 per month at the grocery store? While Bistro MD is relatively expensive, the good news is that Bistro MD replaces most of that expense, and unlike other popular meal-delivery diets, Bistro MD doesn’t ask you to supplement their meals with fresh fruits and vegetables from the store.

Also note that their new customer promotions (see here) include free shipping, subsequent auto-delivery orders will cost $19.95 per week for shipping each week.

I hope this article helps you decide whether this is a good diet for your budget! You can also read more about the diet in our review here. If you’ve tried Bistro MD, or have thoughts on the cost, please drop us a comment below:Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterest

weight watchers canada

Weight Watchers Canada | Reviews, Cost, & Coupons • 2019

ww canada logoWeight Watchers Canada, eh? The Weight Watchers dieting program originated in Queens, New York in the 1960s when founder Jean Nidetch led living room discussions with her friends about how to lose weight.

From these informal gatherings, Weight Watchers eventually grew to be one of the most highly-ranked weight loss programs available to dieters, and the most popular commercial diet in Canada!

If you’re thinking of signing up, read our review on the program and cost, and be sure to use this week’s featured coupon below for up to a 50% discount.

Weight Watchers Canada Coupons:

Before we get into our review and details about pricing, let’s look at today’s best deals and specials for WW Canada:

WW Canada: Up to 50% Off - Weekly promo
Weekly deal to join Weight Watchers Canada. View coupon:
Nov. 2018
WW Canada: Français
Économisez 30-50% à l'achat d'un plan de 3 ou de 6 mois chez WeightWatchers.ca!

You can choose to join at the promotional rate for up to 6 months. Or, if you aren’t sure you’ll stick with Weight Watchers Canada long term, you can join for only one month, if you’d like. Also, you’ll never have to worry about entering a promo code, as discounts are applied instantly when you click over to their site.

*Coupons and promotions for their U.S. plans are here. Ok, want to learn more? Read on!

Weight Watchers Canada: Program Details

greetings from canada postcard

Despite its New York origin, Weight Watchers does not only cater to American participants. It’s possible to take advantage of this highly-ranked weight loss program if you reside outside of the United States. Dieters in Israel, France, New Zealand, Canada, and beyond can lower their risk of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity by enrolling in the Weight Watchers Freestyle Program.

Weight Watchers may be increasingly available to all, yet its international programs differ from country to country. In this post, we’ll be reviewing Weight Watchers programs available to Canadian residents. If you’re considering Weight Watchers Canada as your next dieting solution, this one is for you!

Weight Watchers Canada offers all Canadian citizens an opportunity to fundamentally alter their relationship to food, health, and well-being via its Freestyle Program. According to the Weight Watchers Canada website, the Freestyle Program is a new-and-improved WW addition, honing the renowned Smartpoints system and offering participants enhanced mobility, dieting freedom, and access to community.

There are currently two different Freestyle plans available to Canadian citizens: Meetings + Online and Online Only. Here’s what you can expect from both plans.

Online Only

The Weight Watchers Canada Freestyle Online plan is best for on-the-go dieters who are eager to take advantage of a host of “e-tools” designed to self-manage SmartPoints and dieting choices.

WW Online Only participants get access to:

  • Individual goal-setting and progress-tracking (digital)
  • SmartPoints tracking via the WW Online app
  • FitPoints tracking of physical activity via the WW Online app
  • 4,000+ recipes and motivating articles
  • 24/7 Expert Support
  • Social Connect (members-only social community)

It’s important to note that the Online Only plan is ideal for “self-starters” (Weight Watchers Canada’s words) who feel confident in their ability to manage their dieting and fitness goals digitally (and on their own!).

The Weight Watchers Freestyle Program is not, after all, a meal delivery service like Nutrisystem. It requires participants to craft their own meals that fit within the scope of daily SmartPoint allotments and attempts to hold dieters accountable via community (Social Connect and Meetings).

Meetings + Online

The Weight Watchers Canada Freestyle Meetings + Online plan gives participants access to everything they’d receive with an Online Only plan. In addition to these, Meetings + Online Freestyle dieters have access to the following:

  • Weekly, in-person meetings led by WW experts
  • Staff support, goal-setting, and progress tracking

According to its website, Weight Watchers Canada recommends the Meetings + Online plan as these in-person meetings are “where the magic happens.”

Indeed, Weight Watchers meetings are known for their capacity to build community and provide the support dieters require to reach their goals; these meetings are led by experts who have been through the program themselves.

The best part about this plan? Weight Watchers Canada offers meeting locations in all ten provinces, meaning that it is available to most any dieter currently residing in Canada.

*Related: How do meetings work?

Weight Watchers Canada: Cost

Weight Watchers Canada is always offering promotional discounts to first-time dieters. Be sure to browse your options prior to signing up as these can dramatically reduce overall program cost.

  • WW Canada Online: $23 per month (Canadian)
  • WW Canada + Meetings plans cost about $56 per month (Canadian)

*Tip: The costs above are the renewal rate. You can get a lower initial price for up to 6 months when you sign up through this week’s new customer promotion. If you’d like to see costs for the U.S. program, click here.

Not sure if this cost justifies what Weight Watchers offers its dieters? We have some thoughts about that here!

Weight Watchers Canada: Reviews

diet woman eating sushi

According to its website, Weight Watchers Canada encourages dieters to eat what they love; no food is “off the table.” Their app is allegedly very easy to use, enabling easy tracking, flexibility, and instant access to inspiration.

Also according to its website, (formerly weightwatchers.ca) Weight Watchers Canada claims that participants in a six-month clinical trial of the Freestyle Program “saw great weight loss and impressive changes on and off the scale.” The success stories do indeed highlight the usual slew of inspiring weight loss journeys, replete with positive career and relationship changes.

But what do the reviews of the Canadian Weight Watchers programs have to say?

It’s difficult to find consumer reviews specific to Weight Watchers’ Canadian programs, community, and customer service. However, the Freestyle Program itself is generally well-received by dieters, particularly those who enroll in the Meetings + Online plan.

Positive reviews on Consumer Affairs cite significant weight loss as a result of healthy eating choices via the Freestyle Program, ranging from 4 to 10 pounds per month. Others mention their appreciation for the Freestyle Program’s excellent recipes available to participants of both Online Only and Meetings + Online plans.

In general, the Freestyle program’s app and updated SmartPoints tracking features are very user-friendly, according to the bulk of reviews. One reviewer, pleased with the support of his Weight Watchers community, sums up his experience with the Freestyle program rather aptly: “WW offers the only program that is a lifestyle, not a fad.”

Negative reviews referring to the Canadian Weight Watchers program do briefly mention the difficulty of navigating the Canadian website; one other notes that the Canadian programs do not seem to have much information about Canadian restaurants or grocery stores and bemoans the fact that Weight Watchers Personal Coaching (a feature of U.S. Weight Watchers programs) is not an option yet for Canadian citizens.

This is perhaps the greatest disadvantage of the Weight Watchers Canada Freestyle Program: it only offers two dieting plans for users and limited Meetings locations.

More general negative reviews refer to cost, first-time member sign-up fees, and poor customer service, yet these are relatively consistent across diet review platforms.

Overall, however, it’s fair to conclude that, while distinct from its U.S. counterparts, the Weight Watchers Canada Freestyle Program is keen to help all Canadian citizens transition to a healthier, happier life in the easiest and most supportive way possible.

Tip: Always Use a Coupon or Promo Code at Signup!

There’s always at least one weekly promotion available for WW Canada, so make sure you don’t pay full price. If you aren’t in a hurry and this week’s deal isn’t great, wait a few days and see if next week’s coupon is better. During peak season, like New Year’s, you can get up to a 50%  discount on the cost at signup!

Want more Weight Watchers Reviews? We’ve got you covered!

If you don’t like the idea of a DIY diet like WW, consider Nutrisystem, the most popular meal delivery diet.Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterest

Mayo Clinic Diet Cost? (Per Day & Month) + New $4/week Promo • 2019

mayo clinic logoHow much does the Mayo Clinic Diet cost? The Mayo Clinic Diet (reviews) is a highly rated weight loss plan developed by doctors at America’s #1 ranked hospital, the Mayo Clinic.

This weight loss program can help you lose up to 10 pounds in the first 2 weeks plus a sustainable 1-2 pounds a week thereafter. However, when you visit their site at diet.mayoclinic.org, the pricing isn’t very clear. Here’s how much the Mayo Clinic Diet costs plus how billing works.

Mayo Clinic Diet Cost:

mayo clinic diet promotion

COST:Per Day: Per Week:Per Month:
Mayo Clinic Diet:$0.60$4.00 (promo!)$29

*The cost is billed at $52 every 13 weeks. More info here

cost bank

How the Cost & Billing Works

When you signup for the Mayo Clinic Diet, you’ll start a 7 day free trial $4 per week promo. (click, then scroll down to “Ready to get started?”) If you find that you don’t want to stay with the program, quit any time during the free trial period. If you want to stay with it, great! Do nothing and your credit card will be charged after the free trial period ends.

Initially you’ll be billed $52 for the first quarter-year (13-weeks), and $52 quarterly thereafter. Cancel at any time and you’ll have access to all of the Mayo Clinic Diet tools and resources for that 13-week period until the next billing date.

mayo clinic signup

The free trial is now a $4 per week promo! (actually, that’s better)

Total Cost = Program + Food

The Mayo Clinic Diet consists of meal planning, tracking, and resources to help you reach and maintain your goal weight. However, because there is no actual food provided with this diet, it’s also important to consider the cost of groceries and eating out to calculate the total cost.

So, now might be a good time to look at what you’re already spending at the supermarket.

Most of the Cost = Groceries:

grocery shopping cost

The $4 per week cost of the Mayo Clinic Diet is trivial compared to the amount of money that you spend on groceries each month.

Groceries are a significant monthly expense for Americans, and we spend an average of over $300 per month at the grocery store. This monthly expense is second only to our mortgage payment, and we usually don’t even keep track of our spending.

Starting any diet is a great time to examine your spending habits on food, as there is usually a lot of room for improvement. In fact, when you consider that we waste half the food that we buy, a diet can force you to be smarter and more efficient in what you spending at the grocery store.

The Mayo Clinic Diet encourages you to make smarter choices when buying food which can easily end up being a net savings every month at the grocery store.

How Much Do You Spend at Restaurants?

Did you know that half of adults say that they “hate to cook?” This means that there’s a lot of money being spent at restaurants, and it’s more than most people realize. So, ask yourself how much you spend a month eating out.

You’ll likely find yourself eating out less often on the Mayo Clinic Diet, (especially in the initial, “Lose It!” Phase) as most restaurant food is notoriously unhealthy and in served in large portions.

Also, consider that the practice of spending $10 each workday on lunch is a habit that costs about $2500 per year. When you think of it that way, the cost of a diet like the Mayo Clinic is negligible, and will likely save you money by causing you to examine just how much you’re already spending each month at restaurants.

So, What’s the Total Cost?

As we mentioned, the actual price of the Mayo Clinic Diet is very low at about $17.35 per month, or $208 per year. These cost are billed as four quarterly payments of $52.

There is an extra cost associated with buying healthier foods like fresh fruits and vegetables while on the diet. However, this cost will likely be offset when you subtract the cost of the superfluous food that you’ll no longer be buying.

For example, the Mayo Clinic Diet will encourage you to give up that weekly $5 latte from Starbucks, and you can use the savings towards more fresh fruit in your house!

You might also realize that those two glasses of red wine you have with dinner are loaded with calories, and reduce your drinking to only a couple glasses of wine a week. Over the course of a month, that’s a big cost-savings!

For that reason you might call a DIY diet like Mayo Clinic “budget neutral.” If you currently spend about $300 per month on food, that number probably isn’t going to change because of this diet. However, you’ll be shopping smarter, feeling healthier, and losing weight in the process!

mayo clinic diet promotion

*Learn more & see their $4 per week deal at diet.mayoclinic.org


south beach diet cost

South Beach Diet Costs? Here Are the Latest Prices (New!)

south beach diet logo

Cost of the South Beach Diet: One big consideration with any diet is whether it fits into your budget.

The South Beach Diet (review) delivers prepared meals every month to your door, so your out-of-pocket expenses appear higher than a diet which requires you to cook or buy your own food. This can be misleading, as their prepared meals replace most of the meals that you’re buying now.

Ok, so how much does the South Beach Diet cost? We breakdown the daily, weekly, and monthly costs for you to help determine whether it fits into your budget and lifestyle.

South Beach Diet Cost: Per Day, Week, Month

Here are the estimated prices for joining the South Beach Diet. Notice that men pay more, and your expenses drop significantly when you use a coupon.(best price!)

south beach diet plans
South Beach Diet Plan:Silver:Gold:Platinum:
(Sale price)
(Sale price)
*You can get these discount prices with today's 40% off promo!

*The 40% off coupon is the best long-term promotion, as it is applied to every future delivery! 

The Cost Depends on 3 Things:

As you can see, the cost depends on 3 variables:

  • Which plan you choose (food variety costs more)
  • Your gender (men pay more)
  • Which promotion you sign up with

For each plan, you’ll get a cost per day and month. If you click on a promotion, that discounted price will be applied to the quoted prices. (see below) 

south beach diet pricing
Compare promotions by looking at the cost per day

Use a Coupon; Get a Lower Price:

Like other similar diets including Nutrisystem (cost) and Bistro MD, the cost is greatly reduced when you use a coupon to lower the price. Like these comparable diets, The South Beach Diet offers new customers a pretty sweet deal at signup, so take advantage of it.

  • -
    Ongoing Promo
    Lock in the best price through this link. View promotion:

*Tip: Be sure to use a coupon that locks-in a lower monthly rate for future orders. Some promotions only drop the price on your first month. That means even though your initial expense will be less when you signup, it will renew at a higher rate in the future.

The South Beach Diet for MEN Costs More:

man exercise retro

The people at the South Beach Diet might be all about gender equality, but the simple fact is that men need to eat more food.

This extra food accounts for why the South Beach Diet for Men costs more.

It’s the same with Nutrisystem for Men, and other diets that supply food tailored to gender.

Note: Adding Snacks & Shakes Will Raise the Price

When you go through the signup process at southbeachdiet.com, you’ll have the opportunity to add protein bars (10 for $20) or shakes. (28 for $50)  These are great, but make sure they fit into your budget before adding them.

You can always add these extras later, or buy protein bars or probiotic shakes in bulk elsewhere online to save money. Ok, onto the cost!

3 Reasons The Cost May Be Less Than You Think

While it seems that diets involving meal delivery cost a lot, the price might actually be less than you think. There are three reasons for this misconception:

  1. During Phase One You pay for an entire month of meals at once each month (ouch!)
  2. These meals replace most of your grocery store bills, which cost about $230 per month, as well as most of your restaurant meals, which cost about $220 per month (per adult)
  3. Pre-made meals also save you hours of preparation time each month (time is money!)

Diets like Weight Watchers might be great, but their cost is deceptively low because they don’t include any food. So, having said that, let’s dive into how much it really costs to be on the South Beach Diet

So, How much does it cost to do the South Beach Diet?

You can estimate that the diet costs about $300 per month for both men and women. Although their meals and snacks replace the ones that you are currently buying from the grocery store and restaurants, you should still factor in some additional spending on fresh fruits and vegetables.

Most Meal-Delivery Diets Cost About the Same:

weight loss plans cost

Diets involving monthly meal delivery all seem to be in the $10-12 day ($300/month) range, which is where the South Beach Diet falls. Actually, it looks like South Beach is within $1 per day of Nutrisystem. That’s no accident, as these commercial diets have done a lot of research to see how much people are willing to pay.

It looks like that magic number falls around $300 per month, which is about $150 less than your average car payment, and about the same amount each household spends monthly fueling their cars.

Not interested prepared meals or committing to a big monthly payment? There’s a popular South Beach Diet book available for about $10 for do-it-yourselfers!

You can also consider Weight Watchers Online, which is consistently rated by U.S. News as the #1 Commercial Diet.

*The South Beach Diet is ranked as the #7 Best Commercial Diet by U.S. News, (just below Nutrisystem)

nutrisystem cost

How Much is Nutrisystem? Total Monthly Price + How to Save • 2019

nutrisystem logo

How much is Nutrisystem? Price is an important consideration before beginning any weight loss program. If the diet doesn’t fit comfortably into your budget, it’s not going to work for you long-term.

So, how much does Nutrisystem cost? (reviews) While the advertised price for women and men is about $300-350 per month, ($10-12 per day) you’ll need to know more than that to calculate the total monthly price tag.

In order to estimate what Nutrisystem will cost you, let’s look at these important factors: plan choice, promotion, optional extras, groceries, and flex meal spending.

1. Nutrisystem Cost: Women

nutrisystem cost per day
woman wink

If you just go directly to nutrisystem.com without activating a coupon, you’ll pay too much!

There’s always a promotion available for new customers, so make sure you the best one for 40% off. (Reflected in pricing below)

Here are Nutrisystem costs per day & month:

Nutrisystem Plan: Cost: (w/ 40% discount):
(less variety)
(Most popular)
Uniquely Yours:
(Top rated)
Uniquely Yours Plus:
(Most variety)
Nutrisystem D:
(Core Diabetes)

Apply discount
nutrisystem save40 coupon

*Tip: Want to get the lowest price for Nutrisystem? Use the 40% off special, plus stack 2+ promo codes for up to an extra $30 off + a free shaker and food!

2. Nutrisystem Cost: Men

nutrisystem for men cost
army man

Men pay a little more for Nutrisystem to account for an extra snack every day to meet their daily calorie requirements. Also, be sure to use a good coupon. In this case, the pricing below reflects their best 40% off promotion.

Here’s the cost of Nutrisystem for Men per day & month:

Nutrisystem for Men: MEN: (w/ discount)
(Most popular)
Uniquely Yours:
(Top rated)
Uniquely Yours Plus:
(Most variety)
(Core Diabetes)
nutrisystem promo banner

*Tip: Want to get the best price on Nutrisystem for Men? Use the 40% off special, then stack 2+ promo codes for up to an extra $30 off + free food!

3. Monthly Cost Depends on Plan Selection

nutrisystem select plan

As you can see, how much Nutrisystem costs depends on which plan you choose. Their program has four levels: Basic, Core, Uniquely Yours, and Uniquely Your Plus. They also have special plans for diabetics and vegetarians.

Their program has four levels: Basic, Core, Uniquely Yours, and Uniquely Your Plus. They also have special plans for diabetics and vegetarians.

The main difference between plans is that is that you pay more for menu variety, including frozen food. which is a popular, but sometimes expensive addition.

Regardless of which plan you choose, the good news is that you can save money with one of their new customer signup promotions.

4. Which Promotion is Best?

nutrisystem save40 coupon
*Get an extra $30 off, free shaker, and free meals this week!

Did you know that the person sitting next to you on an airplane probably paid a different price than you for their ticket? It’s the same with Nutrisystem, as their various promotions result in different monthly pricing. So which one is best?

It’s tempting to choose the $50 or $100 off coupon, but think twice before you do. Those deals may result in the lowest price for the first month, but the price may go up as early as the second month, making them a bad deal.

Nutrisystem’s 40% off special is best because, unlike other coupons, it locks in the initial low price. You can also use 2+ promo codes at checkout to bring the cost down even more!

5. Buying Optional Extras?

Hopefully you’re excited about joining Nutrisystem and making an investment in your health. However, don’t buy more than you need.

When you begin the checkout process at nutrisystem.com you’ll have the option of adding extras to your first order. Expect to see recommendations like snacks, bars, and vitamins and offers like this: 

nutrisystem optional expenses

Do you really need extra bars and vitamins? Probably not on your first order. After you get used to the Nutrisystem program you can always add them later, or buy similar items on your own to save money.

*DNA Kit: Nutrisystem now also offers an optional DNA Blueprint test kit (review) at checkout for an extra $99 expense. ($50 w/ coupon) The kit offers some genetic insight that may be helpful in losing weight. Is it worth the extra expense? If you’re on a budget I recommend skipping it. You can always buy it a la carte later at the same price.

6. How Much is Nutrisystem food?

If you join Nutrisystem, food will be auto-delivered to your door each month. While this food represents most of your meals for the month, you do have the option to add additional a la carte food, including frozen food at any time.

To do so, just log in and click “a la carte” from the menu. You’ll be able to sort food by meal, snacks, frozen, and more. Every item includes a price underneath.

Here are sample Nutrisystem food prices:

nutrisystem frozen food cost

You can also buy a number of snacks and meals in bulk with “sampler packs” of food. Here’s what they cost:

nutrisystem sampler packs prices

While frozen food is a customer favorite, it can add a significant extra expense to your monthly bill. If you’re on a budget, be careful how much a la carte food you add!

Note that frozen food ships separately (in dry ice), and you get free shipping on $75.

7. Add the Cost of Groceries

groceries fruit woman

Nutrisystem provides most of your meals, but you’ll need to supplement them with some groceries every week. Specifically, they ask you to add fresh fruits and vegetables to meals, which are crucial for fiber, good carbs, and myriad of health benefits.

They say that the average person spends about $325 per month on groceries. While Nutrisystem replaces most of this food, I would still budget $150+ per month ($5 per day) for groceries.

8. Add “Flex Meal” Expense:

eating chicken wings restaurant

Nutrisystem realizes that eating only prepared meals is boring. So, they incorporate “flex meals” into your weekly eating schedule. This means that you are on your own for one breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack every week. While this variety is welcome, it can be expensive.

Consider that the average person spends about $13 per meal at a restaurant. That’s more than an entire day of Nutrisystem meals!

By contrast, the average meal prepared at home only costs about $5. If you’re on a budget, opt for meals at home instead of dining out. Its also healthier, and personally, I like to cook the occasional meal.

Let’s assume that your flex meals consist of 2 home-cooked meals ($10), one lunch out ($13), and a protein bar or muffin for a snack. ($3)

The home-cooked meals came from the cost of groceries that we already accounted for, but the weekly lunch out and snack is an extra $15+ per week.

Tip: Do you drink coffee? If so, the expense can really add up. Consider that a single cup of coffee ($4) from a coffee shop every weekday adds up to $80+ per month!

9. Total Cost of Nutrisystem?

nutrisystem cost

While the advertised monthly price of Nutrisystem is most of your food expense on the program, it’s worth estimating the total potential cost before joining. So, let’s add everything up:

  • Nutrisystem plan: $300/month ($10 per day)
  • Groceries: $150/month ($5 per day)
  • Dining Out / Snacks: $15/week
  • Total Food Cost: $510 per month

So, even though the advertised cost of Nutrisystem is around $300+ per month, the total cost is significantly higher. You should plan on spending considerably more than just the cost of a plan to estimate your total food cost each month.

10. How Much Does a Year of Nutrisystem cost?

Before adding in the extra expense of groceries and dining out, here’s how much an entire year of Nutrisystem food costs:

  • Basic: women: $3156 | men: $3600
  • Core: women: $3432 | men: $3876
  • Uniquely Yours: women: $3876 | men: $4320

That sounds expensive, but it’s not much more than the average adult already spends on food each year. Also consider that buying one Starbucks coffee every workday costs about $1250 a year, and a (half-pack a day) smoking habit costs $4600 per year!

Nutrisystem Can Seem Expensive: Here’s How to Save Money

people money

Ok, so how can you cut food costs while on Nutrisystem? Here are a few ways:

  1. Use a promo code: Every month there are promo codes available for up to an extra $30 off when you join
  2. Nutrisystem at Costco: Did you know you can buy discount $100 Nutrisystem gift cards at Costco for about $75 or less? They are good towards your first order, or a la carte food anytime!
  3. Nutrisystem at Walmart: Want to try out Nutrisystem food before joining? You can buy 5-day kits at Walmart
  4. Skip the extras: No need to buy the add-ons at checkout. Buy items like protein bars, probiotics, and vitamins in bulk on your own. It will save you money and provide the same health benefits
  5. Limit restaurant food: Dining out is really expensive and generally not healthy. Save money by cooking your own flex meals.
  6. Plan your flex meals before grocery shopping to reduce leftovers
  7. Don’t order drinks: You might be shocked at how much you already spend on drinks like coffee, wine, and smoothies at restaurants. Make your own drinks for a fraction of the price!
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Wow, Food Is Expensive!

Are you surprised at how much Nutrisystem really costs each month?

Actually, you might be surprised to learn what you’re already spending on food every month. Most of us really have no idea how much we’re spending, and we waste almost half of the food we buy.

A $300+ monthly charge on your credit card is a lot to swallow because you’re paying for a month of food all at once. However, when you do the math, each Nutrisystem meal and snack only costs an average of about $2 each.

When you account for reduced spending on groceries and dining out, it’s quite likely you’ll actually save money every month by being on Nutrisystem!

In any event, when you consider starting a diet, it’s a good tie to assess where your money is going, and make some positive changes.

Cheaper Diet?

Nutrisystem’s $300+/monthly price is a significant expense, so is there a cheaper option?

Surprisingly, when it comes to meal delivery, Nutrisystem is actually relatively inexpensive, as diets like Jenny Craig cost much more.

If Nutrisystem isn’t in your budget I would recommend the #1 rated Weight Watchers (coupons). It’s not fair to compare the price to Nutrisystem as WW provides no food. However, if you’re thrifty and cook your own food, you’ll save money.

ww weight watchers cost

Weight Watchers Cost? Here Are the 3 Plan Options w/ Prices

ww logo

How much does WW (Weight Watchers Reimagined) cost? Whether you’re on a budget or not, it’s good to do your homework and read reviews before starting any diet.

Because of its low cost, simplicity, and high success rate, WW has become the most popular commercial diet for women and men looking to lose weight and keep it off. Read on to learn more about their plans, and how much WW will cost you.

*Update 2019: Weight Watchers is now, “WW: Weight Watchers Reimagined.” If you do join, we have exclusive coupons for up to 50% off!

WW: 3 Plan Options:

weight watchers plan options

Before knowing what Weight Watchers will cost you, you’ll want to decide on the best plan for your needs. While all plans include Freestyle and the resources of WW Digital, (formerly Weight Watchers Online Plus) you also have the option to add meetings or personal coaching. So, what does each plan offer?

  1. Digital (OnlinePlus): Great for self-starters who are busy and want flexibility. Get access to thousands of recipes, online tools, and the WW Connect online community to help motivate you
  2. Studio (Meetings)(Includes OnlinePlus) Adding meetings greatly increases the chance of success in meeting your weight loss goals. Meetings are 30-40 minutes and provide in-person support as well as motivation and accountability. Here’s how a WW meeting works.
  3. Personal Coaching (Includes OnlinePlus) Adding coaching gives you unlimited support via phone or text. Your coach will design an action plan to help you meet your goals that works for your lifestyle and schedule.

I’d compare these plan options to how people choose to exercise. While some people find that they can get up early every morning and jog a few miles on their own, (like WW Online only) others prefer to take group classes at the gym, (like WW Meetings) or add the motivation and support of a personal trainer. (WW Coaching)

WW (Weight Watchers): 2 Payment Options

Before knowing what WW will cost you, you’ll want to decide how much of an initial commitment you’d like to make.

  1. 3-Month Savings Plan: This option requires that you pay for 3 months up front, and offers the best pricing, as you can save up to 50% on your first 3 months.
  2. Pay for 1 Month Only – Afraid of making a commitment? No problem, Weight Watchers gives you the option to only pay for one month initially, but you won’t get the best discount when you join

WW (Weight Watchers) Cost Per Day, Week, & Month:

WW costs exactly the same for both women and men. Here’s a breakdown of what each plan will cost you once the new customer promotion ends:

CostOnlinePlus:w/ Meetings:w/ Coaching
Per Day:$0.70/day$1.70/day$1.85/day
Per Week:$5.00/wk$12.25/wk$13.75/wk
Per Month:$19.95/mo$54.95/mo$54.95/mo
*Starter Fee: (waived?)$20$20$20
Today's Promotion:
(20-35% discount!)
*View price*View price*View price
  • *Cost to join? The starter fee (aka cost to join or registration fee) is often waived with new customer promotions
  • WW Canada prices here
  • Click below to see today’s best promotions for these plans:
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*View their featured promotion or all WW coupons

WW FreeStyle (Weight Watchers Reimagined) Cost:

ww cost woman

You might call WW Digital with “online only” the “self-help” option of the three. With 24/7 convenience of access from any device, the Digital-only option for WW is ideal for the self-motivated man or woman on the go, and adds the online support of the Weight Watchers community. “OnlinePlus” only is the cheapest and most popular of the plans.

At initial signup you can opt to commit to only one month at a time, or signup for their 3-month savings plan, which often comes with free registration and a discount.

There is no long-term commitment with either option, although the three-month savings plan assumes that you will complete the 3-month commitment, or may have to pay a cancelation fee.

How much does it cost to join WW, Weight Watchers Reimagined? Digital (only) costs about:

  • $0.70 per day
  • $5.00 per week
  • $20 per month
  • $240 per year

*There is a $20 cost to join, but their promotion for the 3-Month Savings Plan includes free registration

Weight Watchers MEETINGS Cost: (WW Studio)

weight watchers meetings cost

Adding meetings to Weight Watchers Online is recommended, and has been proven to significantly increase success rates, with people who attend meetings losing about 3 times the weight as those who go it alone. In that spirit, the Harvard School of Public Health has said that,

“Behavioral, psychological, and social factors are probably far more important for weight loss than the mix of nutrients in a diet.”

Most people benefit from the support and guidance that meetings offer in addition to the tools and recipes that OnlinePlus offers. Their confidential weigh-ins help add accountability to your goals, which further increases your odds of success. There are thousands of local meeting locations, so check their site to see where the closest one is for you.

“One particular weekly meeting topic was ‘Believe.’ The Leader told us, ‘Visualize yourself at your goal. What does it look like to you?’ I found an old photo of myself and I started picturing myself after my goal, and I started to believe” – Lucy, Meetings member

Monthly fees will run around $50 per month, and you can often join free and get a sizable discount with their 3-month savings plan. As with the online-only option, the fee will be billed every month unless you cancel.

How much do Weight Watchers meetings cost? After any initial promotion ends, (not all meeting locations participate in the online promotions) Meetings cost about:

  • $1.70 per day
  • $12 per week
  • $50 per month
  • $600 per year

*As with all plans, it costs about $20 to join, (starter fee) but their coupon for the 3-Month Savings Plan includes free signup

weight watchers promotion banner

*View their featured promotion for Meetings (above) or all WW coupons

Personal COACHING Cost:

Do you benefit from the occasional help of a personal trainer at the gym? Some people do, and will pay for the extra assistance and motivation. That’s the concept with optional Personal Coaching.

Personal coaching provides text or phone call guidance from a professional coach alongside digital tools and an action plan designed specifically to the client.

How much is personal coaching? Weight Watchers + Coaching costs:

  • $1.85 per day
  • $14 per week
  • $55 per month
  • $660 per year

How to Calculate the TOTAL cost of the Weight Watchers diet:

retro cooking woman

If you are comparing Weight Watchers to Nutrisystem, keep in mind that, (unlike the monthly cost of Nutrisystem or the cost of diets like Medifast) the cost of WW does not include prepared or frozen food. This makes determining the true cost of Weight Watchers more dependent on how much you spend each month on groceries and at restaurants.

If you’re on a budget, consider that the average American spends about $160 per week on food, which you should add to your weekly and monthly total cost estimates for Weight Watchers.

Think of WW as tools, recipes, and a support system for weight loss that adapts to your lifestyle. While no foods are included (or off-limits), you’ll need to calculate points to stay on track.

Weight Watchers is consistently rated as one the top commercial diets, and it’s strengths include being easy to follow as well as being named the best diets for weight-loss.

More about WW (Weight Watchers Reimagined)

ww logo

Weight Watchers was formulated with a very simple concept; bringing like minds together for the purpose of support in losing weight. In the early 1960’s, Weight Watchers founder Jean Nidetch began inviting friends to her Queens home once per week to discuss the best ways to lose weight.

A housewife who lost well over 60 pounds, the program expanded to what it is today- one of the largest weight loss conglomerates averaging 48,000 meetings per week in 30 different countries worldwide.

Weight Watchers operates on the idea that participants can lose an average of 2 pounds per week using healthier methods than counting calories. The idea is to focus on the individual’s health as a whole, and not just weight loss. The diet is easy to follow, and comparable in price to other leading commercial weight loss programs. Join now!

★ Weight Watchers: Reviews | How Points Work | Cost | Coupons

medifast cost day month

Medifast Cost: Plan Prices Per Day, Month + Food

medifast logo

How much does the Medifast diet cost? One of the most important considerations when starting any diet is the price tag.

Signing up for a meal delivery program, like Medifast, can be especially intimidating because it’s a significant monthly expense.

Or is it? Let’s look at the cost of Medifast, and then consider whether it’s expensive, or a good investment for your health. (*Related: best Medifast coupons today!)

Medifast Plan Cost:

Here’s a Medifast cost comparison chart of the cost per meal, day, week, and month of Advantage (auto-delivery) program for Medifast FLEX, and GO! plans. Prices quoted are the monthly cost with auto-delivery, updated 10/09/18.

medifast go flex
Medifast Cost:Flex (Select): Flex Complete:Go Plan:
Per Day:$13.20/day$15.35/day$14.30/day
Per Week:$99/week$115/week$107/week
Per Month:$396/mo.$460/mo.$429/mo
First Month:
(with promo)
$396 $299$460 $399$429 $329
A la Carte Food:
Priced from $19.50: View meals or get coupons

*That means the cost is about $2.50 per meal. (6-7 meals per day)

As you can see, new customers can get a great deal on the first month. However, when your initial promotion ends, you’ll be billed at the higher “per month” price estimated above.

Most customers choose to signup with the “Medifast Advantage” auto-delivery program instead of buying food a la carte or a one-time kit purchase. If you do, you’ll get 10% off and free shipping on each future monthly delivery. (reflected in prices above)

Both new and existing customers may benefit from Medifast’s monthly coupons for up to 30% off your first month, or $35 off food purchases. Here’s their featured new customer promotion, and all coupons can be found here. (updated weekly)

promotion banner

*Featured promo: Get 30% Off the GO or FLEX Plan + Free Meals!

Can This Diet Actually Save You Money?

So, initially we questioned whether a meal delivery diet like Medifast is truly “expensive,” or if it has the potential to actually save you money each month.

If you’re a busy person, travel frequently, or among the 50% of Americans who say they “hate to cook,” you probably find yourself eating a lot of restaurant food. You also may not realize just how expensive that habit is.

Here’s an infographic that compares the cost of Medifast vs a day on the road:

medifast cost comparison

So, as you can see, it’s expensive to eat out. It can also be expensive and time consuming to cook, which is why meal delivery is increasing in popularity.

Medifast: Cost of Food?

To determine the cost of food, you’ll want to decide between the following two ways of being on Medifast program:

  1. Auto-Delivery: Most people who join Medifast elect to enroll in their “Medifast Advantage” auto-delivery program, as it’s cheaper and more convenient. Food costs are included in your monthly fees, and reflected in the daily and monthly cost estimates in the chart above 
  2. A la carte orders: You can also choose to buy 14 or 30-day kits and food a la carte from their site from the “order now” tab like this:
medifast food cost
Cost of Medifast food a la carte

It can be expensive to not enroll in auto-delivery, as you don’t get the 10% discount and free shipping on your food orders. However, if you’d like to try Medifast out with a single order, it’s not a bad idea. You can also get up to a $35 discount on food orders when you use a coupon.  

Add the Cost of Groceries:

buy groceries

They say that the average family spends about $330 each month on groceries, and an average of $225 each month at restaurants. When you are on Medifast, these numbers should drop dramatically, but you should still account for some spending at the grocery store. You’ll need to provide at least one “lean and green” meal per day, depending on which plan you choose:  

  • With the “GO!” plan you only need to provide 1 “lean and green” meal
  • The “FLEX” plans requires 2 lean and green meals per day

This means that if you are on the FLEX plan you might spend more on groceries each month than the Go! plan.

In estimating a total cost of being on the Medifast diet, I would add in an extra $8-10 per day expense for grocery store food to account for the lean and green meal(s).

So, adding in groceries would bring the total “all-in” cost of Medifast and food to about $20 per day.  

Putting the Price of Medifast in Perspective

There’s no denying that a $400 monthly charge on your credit card is significant, but remember that Medifast replaces most of the food you are currently buying.

As far as meal delivery diets go, Medifast a little on the expensive side, as it’s more expensive than Nutrisystem (reviews, cost, coupons), but cheaper than Jenny Craig.

Also consider that popular DIY diets like Weight Watchers (reviews, cost, coupons) may only cost $20 per month for membership, they don’t include any food. These diets could be more expensive than meal delivery diets because of the expense of buying or preparing 3+ meals per day.

Do you currently spend money on alcohol? Medifast discourages drinking alcohol, so that could be a significant daily and monthly savings as well.

Also consider that a smoking habit costs about $6 per day, and a cup of coffee at Starbucks can cost $4 or more! That makes the $13 per day cost of Medifast look like a pretty good investment for your health.

* Another good potential investment is the $3 a day cost of owning a cat, which can be highly rewarding!

How to Lower the Cost?

There are two easy ways to save when joining Medifast:

  1. Enroll in the Medifast Advantage auto-delivery program which includes a 10% discount and free shipping on every order
  2. Use a coupon for a 30% discount on your first order, or up to $35 off a single purchase

Every week there are promotional codes and offers available towards your first month of Medifast, or a discount towards a minimum purchase of food.

Click to see today’s featured promotions, or check out all Medifast coupons here.

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*Featured promo: Get 30% Off the GO or FLEX Plan + Free Meals

Want to learn more about Medifast? We wrote a review of the program here. If you’ve already tried it, let us know what you think of the cost by leaving a comment below: