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Weight Watchers: 7 Worst Cocktails, Alcoholic Drinks You Can Order

diet bomb

Worst alcoholic drinks to order on a diet – When you’re on a diet, you work hard to look good in the Summer. However, it’s also the time we make the biggest mistakes when ordering alcoholic drinks.

The typical bar and restaurant menus are loaded with landmines for diets like Weight Watchers, and most men and women have no idea how bad many cocktails, daiquiris, and alcoholic beverages are for their weight loss goals.

Here’s a list of the worst alcoholic drinks that you can order on a diet along with their copious SmartPoints totals. Oh, and if you have type 2 diabetes, please stay at least 5 feet away from these drinks at all times!

1.) Mudslide – (24 SmartPoints) 

mudslide worst diet drink

I wonder how many people google “mudslide nutritional info” like I just did? That phrase is an oxymoron, because when you add kahlua and Irish Cream together, there isn’t much nutrition happening. Actually, the mudslide recipe on kahlua.com encourages you to, “add some chocolate flakes on top, because… who says you can’t indulge?”

Um, I say you can’t! Unless you are planning on enjoying a single, annual mudslide to kickoff the Summer, (or, if an asteroid is hurtling towards Earth) it’s better to spend an entire day of Weight Watchers Points elsewhere!

Weight Watchers has a recipe for a healthier Mudslide-alternative here (3 SmartPoints)

2. Piña Colada (12+ SmartPoints) 

pina colada calories

“Yes, I like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain
I’m not much into health food, I am into champagne…” Escape, Rupert Holmes

“So bring me two pina coladas, 
One for each hand, 
Let’s set sail with Captin Morgan,
And never leave dry land…” – Two Pina Coladas, Garth Brooks

Good songs, but bad choices! You’re really getting onto a boat with a pirate and two high-calorie alcoholic drinks?

Why doesn’t someone write a song about making a good decision with a sensible drink? It would have been a much better influence if Garth had written the song about decluttering his bedroom while sipping on a Pinot Grigio instead!

As for you, Rupert, I’m glad you like “getting caught in the rain” because those piña coladas are going to rain calories and Weight Watchers points down on your unhealthy ass!

Anyway, frozen pina coladas may be Puerto Rico’s national drink, but they can be more like  Hurricana Irma hitting your Weight Watchers points if you aren’t careful.

Pina coladas combine rum, creme of coconut, and pineapple juice for a sweet treat high in sugar and fat. If you have “one for each hand,” you can double the 400-600 calories in each. Also, I hope you like fruit, because you might not have any SmartPoints left over after indulging in a couple frozen daiquiris.

All daquiris are sweet and alcoholic which makes them high in calories and carbs, and a natural enemy of Weight Watchers (reviews), and most diets.

If you’re craving a pina colada, try coconut water and rum on the rocks with a splash of pineapple juice instead.

*Better alternative: Weight Watchers Pina Colada recipe (7 SmartPoints)

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3.) Long Island Iced Tea (12+ SmartPoints)

long island iced tea alcohol

With a Long Island Iced Tea, rum, vodka, gin, tequila, triple sec, sour mix, and cola come together like Voltron (or, perhaps, the “A-Team”) into a pint glass to attack your blood sugar levels (and hips) with 425 calories. Long Island Iced Teas are super-sweet, which is a big red flag for any diet-friendly drink.

There’s just no way to make a real Long Island Iced tea acceptable for diets like Nutrisystem, as they ask you to only have 1-2 alcoholic drinks per week., and an L.I.T would obviously wreak havoc on your blood sugar levels. If you’re ordering a Long Island Iced Tea, at least make sure it’s made with fresh ingredients instead of standard sour-mix.

4.) Zombie (12+ SmartPoints) 

zombie drink diet

The zombie, or “skull puncher,” was originally concocted to help people stop thinking so much, and just chill out. However, if you’re on a diet and order a Zombie, you might already be in a thoughtless, half-dead state.

Most zombie recipes call for 3 types of rum totaling over a double-shot (3oz) of alcohol. Most zombie recipes also calls for absinthe, which I believe killed more French people than Robespierre in the 19th Century. By the time this walking dead cocktail is complete, you’ve got a sweet drink with about 400 calories and 13 carbs.

Some bartenders even light the rum floater on the top of this drink on fire. Well, that’s ironic, because you’ll have to burn a lot of calories to get a Zombie out of your system!

5.) Large Margarita (10-12 SmartPoints)

margarita drink weight watchers

Salty and sweet together with Tequila in one over-sized glass or fishbowl? Yum, how could that be bad for your diet? Assuming a large margarita is twice as big as a small one, you could be looking at twice the 350 calories! The fishbowl variety can go up to 32 oz., so please don’t drink one or you’ll be looking at 32+ Weight Watchers points! (Do people drink out of fishbowls in other countries, or is that an American innovation?)

Actually, the worst part about Margaritas is that you rarely drink just one, and will probably devour a bowl of tortilla chips or nachos in the process. (Why does alcohol make you hungry?) The high salt and sugar content means that if you have a couple margaritas, you’re likely to end up dehydrated with a headache.

There’s nothing wrong with a single, regular-sized margarita without salt, though. Just make sure it’s made with real agave syrup and fresh lime instead of the usual industrial-strength sour-mix you’ll get at most bars.

*Good alternative: Weight Watchers Margarita Recipe (4 Points)

6. White Russian (10 SmartPoints)

white russian calories

I love the Big Lebowski, and “The Dude” famously loved his White Russians. I hope he wasn’t on a diet or lactose-intolerant, as White Russians mix vodka and Kahlua with Whole milk or, at worst, heavy cream (Ugh!) for up to 500 calories and a load of saturated fat.

So, once again you’re combining sweet with creamy, which are both no-no’s on a diet. A White Russian will cost you about 9 SmartPoints.

Runners Up: Grasshopper (10 SmartPoints), chocolate martini, (9 SmartPoints) Mai Tai (9 SmartPoints), Amaretto Sour (8 SmartPoints), Irish Coffee (8 SmartPoints).

7. Cosmopolitan (9 SmartPoints)

cosmo weight watchers drink

Although they’re a favorite on Sex and the City, Cosmo’s aren’t very diet-friendly. Even though they look small, pink, and friendly, they can pack 300 calories and 7g carbs each. The sugar from the cranberry juice isn’t helpful, and confirms that sweet drinks are usually bad for a diet.

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On a Diet, Diabetic, or Counting WW Points? Tip: Avoid Sweet or Creamy Drinks!

You’ll notice a common theme on this list of worst drinks for Weight Watchers: the drinks are all sweet. If you are counting points, avoid any drinks that are sweet and/or creamy in bars and restaurants, and anything made with ice cream or with the word “slushie” in it. (God forbid!)

If you’re drinking at home, stay away from liqueurs, and avoid any sweet or heavy wines and beers. Dry wines and light beers are a good choice for the occasional alcoholic drink, and a simple vodka and soda with a lemon or lime makes for a Weight Watchers or diet-friendly alternative to sweet and fancy options.

nutrisystem alcohol

Nutrisystem & Alcohol: How Much Wine, Beer, & Liquor Can You Drink?

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Can you drink alcohol while on Nutrisystem? There are a number of reasons why alcohol can be the enemy of diets like Nutrisystem, but they have recently softened their stance to allow an occasional glass of wine, beer, liquor, or cocktail. (Liquor? I don’t even know her!) 

If you are on Nutrisystem, or thinking about joining, here’s what you need to know about Nutrisystem & alcohol.

First, Why Alcohol is Bad for Nutrisystem (Or any Diet)

There are a few reasons why drinking alcohol is counterproductive to weight loss. First, know that when you drink alcohol, your body hits the “pause” button on all the good things that it was doing and turns its attention to getting rid of the alcohol.

That means that when you drink alcohol, your body takes the energy that it was using to burn fat and uses it to burn off the booze instead. That’s obviously going to affect your body’s ability to lose weight, and whether Nutrisystem will work.

Alcohol has been shown to specifically affect your body’s ability to burn fat around your hips and belly. This is most evident in what people call a beer belly or “muffin top.”  Ironically, drinking too much beer may be preventing you from seeing your own “six-pack!”

Nutrisystem: “Skip All Alcohol the First Week”

Nutrisystem starts with Fresh Start, a fast-weight loss phase with the goal of losing 13 pounds in the first month. This initial more restrictive week is intended to regulate your blood sugar levels and metabolism to prime your body for an extended period of weight loss. Basically it’s a cleansing time for your body, which has to be broken of bad eating habits and cravings.

During this week Nutrisystem asks that you refrain from alcohol including wine and beer that may throw a wrench into the goals of this transitional phase.

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Nutrisystem: “Limit Alcohol to 2 Drinks Per Week”

wine serving funny

Nutrisystem used to discourage drinking alcohol altogether, but they realize that it isn’t realistic to eliminate all alcohol, especially at events or social gatherings. For this reason Nutrisystem Fresh Start now says you can have 2 alcoholic drinks per week, preferably on different days. They also ask that you make good choices when ordering beer, wine, or cocktails. Here are some tips for drinking alcohol on Nutrisystem:

Skip Sweet Alcoholic Drinks

By nature sweet alcoholic drinks are a double-whammy for diets like Nutrisystem and the South Beach Diet  as they are high in bad carbs and sugar. These sugary drinks can quickly wreak havoc on your blood sugar levels by raising them quickly before they come crashing back down. Regulating blood sugar is central to Nutrisystem and even more important if you have Type 2 Diabetes, or are on Nutrisystem D.

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If you are choosing a bar drink, skip anything that is sweet. This includes sweet or dessert wines like Riesling, Moscato, fruit-flavored, wine coolers, and Port wine. Oh, and don’t even think about ordering a Long Island Iced Tea, anything blue, or drinks served in a fishbowl like a giant Margarita or daiquiri. Those tropical drinks they sell at pool bars are the enemy of any diet. (Plus, you might wake up with a new tattoo, laying next to someone named “Delroy.”)

Also, sugar can slow down your body’s ability to absorb and eliminate alcohol which why drinking sugary alcoholic drinks can lead to a headache or hangover.

Tip: Replace the “tonic” in a mixed drink like a vodka tonic with seltzer and a lime. Surprisingly, tonic has a ton of sugar (32 grams!), carbs, and calories. That’s almost as much sugar as a soda, while seltzer has almost none.

Mind the Drink Serving Size

They say that everything is big in Texas, but that’s usually true for al of America. We like big things, and expect big portions when we go to restaurants and bars.

In fact, did you know that 25 years ago an average bagel was 140 calories, but today your average bagel is twice as big and 350 calories? Same goes for sodas, pizza, and just about everything else!

Our ever-increasing portion sizes are one of the reasons why we have an obesity epidemic in America and have to spend billions of dollars on diets like Nutrisystem in the first place!

This portion-size problem is evident at the bar as our wine, beer, vodka, and cocktail portions are often too big.

Nutrisystem & Wine:

drink wine empty stomach

Can you drink wine on Nutrisystem? Yes, but only a maximum of 2 glasses per week, preferably on different days.

Wine is a favorite drink choice for women and men on Nutrisystem, and it’s a relatively good one. However, there are a few things to consider.

If do you drink wine, choose dry wine instead of sweet wine. Also check the alcohol level or “ABV” (alcohol by volume) on the label. Choose wine with an ABV under 12% because less alcohol equals fewer calories.

Also, pay attention to the serving size, as it’s an important variable. A glass of wine should be 4 oz., but most restaurants and bars now pour closer to a 5 oz serving; that’s 25% more than recommended, and part of the “portion problem” in our country.

If you’re drinking at home, familiarize yourself with what a 4 oz. pour of wine looks like. You should get 6 glasses of wine out of a standard 750 ml bottle of wine. If you’re pouring yourself a glass of wine, you can measure it out as 1/2 cup (4 oz.) before putting it into your favorite wine glass.

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Tip: To cut down on alcohol and calories, turn your glass of wine into a wine spritzer. Just mix 3 oz. cold white wine with 1 oz. of cold club soda and garnish with a lime wedge. That’s 25% fewer carbs and calories than a glass of white wine!

Nutrisystem & Beer:

beer serving size
All glasses of beer are not equal

Can you drink beer on Nutrisystem? Yes, but only two 12oz. glasses or cans per week, preferably on different days.

I find that in the Summer nothing tastes as good as an ice cold beer on a hot day. So, if non-alcoholi beer doesn’t cut it for you, here are a couple of things to consider if you are on Nutrisystem.

First, light beer is a better choice. It has about 30% fewer calories and half the carbs of regular beer.  Also, stay away from fruity, sweet, dark, or heavy beers.

Second, a glass of beer should be 12 ounces. Most bars and restaurants now serve pints (16 oz.) which is 33% more beer, carbs, and calories!

Note that generally wine is more diet-friendly than beer as wine has about 35% fewer calories and carbs than beer.

Tip: On a hot day, why not drop an ice cube into your beer? Not only will it keep your beer cold, but when it melts the extra 1 oz. of water will make your regular beer “lighter” and give you a couple of extra sips.

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When You Drink Alcohol, Eat (Healthy) Food

healthy veggies snacks

We naturally eat more when we drink alcohol, because alcohol makes us hungry. The worst part is that we usually make bad choices of what to eat, especially from a bar or Happy Hour menu. For this reason, Nutrisystem asks that you eat a healthy snack or meal with your drink.

Food that’s high in protein and/or fiber will help make you feel more full and curb unhealthy cravings for carbs like pizza, chicken wings, and nachos. If you’re at home, consider having one of your Nutrisystem meals with your alcoholic drink.

Tip: Don’t drink alcohol on an empty stomach! That will only increase your carb cravings and increase the alcohol’s affect on your blood sugar levels.

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When You Drink Alcohol, Drink Water!

You already know that diets like Nutrisystem and their other program, the South Beach Diet, stress the importance of drinking enough water daily. It helps keep your body’s systems running smoothly, increases your metabolism, and encourages healthy weight loss.

For this reason it’s a good idea to drink a glass of water before and/or after each alcoholic beverage. If you’re at a bar, they should be happy to give you a glass of water with (or after) your beer, wine, or cocktail.

Tip: If you’re out at a bar or restaurant consider ordering a seltzer with a lemon or lime wedge. This is great in social situations if you think drinking a glass of water will make you look like a square. To everyone else at the bar it looks like an alcoholic drink, so there’s no reason why you can’t feel like you’re part of the group, even if you’re not drinking alcohol.

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Nutrisystem & Alcohol: In Summary…

funny alcohol diet

Although alcohol is not off-limits on Nutrisystem, you do have to be smart. Alcohol has 7 calories per gram, which means it’s very calorie-dense (the only thing more calorie-dense is actual fat!) and by nature not diet-friendly. Consider that a mere 1.5 oz shot of vodka has 100 calories, and when added to mixers, the carbs and calories can really add up.

The whole point of Nutrisystem and the South Beach Diet is to structure what you eat to curb cravings, control your blood sugar levels, and speed up your metabolism for weight loss. Nutrisystem is an investment not only of money, but your time and energy as well. Drinking too much alcohol can cancel out all those good things you’re doing for your mind and body, so just be smart about what you drink!

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Have you tried Nutrisystem diet? Write a review and let us know if it worked!

drinking wine make you fat

Does Wine Make You Fat? Wine Carbs & Calories (Red + White)

Does wine really make you fat? Wine. Many of us love it, some people swear by it, but it definitely comes with a mixed bag of reviews when it comes to the question of its health benefits and whether or not its responsible for your trousers getting a little bit tighter. In the interest of being all informative, here’s some interesting info we found out about wine which can help you beat the bloat when it comes to having a cheeky glass or two.

Why Does Wine Make you Gain Weight?

Whether we like it or not, wine is alcohol and alcohol is known to cause havoc with our metabolism. Though there is no fat in wine, when we drink alcohol, our bodies try their hardest to metabolize it, use its energy and get rid of it. Unfortunately for us, this means that when you start having a few nibbles with your vino (cheese is usually a fatty culprit), your body will not process any of the food you’ve eaten until its broken down and used the energy in the alcohol.

It has also been reported that after drinking alcohol we can eat up to 30% more food than we normally would. So, we need to be a little more vigilant before going in for that extra serving of fries or dinner rolls.

Wine Has No Nutritional Label, So Check the “ABV”

Because wine doesn’t come with a nutritional label, it’s hard to tell exactly how many carbs and calories are in a glass. The best way to estimate is by looking at the “ABV,” or alcohol by volume on the label or back of the bottle.

Generally the higher the alcohol content of the wine, the more carbs and calories.

Pure alcohol has 7 calories per gram but contains no carbs, which have 4 calories per gram. This means that alcohol is about twice as fattening as carbs, and a wine with a lower alcohol content will have fewer calories. For this reason aim for an ABV of about 10-12% if you want to consume fewer calories.

Dry wines that usually have a higher alcohol content include Zinfandel, Amarone, and Shiraz.

Tip: Sweet Wine Has More Calories Than Dry Wine

wine fat funny

The amount of alcohol is important in estimating calories, but so is the sweetness. As a rule, sweeter wines have more sugar which means more calories and carbs. That means sweet sparkling wines and Champagne should be avoided, as they typically can have about 175 calories per glass.

If you are looking to celebrate with some bubbly, look for brut nature varieties of Champagne, sparkling wine, and Cava (Spanish version of Champagne.)

Even though a bottle of wine doesn’t give you calories and carbs, we can make some estimates based on the “varietal,” or kind of wine.

White Wine: Calories Per (5 oz.) Glass

  • Chablis: 110 calories
  • Chardonnay: 120 calories
  • Pinot Grigio: 110 calories
  • Reisling: 115 calories
  • White Zinfandel: 110 calories

Red Wine: Calories Per (5 oz.) Glass

  • Burgundy: 125 calories
  • Cabernet Sauvignon: 125 calories
  • Merlot: 125 calories
  • Moscato: 130 calories
  • Sangria: 145 calories
  • Pinot Noir: 125 Calories
  • Zinfandel (Red): 125 calories

Red Wine Has (Slightly) More Calories Than White

White wine and red wine typically have a similar caloric value. Though red wine tends to have more calories than white wine, as red usually contains more alcohol than white.

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The typical number of calories in a 5 oz (150 ml) glass of wine is about 120-125, and a glass of wine will cost you 5 WW SmartPoints. Although red wine generally has more calories, take a look at the alcohol content (ABV) to determine whether that number is higher of lower. A dry wine with an ABV of only 9 will have about 102 calories per glass, while a sweet wine with an ABV of 14 will have about 142 calories.

As you can see, both red and white wines have about 120 calories per glass. Also. even though some types of wine have slightly more calories, they still have fewer calories than an average glass of beer which contains about 155 calories.

White Wine: Carbs Per (5 oz.) Glass:

  • Chablis: 3.4 g carbs
  • Chardonnay: 3.3 g carbs
  • Pinot Grigio: 3.3 g carbs
  • Reisling: 5.6 g carbs (sweet!) 
  • Sauvignon Blanc: 3.1 g carbs
  • White Zinfandel: 4.2 g carbs

Red Wine: Carbs Per (5 oz.) Glass:

  • Burgundy: 5.5g carbs
  • Merlot: 3.6 g carbs
  • Moscato: 6-8 g carbs (sweet!)
  • Cabernet Sauvignon: 3.8 g carbs
  • Pinot Noir: 3.3 g carbs
  • Shiraz / Syrah: 3.8 g carbs

Sweet Wines Have More Carbs Than Dry Wine

Sweet wine has more carbs because of the higher sugar content. Still, it’s relatively low in carbs compared to other alcoholic drinks like beer and cocktails. In fact, an average light beer has about 7 carbs, so as a rule wine is lower in carbs than beer.

Tip for Fewer Calories & Carbs: Choose Wines from Europe

Wines from France, Italy, and Germany tend to have less alcohol than wines grown in warmer climates. That’s because a higher climate increases the sugar content of grapes, leading to a higher alcohol content in the wine.

These European countries are also stricter with regulating alcohol content, so you’re less likely to find wines with high ABV.

Weight Gain from Drinking Wine Likely Caused By Increased Appetite

wine funny valentines day

It’s probably not worth spending more for exotic kinds of wine that save you a carb or 20 calories. Instead, know that drinking wine can lead to weight gain because it makes you feel hungry, and you’re likely to end up snacking.

So, how do you curb these “wine munchies?” Try eating a protein before drinking wine. Think mixed nuts or maybe some hummus with veggies. Having some protein in your belly will make you feel more full when you’re drinking wine.

Also, be sure to drink enough water, as it will rehydrate you and help flush the alcohol through your system.

Which Wines Won’t Make You Fat?

If you are counting points with Weight Watchers or on a diet like Nutrisystem or South Beach, you’ll know that drinking alcohol is generally frowned upon. (Related: Nutrisystem & Alcohol

So, in short, if you’re on a diet you should drink no more than one glass of wine per day, and be mindful of snacking while or after you drink. (They actually had a whole WW meeting to discuss why we get cravings, and alcohol was a big reason.)

Also, in recent years, there has been a plethora of new ‘diet’ wines launched on to the market. For example, weight watchers have their own brand of wine, Cense, which is grown in New Zealand and is just 85 calories per glass.

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Though this is a great way to cut back, experts have criticized the overall quality of such wines. This is because in order to ditch the calories, something has to be cut out somewhere, right?

Producers either cut the sugar content or the alcohol content, which, overall has a detrimental result on the taste of the wine. They have been known add water (also known as ‘Jesus Units’) to these wine products to reduce the alcohol content, meaning you get a substandard quality of wine but for the same price that a normal bottle would cost you.

wine funny meme diet

There is also another way to drop the calories on wine, but is used less often because it is complicated and time consuming. The technique of reverse osmosis can be used to reduce the alcohol content in the wine and thus reduce calories.

Overall, you can definitely choose to drink these wines, but the calorie deficit isn’t that great and more often than not, the health benefits you get from the ‘full-fat’ version are usually nonexistent. And, to be fair, for the sake of 35 calories, wouldn’t you just rather hit the treadmill for an extra couple of minutes?

A glass of wine has way less calories than a pint of beer. Also, relatively speaking, anything can make you fat, especially if you’re consuming excessively. Wine won’t make you fat if you drink in moderation as part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Also Consider the Health Benefits of Drinking Wine!

As mentioned above, wine can have many health benefits, which you can usually only benefit from if you are drinking the real product (i.e. no calorie cutting wine).

It’s been reported that women that tend to be light drinkers, i.e. don’t binge, but have the occasional glass or two with dinner, actually have a healthier BMI over long periods of time in comparison to those who either binge drink or try to go the teetotal route.

Wine is also bursting with antioxidants, and it’s not just red wine, white wine is actually known to have equal if not higher amounts of antioxidants than red wine. These antioxidants can even help you reduce your chances of getting cancer, according to a study carried out at Harvard.

Wine is also great for the immune system and is perfect for warding off infections. This doesn’t mean we can drink gallons though, moderation is key or the opposite effect can happen. Wine has also been proven to reduce the risk of heart disease and of strokes and can even lower your Cholesterol levels. Cognitive function has also been known to increase from just a single glass of wine and can prevent brain neurons dying, reducing dementia rates.

So, what do you think? Does wine really make you fat? As part of a balanced lifestyle, we think not, the health benefits are overwhelming and as long as you aren’t binging and exercising regularly, wine can be the perfect accompaniment to your evening meal.

In Conclusion

At about 120 calories and 4g or carbs, a few glasses of wine a week won’t make you fat. If you are on a diet, know that white wine has slightly fewer calories, and be mindful that a higher alcohol content equals more calories.

Probably the most important thing to remember is that it’s not the glass of wine that’s high in calories, it’s the food you’re snacking on while you drink!

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