South Beach Diet Promo Code, Signup Coupons – 2018

coupons for south beach diet
South Beach Diet coupons: The South Beach Diet is based on more than just dropping pounds, and promises that you can “lose weight while getting in shape.” In fact, they claim that you can lose 9 pounds in your first week with delivery of their high-protein, low-carb (prepared) meals combined with a healthier lifestyle.

If you’re interested in this diet, you can read our review to learn more about how it works and the cost, or take advantage of the best South Beach Diet promo codes and coupons below for up to a 40% discount:

*Tip: The 40% off promotion is the best deal, as it locks-in the discounted rate “forever.”new

Top South Beach Diet Coupons for :

south beach diet top coupon

south beach diet meals

Sample meal from Phase One, South Beach Diet Menu

Best Deal? Use the “40% Off” Promotion + Stack a Promo Code!

Need more proof that you should go with the 40% off promotion? Here’s what you get:

best coupon south beach diet

this is the best coupon (screen shot) – Notice, “40% off EVERY order”

Best coupon: Here’s what you get:

  • 40% off EVERY order (Not just your first!)
  • 7 free South Beach Diet Complete shakes
  • Free FedEx Shipping
  • Free shaker bottle (with South Beach Diet promotion code above)

Here’s how to get it: 

  1. First, click on the 40% off coupon to apply the discount
  2. On the second screen of checkout, use the promo code “SHAKER” for a free shaker bottle ($9 value)
  3. Make sure estimated shipping says, “free” like this:

use south beach promo code

Sweet! Well, keep doing your research, but if you decide to signup for the South Beach Diet, you’ll know which coupon to use for the best price!

*The South Beach Diet costs about the same as Nutrisystem, (similar diet, see our review to compare!)

Don’t forget: Use a Promo Code for a Free Shaker!

south beach diet specials

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Even though a discount is applied when you click over to, don’t forget to use a discount code for an extra freebie! The South Beach Diet includes shakes, so getting a free shaker bottle is a nice bonus valued at about $10.

Comparing Coupons: The “Renewal” Price Is the Key

If you linger on as a new customer, you might get a popup window with their “best” coupon for $50 off like this:

south beach diet coupon 50

If you activate the coupon (instead of clicking the snarky, “I don’t want to save” link!) you’ll get a seemingly unbeatable offer.

In fact, you’ll notice that your first month of the South Beach Diet is less than any other promotions. Sounds great, right?

Actually, this is misleading, as you must look at what the coupon renews at after the first month:

south beach compare coupons

Notice what the payments will renew at after the first month

  • The $50 off coupon saves you $50 on the first month, but it will renew at a higher price
  • That makes the 40% off coupon a better deal, as it locks in the discounted price for as long as you stay with the diet!

Over time this really adds up. In fact, after 12 months, the 40% off coupon saves you an extra $225!

A Healthier Life (You Don’t Need a Promo Code for That!) 

So, if you do decide to signup, use a South Beach Diet promo code and you’ll feel good about getting the best price online. However, no matter how much money you save at checkout, the feeling isn’t as good as looking in the mirror and seeing positive, sustainable change in yourself.

The South Beach Diet offers monthly meal delivery of high-protein, low carb foods to help you reach your weight loss goals. Is it right for you? If you’re not sure, you can read reviews to help decide. Either way, thanks for stopping by!