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South Beach Diet Costs? Here Are the Latest Prices (New!)

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Cost of the South Beach Diet: One big consideration with any diet is whether it fits into your budget.

The South Beach Diet (review) delivers prepared meals every month to your door, so your out-of-pocket expenses appear higher than a diet which requires you to cook or buy your own food. This can be misleading, as their prepared meals replace most of the meals that you’re buying now.

Ok, so how much does the South Beach Diet cost? We breakdown the daily, weekly, and monthly costs for you to help determine whether it fits into your budget and lifestyle.

South Beach Diet Cost: Per Day, Week, Month

Here are the estimated prices for joining the South Beach Diet. Notice that men pay more, and your expenses drop significantly when you use a coupon.(best price!)

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South Beach Diet Plan:Silver:Gold:Platinum:
(Sale price)
(Sale price)
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The Cost Depends on 3 Things:

As you can see, the cost depends on 3 variables:

  • Which plan you choose (food variety costs more)
  • Your gender (men pay more)
  • Which promotion you sign up with

For each plan, you’ll get a cost per day and month. If you click on a promotion, that discounted price will be applied to the quoted prices. (see below) 

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Compare promotions by looking at the cost per day

Use a Coupon; Get a Lower Price:

Like other similar diets including Nutrisystem (cost) and Bistro MD, the cost is greatly reduced when you use a coupon to lower the price. Like these comparable diets, The South Beach Diet offers new customers a pretty sweet deal at signup, so take advantage of it.

  • -
    Ongoing Promo
    Lock in the best price through this link. View promotion:

*Tip: Be sure to use a coupon that locks-in a lower monthly rate for future orders. Some promotions only drop the price on your first month. That means even though your initial expense will be less when you signup, it will renew at a higher rate in the future.

The South Beach Diet for MEN Costs More:

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The people at the South Beach Diet might be all about gender equality, but the simple fact is that men need to eat more food.

This extra food accounts for why the South Beach Diet for Men costs more.

It’s the same with Nutrisystem for Men, and other diets that supply food tailored to gender.

Note: Adding Snacks & Shakes Will Raise the Price

When you go through the signup process at, you’ll have the opportunity to add protein bars (10 for $20) or shakes. (28 for $50)  These are great, but make sure they fit into your budget before adding them.

You can always add these extras later, or buy protein bars or probiotic shakes in bulk elsewhere online to save money. Ok, onto the cost!

3 Reasons The Cost May Be Less Than You Think

While it seems that diets involving meal delivery cost a lot, the price might actually be less than you think. There are three reasons for this misconception:

  1. During Phase One You pay for an entire month of meals at once each month (ouch!)
  2. These meals replace most of your grocery store bills, which cost about $230 per month, as well as most of your restaurant meals, which cost about $220 per month (per adult)
  3. Pre-made meals also save you hours of preparation time each month (time is money!)

Diets like Weight Watchers might be great, but their cost is deceptively low because they don’t include any food. So, having said that, let’s dive into how much it really costs to be on the South Beach Diet

So, How much does it cost to do the South Beach Diet?

You can estimate that the diet costs about $300 per month for both men and women. Although their meals and snacks replace the ones that you are currently buying from the grocery store and restaurants, you should still factor in some additional spending on fresh fruits and vegetables.

Most Meal-Delivery Diets Cost About the Same:

weight loss plans cost

Diets involving monthly meal delivery all seem to be in the $10-12 day ($300/month) range, which is where the South Beach Diet falls. Actually, it looks like South Beach is within $1 per day of Nutrisystem. That’s no accident, as these commercial diets have done a lot of research to see how much people are willing to pay.

It looks like that magic number falls around $300 per month, which is about $150 less than your average car payment, and about the same amount each household spends monthly fueling their cars.

Not interested prepared meals or committing to a big monthly payment? There’s a popular South Beach Diet book available for about $10 for do-it-yourselfers!

You can also consider Weight Watchers Online, which is consistently rated by U.S. News as the #1 Commercial Diet.

*The South Beach Diet is ranked as the #7 Best Commercial Diet by U.S. News, (just below Nutrisystem)


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