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6 Great Weight Loss Shakes (aka Smoothies) for Fat Burning

It should come as no surprise that Americans spend over sixty billion dollars a year on weight loss and health products. One health industry that is expanding is the nutrition shake market. While many prepaid options exist, it is very easy to make your own shakes at home. Unsure where to start? Keep reading below […]

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How to Find Workout Clothes That Suit You Perfectly

Dressing for success doesn’t only apply to the corporate world. If you want to make the most out of your fitness goals, you have to invest in good workout clothes. And by invest, we don’t mean buy more cotton shirts in different colors. You have to get proper gear – tanks, leggings, sneakers, sports bra, […]

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Eat Pears! Here’s the (Surprising!) Weight Loss & Health Benefits

The simple pear is, frankly, no one’s favorite fruit, is it? A bit of an outcast in the fruit world, it’s never the first snack that comes to mind. After all, arguably, strawberries, apples, and bananas are far superior in taste, and no ice cream or candy is made in “pear” flavor. Plus, when you […]

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Medifast Reviews: (Good & Bad!) So, Does It Really Work? • 2018

The reviews are in for Medifast: Before starting any diet, it’s crucial to do your homework. What works for one person may not be a good fit for another, and such is the case with Medifast. Let’s take a look at how Medifast works as well as the many reviews and ratings of the diet to determine […]

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Hypnotherapy & Weight Loss: Does It Work? (Usually!)

When it comes to hypnosis, the reference that many people have is a stage performer who entertains an audience by making his volunteer subjects quack like a duck or do silly things like hop around the stage on one foot. While this type of show can be fun to watch, it often misleads people into […]

South Beach Diet Reviews: Does It Really Work?

Our review: does the South Beach Diet Work? In the U.S. today, 7 out of every 10 people are considered overweight. This number continues to grow each year. Whether that is the result of our DNA or our love of fast food and fatty meals is unclear. What is clear is that with obesity at an […]

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Nutrisystem: How This Diet Works (and Does It, Really?)

★ Nutrisystem: Reviews | Does it Work? | For Men | For Women | Cost | Coupons Does Nutrisystem really work? You’ve seen the commercials, heard the celebrity endorsements, but may be wondering, “How Nutrisystem work, and DOES it actually work? First, here’s an overview of how it works: Intro: How Nutrisystem Works Nutrisystem is a monthly meal-delivery […]

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How the Weight Watchers Point System Works (w/ Freestyle) • 2018

★ Weight Watchers: Reviews | How Points Work | Cost | Coupons How do Weight Watchers points work?   The point system is central to Weight Watchers, and has undergone a few significant changes over the years, but basically you are allotted a number of points every day based on your age, weight and gender, […]