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Medifast Coupons, Specials – 2018

Medifast changes lives by producing results: Recommended by thousands of doctors since its development in 1980, the highly-rated Medifast diet helps you to lose weight quickly while teaching you to eat healthy.

Knowing that obesity is both a physical and emotional struggle, Medifast is passionate about helping people live a healthier, happier lifestyle. Here are the best new deals to help trim down the cost of their “Go(fast weight loss) and “Flex(gradual weight loss) plans, plus promo codes for up to an extra $35 off meals:

Top Medifast coupons for :

  • -
    Through 3/01/18
    Plus 35 free meals! GO plan = faster weight loss. View promo:
  • -
    Through 3/01/18
    + 21 FREE shakes! Flex = gradual weight loss. View promotion:
  • -
    Through 3/01/18
    Regular priced Medifast meals & shakes. Get promo code:
  • -
    Through 3/01/18
    Plus FREE Shipping! Regular priced meals. Get coupon code:
  • -
    (Free Shipping!) Ends 3/01/18
    Regular priced Medifast meals & shakes. Get promo code:
  • -
    Adaptations for: Diabetics, vegetarians, gluten-free, & seniors
  • -
    Exercise guides, food journal, Diabetes, using w/ Coumadin, etc
  • -
    Ends 4/01/18
    Any order of food over $350. Get discount code:

*Medifast coupon tips:

  • Special offers for Go! and Flex plans are for NEW customers, & usually include free shipping and free shakes
  • Promo codes are good towards regular priced meals and shakes, and can’t be combined with most other coupons or promotions
  • Pricing: We did some research into how much how much Medifast costs here

Coupons: What’s the Best Deal?

Currently there are two types of coupons:

  1. New customer (signup) promotions: These coupons give you up to a 30% discount on any 30-day kit with the “Advantage” rewards program (auto-delivery) with the GO or FLEX plan
  2. Dollar-off coupon codes: These you can enter at checkout if you are making a one-time purchase of a Medifast kit or food. (can’t be combined with other promotions) 

So, what’s best? Right now there is a 30% off promotion that’s best for new customers, or codes for $15-35 off (w/ minimum purchase) your order that’s best for existing customers or one-time purchases.

Where Do You Enter a Coupon Code?

Although some promotions may automatically be applied to your shopping cart, it’s often necessary to enter a coupon code. This is the case for existing customers who are not using a signup promotion.

To do so, just finalize your selections, and then click to view your shopping cart. Under the “promotions and discounts” section, you’ll see a field that says, “code.” Just type in your code there, and click apply like this: enter_medifast_coupon After doing so, you’ll get an itemized description of the discount or free items that you are eligible for. Medifast used to offer “dollar off” coupons, but now have moved to giving you discounts, a welcome kit, & free shipping with Advantage sign-up instead.

Medifast Promo Code Not Working?

Upon arrival at you are offered an introductory promotion as a new customer. Usually this is an offer to join their “Go” or “Flex” plans at a discounted price with free shipping.

Most coupon codes will not work towards special promotions and already discounted meals. Some codes also stipulate, “one use per customer,” so if you have already taken advantage of a discount code once, it may not work again.

Is it Possible to get Free Shipping?

medifast diet mealsYes, the good news is that as an Advantage member your monthly meals will ship for free. This includes 4-week Go! & Flex packages, and food orders over $250.

This is one of the biggest perks to being a member, and can save you a significant amount of money on each order.

For orders under $250, you’ll need a promotional code to get free delivery, if one is available.

Hmmm… Is This Diet right for me?

Like any diet or weight loss program, you are encouraged to speak with your physician before beginning. The diet works by encouraging frequent, smaller meals that have a low glycemic index.

What this means is that the meals are digested slowly, reducing the speed that glucose is released into your blood stream. Ideal for many diabetics, this causes you to feel fuller for longer periods of time without denying you of important nutrients and vitamins. There are also new diabetic and gluten-free options available for special diets.

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  1. Any new coupons?

    They used to have a $50 off coupon for existing customers. Do you think that discount will come back?

  2. Celeste

    When I choose their Achieve promo, I don’t even see a place to enter a coupon. Am I to assume you can’t stack codes on top of the new customer offer?

  3. Mike Pence

    I just realized that if you are a new customer, or have created a new medifast account, you get a better discount from their first-time customer promotion than any coupon codes. The codes won’t work anyway towards the GO or Flex promotional offer because it’s already discounted; You can only use a code towards regular priced meals!

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