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Nutrisystem Cost per Day, Month? Here’s How to Get the Best Price

women talk does it workHow much does Nutrisystem cost? Nutrisystem claims that you’ll “lose weight, improve your health, and have more energy,” but what’s the price, and does it really work?

The actual price tag of the diet depends on a few factors including which plan you choose and which promotion you signup with. Their pricing can be a but confusing, so we researched how much the Nutrisystem diet will really cost on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Nutrisystem Prices by Plan:

How much Nutrisystem costs depends on which plan you choose. Here are the daily and monthly prices after applying their best current popular tv promotion for 40% off: (updated 9/18/18)

nutrisytem plan costs

Nutrisystem Plan:
(w/ 40% off promo)
Apply discount
Apply discount
(Most popular)
Uniquely Yours:
(Top rated)
Uniquely Yours PLUS:
(Most variety)
(Core Diabetes)
$100 off Promo:
(*Core, first month)

Nutrisystem also offers an optional DNA Blueprint kit at checkout for an extra $99, or $50 with coupon.

*We recommend Nutrisystem’s 40% off promotion because the promotional price is locked in. Other offers, like their $100 off coupon are less expensive the first month, but then increase in price after the initial 1-3 month promotion ends.

*You can lower the price when you use a promo code for an extra $20-30 discount!new

Monthly Price Depends 3 Things:

nutrisystem monthly renewal cost

The price of Nutrisystem depends on these three factors:

  1. Your gender (Men pay a bit more than women
  2. The plan level – Increased food variety costs more
  3. The promotion you signup with

There are four plan levels to choose from. Generally the price difference of these plans reflects the variety of frozen and non-frozen prepared meals that are included. (you pay more for increased variety) 

Signing Up? How to Get the Best Price:

There are several promotions available for their 28-day plans, (auto-delivery) that yield different costs per day and month. That means the cost can vary based on which promotion you signup with. This can be confusing, so to get the best price you should:

  1. Sign up using their 40% off promotion (below) to lock-in the best price
  2. Use a promo code for an extra $30 off your first month
  3. Refuse any offers at checkout like their DNA kit or extra bars

nutrisystem save40 coupon*Is there a better deal? View today’s top 5 Nutrisystem couponsnew

Coupons: Nutrisystem also runs seasonal promotions including New Year’s for those of us who make an annual resolution to lose weight! You can find the latest signup specials & coupons

How Nutrisystem Can Save You Money

save money

While on Nutrisystem you’ll spend less at the grocery store and at restaurants. In addition to saving you hours of time on meal planning and prep, their prepared meals replace most of the meals you’re paying for now.

Here’s how Nutrisystem can save you money each month:

  1. Cost of Groceries: They say that groceries cost the average woman about $250 per month, and the average man about $300 per month. (source) Let’s estimate that while on Nutrisystem your grocery bill is cut in half, which means it will cost $5 per day for supplemental food.
  2. Cost of Dining Out: Most people eat at restaurants less frequently while on Nutrisystem, so this is another area of potential cost savings. The average meal outside the home costs about $13 per person, so if you eat 1-2 fewer meals out while on the diet, the savings can add up
  3. Cost of Alcohol: Alcohol isn’t good for any diet, including Nutrisystem. That’s why they ask you to only consume 1-2 alcoholic beverages per week. Reducing your alcohol intake is healthy and can also save you a lot of money!

You still have to buy food: Although spending in these areas is reduced while on Nutrisystem, it’s not completely eliminated. They do ask you to supplement their meals with fresh fruits and vegetables and allow for several “flex meals” each week consisting of one breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack on your own.

If you are currently spending $400+ per month on food and drinks, you can see how being on Nutrisystem could result in a significant cost savings. I would estimate that while on the diet your current food spending should be cut in half. In some cases this savings is enough to pay for the monthly cost of Nutrisystem. 

Is Nutrisystem Worth the Money?

nutrisystem logoConsider the following when determining the cost of Nutrisystem:

  • It can appear costly because you pay $300 in one payment per month
  • It is not a significant extra expense because Nutrisystem will replace most of the meals that you currently pay for
  • Nutrisystem will significantly reduce the amount of time you currently spend planning and preparing meals
  • Nutrisystem’s prepared, pre-portioned meals can be considered a more efficient and cost-effective way to eat, as Americans currently waste half of the food that they buy (grocery stores, etc)
  • The cost of Nutrisystem is not expensive compared to other meal delivery diets like South Beach and Jenny Craig

Although being on a diet or weight loss program can seem expensive, think of it as an investment in your health.

The Nutrisystem plan isn’t for everyone, but it’s strength is convenience. People who wish to have more freedom in what they eat can consider the Weight Watchers diet, which has no prepared meals or restrictions, but requires you to count points.

You can see our posts Nutrisystem vs Weight Watchers or Nutrisystem vs Medifast for more detailed comparisons.

nutrisystem save40 couponView today’s top 5 Nutrisystem couponsnew

4 thoughts on “Nutrisystem Cost per Day, Month? Here’s How to Get the Best Price

  1. Pam - Monthly Cost?

    How much is nutrisystem? I used to have a subscription, but discontinued it due to the price, so I’d like to know if there is a cost difference for your second order.

    1. Missy Woodruff Post author

      Pam – There are three plan options for women: Basic, Core, and Uniquely Yours. The more variety of food you would like, the more it costs, but the average is $10-12 per day, or $350 per month.

  2. Corrine

    Does the cost ever go up, or can u assume that there will be no billing surprises on your credit card? might join for 6+ months, but it’s already at the top of my monthly budget.

  3. Elenore

    how much does it cost to join nutrisystem? is there a subscription / membership fee, or do u just pay for the 28 day program? i don’t want to sign up unless i know how to join


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