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Ear Acupuncture for Weight Loss (Can You Hear Me Now?)

Acupuncture and Weight Loss – New research from South Korea suggests that ear acupuncture may help you lose weight. That’s what I call sticking it to fat! (sorry, I had to say it)

In the study, patients received acupuncture needles in alternating ears over the course of two months. The results showed that those who did receive the acupuncture treatment lowered their BMI (body mass index) more than those who didn’t.

How does ear acupuncture work?

Although treatments may differ, the basic idea is that a number (about 5) of tack-like needles are stuck into acupuncture points in the ear.

These locations in the outer ear are linked to other parts of the body including the stomach, spleen, and endocrine system to reduce hunger and increase metabolism. (A magnet may also be worn on the ear to suppress appetite, and I’ve also read about the use of electric pulses.)

ear acupuncture chart
ear acupuncture chart

Just one of your ears has dozens of acupuncture points, so if you see someone with needles or auriculotherapy beads in their ear, it doesn’t necessarily have to do with weight loss. Their specific location may be intended to help with stress and achieve balance as well. (As seen in this recent photo of celebrity Penelope Cruz)

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photo credit: c. alvarez / getty images

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Should You Consider Ear Acupuncture to Lose Weight?

Like any diet or weight loss program, you should do your research first, and it’s not a bad idea to run it by your family doctor. The medical community seems to disagree on the effectiveness of acupuncture in general, but it’s been popular in Asia for thousands of years, (Justin Bieber could only dream of such a legacy) and many people find it very effective.

“Nothing is certain except death and taxes.” – Ben Franklin (source)

Also, consider acupuncture as just one part of a strategic approach to weight loss. Eating chicken wings on the couch with needles in your ear isn’t going to shed pounds, but combined with a proven weight loss program (like Weight Watchers?) diet, and exercise it might just help.

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