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Weight Watchers Canada | Reviews, Cost, & Coupons • 2019

ww canada logoWeight Watchers Canada, eh? The Weight Watchers dieting program originated in Queens, New York in the 1960s when founder Jean Nidetch led living room discussions with her friends about how to lose weight.

From these informal gatherings, Weight Watchers eventually grew to be one of the most highly-ranked weight loss programs available to dieters, and the most popular commercial diet in Canada!

If you’re thinking of signing up, read our review on the program and cost, and be sure to use this week’s featured coupon below for up to a 50% discount.

Weight Watchers Canada Coupons:

Before we get into our review and details about pricing, let’s look at today’s best deals and specials for WW Canada:

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WW Canada: Français
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You can choose to join at the promotional rate for up to 6 months. Or, if you aren’t sure you’ll stick with Weight Watchers Canada long term, you can join for only one month, if you’d like. Also, you’ll never have to worry about entering a promo code, as discounts are applied instantly when you click over to their site.

*Coupons and promotions for their U.S. plans are here. Ok, want to learn more? Read on!

Weight Watchers Canada: Program Details

greetings from canada postcard

Despite its New York origin, Weight Watchers does not only cater to American participants. It’s possible to take advantage of this highly-ranked weight loss program if you reside outside of the United States. Dieters in Israel, France, New Zealand, Canada, and beyond can lower their risk of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity by enrolling in the Weight Watchers Freestyle Program.

Weight Watchers may be increasingly available to all, yet its international programs differ from country to country. In this post, we’ll be reviewing Weight Watchers programs available to Canadian residents. If you’re considering Weight Watchers Canada as your next dieting solution, this one is for you!

Weight Watchers Canada offers all Canadian citizens an opportunity to fundamentally alter their relationship to food, health, and well-being via its Freestyle Program. According to the Weight Watchers Canada website, the Freestyle Program is a new-and-improved WW addition, honing the renowned Smartpoints system and offering participants enhanced mobility, dieting freedom, and access to community.

There are currently two different Freestyle plans available to Canadian citizens: Meetings + Online and Online Only. Here’s what you can expect from both plans.

Online Only

The Weight Watchers Canada Freestyle Online plan is best for on-the-go dieters who are eager to take advantage of a host of “e-tools” designed to self-manage SmartPoints and dieting choices.

WW Online Only participants get access to:

  • Individual goal-setting and progress-tracking (digital)
  • SmartPoints tracking via the WW Online app
  • FitPoints tracking of physical activity via the WW Online app
  • 4,000+ recipes and motivating articles
  • 24/7 Expert Support
  • Social Connect (members-only social community)

It’s important to note that the Online Only plan is ideal for “self-starters” (Weight Watchers Canada’s words) who feel confident in their ability to manage their dieting and fitness goals digitally (and on their own!).

The Weight Watchers Freestyle Program is not, after all, a meal delivery service like Nutrisystem. It requires participants to craft their own meals that fit within the scope of daily SmartPoint allotments and attempts to hold dieters accountable via community (Social Connect and Meetings).

Meetings + Online

The Weight Watchers Canada Freestyle Meetings + Online plan gives participants access to everything they’d receive with an Online Only plan. In addition to these, Meetings + Online Freestyle dieters have access to the following:

  • Weekly, in-person meetings led by WW experts
  • Staff support, goal-setting, and progress tracking

According to its website, Weight Watchers Canada recommends the Meetings + Online plan as these in-person meetings are “where the magic happens.”

Indeed, Weight Watchers meetings are known for their capacity to build community and provide the support dieters require to reach their goals; these meetings are led by experts who have been through the program themselves.

The best part about this plan? Weight Watchers Canada offers meeting locations in all ten provinces, meaning that it is available to most any dieter currently residing in Canada.

*Related: How do meetings work?

Weight Watchers Canada: Cost

Weight Watchers Canada is always offering promotional discounts to first-time dieters. Be sure to browse your options prior to signing up as these can dramatically reduce overall program cost.

  • WW Canada Online: $23 per month (Canadian)
  • WW Canada + Meetings plans cost about $56 per month (Canadian)

*Tip: The costs above are the renewal rate. You can get a lower initial price for up to 6 months when you sign up through this week’s new customer promotion. If you’d like to see costs for the U.S. program, click here.

Not sure if this cost justifies what Weight Watchers offers its dieters? We have some thoughts about that here!

Weight Watchers Canada: Reviews

diet woman eating sushi

According to its website, Weight Watchers Canada encourages dieters to eat what they love; no food is “off the table.” Their app is allegedly very easy to use, enabling easy tracking, flexibility, and instant access to inspiration.

Also according to its website, (formerly Weight Watchers Canada claims that participants in a six-month clinical trial of the Freestyle Program “saw great weight loss and impressive changes on and off the scale.” The success stories do indeed highlight the usual slew of inspiring weight loss journeys, replete with positive career and relationship changes.

But what do the reviews of the Canadian Weight Watchers programs have to say?

It’s difficult to find consumer reviews specific to Weight Watchers’ Canadian programs, community, and customer service. However, the Freestyle Program itself is generally well-received by dieters, particularly those who enroll in the Meetings + Online plan.

Positive reviews on Consumer Affairs cite significant weight loss as a result of healthy eating choices via the Freestyle Program, ranging from 4 to 10 pounds per month. Others mention their appreciation for the Freestyle Program’s excellent recipes available to participants of both Online Only and Meetings + Online plans.

In general, the Freestyle program’s app and updated SmartPoints tracking features are very user-friendly, according to the bulk of reviews. One reviewer, pleased with the support of his Weight Watchers community, sums up his experience with the Freestyle program rather aptly: “WW offers the only program that is a lifestyle, not a fad.”

Negative reviews referring to the Canadian Weight Watchers program do briefly mention the difficulty of navigating the Canadian website; one other notes that the Canadian programs do not seem to have much information about Canadian restaurants or grocery stores and bemoans the fact that Weight Watchers Personal Coaching (a feature of U.S. Weight Watchers programs) is not an option yet for Canadian citizens.

This is perhaps the greatest disadvantage of the Weight Watchers Canada Freestyle Program: it only offers two dieting plans for users and limited Meetings locations.

More general negative reviews refer to cost, first-time member sign-up fees, and poor customer service, yet these are relatively consistent across diet review platforms.

Overall, however, it’s fair to conclude that, while distinct from its U.S. counterparts, the Weight Watchers Canada Freestyle Program is keen to help all Canadian citizens transition to a healthier, happier life in the easiest and most supportive way possible.

Tip: Always Use a Coupon or Promo Code at Signup!

There’s always at least one weekly promotion available for WW Canada, so make sure you don’t pay full price. If you aren’t in a hurry and this week’s deal isn’t great, wait a few days and see if next week’s coupon is better. During peak season, like New Year’s, you can get up to a 50%  discount on the cost at signup!

Want more Weight Watchers Reviews? We’ve got you covered!

If you don’t like the idea of a DIY diet like WW, consider Nutrisystem, the most popular meal delivery diet.

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WW (Weight Watchers) Reviews | Here’s How it Works. Does It? • 2019

ww logo

WW Freestyle Program Review: It’s no accident that WW (formerly, “Weight Watchers”) “Wellness that Works™” is the number one name in weight loss. In fact, it was recognized again this year as the “Best Weight Loss Diet” by U.S. News.

But exactly how does WW work, how much weight can you lose, and how does the new Freestyle program work? Let’s see what we can we learn from all of the reviews and ratings online by examining the following:

What is WW, Wellness That Works? (formerly Weight Watchers)

Got 2 minutes? The video above is a great overview of WW, “a lifestyle, not a diet,” learn more.

WW isn’t just a diet, and for decades their weight loss plan has evolved and taken millions of women and men on a journey of positive, lasting change.

In fact, they challenge you to, “move more, eat well, connect with others, celebrate victories, overcome challenges, and reach what you never thought was possible”

Wow, that’s really inspiring, did Oprah say that?

How Does WW Digital (formerly Weight Watchers OnlinePlus) Work?

OK, apparently everyone is losing weight, I get it. But, how does WW work?

WW is based on a science-backed SmartPoints system that assigns every food and beverage a points value based on nutrition. Foods that have more saturated fats,  sugar, and empty calories get assigned higher point values while foods high in protein and “good” carbs have lower point values. No food is off-limits, but you’ll have to limit portion sizes make good food choices.

Each day you have a certain number of points called, “SmartPoints,” to spend on food, which helps to teach you good eating habits. For example, grilled salmon with asparagus will cost you zero SmartPoints, while a cheeseburger is going to cost you 12 points! See where we’re going with this?

weight watchers promotion coupon

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What Is the WW Freestyle Program?

ww freestyle

WW’s new Freestyle program adds more flexibility and healthy foods that cost zero points. This encourages you to eat more fruits, veggies, and lean protein, while skipping foods high in sugar and bad carbs. Freestyle also lets you rollover unused points to other days (think travel and vacations) when you need them more.

Most diets end in failure because they are based on food restriction which tends to make your cravings for unhealthy foods even stronger. The philosophy of Weight Watchers is to teach you good eating habits so that you enjoy sustainable long-term weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

*Changes made in the new Freestyle program are a bit controversial, which we discuss in the reasons for negative Weight Watchers reviews below. 

*Related: WW Points list: See the 99 most tracked foods

3 WW Plan Choices: Online Plus, Meetings (Studio), or Personal Coaching

compare weight watchers plans

While all WW FreeStyle plans include Digital (formerly Weight Watchers Online Plus), you may want to consider adding the personal interaction and motivation that you get by adding Studio (formerly Meetings) or Personal Coaching. Here’s what each of the WW plans offer:

  • WW Digital (formerly, “Online Plus”): The cheapest option, but still full of features, and helpful tools. WW Digital includes the WW app to track your food and daily Smart Points anywhere at anytime. You also have access to their thousands of searchable online recipes plus encouragement from the WW online community with “WW Connect”
  • WW Studio (formerly “Meetings”): Choosing WW Studio will cost more, but significantly increases your potential success rate. Attending meetings adds the powerful component of personal support, motivation, and accountability. *More: How do WW meetings work?
  • WW Coaching: If you like the idea of meetings, but it doesn’t work with your schedule, consider adding personal coaching. You have all the features and tools of WW Digital and the phone and text support from a personal coach of your choice. Your Coach will create an action plan that works with your lifestyle and personality

Really, which plan you choose is a personal preference. Although studies suggest that adding meetings increases the success rate, you shouldn’t feel that meetings are required, especially if they don’t fit into your busy schedule!

How the WW App Works:

The WW app is central to their entire program, as it’s what you’ll use to track your points, and access their resources such as WW Connect. (formerly “Weight Watchers Connect”)

WW Connect is their social network consisting of thousands of other women and men who are using WW to reach their weight loss goals. It helps to provide you with support and motivation, two crucial factors in successful weight loss. You can access Connect right from your phone to share photos, recipes, weight loss updates, posts, and more.

Here’s how the WW app works:

weight watchers app iphone

The app looks a little different on Android / Samsung, but basically the same.

Does WW Work?

does weight watchers work

In order to determine whether WW really works, let’s look at ratings and reviews from users and experts to determine a success rate.

Because there are no published WW success rates. However, emphasizes the fact that most participants lose at least one pound a week if they stick to program requirements. , but do they really?

For a better measure of success rate, lets look at Weight Watchers’ satisfaction ratings from hundreds of (honest) customer ratings on

Customer Satisfaction / Success Rate:

The best source of honest WW customer ratings is, so let’s look at how 1050 users rated WW: (Updated 1/02/19)

Assuming that 4+ stars means that WW (no longer “Weight Watchers”) worked, we can assume an 80% success rate based on 1050 user ratings.

These customer ratings are consistent with a 2017 Lancet study of WW efficacy which concluded that long-term participants lost over twice as much weight than individuals who sought short-term intervention and self-help weight loss solutions. These participants committed to the program for at least a year and were also able to maintain their new weights more effectively.

It should also be noted that WW success stories focus on one thing: WW as a permanent solution for long-term change. Many dieters are able to keep their new weights because of conscious lifestyle modifications; most stay with the program for months and even years, going on to become WW mentors and personal coaches.

From this perspective, WW is highly successful; usually working for those who are receptive to its principles and commit to long-term healthy lifestyle choices.

How Much Weight Can You Lose on WW?

The goal of WW is to lose weight at a sustainable pace of about 2 pounds per week or 6-8 pounds per month. Depending on your starting weight you could lose more in your first month as your body reacts to your healthier food choices and fewer bad carbs.

You should also note that weekly weight loss can fluctuate, so the monthly weight loss total is most significant. Now, let’s look at how the experts rate WW.

WW: Expert Ratings

weight watchers freestyle reviews

Let’s look at how WW rates compared to other diets. Here’s how a panel of weight loss experts rated WW in several key categories: (2018 U.S. News)

  • Rated #1 in: Best Commercial Diet Plan
  • Rated #1 in: Best Fast Weight Loss Diets
  • Rated #1 in: Best Long-Term Weight Loss Diets
  • Ranks #2 in: Easiest Diets to Follow
  • Ranks #3 in: Best Diabetes Diets

In the important, Easiest to Follow category, (rated #2) experts stated that,

“Weight Watchers outperformed most of the other ranked diets on this measure. Why? You’ll get enough to eat, you don’t have to eliminate any favorites and there’s a strong emphasis on emotional support, which tends to lead to a higher success rate”

For their rating in the all-important, Long-Term Weight Loss category, (rated #1) they also added,

“Thanks to WW (Weight Watchers) emphasis on a balanced diet with no restrictions, experts named WW No. 1 in this category. They also appreciated the program’s support system, which helps dieters keep the pounds off.”

More Expert Ratings:

scientists test whether Weight Watchers really works

To support the claim that WW does work, let’s look at more expert ratings from professionals and credible authorities.

“WW (Weight Watchers) is one of the most well-researched weight loss programs available. And, yes, it works.” – Brunilda Nazario, MD

That sounds pretty promising coming from a doctor! Here’s what the American Journal of Medicine found in their study, specifically noting the effectiveness of adding WW Studio:

“In summary, this study found that participants in a community-based, intensive behavioral counseling program demonstrated significantly greater weight loss at 6 months compared with participants in a self-help condition…

These findings suggest that the WW program is effective in promoting significant weight loss in community-based settings and is a viable referral choice for clinicians’ patients diagnosed with obesity.”

*Credible Study: A study by Indiana University concluded that in a study of 225 obese adults with pre-diabetes, those who used WW (formerly Weight Watchers) lost “significantly” more weight (and more improvements in their health) than a control group of people who attempted to lose weight on their own. Although no actual success rate was published, the results seem to affirm that WW works.

*WebMD says: When asked if WW works, WebMD reported that, “Overall, (Weight Watchers) is an excellent, easy to follow program because it does the work for you… great for people with high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, and even heart disease.” 

In conclusion I would say that when followed properly, WW does work and results in significant weight loss, especially if you add meetings with WW Studio, and use the app.

Why WW (Usually) Works:

women cooking ww food
Um, Sally… are you sure you want to eat cake for breakfast?

OK, an impressive majority of customers and experts agree that WW works, so let’s talk about why it works. There’s usually a very significant emotional component involved in eating. For this reason, a DIY approach to weight loss usually ends in failure, because in a sense you’re fighting yourself. (that’s a battle you can’t win!)

Alcoholics Anonymous was founded on the principle that “a great personal addiction or struggle requires an attention shift away from the “self” to a higher power with the support and fellowship of others.”

I believe that adopting a healthy lifestyle can be a similar struggle, and requires some degree of support from others.  WW offers “WW Connect” as a supportive app-based social network to their members, as well as optional in-person weekly meetings for fellowship, connection, and accountability.

Those who embrace the social component to the WW program enjoy a much higher success rate, and I believe that is the “secret sauce” of why WW works.

WW (formerly Weight Watchers) Customer Reviews:

customer reviews weight watchers

Honest customer reviews are probably even more important than how doctors and weight loss experts review WW.

Consumer Reports: It’s worth noting that WW is the top-rated commercial diet with Consumer Reports readers, earning an impressive 74/100 score, and an “excellent” score in 4 out of 6 categories.

Now, let’s take a look at customer reviews from and examine common complaints and positive praise for the diet:

WW: Negative Reviews

thumbs down

There’s a lot to like about WW, and plenty of testimonials out there, but let’s look at why WW didn’t work for a lot of people. When people complain or want to write a negative review, they often do so at Let’s look at the nearly 1000 reviews and 500 ratings to see what customers complained about:

So, how is it that the #1 rated commercial diet gets so many online complaints? Here are the top 5 complaints we found in negative WW reviews:

  1. Freestyle (New Points System) “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” – Bert Lance. The most common complaint in recent WW reviews is that customers don’t like the new Freestyle program. Specifically, a lot of long-time members say that Freestyle encourages them to eat too much, and they aren’t losing enough weight. Even though FreeStyle still uses “SmartPoints,” a lot of people feel the old points system was more structured, more effective, and that there are too many new ZeroPoint™ foods. For a lot of current members, adapting to the new Freestyle program was an unwelcome disruption to their routine.
  2. Tech Support “For a list of all the ways technology has failed to improve the quality of life, please press three.”  – Alice Kahn.
    WW is most effective when you take advantage of the online features and tools and the WW app. A number of people had frustrating tech problems including with the WW app, synching WW to FitBit, and accessing the Coaching feature.
  3. Misleading Fees / Billing – When you sign up as a new customer you get a lower, promotional rate for up to 6 months. After the promotional period ends, you are automatically billed at a higher price. For OnlinePlus this is $19.95/month, and for WW + Meetings it’s $54.95/month. You are also responsible for buying all of your own food, so most of the actual cost of WW is in your grocery bill. If you prefer prepared meal-delivery, you can consider plans like Nutrisystem or South Beach Diet, although with these diets you’ll pay for your food all at once each month. ($300+ monthly)  
  4. Early Cancellation Fee “If you have purchased a subscription and are currently on a 3-month plan your subscription is non-refundable except according to the special refund circumstances policy and subject to law…” – refund policy. Most people join WW by taking advantage of the 3-month Savings Plan for new customers. What they don’t often realize is that your initial signup is a contract and therefore non-refundable or has an early termination fee of $39.95. However, if you stay with WW past your initial commitment, you can cancel any time.
  5. Just Download a Free App Instead” – A number of negative reviews mention regret for having not just downloaded a free weight loss app instead of paying for WW. There are some great free or cheap weight loss apps out there including MyFitnessPal, SparkPeople, FitBit, and Lose It! Of course, you should consider the value of the WW community, recipes, support, and the highly-rated WW app for tracking and counting points. It can get a little lonely on some free apps!

WW: Positive Reviews

review good

OK, there are lots of good reviews and testimonials out there too, so let’s try to be fair and balanced like Fox News (um, right!?) So, here’s what customers like best about WW:

  1. WW FreeStyle Program – Yes, customers biggest complaint is also their favorite part of the program, so you could say the Freestyle plan is a bit controversial among members. For all the people who wrote negative reviews about it, there are a lot more people who really like it and think it’s an improvement. While change is often hard, a plethora of reviews champion the new flexibility… even Oprah!
    “The Freestyle program has made WW easier than ever. ZeroPoint™ foods are what keep me full, with pointed-foods there to supplement and make it fun. I don’t feel like I’m on a “diet” at all.” Bea of Miami, Fl
  2. The Price – WW is probably the least expensive commercial diet, consisting of online resources, tools, recipes and community with optional meetings. This means that at $20 per month, WW OnlinePlus can fit into any budget. A lot of customers think it’s a terrific value, even with Meetings and Coaching  costing more (about $50 / month).
  3. The WW Community – “Now you see me going through it, you may think there’s nothing to it, but I simply cannot do it Alone! – Velma Kelly, Chicago the Musical
    Reaching your weight loss goal (estimate yours!) is more likely when you get support from others. Positive reviews often praise their supportive online community, Connect. A number of people even mentioned making long-lasting friendships online and in meetings.
  4. “Easy to Return To” – Many reviews are from women and men who tried WW (when it was, “Weight Watchers”) years ago and are returning.
    “I am a returning member to WW. When I quit, thinking I can do it on my own, I gained most of my weight back. When I returned, not only was I welcomed but I was also not judged. This encouraged me to get back on the right path and the Freestyle program is perfect for me. I’m happy to be back.” Margaret of Washington, DC.
    Since the cost is minimal, ($20 / month) you can quit Weight Watchers after a number of months or years and come back again in the future.
  5. The Meetings – “I love the leader of the meeting and feel the meetings really inspire, and push me towards my goal!” Karen of Rocky Hill, CT
    “I’ve done online only, but the only thing that really works for me is meetings combined with online/app. I have lost weight with other “diets” but truly feel that WW is a lifestyle and not a diet.” – Debbie of Tulso, OK
    Are you the type of person who benefits from personal interaction? WW Studio (meetings) offers both encouragement and accountability, and are proven to increase the success rate of WW up to 50%.
  6. “WW Not Just a Diet” – “I feel like I have a whole new life. WW is great, because I’m learning how to use real food for a healthy lifestyle while staying active. I cook my own dinner, go out to eat, eat pizza, and I am still on program. It is something I can do for the rest of my life!” – Meredith of Chapel Hill, NC

Well said, Meredith, and a healthy lifestyle with better food choices is the core of the WW plan.

WW Testimonials (Video)

Personally, I think it’s inspiring to know that thousands of others are facing the same challenge that I am. That’s why real testimonials can be motivational to watch. Such is the case with the testimonials from actual members that are posted on Here’s an inspiring video testimonial of a women who made a lifestyle change with WW:

More video testimonials on their site here

WW “Wellness that Works,” isn’t a miracle pill or a weekend cleanse, it’s a lifestyle. It’s more than just losing 10 pounds for a wedding, and asks you to challenge yourself to live a healthier lifestyle. That’s why it’s rated the #1 commercial diet, and has helped millions of men and women reach their weight loss goals and live a healthier life without giving up the foods they love!

weight watchers promotion coupon

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WW Online Plus: Your Own Review?

Have you tried WW Freestyle? Rate this diet and let us know if it worked for you:

does weight watchers work

Does Weight Watchers Work? Yes, Most of the Time, Here’s Why!

weight watchers logoDoes WW really work? The Weight Watchers diet currently ranks as the #1 diet for weight loss and #4 overall diet, according to U.S. News and World Report. In fact, Weight Watchers offers dieters one of the safest and most nutritionally sound dieting programs available.

Weight Watchers has maintained this reputation for quite some time. Yet this hasn’t kept prospective dieters from wondering if it truly works.

Does Weight Watchers really work, and who is likely to benefit most from this dieting program? Well, here’s the short answer: Weight Watchers works for most people, delivering an average weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week. However, there are a number of variables to consider including your starting weight, commitment to the WW program, metabolism, and activity level that will ultimately determine how much weight you will lose.

Read on for insight into success rates and more for this renowned diet. (*If you’re interested, check out our exclusive coupon for up to 50% off!)

How does Weight Watchers work?

Weight Watchers is a dieting program designed to help dieters lose weight by adopting a new mindset of health consciousness. This mindset keeps nutrition at the fore, encouraging participants to “watch their weight” by becoming deeply aware of food’s nutritive makeup and its role in their lives.

Instead of tediously counting calories, a process nutritionists find increasingly detrimental to weight loss goals, Weight Watchers participants count points assigned to foods based on their nutritive value. Ingredients with higher fat and sugar content will have more points–i.e., “cost” more–than those low in saturated fats and high in crucial proteins.

Weight Watchers’ new FreeStyle program assigns a daily SmartPoints value to dieters according to their biometrics, gender, and age, which you then track daily on the WW app.

Dieters thus have the freedom to eat what they choose during the day, provided the total points hover at or below their daily SmartPoints value. In general, the Weight Watchers diet rewards dieters who consume foods high in protein but low in saturated fats, bad carbs, and processed sugars.

In addition to mindful eating, Weight Watchers programs incorporate fitness goals to help you meet your goal weight. The FreeStyle program costs about $20 per month, and helps hold dieters accountable to their goals by connecting them to personal coaches, meetings, and more. You can begin your Weight Watchers journey at any given time, and many participants stick with the program beyond its “completion.”

ww featured promo*View their featured promo (above) or see more coupons

How much weight can you lose?


Weight Watchers claims that most dieters lose 1-2 pounds per week when following program guidelines. This is not a guarantee by any means, but many participants are able to lose up to eight pounds per month or more when following the Weight Watchers diet.

That doesn’t sound like a lot, but remember, WW aims to achieve sustainable long-term weight loss through healthy lifestyle changes that become lifelong habits. This is not a fad diet, or just a way to lose 25 pounds for a wedding next month. You could even think of the weight that you do lose as a welcome side-effect of living a healthier life.

Participants who tackle their fitness program in addition to their eating choices are more likely to lose more weight over time, although Weight Watchers emphasizes that regular exercise is not critical to achieve weight loss.

Who is likely to benefit from Weight Watchers?

Individuals who are looking for a lifestyle change with respect to their holistic health are likely to benefit the most from Weight Watchers, and find that it works with their lifestyle. Time and again, the most incredible Weight Watcher success stories discuss dieters’ desire for a new claim on life.

On their website, Weight Watchers states the potential health benefit to losing 10% of your body weight, including:

  • A healthier heart
  • Lower risk of Type 2 Diabetes
  • More energy
  • Self-confidence & motivation

The program can be particularly essential for people facing compromising to severe medical conditions and health issues on account of their current dieting and fitness habits. Overweight or obese individuals are at greater risk of heart disease and Type 2 diabetes, making them ideal candidates for this program.

Weight Watchers can be the dieting solution for people who want the freedom to eat what they choose without needing to restrict calories. In fact, no food is off-limits in the Weight Watchers program; dieters simply have to ensure they stay below their daily SmartPoints value.

WW also doesn’t require participants to exercise every day or even exercise to lose weight. People who hate exercising or are resistant to fitness will welcome Weight Watchers’ approach to weight loss, which believes that healthy eating choices alone can promote fat loss.

Lastly, Weight Watchers is suited for people who are willing to commit to their health. The Weight Watchers program is easy to follow but it does require that participants constantly manage and maintain their weight loss efforts–and communicate about them!

Why does Weight Watchers Work for Some People (and not others)?

does ww really work

Real customer being asked whether Weight Watchers works by authority figure

Weight Watchers is less ideal for people looking for quick fat loss or short-term dieting solutions, or prefer the convenience of a meal-delivery diet like Nutrisystem. Because it emphasizes an evolving mindset about the nature of food and fitness, it is not likely to be successful for individuals seeking dramatic weight-loss in the span of a few weeks.

*Related: Weight Watchers vs. Nutrisystem: Which is Better?

This diet does require a high level of commitment, although the program and community are incredibly nurturing, supportive, and intensive. Participants who don’t feel ready to match this commitment or don’t like monitoring their nutrition intake will likely experience lower success rates than others.

Some people also prefer to count calories, restrict certain foods, and lose weight quickly via alternative methods, like exercise programs or “fat-blasting” diets. Weight Watchers is truly suited for those who genuinely want to alter their approach to food and health for good. Learn more

*Weight Watchers Canada Promo Codes here

Weight Watchers Success Rates

Weight Watchers success stories are plentiful. But what is the overall success rate of this dieting program?

As of this time, there is no definitive, universal success rate for Weight Watchers dieters. A 2015 study noted that WW dieters lost 2.6% more weight than individuals who implemented portion control. Weight Watchers itself emphasizes the fact that most participants can lose at least one pound a week if they stick to program requirements.

Yet the many WW success stories focus on one thing: Weight Watchers as a permanent solution for long-term change. Many dieters are able to keep their new weights because of conscious lifestyle modifications; most stay with the program for months and even years, going on to become WW mentors and personal coaches.

A 2017 Lancet study of Weight Watchers efficacy concluded that long-term participants lost over twice as much weight than individuals who sought short-term intervention and self-help weight loss solutions. These participants committed to the program for at least a year and were also able to maintain their new weights more effectively.

From this perspective, Weight Watchers is highly successful for those most receptive to its principles and keen for long-term aid.

Final Thoughts: Does Weight Watchers really work?

So, given the evidence, does Weight Watchers really work?

Although WW has also rated been the #1 Weight Loss Diet (by U.S. News) for several years in a row now, the answer to this question will hinge on every participant’s unique relationship with food, health, fitness, and lifestyle. Commitment to change, dieters’ biometric makeup, and fitness goals inevitably influence success rates of any dieting program, most especially Weight Watchers.

However, Weight Watchers is an effective dieting solution for individuals seeking a long-term solution to unhealthy or medically compromising lifestyles. It’s a wonderfully easy alternative to calorie-counting or restrictive diets, and it does not require a new exercise regime for success.

In fact, the diet’s new Freestyle program gives dieters a refreshing and fun perspective on healthy, transformative eating habits. Learn more about this program and its reviews here, or click below to see toay’s offer for new customers:

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weight watchers goal weight

Weight Watchers Goal Weight? This Calculator Will Estimate Yours Now:

ww logo

How Weight Watchers calculates your goal weight: Women and men of all types join Weight Watchers, so how does WW determine what your goal weight is?

When you first join Weight Watchers, you’re encouraged to first set a goal of losing 10% of your starting weight, with a minimum weight goal of at least 5 pounds less than your joining weight.

On they state that, “Losing just 10% of your body weight means lots of great news for your health.” They then add that the many health benefits of slowly losing 10% of your body weight include:

  • Reduce risk of developing type 2 diabetes
  • Improves blood sugar control
  • Can improve sleep and energy levels
  • Can improve breathing
  • Decreases risk of heart disease and certain cancers
  • and so on

Using a weight loss goal of 10% of your body weight is a good start, but a pretty rough estimate of an actual healthy goal weight for your height. Here are 3 better ways to estimate your long-term Weight Watchers goal weight:

#1. WW Goal Weight Calculator:

So, you want a better estimate of what your Weight Watchers goal weight is? Everyone has different goals based on starting weight, personal goals, lifestyle, and metabolism, but we can calculate a healthy weight based on a few simple questions. We made this sharp little calculator to help determine your goal weight:

What’s a healthy weight for your height and body type?

So, for example:

  • A 5′ 6″ female with an average frame will have an estimated WW weight goal of 135 pounds.
  • If you’re a 6′ 2″ man with a large frame, your WW goal weight would be about 185 pounds

This calculator should give you a quick Weight Watchers goal weight estimate. Ok, still not a precise number until we take into account other factors like your BMI, but a pretty good estimate!

If you sign up for Weight Watchers they will give you a more accurate goal weight. (see below)

#2. Setting Your WW Goal Weight:

Here are questions to ask yourself when setting a WW weight goal:

  1. Is there a weight that you have weighed previously that felt comfortable on your frame? If so, this might be a great starting point in determining your goal weight
  2. Has it been more than 10+ years since you have been at this comfortable weight goal? If so, you may want to adjust your goal weight to account for subtle changes in your body due to aging
  3. If you’re close to your goal weight do you find it difficult and uncomfortable to lose more weight? This may be your body telling you that it has found a stopping point for your weight loss
  4. As you near your goal weight can you still enjoy life? Are you still able to dine out and enjoy food, or do you resent being on a diet?
  5. When you’ve found a goal weight, ask yourself if it’s realistic to be at this weight in 10 years. Choosing a realistic goal weight helps make weight loss sustainable long-term.

As you get closer to your WW goal weight, it’s a good idea to set small goals. If you are down to the last 10 pounds before your goal, consider setting mini-goals every 2 pounds!

#3. Get Your (Precise) Weight Watchers Goal Weight has a free BMI calculator. This simple tool calculates a healthy weight range based on your height, and is available here.

There’s also a good calculator for determining a healthy goal weight here.

Now, that doesn’t take a number of important factors into account, so it’s more of a rough estimate of your potential goal weight. Want a better answer? Learn more:

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#3. How Weight Watchers Determines Your Goal Weight

old weight scale

If you sign up for WW, they will use additional variables into consideration to determine your goal weight. These include your age, gender, and body mass index (BMI).

They will then assign you a daily and weekly budget of points to spend on food so that you can reach your goal weight slowly and sustainably at a rate of 1-2 pounds per week.

Meetings are optional, and can provide additional support and accountability to help you reach this goal weight. (How do WW meetings work?

*Learn more & get your goal weight with Weight Watchers new FreeStyle plan.

WW Calculator: Goal Weight Formula

We use the following formula to estimate your goal weight:

  1. Determine your body frame size: Thin = 5, Average= 6, Large = 7
  2. Determine your height in inches (example: 5′ 6″ = 66)
  3. Subtract 60 from your height in inches
  4. Multiply the answer from #1 and #3 (from above)
  5. Add 100 to that total

If you’d like to learn more and see today’s featured WW promotion for new customers, click here. We also get exclusive WW coupons and post them here every week.

If you join Weight Watchers, good luck on reaching your goal weight! 

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weight watchers diabetes

Weight Watchers & Diabetes: Here’s How It Works

weight watchers logoHow does Weight Watchers work if you have diabetes? The interesting thing about Weight Watchers is that they do not offer a diabetic version of weight watchersplan specifically for women and men with diabetes. The only true “diabetes plan” that they offer is reserved for organizations only, and individuals can’t elect to join.

Having said that, the standard WW plan works well for those with diabetes, and offers specific resources, diabetes-friendly recipes, and community support through, “Weight Watchers Connect.” It’s also been named one of the “best diabetes diets” again this year. (see below) Here’s more about how Weight Watchers works for those with diabetes.

Is There a Weight Watchers Plan for Diabetics?

Is there a diabetic version of Weight Watchers? While there is no specific plan for those with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, the standard Weight Watchers plan (w/ optional meetings) is quite compatible with the health and weight loss goals of those with diabetes. In fact, some may accuse the commercial diets that do offer “diabetic” plans of just rebranding their same product.

On they state, “Positive lifestyle changes, such as losing weight and being more physically active, not only lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, but also improve your overall well-being and the well-being of your family.”

They also offer specific “diabetes prevention plan” curriculum to members, which is incorporated into the standard WW program. However, when they calculate your goal weight, they do factor in BMI, but don’t specifically ask you if you are diabetic.

Weight Watchers suggests that you consult your doctor or healthcare professional before starting any diet. If you decide that WW is right for you, as a diabetic you can join their standard plan, and take advantage of this week’s featured new customer promotion:

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Weight Watchers Named a “Top Diabetes Diet”

Weight Watchers recently tied for the #3 spot on U.S. News’ list of Best Diabetes Diets. Although they don’t have a specific diabetes plan, experts rated the standard WW plan very highly for those with Type 2 diabetes, calling it a “smart, effective diet” that can be customized to the needs of those who wish to prevent diabetes, and for those who have diabetes.

The standard plan includes OnlinePlus, which assigns a point value to all foods, (instead of calories) which you track on the WW app. You also have the option to add meetings, which offer increased support and accountability. (more)

Weight Watchers also earned the prestigious title of Best Weight Loss Diet again this year, and earned the praise of Oprah (on Good Morning America) who has helped fight type 2 diabetes in America:

Weight Watchers “Company” Diabetes Plan

Diabetes and related health issues cost companies billions of dollars a year because of reduced worker productivity. Basically, when you live with diabetes it affects your energy level, efficiency, and increases the likelihood of health-related absences from work.

Companies may elect to join “Weight Watchers for Diabetes” and offer their employees the following:

Why Doesn’t Weight Watchers Offer a “Diabetes Plan”

Weight Watchers costs only about $20 per month, and it’s not possible to offer women and men with diabetes the personal attention offered in the “company plan” for diabetics at that price.

Instead of offering a unique “diabetes plan,” (like Nutrisystem D) they choose to have everyone join their standard FreeStyle plan which can be tailored to each individuals needs and food preferences including those with Type 2 diabetes.

While a specific “Weight Watchers Diabetes Plan” is not offered to individuals, WW does make a point of stating that their plan is a healthy lifestyle choice for anyone who is overweight or wishes to live a healthy lifestyle, and as a diabetic you can personalize your experience to fit your individual needs.

*New: Does WW Really Work? (and, How?)

On they state that, “Numerous expert panels recommend lifestyle changes as a key strategy for weight loss, and highlight that group support and trained Leaders are critical keys to success,” which infers that those with type 2 diabetes would benefit from the standard Weight Watchers plan.

However, because everyone’s situation and weight loss goals differ, they can’t really claim to have a solution for all diabetics, and instead ask you to speak with your healthcare provider about how Weight Watchers can help you lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

They also offer diabetic resources and tips on their public site, but I find the resources for members, including “Connect,” much more valuable.

Weight Watchers “Connect” Offers Support for Diabetics

All members of Weight Watchers have access to Weight Watchers Connect, an online social network of thousands of women and men who are on the WW program. Weight Watchers connect is accessible through the WW app, meaning that resources and support from the WW community.

Connect is a great way to interact with others on Weight Watchers who have diabetes. Some of the benefits of Connect include:

  • Support from other WW members with diabetes
  • Diabetes-friendly recipes
  • Tips and resources for diabetics
  • Diabetes discussions and posts

WW Meetings May Provide Diabetics Additional Support

While Weight Watchers doesn’t offer meetings specifically for diabetics, you may find that your group leader is a good resource for how to get the most out of Weight Watchers if you have Type 1 or 2 diabetes.

*Related: How do WW meetings work?

You may also find that one or more local Weight Watchers meeting groups have other diabetics who attend regularly. This could be a great opportunity to find additional in-person support, and even make life-long friendships.

Weight Watchers & Prediabetes

Weight Watchers may not directly offer a specific diabetes plan, but they do promote weight loss as a key to preventing Type 2 Diabetes.” On their site they add that:

“Weight Watchers has been tested in those with prediabetes and the results show significant weight loss and improvements in blood sugar control.”

They also offer specific diabetes prevention curriculum which is incorporated into the standard plan. more

As a Diabetic, Is Weight Watchers Best for You?

weight watchers logoThat’s a personal question, and WW encourages you to speak to your doctor or healthcare professional about whether Weight Watchers is the best diet for your weight loss goals. If you do decide to join, you can take advantage of today’s promotion here. Thanks!

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*Weight Watchers has received pending recognition from the CDC as a provider of diabetes prevention services as of August 2015Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterest

weight watchers point system

WW (Weight Watchers) Point System Explained | How Points Work

ww logo

How the new WW FreeStyle point system works: Understanding the WW, (Weight Watchers Reimagined) point system is crucial to potential success on the diet.

The WW point system has undergone a few significant changes over the years, but basically it’s the same concept: you count points instead of calories to lose weight.

Here’s all about the WW point system, and how it works:

Jump to: How the WW Point System works | How many WW points do I get? | Tracking points | SmartPoints or Points Plus System? | 99 most-tracked foods | WW points calculator

How The WW (Weight Watchers) FreeStyle Point System Works

The current WW program is called, “Freestyle,” and it uses a point system based on counting “SmartPoints.”

how weight watchers smartpoints work infographic

FreeStyle’s point system assigns a point-value to every food based on nutritional content including calories, protein, sugar, and saturated fat content.

When you join WW you’re given a points “budget” based on a number of criteria including your height and weight which you spend each day on food. Members then track their food in the WW app after each meal, and your new point balance is instantly calculated. Although no foods are off-limits, you’ll need to make good choices to stay within your points budget.

As you can guess, healthy foods cost fewer points, and unhealthy foods will cost more. In fact, WW believes that there are a number of healthy foods that shouldn’t cost any points at all. As a result, the FreeStyle point system has introduced “Zero-Point foods.”

Another significant update to the points system is called, “Points Rollover.” WW learned that people’s daily eating can vary, and that their plan had to be more flexible to accommodate this. Now you can roll over up to 4 unused Daily SmartPoints to Weekly SmartPoints for later that week when you need more, like travel, holidays, eating out, of happy hour. These Weekly SmartPoints don’t rollover to subsequent weeks, so use them or lose them!

Here’s a 90-second video about how SmartPoints work, and why the WW point system is superior to counting calories!

How WW (Weight Watchers) SmartPoints Work

Not all calories are equal! Simply counting calories doesn’t account for nutritional value, which should be the foundation of a healthy diet. However, Weight Watchers point system uses SmartPoints, making healthy eating simple. Learn more:

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How Are WW Point Values Determined?

Every food is assigned a SmartPoints value in the WW FreeStyle point system based on its nutritional content. Calories, sugar, and saturated fat increase the SmartPoints value of a food, while positive factors including protein reduce the number of points in food. (Protein is good!) 

The WW app contains a database of thousands of foods and drinks as well as menu items from popular restaurants for easy reference and point-tracking.

For example, grilled salmon with a baked potato and veggies might only cost 7 SmartPoints, while a cheeseburger and fries will cost you 25 points. (Yikes!)

The point system is WW’s way of encouraging smart food choices, and healthy eating habits that should last a lifetime. Just stay within your points budget and the math says you’ll lose weight!

WW FreeStyle Point System: “Zero Point Foods”

The most significant change to the Weight Watchers points system with FreeStyle is the addition of “zero-point foods.” Healthy foods like most fruit, non-starchy vegetables, beans, and fish are free in the new point system, which includes a total of 200+ zero-point foods!

This is Weight Watchers way of encouraging you to eat lots of free foods like fruits and veggies. Remember, the Weight Watchers point system isn’t based on calories or cutting all carbs. It’s about developing healthy eating habits!

How Many WW (Weight Watchers Reimagined) Points Do I Get?

When you first join Weight Watchers, you’ll be asked a few questions about your weight, height, and age, which will help them better understand your metabolism and dietary needs.

Based on this information WW then calculates an optimal daily SmartPoints allowance for you, with a minimum allowance of 30 SmartPoints per day. You’ll also have the opportunity to earn extra points each day if you’re active.

Exercise can earn you “FitPoints,” which can automatically be converted to extra SmartPoints in the WW app. You’ll get about 1 extra SmartPoint for every 10 minutes of exercise.

When you sign up, you’ll get started immediately, and If you stay within your points budget, you should experience steady weight loss at a healthy and sustainable pace. Typical weight loss on Weight Watchers is about 1 to 2 pounds per week.

So, how many Weight Watchers points per day? The number of daily WW points each person is allotted is usually between 35-45 depending on your specific situation and weight loss goals.

Track Your Points on the WW App:

ww woman app

The most important habit to develop when you’re on Weight Watchers is accurately tracking your Smart Points every day, preferably after each meal. WW has made this a snap with their app; here’s how it works:

weight watchers app iphone
ww app on iphone

You can also access all of WW resources from the app, including the “Weight Watchers Connect” community. It’s a social network of supportive women and men who are on WW just like you.

WW has a huge database of foods, including popular restaurant menu items. Just tap the “+” on the app to track your food after each meal.

The corresponding SmartPoints will be calculated and tracked, so you’ll always know your current point totals.

*Want to see a list of the 99 most tracked foods on the WW app?

A (Tasty!) Sample Menu on Only 22 SmartPoints:

ww smartpoints sample foods
WW SmartPoints: Sample menu for a day of food

So, what does a daily budget of points really “buy” you? Well, you’ll have at least 30 SmartPoints each day to work with, but here’s a sample day’s menu that totals only 22 SmartPoints:

  • Breakfast: Avocado Toast with egg (5 points)
  • Lunch: Cheddar Mac & Cheese w/ Tomato Soup (6 points)
  • Snack: Fresh vegetables with Greek artichoke dip (0 points)
  • Dinner: Chicken fajitas (5 points)
  • Dessert: Chocolate souffle (6 points)

Hey, that’s not bad for only 22 points, especially because most people have a daily budget of 35+ points! In this case you could rollover your unused points to the weekend when you might need them!

It’s easy to track points, and when you join Weight Watchers you get access to thousands of recipes that include SmartPoints values and preparation tips!

WW Point Systems: Smart Points vs Points Plus (What’s the Difference?)

point system works
Weight Watchers Points: I hope THAT’s not how the point system works!

So, what’s the difference between PointsPlus and SmartPoints?

The PointsPlus point system ran from 2011-2017, but as of 2018, the standard WW program is FreeStyle, which uses the SmartPoints point system. This new point system replaced the old system, which was called PointsPlus.

It seems that with the new version of their program, WW is trying to get dieters to eat less sugar and saturated fat and more protein. Because of this, they scrapped the Points Plus system and introduced the new “Smart Points” formula for calculating points.

The new FreeStyle program (using SmartPoints) also gives 200 foods a zero-value in the point-system, including fruits and vegetables. This is their way of telling you to eat more of them!

The WW Point System: The Key to Success on FreeStyle

Around since 1963, the WW plan has helped millions of people around the world lose weight and successfully keep it off. Ironically, one of the biggest reasons for the plan’s success is that it is based on the premise that diets usually don’t work.

Unlike other commercial diets, like Nutrisystem or Medifast, prepared meals are not delivered, and no foods are off-limits. (they’ll just cost you more points!) The cost is also a lot less upfront, but you’ll be buying all your own food

Want to learn more? We have good and bad WW reviews here, plus exclusive coupons if you  consider joining:

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You can also compare WW (Weight Watchers) to Nutrisystem to get a better sense of which diet is best for you. Thanks for reading Mighty Diet’s explanation of the WW point system!

zucchini fries recipe weight watchers

Weight Watchers: Zucchini Fries Recipe (Guilt-Free!)

Recipe for low-fa zucchini fries from Weight Watchers: Staying on the theme of finding guilt-free alternatives for comfort foods like fried chicken and mashed potatoes, consider this healthy replacement for french fries.

Unlike potatoes, zucchini is high in vitamin c, potassium, and antioxidants, while being surprisingly low in calories. Zucchini also is good for both your heart and immune system. Anyway, we find ourselves craving french fries just about every day in the summer, so here’s a nutritious, healthy alternative starring zucchini:

Zucchini French Fries Recipe (30-Second Video)


  • Olive oil Cooking Spray
  • 1 tsp Italian Seasoning
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • 2 medium zucchinis
  • 2 Tbsp flour
  • 3 egg whites
  • 1 cup panko bread crumbs


  1. Coat baking sheet with cooking spray
  2. In small bowl, mix together flour, Italian seasoning, and salt
  3. Cut each zucchini in half, then quarter each half into vertical strips
  4. Coat each zucchini fry in flour, egg whites, and bread crumbs
  5. Arrange on baking sheet
  6. Roast at 425 for 12 minutes, turning once

These are great with a honey dijon mayo dip!

Honey Dijon Mayo Dip Recipe:

  • 1/2 Tbsp Dijon
  • 1/2 Tbsp Honey
  • 3 Tbsp reduced-fat mayo
  • Mix together and chill

Zucchini Fries

Serving size: 8 fries = 3 SmartPoints

These zucchini fries are great on their own as a snack, or served with your favorite grilled entree.

Zucchini is seasonal, and best in the summer. If you have a garden, why not grow your own zucchini? I’m not that ambitious, but we have a farm stand down the road from us that sells home-grown zucchini, which tastes amazing!

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avocado toast turkey weight watchers

Avocado Toast Recipe (w/ Optional Turkey) from Weight Watchers

Oprah’s (Weight Watchers) Avocado toast recipe: Avocado toast is my new obsession. We first had it a year ago at a neat little bistro in downtown Manhattan, and since then it’s been popping up on menus everywhere.

So, if you’re going to make avocado toast, why not go with Oprah‘s favorite recipe from her new cookbook? She puts a couple of slices of turkey on her avocado toast, but it’s optional. Here’s a video demonstration, as well as the recipe:

Avocado Toast recipe (30-second video)


  • 1/4 ripe avocado
  • 2 slices tomato
  • 2 slices smoked turkey
  • 1 egg (to fry)
  • 1 slice whole grain bread
  • 1 tsp fresh lemon juice
  • salt and pepper
  • 2 fresh basil leaves


  1. Scoop out avocado into a bowl
  2. Add fresh lemon juice and mash with a fork
  3. Add salt and pepper (to taste)
  4. Spread on toasted (or grilled) bread
  5. Add tomato slices
  6. Add turkey slices (optional)
  7. Add fried egg on top (a tiny bit runny?)
  8. Garnish with fresh basil

Joila! Tasty avocado toast, good enough for Oprah. You can also add a slice of bacon to make it extra tasty, but it will also add some calories!

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ww weight watchers cost

Weight Watchers Cost? Here Are the 3 Plan Options w/ Prices

ww logo

How much does WW (Weight Watchers Reimagined) cost? Whether you’re on a budget or not, it’s good to do your homework and read reviews before starting any diet.

Because of its low cost, simplicity, and high success rate, WW has become the most popular commercial diet for women and men looking to lose weight and keep it off. Read on to learn more about their plans, and how much WW will cost you.

*Update 2019: Weight Watchers is now, “WW: Weight Watchers Reimagined.” If you do join, we have exclusive coupons for up to 50% off!

WW: 3 Plan Options:

weight watchers plan options

Before knowing what Weight Watchers will cost you, you’ll want to decide on the best plan for your needs. While all plans include Freestyle and the resources of WW Digital, (formerly Weight Watchers Online Plus) you also have the option to add meetings or personal coaching. So, what does each plan offer?

  1. Digital (OnlinePlus): Great for self-starters who are busy and want flexibility. Get access to thousands of recipes, online tools, and the WW Connect online community to help motivate you
  2. Studio (Meetings)(Includes OnlinePlus) Adding meetings greatly increases the chance of success in meeting your weight loss goals. Meetings are 30-40 minutes and provide in-person support as well as motivation and accountability. Here’s how a WW meeting works.
  3. Personal Coaching (Includes OnlinePlus) Adding coaching gives you unlimited support via phone or text. Your coach will design an action plan to help you meet your goals that works for your lifestyle and schedule.

I’d compare these plan options to how people choose to exercise. While some people find that they can get up early every morning and jog a few miles on their own, (like WW Online only) others prefer to take group classes at the gym, (like WW Meetings) or add the motivation and support of a personal trainer. (WW Coaching)

WW (Weight Watchers): 2 Payment Options

Before knowing what WW will cost you, you’ll want to decide how much of an initial commitment you’d like to make.

  1. 3-Month Savings Plan: This option requires that you pay for 3 months up front, and offers the best pricing, as you can save up to 50% on your first 3 months.
  2. Pay for 1 Month Only – Afraid of making a commitment? No problem, Weight Watchers gives you the option to only pay for one month initially, but you won’t get the best discount when you join

WW (Weight Watchers) Cost Per Day, Week, & Month:

WW costs exactly the same for both women and men. Here’s a breakdown of what each plan will cost you once the new customer promotion ends:

CostOnlinePlus:w/ Meetings:w/ Coaching
Per Day:$0.70/day$1.70/day$1.85/day
Per Week:$5.00/wk$12.25/wk$13.75/wk
Per Month:$19.95/mo$54.95/mo$54.95/mo
*Starter Fee: (waived?)$20$20$20
Today's Promotion:
(20-35% discount!)
*View price*View price*View price
  • *Cost to join? The starter fee (aka cost to join or registration fee) is often waived with new customer promotions
  • WW Canada prices here
  • Click below to see today’s best promotions for these plans:
weight watchers promotion banner

*View their featured promotion or all WW coupons

WW FreeStyle (Weight Watchers Reimagined) Cost:

ww cost woman

You might call WW Digital with “online only” the “self-help” option of the three. With 24/7 convenience of access from any device, the Digital-only option for WW is ideal for the self-motivated man or woman on the go, and adds the online support of the Weight Watchers community. “OnlinePlus” only is the cheapest and most popular of the plans.

At initial signup you can opt to commit to only one month at a time, or signup for their 3-month savings plan, which often comes with free registration and a discount.

There is no long-term commitment with either option, although the three-month savings plan assumes that you will complete the 3-month commitment, or may have to pay a cancelation fee.

How much does it cost to join WW, Weight Watchers Reimagined? Digital (only) costs about:

  • $0.70 per day
  • $5.00 per week
  • $20 per month
  • $240 per year

*There is a $20 cost to join, but their promotion for the 3-Month Savings Plan includes free registration

Weight Watchers MEETINGS Cost: (WW Studio)

weight watchers meetings cost

Adding meetings to Weight Watchers Online is recommended, and has been proven to significantly increase success rates, with people who attend meetings losing about 3 times the weight as those who go it alone. In that spirit, the Harvard School of Public Health has said that,

“Behavioral, psychological, and social factors are probably far more important for weight loss than the mix of nutrients in a diet.”

Most people benefit from the support and guidance that meetings offer in addition to the tools and recipes that OnlinePlus offers. Their confidential weigh-ins help add accountability to your goals, which further increases your odds of success. There are thousands of local meeting locations, so check their site to see where the closest one is for you.

“One particular weekly meeting topic was ‘Believe.’ The Leader told us, ‘Visualize yourself at your goal. What does it look like to you?’ I found an old photo of myself and I started picturing myself after my goal, and I started to believe” – Lucy, Meetings member

Monthly fees will run around $50 per month, and you can often join free and get a sizable discount with their 3-month savings plan. As with the online-only option, the fee will be billed every month unless you cancel.

How much do Weight Watchers meetings cost? After any initial promotion ends, (not all meeting locations participate in the online promotions) Meetings cost about:

  • $1.70 per day
  • $12 per week
  • $50 per month
  • $600 per year

*As with all plans, it costs about $20 to join, (starter fee) but their coupon for the 3-Month Savings Plan includes free signup

weight watchers promotion banner

*View their featured promotion for Meetings (above) or all WW coupons

Personal COACHING Cost:

Do you benefit from the occasional help of a personal trainer at the gym? Some people do, and will pay for the extra assistance and motivation. That’s the concept with optional Personal Coaching.

Personal coaching provides text or phone call guidance from a professional coach alongside digital tools and an action plan designed specifically to the client.

How much is personal coaching? Weight Watchers + Coaching costs:

  • $1.85 per day
  • $14 per week
  • $55 per month
  • $660 per year

How to Calculate the TOTAL cost of the Weight Watchers diet:

retro cooking woman

If you are comparing Weight Watchers to Nutrisystem, keep in mind that, (unlike the monthly cost of Nutrisystem or the cost of diets like Medifast) the cost of WW does not include prepared or frozen food. This makes determining the true cost of Weight Watchers more dependent on how much you spend each month on groceries and at restaurants.

If you’re on a budget, consider that the average American spends about $160 per week on food, which you should add to your weekly and monthly total cost estimates for Weight Watchers.

Think of WW as tools, recipes, and a support system for weight loss that adapts to your lifestyle. While no foods are included (or off-limits), you’ll need to calculate points to stay on track.

Weight Watchers is consistently rated as one the top commercial diets, and it’s strengths include being easy to follow as well as being named the best diets for weight-loss.

More about WW (Weight Watchers Reimagined)

ww logo

Weight Watchers was formulated with a very simple concept; bringing like minds together for the purpose of support in losing weight. In the early 1960’s, Weight Watchers founder Jean Nidetch began inviting friends to her Queens home once per week to discuss the best ways to lose weight.

A housewife who lost well over 60 pounds, the program expanded to what it is today- one of the largest weight loss conglomerates averaging 48,000 meetings per week in 30 different countries worldwide.

Weight Watchers operates on the idea that participants can lose an average of 2 pounds per week using healthier methods than counting calories. The idea is to focus on the individual’s health as a whole, and not just weight loss. The diet is easy to follow, and comparable in price to other leading commercial weight loss programs. Join now!

★ Weight Watchers: Reviews | How Points Work | Cost | Coupons

hummus recipes for weight watchers

Hummus Recipes: 4 Weight Watchers-Friendly Options + Points

recipe womanEasy hummus recipes that are Weight Watchers Friendly – In the movie Forest Gump, Bubba famously said that “shrimp are the fruit of the sea” before rattling off dozens of possible recipes. Well, there are no less options for chickpeas, aka “garbanzo beans” (Maybe they changed their name at Ellis Island to sound less ethnic?) which of course, are crushed to make hummus.

If you are losing weight with Weight Watchers, then the points value will be important to consider, and serving of hummus has a SmartPoints value of 2 unless noted.

Also, consider the PointsPlus value of the pita or pita chips that you are dipping. For example, one small pita bread has a PointsPlus value of 2, while a serving of Stacy’s Pita Chips has a SmartPoints (and PointsPlus) value of 4. Fresh vegetables, like carrots, are a great alternative to pita. If you are trying to cut back on sodium, take note of levels in ingredients like the seasoning packets and soy sauce.

Here are a few of my favorite easy hummus recipes that I’d recommend to anyone using Weight Watchers:

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Roasted Red Pepper Hummus Recipe – Weight Watchers 

roasted red pepper hummus

A simple recipe for roasted red pepper hummus from

If you’re looking for the best roasted red peppers in a jar check out this article.


  • 2 (16 oz. each) cans chickpeas
  • 7 oz. roasted red peppers, (jar, packed in water) drained
  • 3 cloves of fresh garlic (medium size)
  • 1 Tbsp olive oil
  • 6 Tbsp fresh lemon juice
  • 1 tsp curry powder
  • 1/2 tsp cumin (or less. a little goes a long way!)
  • 1/2 tsp ground coriander
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp freshly ground black pepper


Drain the chickpeas, but reserve 1/4 cup of the liquid from the can.

Put all of the ingredients, including the reserved liquid, into a food processor, and process until it’s smooth. Personally, I like a little texture, so I do less than the two minutes recommended by Weight Watchers.

Cover and chill for at least three hours. (you can chill overnight for more even flavor) Serve with pita chips or fresh pita wedges.

  • Weight Watchers Points: 1 SmartPoints, 2 PointsPlus

Mediterranean Hummus Recipe

hummus recipe weight watchers mediterranean

Start with an envelope of Lipton Recipe Secrets Onion Soup from Unilever recipes for a delicious and easy popular hummus recipe that won’t rack up Weight Watchers points!


  • 2 cans (16oz each) of chick peas
  • 1 envelope Lipton Recipe Secrets® Onion Soup mix
  • 1/2 cup olive oil
  • 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice
  • 2 Tbsp fresh parsley leaves
  • 1 Tbsp. sesame seeds, lightly toasted


Combine all ingredients in a food processor or blender until almost smooth. (Don’t over-blend; a little texture is good!) Serve with pita chips or triangles of fresh pita bread.

  • Weight Watchers Points: 1 SmartPoints, 2 PointsPlus

Mexican Chipotle Hummus Recipe

hummus recipe weight watchers mexican chipotle

This popular recipe starts with a packet of Knorr Vegetable recipe mix, (which adds no extra Weight Watchers Points) and consists of only 5 ingredients.)


  • 1 package of Knorr® Vegetable recipe mix
  • 2 cans (16 oz. each) chick peas, drained and rinsed
  • 2 Tbsp. lime juice (fresh is preferred)
  • 1/2 tsp. ground chipotle chile pepper
  • 2 Tbsp chopped fresh cilantro


Mix Vegetable recipe packet, chick peas, lime juice, and chipotle pepper in blender or food processor until almost smooth. Add chopped cilantro, and pulse once or twice to combine. Chill for 2 hours or more, and serve with your favorite pita or vegetables.

  • Weight Watchers Points: 1 Smart Points, 0 PointsPlus

Edamame Hummus Recipe from Weight Watchers

edamame hummus weight watchers

This hummus recipe has more ingredients than the others, so I might not recommend it if you’re trying to throw something together quickly for a snack. Also, a little mirin, wasabi powder, and soy sauce goes a long way, so try starting with less than the recommended amount and taste it before adding more.


  • 4 medium raw scallions, sliced thin
  • 1 medium clove fresh garlic, quartered
  • 3 cups edamame, shelled & cooked
  • 1/4 cup low sodium soy sauce
  • 1/4 rice vinegar
  • 1 oz. mirin or Japanese cooking wine (1-2 Tbsp)
  • 1 Tbsp canned tahini
  • 1 tsp wasabi powder
  • 1 Tbsp toasted sesame oil
  • 1/2 tsp sea salt


Put all ingredients into a food processor and pulse a few times. Scrape the sides of the bowl, and mix until almost smooth.

Scrape mixture into a bowl, cover, and refrigerate 3 hours or more. Each serving is about 1/4 cup, and the Hummus should be served close to room temperature for the best taste. If making this hummus for 4 people or less, you can cut the recipe in half.

  • Weight Watchers Points: 1 SmartPoints, 3 PointsPlus

About these WW Hummus Recipes

These are just a few of the most popular and easy hummus recipes that I’ve found online. Most of them utilize a small number of simple ingredients, or start with a packet of seasoning, making them a great quick option to make for a party. In most cases the number of Weight Watchers points is low, but remember that fresh veggies are a great alternative to pita chips.

If you’re concerned about sodium, note that the packets of seasoning can be high in it. For example, the Knorr Vegetable Recipe Mix is high in sodium, with 650mg per serving!

Weight Watchers Online has thousands of searchable recipes like these, which can make losing weight exciting. If you are thinking of joining, we have new coupons for up to 30% off here.



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weight watchers logoWeight Watchers Monthly Pass: Losing weight can be a big enough challenge, but keeping it off is even more difficult for most people on a weight loss program. As trendy diets come and go, Weight Watchers continues to prove that is the most effective weight loss option available, and is rated #1 by U.S. News & World Report.

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What makes the monthly pass from Weight Watchers so great?

weight watchers monthly passThink of the Monthly Pass as a one-two punch, combining both components of Weight Watchers: their meetings and etools. Utilizing both of these components maximizes your chances for success. With the Monthly Pass you’ll get:

  • Unlimited meetings that provide support and motivation
  • Free registration and eTools
  • The Monthly Pass renews each month. It requires no long-term commitment, and is easy to cancel

Why are meetings so important?

meetings weight watchers“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

With the Monthly Pass you are eligible for unlimited meetings, which multiplies the success rate of Weight Watchers compared to those who attempt to lose weight on their own. (Weight loss results after a 12 week randomized clinical trial funded by Weight Watchers – see site for more details)

Meetings provide both accountability and support, and are led by a trained mentor who has personally lost weight with Weight Watchers. Losing weight alone is hard, but with meetings you receive encouragement and inspiration from others like yourself who also have weight loss goals. Your weekly confidential weigh-in monitors your progress and helps to keep you on track.

OK, then why are their eTools also important?

weight watchers etoolsSo, meetings sound great maybe you just want to stick with those and skip the online part, right? Actually, people who used Weight Watchers eTools lost 50% more weight than those who went to meetings alone.†  When you sign up for the Monthly Pass, you get eTools which gives you access to their online tools and mobile apps with features that include:

  • Your personal tracker, helping you keep tabs on your food and activity
  • Bar code scanner – No need to hit the search engines or to find out the PointsPlus value of thousands of foods in their database. Just scan and you’re set!
  • Cheat sheets – When you’re out to eat, Weight Watchers can quickly and conveniently help you make good choices on what to eat. They can even help you find a restaurant
  • Recipes – Search and find thousands of delicious and healthy recipes online easily. They even have video demonstrations, and you can even build and create your own recipes
  • Work Out Videos & Exercise Tips – Whether you are new to exercising or a pro, Weight Watchers can help you stay inspired
  • Snap & Track – Just use your phone to take a photo of your food, and do the tracking later at your convenience
  • Learn more about everything include in the Monthly Pass here

The Monthly Pass requires no long-term commitment

With the Monthly Pass you’ll get a card mailed to you every month that you present at meetings. If you wish to cancel, it’s really easy, and there are no long-term subscriptions or commitments.

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Good luck with your dieting or weight loss goals, and thanks for checking out our coupons. Be sure to also check out Weight Watchers Simple Start for an easy 2-week plan to start losing weight right away!

† Based on 24 weeks study; Nguyen V et al. Obesity 15 (9S) A221, 2007Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterest

weight watchers vs nutrisystem

Weight Watchers vs. Nutrisystem: Which Diet is Better for Weight Loss?

retro foodWeight Watchers versus NutriSystemCoke or Pepsi? Cat or dog? Netflix or cable? Let’s face it, life is full of choices, and no one choice is going to work for everyone. That’s the case with diets, so let’s talk about two popular options: Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem.

Weight Watchers is a DIY diet and Nutrisystem is based on meal-delivery, so the biggest question to ask yourself in determining which is better for you may be, “do I like to cook?”

America is split on this question with 50% of people saying that they “hate to cook.” That means even though Weight Watchers is rated higher by experts and more popular, it might not be the better diet for your lifestyle.

Before we talk about each of these popular diets in detail, let’s see how the experts rated them head to head:

Ratings: Weight Watchers vs. Nutrisystem

rating weight watchersrating nutrisystem

U.S. News asked a panel of health and diet experts to rate these two diets on a number of factors including short and long term weight loss results. Weight Watchers came away with an impressive score, but no single diet is best for everyone. Here’s more about Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem:

Weight Watchers Overview:

weight watchers logo

  • Ranked #1 in “Best Weight Loss Diets” (source)
  • Ranked #1 in “Best Commercial Diets”
  • Consumer Reports Diet Plan Ratings Score: 74
  • Weight Watchers reviews

You already know that Oprah loves it, but in case that’s not enough to sell you on WW, here’s how it works.

Weight Watchers is a bit of a do-it-yourself diet. With WW all foods are assigned a point value and you have a daily “budget” to spend on them. That means that no foods are off-limits, but the unhealthy, sinful treats might cost you big.

WW loves when you eat fruits and vegetables, and most of them are “free” in their point system. With their new Freestyle program, you can even carry over unused points to another day if needed.

Weight Watchers Online includes tools, recipes, and the support of the online community. For more support and accountability you add meetings which will cost you more but have been proven to double the success rate.

Just stay within your daily point allotment and you should experience gradual weight loss!

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Nutrisystem Overview:

nutrisystem logo

Unlike Weight Watchers’ DIY approach, Nutrisystem is a monthly meal-delivery diet that tells you what to eat and when. Their program is based on portion control, balanced nutrition, and eating smaller more frequent meals and snacks throughout the day.

Their prepared meals and snacks are high in lean protein and fiber and low in bad carbs and fat. Nutrisystem has three plan levels: BASIC, CORE, and Uniquely Yours with the difference being that you pay more for increased food variety.

Nutrisystem starts out with the Turbo 13 fast weight loss phase that challenges you to lose 13+ pounds in your first month. The goal of Turbo 13 is to quickly regulate your blood sugar levels and boost your metabolism to prepare you for months of sustainable weight loss.

Nutrisystem provides you with most of your food for the month, although you’ll have to supplement meals with fresh fruits and vegetables. You’ll also have a few “Flex meals” each week consisting of a breakfast, lunch, and dinner on your own.

Consumer Reports says that NutriSystem is, “best for non-cooks who want to spend the least possible amount of money on packaged foods.” 

Nutrisystem is very popular with busy people and diabetics, as it focuses more on regulating blood sugar levels. Here’s their latest promotion for new customers:

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How These Diets Differ:

women weight loss battle

Weight Watchers versus Nutrisystem!

There’s a big difference in the strategy of these two opponents. Think of Weight Watchers as the heavily-favored World Champion, but the underdog Nutrisystem and their “Turbo 13” move can’t be overlooked.

The biggest difference here to consider is “do-it-yourself” (Weight Watchers) vs. “meal-delivery (Nutrisystem).” Two completely different styles. Consider the following:

  • If you enjoy cooking: point Weight Watchers
  • If you are very busy: point Nutrisystem
  • If you enjoy dining out, point Weight Watchers
  • If you don’t like prepared food, point Weight Watchers
  • If regulating your blood sugar levels is important, point Nutrisystem

Well, no knockouts yet, let’s look at the price.

Cost Comparison:

Weight Watchers only costs $20+ per month, (unless you add Meetings) but to say that it’s cheaper than Nutrisystem is misleading. Why? Because Weight Watchers requires that you buy all of your own food while Nutrisystem sends you most meals every month.

Even though Nutrisystem costs about $300 per month, their prepared food replaces most of the meals you would have been buying on your own. That means your grocery store bills should drop like a rock as you’ll only need to buy fruits and veggies to supplement the meals and snacks that they provide.

When you consider that the monthly grocery bill for one person is about $300-440 per month, you’ll see why the cost of these two diets is pretty comparable.

If being on Nutrisystem drops your grocery bill by 70%, then your daily food cost is going to be a similar $15+ per day (total) with both diets.

So, it seems the main cost difference between Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem is that with Nutrisystem you pay for a month of food all at once instead of one day at a time.

Tip: Both of these diets will force you to skip that daily $5 Frappuccino from Starbucks. Not only is it expensive, but It’s got 72g of carbs and 69g of sugar! (source) That’s a bomb that will destroy any diet!

Weight Watchers or NutriSystem: Which Is Better?

Weight Watchers is consistently rated higher than Nutrisystem, and usually wins the annual titles of “Best Weight Loss Diet” and “Best Commercial Diet Plan” from U.S. News.

Also, Consumer Reports rates Weight Watchers higher, and concludes that people are more likely to reach their weight loss goals with Weight Watchers than Nutrisysem.

So, according to the experts, Weight Watchers is the better diet. and wins the fight!

And, the Winner Is… Weight Watchers! 

women weight loss contest

Weight Watchers is a powerful opponent!

Ding, Ding, Ding! OK, Weight Watchers wins, but it may not be a unanimous decision. That’s because choosing a diet is a personal decision, and you must ask yourself “which diet is best for me and my lifestyle?”

If you like the idea of a hands-on, do-it-yourself diet (with the option of meetings) then you’ll probably agree with the experts that Weight Watchers is better.

However, if you don’t like the idea of counting points, preparing your own meals, and watching portion size, then maybe you’d prefer a structured meal-delivery program like Nutrisystem?

Either way, if you do sign up for one of these two heavyweight diets, be sure to get the best price by checking today’s coupons below!

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