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Obesity: Men and women who struggle with obesity often turn to popular commercial diets for help. We have great discounts for diets like Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, and Medifast.

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3 Reasons Why Social Media Makes You Fat & Depressed

Social media is bad for your health: OK, I know you’ve already heard about the dangers of social media, but it’s important to keep the conversation going. I mean, it took a long time for people to understand how bad smoking cigarettes was for their health and do something about it. That’s ...  read more

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Gorging Gene: How Our “Hunter Gatherer” DNA Is Making Us Fat Now

How is our pre-historic DNA making us obese? For most of human history, we lived as foragers. This means that for tens of thousands of years we travelled in search of food instead of settling in one place.

Our ancestors’ nomadic lifestyle was dictated largely by the seasonal migration of animals ...  read more

9 Health Consequences of Obesity: You Might Choke on This Food for Thought

Obesity is no joke – Looking for motivation to get started on that diet? Thanks to healtheo360 for putting together this graphic which communicates just how deadly obesity really is. You can only imagine the economic cost of obesity based on these startling statistics.

People who are obese are:

  • 25% more likely to be suffer from depression
  • 200% more likely to get multiple sclerosis
  • 200% more likely to have ADHD as a child
  • 33% more likely to develop asthma
  • 104% more likely to have heart failure

and, also ...  read more

What Does Obesity Really Cost in America? It’s Over $500 Billion Per Year

About two thirds of Americans are overweight, and about half of those are considered to be obese. (a body mass index of 30 or more) There have been a number of studies that attempt to show how obesity is taking a bite out of the U.S. economy, but it’s a hard number to really quantify.

Unlike more straight-forward ...  read more