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What Is Nutrisystem ‘Turbo Takeoff Week?’ (Great 2-Minute Answer!)

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*Update: Turbo Takeoff is now called, “FreshStart®.” 

If you are considering signing up for Nutrisystem, you should know what to expect. Well, it all starts with Turbo 13, which is the first month of fast weight loss to kick off the program. Included in this first month’s shipment is your Turbo Takeoff Kit, which is the very first thing you’ll start with to stop unhealthy cravings and prepare your body for a long period of healthy weight loss. Here’s how Turbo Takeoff week works:

Turbo Takeoff Week: Start Your Engine!

We’re talking about the quick weight loss phase of “Turbo 13” here, so I thought a racing metaphor would be appropriate.

Turbo Takeoff is the relatively restrictive first week of the Nutrisystem program that prepares your mind and body for months of sustainable weight loss. Think of it as a week of boot camp for your body, as all those high-carb treats and mega-portions are out the window. The good news is that both men and women should see weight loss results quickly. Here’s how it works:

Here’s how Turbo Takeoff Week works:

Turbo Takeoff: What You Eat

Turbo Takeoff week is the most restrictive week of Nutrisystem for a reason. The idea is that your weight gain has probably been caused by the cravings and over-eating that result from eating too many simple carbs. Turbo Takeoff kickstarts your diet and regulates your blood sugar levels and metabolism so that your body can learn to burn fat instead of carbs.

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TurboTakeoff Menu:

Heres what you eat on a sample day during Turbo Takeoff Week:

  1. Breakfast: One specially selected breakfast, like their highly-rated double-chocolate muffin
  2. Snack: One Nutrisystem shake (Women have a TurboShake, Men have a Nutri-Pro Shake)
  3. Lunch: One specially selected lunch, like 3-cheese chicken or a chocolate peanut butter bar
  4. Snack #2: One Nutrisystem Nutricurb bar which is high in protein and fiber plus probiotics to support digestive health and help combat belly-bloat
  5. Dinner: One Nutrisystem dinner like chili with beans or chicken alfredo
vegetarian dessert

Plus, you’ll eat 4 servings of non-starchy vegetables, and at least 64 oz. of water throughout the day.

The “specially selected” meals are lower in carbs and sugar than most meals, but after Turbo Takeoff Week you’ll start adding “PowerFuels” and “SmartCarbs” to your menu.

Track all Your Progress with the “Numi” App

Track all of your meals, water, activity, and weight with Nutrisystem’s Numi app. It’s an important part of Turbo Takeoff week because you should start seeing results quickly. Once you do, it’s motivational, and you might not mind the initial restrictive menu. During the entire program you also have support from professional counselors to help you with any questions.

Turbo Takeoff Week: What’s “Bad”

Excuse me, I’m feeling a bit restricted…

So, I’m not here to sell you on Nutrisystem, more like to educate, because no single diet is best for everyone. In that spirit, let’s talk about what isn’t good about Turbo Takeoff Week.

  • The Food: The first week of Nutrisystem is a big change in your diet, and some people may find this uncomfortable. If you’re used to big plates of pasta, gourmet or fast food, and Venti latte’s at Starbucks, then Turbo Takeoff week is going to be a big adjustment for you. The food during your first week is comparable to mediocre tv dinners.
  • The limitations: Nutrisystem basically tells you what to eat and when with 5 smaller meals each day. Even your favorite salad dressing is probably off-limits, and no alcohol. If you want a more “do it yourself” diet without limitations, maybe consider Weight Watchers?
  • Cancellation fee: If you go through a couple of weeks of Nutrisystem and decide you dislike it, you have to quit in the the first 30 days or you’re charged a $99+ cancellation fee! (How do you cancel?) More about that top complaint in our review of Nutrisystem 

Turbo Takeoff Week: What’s “Good”

While your first week on Nutrisystem is a big adjustment, there’s a reason for that.

  • Fast initial weight loss: The real goal with Turbo Takeoff is to get you excited with real, tangible weight loss results in the first week. Hence, the limitations and mediocre food.
  • Structure: The root cause of obesity and weight gain is bad eating habits, unstructured meals, and cravings. The best part about Turbo Takeoff week is that it’s like a militant personal trainer who aims to whip you into shape and doesn’t want excuses.
  • Relatively Inexpensive: Nutrisystem is cheaper than the similar South Beach Diet, and also less expensive that other more restrictive meal delivery diets like Medifast. Amazingly Jenny Craig costs twice as much when compared to Nutrisystem!  You can also use a promo code to save an extra $50.

*If you’ve tried Nutrisystem, please write a review.

Why is Turbo Takeoff Week More Intense?

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The Turbo Takeoff week is the most restrictive week of the entire Nutrisystem program. You’re menu is limited and no alcohol is permitted. It’s the first week of the month-long Turbo 13 program, during which the goals is to lose 13+ pounds. (18 pounds for men)

There are two reasons Nutrisystem has you hit the ground running with Turbo Takeoff week:

  1. To condition your body: Think of Turbo Takeoff week as boot camp to wake up your body for months of weight loss training. It’s when bad habits are broken, and your body turns to fat, instead of carbs for fuel
  2. Motivation: Nutrisystem’s own studies and research clearly show that people get motivated with early weight loss results. Basically, if people don’t see results in the first few days, they are likely to lose their initial enthusiasm and may go off-track. If you follow the restrictive guidelines of Turbo Takeoff Week, you should start seeing and feeling results quickly

In Conclusion

During Turbo Takeoff Week, you’ll know you’re on a diet, because the menu you were used to is off-limits, and your eating habits drastically change. The whole reason that you considered Nutrisystem in the first place was probably to bring structure to your eating, because you likely had bad habits that resulted in an unhealthy weight. Well, Turbo Takeoff week is a wakeup call to your body that change is here! 

Think of Turbo Takeoff Week as a trip on an airplane. The food isn’t great, and you’re a bit restricted in your coach seat, but you’re going to a really great destination, so maybe it’s worth it!?

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Nutrisystem & Alcohol: How Much Wine, Beer, & Liquor Can You Drink?

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Can you drink alcohol while on Nutrisystem? There are a number of reasons why alcohol can be the enemy of diets like Nutrisystem, but they have recently softened their stance to allow an occasional glass of wine, beer, liquor, or cocktail. (Liquor? I don’t even know her!) 

If you are on Nutrisystem, or thinking about joining, here’s what you need to know about Nutrisystem & alcohol.

First, Why Alcohol is Bad for Nutrisystem (Or any Diet)

There are a few reasons why drinking alcohol is counterproductive to weight loss. First, know that when you drink alcohol, your body hits the “pause” button on all the good things that it was doing and turns its attention to getting rid of the alcohol.

That means that when you drink alcohol, your body takes the energy that it was using to burn fat and uses it to burn off the booze instead. That’s obviously going to affect your body’s ability to lose weight, and whether Nutrisystem will work.

Alcohol has been shown to specifically affect your body’s ability to burn fat around your hips and belly. This is most evident in what people call a beer belly or “muffin top.”  Ironically, drinking too much beer may be preventing you from seeing your own “six-pack!”

Nutrisystem: “Skip All Alcohol the First Week”

Nutrisystem starts with Fresh Start, a fast-weight loss phase with the goal of losing 13 pounds in the first month. This initial more restrictive week is intended to regulate your blood sugar levels and metabolism to prime your body for an extended period of weight loss. Basically it’s a cleansing time for your body, which has to be broken of bad eating habits and cravings.

During this week Nutrisystem asks that you refrain from alcohol including wine and beer that may throw a wrench into the goals of this transitional phase.

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Nutrisystem: “Limit Alcohol to 2 Drinks Per Week”

wine serving funny

Nutrisystem used to discourage drinking alcohol altogether, but they realize that it isn’t realistic to eliminate all alcohol, especially at events or social gatherings. For this reason Nutrisystem Fresh Start now says you can have 2 alcoholic drinks per week, preferably on different days. They also ask that you make good choices when ordering beer, wine, or cocktails. Here are some tips for drinking alcohol on Nutrisystem:

Skip Sweet Alcoholic Drinks

By nature sweet alcoholic drinks are a double-whammy for diets like Nutrisystem and the South Beach Diet  as they are high in bad carbs and sugar. These sugary drinks can quickly wreak havoc on your blood sugar levels by raising them quickly before they come crashing back down. Regulating blood sugar is central to Nutrisystem and even more important if you have Type 2 Diabetes, or are on Nutrisystem D.

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If you are choosing a bar drink, skip anything that is sweet. This includes sweet or dessert wines like Riesling, Moscato, fruit-flavored, wine coolers, and Port wine. Oh, and don’t even think about ordering a Long Island Iced Tea, anything blue, or drinks served in a fishbowl like a giant Margarita or daiquiri. Those tropical drinks they sell at pool bars are the enemy of any diet. (Plus, you might wake up with a new tattoo, laying next to someone named “Delroy.”)

Also, sugar can slow down your body’s ability to absorb and eliminate alcohol which why drinking sugary alcoholic drinks can lead to a headache or hangover.

Tip: Replace the “tonic” in a mixed drink like a vodka tonic with seltzer and a lime. Surprisingly, tonic has a ton of sugar (32 grams!), carbs, and calories. That’s almost as much sugar as a soda, while seltzer has almost none.

Mind the Drink Serving Size

They say that everything is big in Texas, but that’s usually true for al of America. We like big things, and expect big portions when we go to restaurants and bars.

In fact, did you know that 25 years ago an average bagel was 140 calories, but today your average bagel is twice as big and 350 calories? Same goes for sodas, pizza, and just about everything else!

Our ever-increasing portion sizes are one of the reasons why we have an obesity epidemic in America and have to spend billions of dollars on diets like Nutrisystem in the first place!

This portion-size problem is evident at the bar as our wine, beer, vodka, and cocktail portions are often too big.

Nutrisystem & Wine:

drink wine empty stomach

Can you drink wine on Nutrisystem? Yes, but only a maximum of 2 glasses per week, preferably on different days.

Wine is a favorite drink choice for women and men on Nutrisystem, and it’s a relatively good one. However, there are a few things to consider.

If do you drink wine, choose dry wine instead of sweet wine. Also check the alcohol level or “ABV” (alcohol by volume) on the label. Choose wine with an ABV under 12% because less alcohol equals fewer calories.

Also, pay attention to the serving size, as it’s an important variable. A glass of wine should be 4 oz., but most restaurants and bars now pour closer to a 5 oz serving; that’s 25% more than recommended, and part of the “portion problem” in our country.

If you’re drinking at home, familiarize yourself with what a 4 oz. pour of wine looks like. You should get 6 glasses of wine out of a standard 750 ml bottle of wine. If you’re pouring yourself a glass of wine, you can measure it out as 1/2 cup (4 oz.) before putting it into your favorite wine glass.

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Tip: To cut down on alcohol and calories, turn your glass of wine into a wine spritzer. Just mix 3 oz. cold white wine with 1 oz. of cold club soda and garnish with a lime wedge. That’s 25% fewer carbs and calories than a glass of white wine!

Nutrisystem & Beer:

beer serving size
All glasses of beer are not equal

Can you drink beer on Nutrisystem? Yes, but only two 12oz. glasses or cans per week, preferably on different days.

I find that in the Summer nothing tastes as good as an ice cold beer on a hot day. So, if non-alcoholi beer doesn’t cut it for you, here are a couple of things to consider if you are on Nutrisystem.

First, light beer is a better choice. It has about 30% fewer calories and half the carbs of regular beer.  Also, stay away from fruity, sweet, dark, or heavy beers.

Second, a glass of beer should be 12 ounces. Most bars and restaurants now serve pints (16 oz.) which is 33% more beer, carbs, and calories!

Note that generally wine is more diet-friendly than beer as wine has about 35% fewer calories and carbs than beer.

Tip: On a hot day, why not drop an ice cube into your beer? Not only will it keep your beer cold, but when it melts the extra 1 oz. of water will make your regular beer “lighter” and give you a couple of extra sips.

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When You Drink Alcohol, Eat (Healthy) Food

healthy veggies snacks

We naturally eat more when we drink alcohol, because alcohol makes us hungry. The worst part is that we usually make bad choices of what to eat, especially from a bar or Happy Hour menu. For this reason, Nutrisystem asks that you eat a healthy snack or meal with your drink.

Food that’s high in protein and/or fiber will help make you feel more full and curb unhealthy cravings for carbs like pizza, chicken wings, and nachos. If you’re at home, consider having one of your Nutrisystem meals with your alcoholic drink.

Tip: Don’t drink alcohol on an empty stomach! That will only increase your carb cravings and increase the alcohol’s affect on your blood sugar levels.

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When You Drink Alcohol, Drink Water!

You already know that diets like Nutrisystem and their other program, the South Beach Diet, stress the importance of drinking enough water daily. It helps keep your body’s systems running smoothly, increases your metabolism, and encourages healthy weight loss.

For this reason it’s a good idea to drink a glass of water before and/or after each alcoholic beverage. If you’re at a bar, they should be happy to give you a glass of water with (or after) your beer, wine, or cocktail.

Tip: If you’re out at a bar or restaurant consider ordering a seltzer with a lemon or lime wedge. This is great in social situations if you think drinking a glass of water will make you look like a square. To everyone else at the bar it looks like an alcoholic drink, so there’s no reason why you can’t feel like you’re part of the group, even if you’re not drinking alcohol.

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Nutrisystem & Alcohol: In Summary…

funny alcohol diet

Although alcohol is not off-limits on Nutrisystem, you do have to be smart. Alcohol has 7 calories per gram, which means it’s very calorie-dense (the only thing more calorie-dense is actual fat!) and by nature not diet-friendly. Consider that a mere 1.5 oz shot of vodka has 100 calories, and when added to mixers, the carbs and calories can really add up.

The whole point of Nutrisystem and the South Beach Diet is to structure what you eat to curb cravings, control your blood sugar levels, and speed up your metabolism for weight loss. Nutrisystem is an investment not only of money, but your time and energy as well. Drinking too much alcohol can cancel out all those good things you’re doing for your mind and body, so just be smart about what you drink!

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Have you tried Nutrisystem diet? Write a review and let us know if it worked!

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$100 Nutrisystem Costco Deal: $100 Gift Cards for $79 (or Less!)

Nutrisystem Costco deal: Did you know that Costco has discounted gift cards for Nutrisystem? If you are thinking of signing up for Nutrisystem, know this: as a Costco member you can buy $100 Nutrisystem gift cards for $79 or less!

This is a quick way to save at least $25, and a no-brainer if you are planning on joining Nutrisystem. Plus, stack a promo code on top, and it’s the cheapest way to join their program. Here’s our review of how the Nutrisystem Costco deal works:

Discount Nutrisystem Gift Cards at

Members of Costco just need to login at, then check today’s discount price for gift cards:

nutrisystem costco gift card_discount

Nutrisystem $100 gift cards usually cost $79, but can be as cheap as $59 during seasonal promotions. Here’s how to use them:

How to Use Nutrisystem Gift Cards from Costco

Using costco gift cards for nutrisystem? Here’s how:

  1. Buy $100 Nutrisystem gift cards at
  2. eGift cards are delivered via email within one hour
  3. Use gift card on top of 40% off promotion
  4. Stack a $30 off code for cheapest price ever on Nutrisystem!

You can buy more than one gift card, but know that your first order likely will be around $300, so you will probably only be able to use a maximum of 3 gift cards on your first order.

If you have $$ left over on a gift card, just re-enter the number on your second order to apply the balance of the gift card.

Example: So, if your First order total was $290, and you used three $100 gift cards, re-enter the third gift card again on your second order to have the remaining $10 balance applied.

At you can read the glowing customer reviews for these discount gift cards, even though reviews for the program are mostly good but mixed. Anyway, every review on seems very happy to save an unexpected $20+!

*To read how using one or more of these discount Nutrisystem gift cards is like a promo code (towards a la carte food) for existing customers, read this article

Where to Enter Code at

Although the Nutrisystem deals at Costco are pretty straightforward, it’s a little hard to find where to enter the actual gift card code at The place to enter the code is on the 3rd checkout screen like this:

nutrisystem where enter gift card
Sneaky link to enter gift card number at

Just click that link and it will open a field to type in the gift card number and PIN like this:

gift card code nutrisystem

Once you click “apply,” the gift card should be entered towards your order total.

Costco: When Do the Nutrisystem Gift Cards Go On Sale?

You can get $100 gift cards for Nutrisystem for $79 each every day, but a couple of times a year they go on sale for $59 each! These Nutrisystem deals at Costco are usually around January 1st for all those people with New Year’s resolutions, but you can expect these $59 gif cards to be available at least twice a year.

When you click, “Sign in for price,” you’ll get today’s best deal:

costco nutrisystem discount

Tip: Stack a Promo Code at

Saving $20+ on each gift card is great, but here’s how to get the cheapest price possible on Nutrisystem. Click their 40% off promotion, and then use a promo code for an extra $20-30 off at signup!

Promo code SAVE20 usually works for a $20 discount, but sometimes we have even better codes here.

Costco discount + Nutrisystem discount + promo code = a triple discount!

How Much Does Nutrisystem Cost at Costco?

Costco does not sell actual Nutrisystem products in-store, and they do not directly sell memberships. However, they do sell discounted gift cards that can be used towards your purchase at During seasonal sales like New Year’s, these $100 gift cards are priced as low as $59!

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The Cheapest Way to Join Nutrisystem

You might have seen an ad on TV for their Drop 18 Now or Nutrisystem D program, but that doesn’t give you the best price. Instead, use all 3 discounts mentioned above, and it ends up being the absolute cheapest price on Nutrisystem. Remember, it all starts with an eGift card deal from Costco, and then click below to lock-in the best monthly rate:

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jenny craig vs nutrisystem

Nutrisystem vs. Jenny Craig: Which Diet Is Better?

Let’s compare Nutrisystem to Jenny Craig: If you’re looking for the best meal-delivery diet to meet your weight loss goals, then Jenny Craig (coupons) and Nutrisystem (coupons) are probably at the top of your list. Both of these diets are structured, convenient, low-calorie programs that are popular with busy people, but relatively expensive.

But, which diet is better? Although neither one of these diets is truly “best” for everyone, we did some research to help you decide which mighty be best for you. Let’s compare these two heavyweight meal-delivery diets in a head-to-head battle:

Ratings: Nutrisystem vs. Jenny Craig:

U.S. News asked a panel of diet and health experts to rate Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig on a number of important factors. Here how the two diets compare head to head:

rating nutrisystemjenny craig rating

Jenny Craig scored higher with the experts than Nutrisystem, but the one big difference here is that Jenny Craig costs twice as much as Nutrisystem! (What!?) That’s a significant difference, but no one diet is best for everyone. Here’s more about each of these popular weight loss plans:

First, About Jenny Craig

jenny craig logo

Jenny Craig was recently ranked the #2 Commercial Diet behind only Weight Watchers on the list. Like Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig is based on calorie restriction and the monthly delivery of healthy pre-packaged, pre-portioned meals. That takes the guesswork out of dieting, as there’s no need to count calories, carbs, or navigate a point-system.

The Jenny Craig program emphasizes personal support from a dedicated consultant via phone, video-chat, or in-person at one of their 600 center locations. This consultant works with each member to develop a highly-personalized weight loss program including a menu and exercise plan that fits your lifestyle. The personal consultant also helps you to stay motivated in order to reach your weight loss goals.

Unlike Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig does not stick to a specific number of daily calories, as your personal consultant will formulate a number for you that can be anywhere from 1200-2300 calories per day based on your current weight and fitness habits.

With Jenny Craig you’ll eat 6 times a day including 3 meals and 2 snacks from their menu of about 100 items, and 1 snack of your own. While Jenny Craig provides all of your meals, you’ll be expected to supplement them with your own fruits and vegetables from the grocery store.

The program is low in bad carbs, and high in protein and fiber which helps reduce the between-meal cravings that cause you to gain weight. With Jenny Craig the occasional healthy restaurant meal is OK, but you’ll want to limit foods like bread and alcohol.

This structured, healthy, portion-controlled menu is the foundation of their diet and helps members to learn better eating habits for life. The diet lasts as long as you need it to, whether that be 3 months or over a year.

Once you reach your goal weight, you’ll transition back to making your own food and ween yourself off of their prepared meals. At this point you can cook for yourself and take advantage of the low-fat recipes on

While the actual monthly membership to Jenny Craig is low, the real cost of the diet is in the prepared food that can be quite expensive. In fact, the expensive price is the biggest complaint in customer reviews for Jenny Craig.

Jenny Craig Cost:

diet cost

The price tag of Jenny Craig is its big drawback. When you signup for the Premium program you’ll pay a $99 enrollment fee plus $19 per month in addition to a food cost of $17-26 per day!

Simple math soon tells you that this diet will most likely cost $600-750 per month, meaning that Jenny Craig is significantly more expensive than Nutrisystem. Yikes!

*Although, the current 12-week promotion is pretty good:

jenny craig promo banner

Now, About Nutrisystem

nutrisystem logo

Nutrisystem (reviews) was recently ranked as the #5 commercial diet behind Jenny Craig, but the two diets actually have a lot in common. Like Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem is also a monthly meal delivery diet of prepared, pre-portioned meals that are formulated to be nutritious, low in bad carbs, but high in protein and fiber to keep you feeling full.

Nutrisystem is based on a total consumption of 1200-1500 calories per day. This is less than the recommended daily amount of 2000, so the math implies that you will lose weight if you stick to their structured meal plan of 5-6 small meals per day.

Like Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem provides most of your daily meals, but asks you to supplement them with fresh fruits and non-starchy vegetables. With Nutrisystem you are also allowed 3 “Flex meals” consisting of one breakfast, lunch, and dinner on your own each week.

All Nutrisystem plans start with Fresh Start, which is your first month of more-restrictive meals that are meant to achieve an initial fast weight loss of about 13 pounds while preparing your body for sustainable weight loss. This initial month is meant to regulate your blood sugar levels, speed up your metabolism, and teach your body to start burning fat instead of carbs.

Like Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem offers a specific plan for those with Type 2 Diabetes, called Nutrisystem D.

Nutrisystem has a comparable menu to Jenny Craig with about 100 foods which can be sorted by rating or ingredients. Like Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem allows the occasional restaurant meal, but you are encouraged to avoid more than the occasional dinner roll or alcoholic drink.

Unlike Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem doesn’t emphasize the importance of ongoing contact with a personal consultant, although support of the online community is encouraged.

Reviews for Nutrisystem are generally positive, and it seems to work for most people. However, the biggest complaints include that the menu is restrictive and that there is a cancellation fee if you quit before the second month of food delivery.

The Cost of Nutrisystem:

Nutrisystem has 3 plan levels: BASIC, CORE, and Uniquely Yours with the main difference being that you’ll pay more for increased variety of food. These plans differ slightly for women and men, as the plans for men include more food and therefor cost about $1+ per day more.

Nutrisystem’s mid-level and most popular plan, CORE, costs about $11 per day, or even less with a coupon. Even their top-level Uniquely Yours plan only costs about $12 per day, which is still a lot less than the $17-26 per day range of Jenny Craig! On paper Nutrisystem costs a lot less than Jenny Craig, especially with a coupon:

nutrisystem women promo banner

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Jenny Craig vs. Nutrisystem: Expert Ratings & Reviews

OK, now that you’ve got the gist of these two similar meal-delivery diets, let’s see how they compare head-to-head. Here are the ratings based on expert reviews and rankings from U.S. News & World Report:

 Nutrisystem:Jenny Craig:
Short-Term Weight Loss :3.7 (Tie)3.7 (Tie)
Long-Term Weight Loss:2.53.0
Easy to Follow:2.53.0
Overall Score:3.03.4
Cost Per Day:$10-14$18-27

In 2011, Consumer Reports conducted a clinical trial comparing 6 top commercial diets and ranked Jenny Craig #1 overall on the list that also included names like Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, the Zone diet, and Atkins.

However, it’s worth noting that the customer reviews at seem to contradict the ratings, as Nutrisystem scores much better based on several hundred customer reviews:

  • Nutrisystem: 4.1 stars (307 customer ratings)
  • Jenny Craig: 2.1 stars (93 customer ratings)

So, What’s the Difference?

diet battle versus
Nutrisystem versus Jenny Craig: What’s the difference?

As you can see, Jenny Craig edges out Nutrisystem in most of the rankings, but the big difference in these two programs is the cost, with Jenny Craig costing nearly twice as much as Nutrisystem!

The biggest difference in these programs seems to be the role of the personal consultant that is included with Jenny Craig, which may also account for the extra expense. This personal attention helps to customize a program for each person, and takes less of a one-size-fits all approach.

Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig are very similar diets and both are based on the monthly meal delivery of nutritious pre-portioned meals that you are asked to supplement with fresh fruits and vegetables. Both diets are high in protein and fiber, low in bad carbs, and restrict your calories to a level that should result in a weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week.

Which diet wins in our head-to-head battle?

diet versus diet compare
And a big left by Nutrisystem! It looks like Jenny Craig is trouble…

While the experts say that Jenny Craig edges out Nutrisystem in most categories, we can’t ignore the significant cost difference between the two.

Even though Jenny Craig was ahead on the scorecard into the late rounds, it’s Nutrisystem that delivers a knockout punch by costing about half the price!

Ding, Ding, Ding!

We declare, Nutrisystem is the winner!

  • Nutrisystem: You can get 40% off + an extra $50 off with this promo code!
  • Jenny Craig: Not conceding defeat? Consider their 12-week Trial with $120+ in free food

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Other meal delivery diets include The South Beach Diet (reviewscoupons), BistroMD (reviews, coupons), and Medifast (reviews, coupons). If you are into cooking your own food, consider Weight Watchers (reviews, coupons) or even weekly DIY meals from Home Chef (coupons)!

nutrisystem testimonials

9 Nutrisystem Testimonials: Success Stories + Weight Loss Results

nutrisystem logo

Testimonials from Nutrisystem Customers w/ results: Choosing the right diet is a personal decision, and no one diet is right for everyone. It’s also no secret that motivation and inspiration are two important factors in reaching your weight loss goal, regardless of what diet you chose.

So, if you’re thinking of signing up for Nutrisystem, it’s important to learn from both the positive and negative reviews to determine whether Nutrisystem will work for you. In that spirit, let’s take a look at a few testimonials from real Nutrisystem customers who are happy to include photos and recommend the diet. *And, if you are consider signing up, use our exclusive code for 40% off PLUS $30 off here!

1. Nutrisystem Testimonial from Lori

A mom describes the profound affect that her successful 40-pound weight loss with Nutrisystem, and how it’s changed her life and made her more “present” with her kids:

Nutrisystem Results: “Just being there vs. being present” – Lori had a 40 pound weight loss, and now feels more “present” with her family in everyday activities that she used to just watch from the sidelines.

2. Testimonial from Fontana

A woman’s emotional weight loss journey and positive self-transformation during the year of her husband’s military deployment:

Nutrisystem Results: Fontana was 215 pounds and on medication for depression. She needed an easy diet that structured her eating. She lost 8 pounds the first week, and eventually lost a total of 60 pounds. The best result was a healthier lifestyle that resulted in more energy, motivation, and joy in her life.

nutrisystem women promo banner

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3. Success Story: Joey Lost 79 Pounds w/ Nutrisystem for Men

Joey was an obese 33 year old. At 280 pounds he finally promised his wife he’d make a drastic change in his life, so he signed up for Nutrisystem’s Drop 18 Now! promotion for Men. At 79 pounds lighter there’s a lot less of him but he’s much more happy.

Nutrisystem Results: Joey lost 79 pounds with Nutrisystem, but the best result was a happier, healthier lifestyle.

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4. Success Story: Kimberly lost 56 pounds with Nutrisystem

Kimberly was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. In the years following her diagnosis she gained a lot of weight and also became depressed. It was a big effort just to go to work or socialize, so she decided she needed a drastic change.

Nutrisystem Results: Kimberly joined Nutrisystem, and after 9 months she lost 56 pounds and is much happier.

5. Testimonial: Jason Lost 249 pounds with Nutrisystem for Men

Diabetic and more than 200 pounds overweight, Jason knew he had to make a drastic change in his lifestyle and be a more involved, capable parent, as “everything was difficult.” He wife told him that she “couldn’t do it alone” as a parent any more, so he started Nutrisystem D and it changed his life. The diet might seem to be expensive, but for Jason it was a great investment.

Results: Jason lost 249 pounds on Nutrisystem, and learned lifelong habits for healthy eating. He added that Nutrisystem may have even saved his life.

6. Happy Customer: Giselle’s Nutrisystem Success Story

A busy career woman loses weight for a Summer wedding:

Results: Giselle lost 29 pounds with Nutrisystem, and has successfully kept it off.

7. Nutrisystem Testimonials: Celebrity Moms Talk About the Diet:

Here’s a couple of celebrity moms (you probably know!) who signed up for Nutrisystem and are happy to testify about their experience.

Results: After her third child, Soleil Moon Frye had trouble dropping the stubborn baby weight, but Nutrisystem helped her lose 40 pounds!

8. Tracey’s weight loss results + testimonial for Nutrisystem

Tracey is a 45 year old mother of 2, who was having trouble losing weight on her own, so she tried Nutrisystem.

Results: Tracey lost 35 pounds with Nutrisystem, and even her 21 year old son was impressed by how good she looked.

9. Morgan’s Success Story

Your own Nutrisystem testimonial or success story?

As we mentioned, diets are not “one size fits all.” If you are a busy person who likes the idea of a structured diet with meal delivery, then popular programs like Nutrisystem, South Beach Diet, Bistro MD, and Medifast are worth considering. In fact we compare Nutrisystem to other diets in articles like these: Nutrisystem vs Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem vs. South Beach, Nutrisystem vs. Medifast.

If you are considering Nutrisystem, check out their current promotion for a 40% discount plus our exclusive coupon for an extra $30 off at signup!

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Would you like to testify about your weight loss results with Nutrisystem? Please leave us your own testimonial, complaints, before and after, or success story here!

nutrisystem celebrity spokesperson

Marie Osmond + 5 Celebrity Spokespersons for Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem celebrity spokespeople: Thinking about trying Nutrisystem? You’re not alone! Every year, thousands of people give this diet a go and it can really work wonders. Even high-profile celebs have used it for themselves, and often they end up as spokespersons for the diet.

You already know that Marie Osmond as the face of Nutrisystem, (some people even think it’s called the “Marie Osmond Diet”) but here are 5 more celebrities who have lost weight with the program and then turned spokesperson.

Janet Jackson lost 50 pounds w/ Nutrisystem:

janet jackson nutrisystem

Over the years, Janet Jackson has struggled greatly with emotional eating. This is actually a common problem that affects a wealth of people around the world. Some people find that, when things get a little stressful, their only retort is to eat, eat, and eat some more.

For Jackson, the worry was that she would become diabetic if she continued to lead a somewhat unhealthy lifestyle. Doctors warned her that she was on the brink of contracting the illness and she was concerned for her own health. It was then that she decided to become one of the Nutrisystem celebrity spokespeople.

“It’s a matter of maintenance and keeping the weight off,” she recently told Shape. “My success plan was to feel good about myself and be healthy.”

The outcome was rather spectacular and Nutrisystem D worked wonders for this celeb. Jackson is now a healthy weight and has hopefully warded off the threat of diabetes once and for all.

Nutrisystem Spokesperson Marie Osmond lost 45 pounds:

Marie Ormond, celebrity spokesperson for Nutrisystem

Being overweight isn’t just about carrying a few extra pounds here and there. It’s about how you feel in yourself. Marie Osmond admits that her weight issues had started to take a toll on her physical health.

She was achy, her joints hurt, and she lacked energy. All of the above with signs that related to her size. The Marie Osmond diet turns out to be nothing but Nutrisystem.

“My first goal was to be healthy. But as a woman, I love having a small waistline and an even smaller backside. And I have to admit, thanks to Nutrisystem, I have both. I have so much energy now, too,” Marie told Nutrisystem.

The diet completely changed the way that Osmond feels and has made a real difference to her life. Like her Mormon religion, the diet also emphasizes clean living, and discourages drinking alcohol.

“I haven’t had this kind of energy in at least 10 years. I feel like getting out and rock climbing and biking, and doing things I love doing but didn’t because I was overweight. I feel better, and I feel younger, too. They say you can’t turn back time. Well, look at me and say that!”

Her marketing efforts were so successful that a significant number of people think Nutrisystem is actually called the, “Marie Osmond Diet.”

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Celebrity Spokeswoman: Melissa Joan Hart lost 40 pounds

melissa joan hart nutrisystem
Celebrity Spokesperson Melissa Joan Hart for Nutrisystem

Let’s face it, sometimes ladies measure their weight loss in clothes sizes, rather than pounds. For Melissa Joan Hart, it was all about fitting into that perfect pair of jeans.

When she became a mother for the third time, she was a little heavier than her goal weight, carrying an extra 30 pounds. Since she works hard and is a full-time mommy too, she found it hard to get to the gym. The answer had to be eating right.

One of the most famous celebrities who use Nutrisystem, she claims that its simplicity was what made it work. “With Nutrisystem, it’s so easy because all the counting’s done for you; all the guesswork is taken out of it,” she told Nutrisystem.

“The meals are in my cabinet at home, but I can also bring them to work. Or I can throw the bars in my purse. It’s just easy, convenient and I’m not starving.”

Well, happy to hear that Nutrisystem worked for Melissa, and now she’s happy to endorse their program.

Genie Francis lost 40 pounds w/ Nutrisystem:

Sometimes, it’s the very idea of having to diet that can be the biggest stumbling block. Many people find it hard to cope with the notion of losing weight and it can so often become an all-consuming problem. For Genie Francis, star of ABC’s soap opera General Hospital, it was just that. Then she tried the Nutrisystem diet plan.

“I’ve finally conquered my dieting demons. Dieting began for me at such a young age. When I was 14, they put my character Laura on a diet. It set off a whole pattern for me with crazy starvation dieting,” Francis told ABC.

“I’m more at peace with food than I have ever been in my lifetime,” she said. “The fact that I can eat foods that I love on Nutrisystem helps satisfy my cravings making me less vulnerable to trigger foods.”

You can watch Genie’s testimonial above, and see before and after pics here.

Spokesperson Dan Marino lost 22 pounds w/ Nutrisystem:

dan marino nutrisystem
Celebrity athlete Dan Marino Nutrisystem spokesman

After retiring, Dan Marino started to gain weight. While he tried his hardest to keep fit, nothing seemed to work. His metabolism had caught up with him and the pounds piled on and on. Then, everything changed. As one of the celebrities who lost weight on Nutrisystem for Men, he speaks loudly and proudly about the results.

“I saw the success my buddy Jim Stuckey had on the program, so I gave Nutrisystem a call. Boy, am I glad I did. I lost 22 lbs on the program and I feel great,” he told Nutrisystem.

“I haven’t been this weight since I started playing pro football back in 1983. I got a variety of delicious foods to eat, and they were super easy to prepare. It was an easy, convenient and delicious way to feel satisfied.”

That’s a nice endorsement coming from an NFL player!

Soleil Moonfrye Lost 26 Pounds w/ Nutrisystem:

Soleil Moonfrye (Punky Brewster) and Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina the Teenage Witch) talk about both losing weight with Nutrisystem. Soleil couldn’t lose stubborn weight after baby number three, and Melissa Joan Hart lost 40 pounds after her last baby.

Nutrisystem’s Celebrity Spokespeople

Celebrities who use Nutrisystem: Paying a celebrity to lose weight with your diet could seriously backfire if it don’t lose the weight. That’s probably why Nutrisystem encourages celebrities to come to them with testimonials about successful weight loss with the Nutrisystem plan.

It looks like they’ve had no problem finding celebrities to endorse their product! If you are considering trying Nutrisystem, check out our review here. Or, take advantage of the current promotion for new customers, and lock in a 40% discount for as long as you stay on the diet:

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Your Un-Celebrity Review?

Have you tried Nutrisystem? Let us know by writing a user review here!

You can also compare Nutrisystem to the similar South Beach Diet

New coupons for Adam & Eve

nutrisystem vs south beach diet

Nutrisystem vs. South Beach Diet – Which Is Better?

Compare Nutrisystem to the South Beach Diet: If you’re thinking of signing up for a meal-delivery diet then you no doubt are considering the two heavyweights in that space: Nutrisystem and the South Beach Diet. They are actually very similar diets, but which one is best for you?

Let’s take a closer look at both diets to learn how they work and what makes them different, but first, lets compare how the experts rate these two diets:

Ratings: Nutrisystem vs. South Beach Diet

rating nutrisystem

U.S. news asked a panel of experts to rate these two diets, and Nutrisystem edged out the South Beach Diet head to head. Of course, no single diet is best for everyone, so here’s more about each of these two diets:

South Beach Diet Overview:

south beach diet foods

Named for the famous, hip beach in Miami, this meal-delivery diet was born from the famous book, “The South Beach Diet: The Delicious, Doctor-Designed, Foolproof Plan for Fast and Healthy Weight Loss,” by a cardiologist named Dr. Agatston. Well, the title of that book is a mouthful, but how does the meal-delivery version work?

The South Beach Diet plan promises to “burn fat and transform your metabolism with a high protein, low-carb diet that will boost your energy” with smaller, more frequent meals. You’ll have 3 plan levels to choose from: Silver, Gold, and Platinum, and you’ll pay more for increased food variety.

The meal  delivery program claims to be a safe and healthy plan for fast weight loss and consists of three phases:

  • Phase 1: The 7-Day Reboot – This is the foundation of the program and in Phase you’ll reset your body for fast weight loss. By reducing carbs and empty calories you’ll eliminate cravings and transform your metabolism. Just like boot camp, this is the “hardest” phase, but only lasts a week
  • Phase 2: Steady Weight Loss – Good, you’ve made it through the first week, and now your body is burning fat instead of carbs. That means you’ll get more food variety in the form of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. You’ll also have the flexibility of one DIY breakfast, lunch, and dinner every week. Weight loss is more effective with exercise, so you’ll be encouraged to be active with their simple fitness tips
  • Phase 3: Maintenance Phase – Congratulations, you’ve reached you’re goal weight! You’ve also transformed your metabolism and improved your eating habits. Now you can enjoy all foods in moderation and keep eating foods that are high in lean protein and low in bad carbs to maintain your thinner self

With the South Beach Diet you’ll enjoy 5-6 smaller meals and snacks throughout the day (every 2-3 hours) mostly consisting of their prepared meals, bars, shakes, and snacks. This helps to regulate your blood sugar and boost your energy.

Want to know more? We explain more about how the diet works in our review.

new promotion south beach

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“This was a very tough decision for me, but… I will be taking my talents to South Beach” – Lebron James, ‘The Decision’

Should you also take your talents to South Beach, or go with Nutrisystem instead? Let’s look at how Nutrisystem works.

Nutrisystem Overview:

sample vegetarian menu nutrisystem

nutrisystem logoWeight Watchers may have stolen the title of “best weight loss diet,” but if you aren’t into a DIY approach, you should know that Nutrisystem is the most popular meal-delivery diet. Here’s how it works:

Nutrisystem combines three elements for effective weight loss:

  1. Portion Control: There’s no counting calories or points, as all meals and snacks are “perfectly portioned” and you’ll be told what to eat and when
  2. Balanced Nutrition: There’s years of science behind their food and it gives you the right mix of nutrients to keep you feeling full and energized
  3. Frequent Meals: Eating 6 meals a day regulates your blood sugar levels and speeds up your metabolism. There’s no 2pm crash when you eating right!

Like the South Beach Diet, Nutrisystem also has three plan levels: BASIC, CORE, and Uniquely Yours, and the main difference is that you’ll pay extra for plans with more menu variety.

Every plan starts with a fast weight loss phase called, Fresh Start which includes bars and shakes to really help you hit the ground running and end your unhealthy eating habits fast.

Want to know more about Nutrisystem? Check out our review here.

nutrisystem women promo banner

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Nutrisystem and South Beach Diet: Similarities

Both of these meal-delivery diets start with a week of fast weight loss meant to end bad eating habits, turn off the switch for carb-cravings, and prepare your body for weight loss. South Beach calls this initial 7 day period, “Phase 1: 7-Day Body Reboot” and Nutrisystem calls, FreshStart.”

With both diets you’ll be eating 5-6 smaller meals and snacks a day that are high in protein and fiber but low in bad carbs that you will supplement with fruits and vegetables from the grocery store. This more frequent eating helps to regulate blood sugar levels and boost your metabolism and energy levels.

With both diets you’re allowed several “flex meals” each week consisting of a breakfast, lunch, and dinner of your own cooking or eating out. This helps breakup the monotony of being told exactly what to eat every day and allows you a little bit of freedom. “Flex meals” are also good training for better eating habits that you should keep for life.

With Nutrisystem and South Beach Diet there is no counting calories or points. You’ll get meals in the mail once a month and a menu that tells you what to eat and when which you can track with their online tools or app.

Both diets provide customized plans for both women and men, with the men’s plans costing more to account for the extra food that is provided.

The structured nature of these diets makes them popular with busy people who prioritize convenience over menu freedom. They are both good for regulating blood sugar and losing weight in a predictable and sustainable way if you follow the program.

Nutrisystem and South Beach Diet: Differences

versus diets boxersThese diets are very similar, however there are some differences. Here are the main differences:

There are some differences in the nutritional foundation of two diets, and although both are high in protein, South Beach is lower in carbs.

This lower-carb content is evident in the menu choices for each diet. While the snacks are pretty similar, when it comes to actual meals you can see the difference between the two diets.

  • Nutrisystem Menu: Because it allows for more carbs, so you’ll see menu items like waffles, pasta, and pizza – Learn more & view menu
  • South Beach menu: Because it’s a low-carb diet breakfasts are heavy on egg dishes, and their lunches and dinners have more lean protein and vegetable dishes – Learn more & view menu

Also, the South Beach Diet is a phased approach, with specific goals and differences between each of the 3 phases. Also, after you achieve your goal weight in Phase 2 of South Beach, you might be more likely to quit the meal-delivery and make your own good food choices. This gives the South Beach Diet more of a defined “end” than Nutrisystem.

Nutrisystem offers specific plans for diabetics and vegetarians while South Beach Diet does not.

Cost Comparison

diet costBoth of these diets cost about $10-12 per day. provide most of your daily meals, so they shouldn’t cost much more than you are already paying for food because they replace most of the meals you are currently paying for.

Nutrisystem is slightly less expensive than the South Beach Diet which will cost you about $1 per day more.

Both Nutrisystem and South Beach Diet offer similar new customer promotions that you can lock-in for a lower price.

*Both of these promotions also include free shipping plus free shakes and/or bars in your first month’s delivery to help kick-off your initial weight loss.

Which Diet Is Better?

boxers fighting versus

As mentioned there are a lot of similarities between the two diets, with the main difference being that the South Beach Diet is lower in carbs. But, that doesn’t make it better.

Looking at a couple of other factors, Nutrisystem is slightly less expensive, and edges out the South Beach Diet in a rating of the “Best Commercial Diets” by U.S. News and World Report. On this year’s list Nutrisystem is ranked #5, while South Beach is ranked #7.

It seems that with the South Beach Diet some people had trouble sticking to the “low-carb” food choices after completing the program, and were more likely to gain the weight back.

So, while it’s a personal choice largely based on the menus, experts say Nutrisystem is a slightly better diet.

Nutrisystem and South Beach Diet = Same Company?!

After seeing the many similarities between these two diets including the menu choices, I soon realized that South Beach Diet (SBD Enterprises, LLC) is a subsidiary of Nutrisystem, Inc., with the same Fort Washington, Pa address.

Ah hah! That explains why these two diets are so similar. That means that many of the menu choices are literally the same on both programs.

It’s kind of like how Honda and Acura are the same company, just slightly different with one costing a little more. In this case the South Beach Diet is their lower-carb program.


These are two similar meal-delivery diets that are high in lean protein and fiber and relatively low in carbs and bad fats. They require you to eat more frequently throughout the day in an effort to curb your carb-cravings and regulate your blood sugar while boosting your metabolism.

While Nutrisystem is rated slightly higher and cheaper, the main difference here is in the menu.

  • Do you enjoy the occasional carbs like pasta and pizza? Then Nutrisystem might work better for you.
  • Are you a fan of stir-fries, protein bowls, and soups? Then give the low-carb South Beach Diet a second look. 
  • Are you undecided? Nutrisystem is a little less expensive by about $1 per day. Not much difference, but if you’re on the plan for 6 months it’s significant!

If you do signup for one of them, make sure you choose a promotion that locks-in the initial low rate (some coupons don’t) like the ones below:


is nutrisystem healthy

Is Nutrisystem Healthy? Daily Calories, Carbs, Nutritional Info (New!)

nutrisystem logo

Is Nutrisystem really a healthy diet? If you’re considering joining Nutrisystem, it’s a good idea to know the daily amount of nutrients and calories, and whether it’s really a healthy diet.

We did our homework by learning how Nutrisystem works, and reading hundreds of reviews. Let’s look under the hood of this diet and learn whether it’s really healthy.

Is Nutrisystem Healthy?

nutrisystem food a la carte

Nutrisystem’s prepackaged, pre-portioned meals are the foundation of their weight loss program, but are they healthy?

Nutrisystem food is formulated to be high in protein, “smart” carbs, and fiber. The meals have no artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, or trans fats.

Ok, that’s a good start. Now, let’s look at real numbers for the nutritional info.

Nutrisystem Food: Nutritional Info: (Daily) 

While nutritional info is available for every Nutrisystem menu item, let’s look at a typical day’s nutrition. Here’s how Nutrisystem FreshStart® compares to the FDA recommended daily allowances, and the typical American diet:

 Daily Recommended:Nutrisystem:
Calories:1600-2000Women: 1200
Men: 1500
Carbs:45-56% (135-195g) Men: 45%
Women: 47%
Fiber:25g (source)Women: 30g
Men: 36g
Sodium:2300 mg (source)2124 mg
Sat. Fat:10% (9-12g) 8-9% (6-9g)

A you can see, Nutrisystem meets or exceeds the FDA’s daily recommendations for nutrition including calories, protein, fiber, carbs, and sodium content.

*Reference: Totals based on recommended daily amounts for women on a diet: You can view health and nutritional information for men here

Want to learn more? We also put together a sample 7-day menu of Nutrisystem food. You can click below to apply a discount, and learn more about their menu:

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Nutrisystem: How Many Calories?

A healthy intake of calories is about 2000 per day, so to lose weight you have to aim for a lower number than that.

All calories aren’t equal, so a good way to do lose weight successfully is to eat fewer empty carbs. This causes your body to switch from burning carbs to burning fat for fuel.

A day of Nutrisystem food amounts to 1200-1500 calories per day to achieve a sustainable 1-2 pounds of weight loss per week.

Food: How Much Sodium?

A lot of people ask if Nutrisystem is high in sodium because it is based on prepared food. A day of their meals has 1900-2300 mg of sodium, which is just within the FDA’s recommended amount, but well below the average American’s daily intake of 3400 mg.

So, compared to the amount of sodium you might already be getting, Nutrisystem would be a healthy improvement.

However, if you have diabetes, high blood sugar, or are older 51, your doctor may prefer that you stick to a low-sodium diet of 1500 mg of sodium per day such as Nutrisystem D.

Nutrisystem: How Many Carbs?

Is Nutrisystem a low-carb diet? No, Nutrisystem is not officially a “low-carb” diet, although their food is generally low in carbohydrates, especially during the initial Turbo 13 phase. A true low-carb diet requires that you eat fewer than 100 carbs a day, which is very low and a bit controversial among nutritionists who champion the value of “good” carbs.

The Nutrisystem diet provides about 170g of carbs per day which is within the recommended amount to achieve weight loss. This is more carbs than diets (Atkins, Paleo, South Beach) which brand themselves as being “low-carb.”

Remember that not all carbs are equal, as some carbs are very healthy, such as those from vegetables, brown rice, and whole grains. Nutrisystem targets these “good” carbs, which are the best source of energy for your mind and body.

Food: How Much Protein?

Protein is the building block of muscle, bone, skin, cartilage, and even blood. Lean protein has numerous benefits. to your health, and is the foundation of the Nutrisystem meals and bars.

Protein is also the foundation of the Nutrisystem diet. Their plans for women and men (drop 18 now!) provide significantly more protein each day than the FDA’s recommended amount at over 70g per day.

Nutrisystem Food: How Much Fiber?

The health benefits of fiber include controlling blood sugar levels, healthy bowels, (that’s a great name for a band!) and achieving healthy weight. Nutrisystem food has more fiber than the recommended daily amount, (especially their vegetarian plan) and focuses on healthy fiber more than most other diets. They also ask you to supplement their prepared meals with high-fiber fruits and non-starchy vegetables from the grocery store.

Nutrisystem Posts Nutrition Facts for Every Food

Ok, so we have an idea of the total daily nutrition, but what about the nutrition facts for each meal and snack?

The good news is that detailed nutritional info for every menu item is available at

nutrisystem food nutrition

Click on “nutrition facts” to get a detailed amount of calories, fat, sodium, carbs, protein, and more:

nutrisystem d sodium carbs sugar

Just click on “view menu” and view by: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Food is sorted by rating, so make sure you don’t get food included in your monthly delivery.

If you have food allergies or a special diet, food can be sorted by a number of criteria including by ingredient and low-sodium.

Conclusion: I Would Say that Nutrisystem Is a Healthy Diet

health experts

Nutrisystem is high in protein and fiber and low in bad carbs. The diet is also within the recommended daily amounts of caloriessodium, and fat. Because of this data, I would say yes, Nutrisystem is healthy.

If you are considering joiing Nutrisystem, check out their featured promotion below, and save even more when you use a promo code:

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Here’s How Nutrisystem “Turbo 13” Actually Works:

nutrisystem logo

*Update: Turbo 13 is now called, “FreshStart®!”

How does Nutrisystem’s Turbo13 program work? You may have seen one of the tv commercials promoting and wondered how it all works. Here’s the skinny on the new, initial fast weight loss phase that they call “Turbo 13.”

If you think of the Nutrisystem program as a car, then Turbo 13 is the ignition and turbo boost. The first month of the program Turbo 13 prepares your body for weight loss by priming your body’s engine and flushing it out.

Turbo13 works to achieve three main goals:

  1. Control your blood sugar levels to curb cravings
  2. Speed up your metabolism to increase energy
  3. Training your body to burn fat instead of carbs

It achieves these goals by acclimating your body to 6 smaller prepared meals a day, plus 8+ cups of water each day. These pre-portioned meals are low in carbs and high in protein and fiber to help tune up your body and feel fuller for longer.

The Turbo 13 phase also adds special bars, shakes, and TurboBoosters to specifically regulate your blood sugar and boost your metabolism.

But how does Turbo 13 work? Let’s take a look under the hood.

Nutrisystem’s Turbo 13 Explained:

Turbo 13 is the kick-start for all Nutrisystem plans and it all starts with the Turbo Takeoff week. This first week of the program includes 7 days of meals, TurboShakes, NutriCurb Bars, and TurboBoosters.

Your initial shipment also includes 3 additional weeks of food designed to help you lose weight quickly. In fact, the goal is for women to lose 13 pounds in the first month (hence the name Turbo 13) and men can lose 18 pounds!

You can learn more and lock-in a low monthly rate with their new customer promotion below:

nutrisystem women promo banner

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What’s In Your First Order & How It Works

The Turbo 13 program is designed for fast initial weight loss. When you signup, you’ll get:

  • 7 “TurboShakes (or “Nutri-Pro Shakes” for men) to help shrink your belly
  • 7 NutriCurb Bars to curb your hunger
  • 7 TurboBoosters to boost your metabolism
  • Free shipping + 40% off
     (new customers only!) 

Nutrisystem designed their plans to minimize your involvement in counting calories or points and restricting diet while using science and psychology to keep you going.

Nutrisystem is based on your glycemic index. When you take in carbohydrates, your body turns those carbs into sugar and your body either uses that sugar as energy or stores it for later as fat. High carbohydrate foods are also high in calories, a feature you want to avoid when dieting. (remember, reducing calories in is the goal)

To lose weight quickly, just reducing your calories and your “bad” carb intake isn’t enough. You have to increase your metabolism as well, and that’s where the Turbo Takeoff week comes in.

Turbo 13’s Turbo Week: aka “Turbo Takeoff”

nutrisystem turbo 13 shakes bars

When you first begin to diet, your body will rebel. It’s not used to getting fewer calories. But if you persevere, your body will adapt.

To both help you persevere and to increase your metabolism during the first week, Nutrisystem includes three things in your kit. TurboBoosters, bars, and shakes. This is on top of the usual meals in a typical Nutrisystem plan.


nutrisystem turbo boosters

TurboBooster is like your morning coffee but better. Yes, it has caffeine and caffeine increases your metabolism, but it also includes other nutrients and supplements to help you stay focused throughout your day.

TurboBooster includes green tea extract, a powerful antioxidant, and another metabolism booster. You’ll also receive the thermonutrient black pepper in your TurboBooster which improves nutrient absorption which uses 10% of the calories you put in your body.

Turbo Shakes and Bars:

turboshakes nutrisystem

Your stomach is one of the reasons your body rebels when you diet. When you put less food in your stomach, you feel hungry.

The solution? More fiber.

There’s a reason you can eat a lot of veggies and not gain weight. They are mostly full of fiber and low in calories.

The “TurboShakes” and “NutriCurb Bars” included in your first week of Turbo 13 will do several things. First, they combat hunger by filling your stomach with fiber. Second, they act as dessert to help you stay away from your go-to bowl of ice-cream. And third, they give you a massive dose of protein with added probiotics.


That’s right, protein! There is a reason why keto diets are so popular. Increased protein changes the weight-regulating hormones in your body such as GLP-1, peptide YY, cholecystokinin, and ghrelin. The first three in the list help increases, helping you feel satiated when eating, and the last decreases, reducing your hunger factor.

Protein also burns more calories when metabolized. This combined with every other aspect of your Turbo Week, good and balanced carbs, more fiber, energy boosting supplements, and portion control will be the jumpstart you need to lose the most weight and keep going with Nutrisystem.

Turbo 13 and Your Metabolism:

metabolism food

To understand how the TurboWeek works, you have to understand how metabolism works. Metabolism is the chemical process where your body derives the energy to live and function. It’s also how your body absorbs nutrients and eliminates bad things.

But for the sake of this article, we’ll focus on the energy aspect. Your metabolic rate is the rate at which you combine food and oxygen and turn it into energy. Several things determine this rate.

  • Your age: As you age, muscle decreases and fat increases. These factors decrease metabolism.
  • Your sex: Men usually have more muscle and less fat than women on average. This equates to higher metabolism.
  • Body Composition and Size: More muscle equals higher metabolism. But so does less fat.
  • Physical Activity: You have to exercise at a high intensity to change your metabolism through physical activity. But just being active does have a small impact.
  • The Food You Eat: Eating too many sugars and the wrong carbs and not enough protein will lower your metabolism.
  • Chemicals: What chemicals you put in your body can either lower or increase your metabolism.

TurboWeek uses the last two on the list to help increase your metabolism and increase your weight loss.

Turbo 13 Reviews

As mentioned, Turbo 13 is the first month of your weight loss journey on Nutrisystem, and not everyone likes the lifestyle adjustment that it requires.

By reading through hundreds of customer reviews, I came away with the following summary:

“This diet is best for busy people who like a structured diet and are willing to sacrifice the freedom and taste of home-cooking and restaurant food for successful weight loss results and a healthier lifestyle.”

Put down that doughnut! The initial Turbo 13 phase of this diet is all about addressing bad eating habits by telling you what to eat and when, and that doesn’t work with some people.

That’s OK, though! That’s why their’s vanilla and chocolate and elections. (You mean not everyone loves our current President?!)

For a comprehensive review of the Nutrisystem diet, check out our full review here!

Is Turbo 13 and Nutrisystem Right For Me?

nutrisystem d food
nutrisystem logo

If you’ve been putting off dieting because of the work involved in getting started, then Turbo 13 and Nutrisystem is probably perfect for you. The system ramps you up to weight loss quickly and easily and tells you what to eat when.

If you’re looking to learn more about Nutrisystem, check out our full review here. You can also take advantage of their best current promotion for new customers, and lock-in a 40% discount with this offer:

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*Some coupons for Nutrisystem don’t lock-in the low promotional rate, and your monthly cost increases after the third month, but this one doesn’t!

Nutrisystem isn’t for everyone, however. For example, Nutrisystem has special plans for diabetics and vegetarians, but if you must eat a gluten-free diet you’ll have to consider other options like South Beach or Weight Watchers.

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Nutrisystem at Walmart | 5-Day Weight Loss Kits, Shakes, Bars

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Nutrisystem kits, shakes, boxes, food from Walmart: Nutrisystem is the most popular meal delivery diet in America, but the cost and idea of commitment can be intimidating. These 5-7 day kits at are a great obligation-free way to dip your toe into the program without obligation.

All kits come with both food and unlimited weight loss counseling from representatives. Walmart also sells shakes, bars, and frozen food a la carte at a pretty good price. (Did you know Costco sells discounted Nutrisystem gift cards?) 

Here’s more about Nutrisystem at Walmart:

Nutrisystem Weight Loss Kits: 5 or 7 Days

If you’ve been thinking about joining Nutrisystem but are still on the fence, you can get the gist of the program by trying their popular 5-day meal kit. Nutrisystem claims that while using these kits you can lose “up to 7 pounds in two weeks.”

Walmart carries three Nutrisystem 5-Day Kits including:

  1. Members Favorites 5-day Frozen Weight Loss Kit (Popular)
  2. Turbo Protein Powered Homestyle 5-Day Weight Loss Kit
  3. Protein Powered Jumpstart 5-Day Weight Loss Kit
  4. Nutrisystem D “Everyday Favorites” Kit (7-Days) 

Each kit comes in a cardboard box complete with its own little handle. That means you can carry the box and still have a free hand to point out all of the weird Walmart people to your husband. Here’s more about each of the kits:

Nutrisystem “Members’ Favorites” Frozen Weight Loss 5-Day Kit:

nutrisystem 5-day frozen kit

As the name implies, this 5-day box features some of the top frozen food from the Nutrisystem menu plus unlimited weight loss counselling. It’s also the most popular 5-day kit option at Walmart. Here’s what each kit contains:

Each Members Favorites 5-day Kit includes 15 entrees and 5 desserts & snacks including:

  • Breakfast: Buttermilk Waffles, Cinnamon Roll, Homestyle Pancakes, Thick-sliced French Toast, Turkey Ham & Cheese Omelet
  • Lunch: Four Cheese Melt, Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Hamburger, Pepperoni Pizza Melt, Southwest Fiesta Melt
  • Dinner: Roasted Turkey Medallions, Broccoli & Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast, Meatloaf Sandwich, Mushroom Stuffed Chicken Breast, Ravioli Formaggio
  • Desserts & Snacks: Chocolate Brownie Sundae, Chocolate Cupcake, Ice Cream Sandwich, Orange Cream Bar, Whole Grain Soft Pretzel

Cost: $66.37 + free shipping or free pickup at any Walmart store

All prepared meals and snacks are “perfectly portioned” so there’s no need to count calories or points. However, although the meals are pre-made, you are expected to supplement them with fresh fruits and non-starchy vegetables.

Nutrisystem claims you can lose 7 pounds in 2 weeks with these 5-day kits, but to do so you’d obviously have to buy 4 kits. If you do, consider getting a variety of 5-day kits, and not several of the same kit! (Maybe just try one first?)

If you are interested in buying multiple kits, it might be worth considering joining their program (2-month commitment) and using a promo code or Costco Discount to bring the price down.

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Nutrisystem “Protein Powered Homestyle” Weight 5-Day Loss Kit:

nutrisystem turbo 5 day kit

The Nutrisystem Protein Powered Homestyle 5-day Weight Loss Kit is a great way to sample food from the Nutrisystem program without commitment. Each 5-day kit includes 5 breakfasts, 5 lunches, and 5 dinners and unlimited weight loss counseling via phone or chat from their trained representatives.

Here’s what each 5-Day Protein Powered Weight Loss Kit includes: 

  • Breakfast: Blueberry Lemon Baked Bar, Oatmeal Cranberry Bites, Cinnamon Bun Bar, Harvest Nut Bar, Granola Cereal
  • Lunch: Beans & Ham Soup, Creamy Beef Alfredo, Fudge Graham Bar, Three Cheese Chicken,  Homestyle Chicken
  • Dinner: BBQ Seasoned Chicken, Chicken Pot Pie, Chili w/ Beans, Mac & Cheese w/ Turkey Sausage
  • Turbo Shake Mixes: These 5 shakes are a key to the success of nutrisystem’s FreshStart® plan and are high in protein, probiotics, and fiber to keep you feeling full longer

Cost: $44.98 + Free Shipping, or free pickup at your local Walmart

While Nutrisystem claims that you can lose 10 pounds in 3 weeks, you should know that each kit only includes 5 days of food. Therefore, if you really do want to get 3 weeks worth of food, you’ll have to buy 4 of these kits. However, I’d recommend not getting 4 of the same 5-day kits, as you’ll get tired of the food fast!

Nutrisystem 5 Day “Protein Powered Jumpstart” Weight Loss Kit:

nutrisystem 5 day kit protein powered

Also a good way to try out Nutrisystem without joining, the “Protein Powered Jumpstart” box includes days of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks as well as access to unlimited weight loss counceling.

Here’s what each “Protein Powered Jumpstart” kit includes:

  • Breakfasts: Cinnamon Bun Bar, Cinnamon Raisin Baked Bar, Harvest Nut Bar, Oatmeal Cranberry Bites, Sweetened O’s (like Cheerios)  
  • Lunch: Black beans & Rice, Cheddar Broccoli Rice, Chocolate Covered Cherry Bar, Chicken Alfredo, Trail Mix Bar
  • Dinner: Chicken Pasta Parmesan, Hearty Beef Stew, Meatballs in Marinara Sauce, Rotini & Meatballs, Vegetarian Chili
  • Snacks: Chocolate Caramel Bar, Chocolatey Pretzel Bar, Milk Chocolate Flavored Pretzels, Toffee Crunch Cookies, White Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Cost: $44.98 plus free shipping or free in-store pickup at Walmart

Nutrisystem D (Diabetes) 7-Day Kit:

nutrisystem d kit

If you are diabetic, Nutrisystem offers “Nutrisystem D,” a special plan that emphasizes healthy blood sugar levels and foods with lower sugar and sodium content. Not ready to take the plunge and signup? This 7-day kit is sold at Walmart and comes in a smart little box with a handle. It’s a good way to get acquainted with the program without signing up.

Here’s what the 7-day Nutrisystem D Kit includes: 

  • Breakfast: Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal, Granola Cereal, Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal, Nutriflakes Cereal (like Cornflakes), Peanut Butter Granola Bar, Sweetened O’s Cereal (like Cheerios)
  • Lunch: Arroz con Pollo, Beans & Ham Soup, Cheese Tortellini, Red Beans & Rice, Tortilla Soup, Three Cheese Chicken
  • Snacks: Apple Pecan Bites, Coconut Almond Bar, Double-Chocolate Caramel Bar, Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Bar

*Why no dinners? Nutrisystem now includes snacks instead of dinners in the “D” meal box, which has a lot of customers angry. Actually, it’s the #1 complaint in customer reviews!

Nutrisystem at Walmart: Shakes, Bars, A La Carte Food

nutrisystem nutricrush bars walmart

Besides the popular 5 & 7-day kits, you can also buy food like bars and shakes a la carte at Walmart and Their best-sellers include:

  1. NutriCrush Bars (Chocolate Peanut Butter)
  2. Nutrisystem D Blueberry Muffins
  3. NutriCrush Shakes (Vanilla)
  4. NutriCrush Bars (Double-Chocolate Caramel)
  5. NutriCrush Bars (Fudge Graham)
  6. Breakfast on the Go Variety Bundle
  7. Nutrisystem D Chocolate Chip Cookies
  8. Nutrisystem Movie Night Snack Pack (Popcorn, Chocolate Pretzels)
  9. NutriCrush Shakes (Chocolate)
  10. Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Walmart: Where to Buy Nutrisystem Kits, (Boxes) Shakes, Bars, and Frozen Food

You already knew Walmart sells everything, right? Well, I’m not a fan of how they have gutted Main Street America, but if you’re looking to try out Nutrisystems without signing up for membership, it’s a good option. *Need to find a local store? Here’s their store-finder.

If you end up liking Nutrisystem and want to consider signing up for their program, we have the best deals!

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nutrisystem gluten free plan

Nutrisystem Gluten Free Menu? – No, But You Can Go “Wheat-Free”

nutrisystem logoDoes Nutrisystem have a gluten-free menu? A lot of women and men looking for the right meal-delivery diet wonder whether Nutrisystem has a gluten free option, and the short answer is no.

While a small number of their meals are gluten-free, it’s not enough variety, and you’re better off considering other options.

If you do want to consider sticking with Nutrisystem, they offer a “wheat free” menu which might be a good option.

Nutrisystem’s Wheat-Free Menu:

Nutrisystem’s “Core” and “Uniquely Yours” plans are pretty flexible and allow for the omission of certain foods based on various filters. One such filter, available on their website or in your dashboard, is for wheat allergies.

Although these foods aren’t certified to be gluten-free, omitting wheat might be good enough for you. Here’s how to go “wheat free:”

nutrisystem gluten free wheat

  1. On their site click “View Menu
  2. Choose a meal: breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks, and then click
  3. Then click filter by on the left of the page
  4. Choose, “I’m allergic to / wheat from the filters.

Now Nutrisystem will omit foods containing wheat from the menu. You can decide if the remaining menu items are a good enough selection for you to eat while on Nutrisystem, or if you want to pass and find a better gluten-free option.

You can check out their menu, learn more about “wheat-free” food, costs, and apply their best discount by clicking below:

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Gluten Free Nutrisystem-Alternative? Consider Bistro MD

Nutrisystem is not a good Gluten-Free diet if you have been diagnosed with celiac disease, and their FreshStart® fast weight loss phase is not celiac-friendly. However, there is a better alternative meal delivery diet called, “Bistro MD” that has a certified gluten-free plan.

gluten free plan

Bistro MD has a gluten-free plan

This plan has several options that start at $89 per week that have a much better variety of gluten-free foods than Nutrisystem. Their Gluten-Free program sets the menu for you for up to 7 days a week of gluten-free foods chosen by their experts.

To learn more about the gluten-free plan, click below and apply a 25% off coupon while you’re at it!

nutrisystem alternative gluten free

Yum! Good gluten free alternative to Nutrisystem

Do You Really Need to Be Gluten-Free? 

Have you been diagnosed with celiac disease? There are a lot people who haven’t been and are interested in going gluten free simply for the perceived health benefit. Surprisingly, it may actually be counter-productive to eliminate gluten from your diet if you don’t have to.

According to a recent study, people who do not have celiac disease should not go gluten free. In fact, it was determined that restricting gluten can actually be unhealthy for people not advised to do so by a doctor. That’s because whole grains are an important part of your diet, and adopting a gluten-free diet can actually be harmful and increase your risk of heart problems.

In Conclusion…

According to reviews, Nutrisystem is not a good gluten free option, and the limited menu probably won’t work for the needs of either women or men. If you’ve been diagnosed with celiac disease and need a gluten free alternative to Nutrisystem or the South Beach Diet, consider Bistro MD instead. If you are only going gluten-free for the perceived health benefit, consider keeping whole grains in your diet or choose wheat-free food options.

If you aren’t sold on meal-delivery, you can also consider Weight Watchers, which is more of a do-it-yourself dieting option.Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterest

drop 18 now

Nutrisystem “Drop 18 Now” Review | Here’s How It Works:

nutrisystem logo

You may have seen the commercials on TV for “Nutrisystem Drop 18 Now,” which are running a lot this time of year on channels like ESPN, but how does it really work? We read reviews, did extensive research, and even got an exclusive coupon for an extra $50 off their best price! 

Here’s what we learned about the Drop 18 Now promotion for Men:

How “Drop 18 Now” Works: (aka “Drop 15 Now”)

“Drop 18 Now” is just a fancy name for the first “fast weight loss” phase of Nutrisystem’s plans for men. The name, “Drop 18 Now” (aka, “Drop 15 Now”) speaks to the thousands of men looking to drop about 20 pounds in one month, and offers them a 40% discount that locks-in for as long as you are on the diet. In fact, it used to be called, “Drop 15 Now,” but they recently raised the bar as the average man was often losing more than 15 pounds.

Drop18 is basically a fast start to the Nutrisystem plans, and consists of 6 smaller meals a day to speed up your metabolism and regulate your blood sugar. During the first month they choose meals for you that are low in (bad) carbs and high in protein & fiber, although you’ll have the option to customize your menu in subsequent months. Drop 18 drops your daily caloric intake to about 1500 calories per day to promote quick weight loss.

Drop18Now is the same as the well-known, Nutrisystem FreshStart® program, except it’s specifically for men. In fact, men can lose up to 18 pounds in their first month compared to women’s 13 pound weight loss goal.  (hence the name, Drop “18”)

Here’s what men get “free” with the Drop 18 Now promotion:

  • 7 Nutri-Pro Shakes to shrink your belly
  • 7 NutriCurb Bars to curb cravings
  • 7 TurboBoosters to boost your metabolism
  • Free Shipping every month
  • Price does not increase!

The first month of Nutrisystem for Men (aka Drop18Now) comes with pre-selected meals that are lower in carbs to promoted faster weight loss. After the first month you have more flexibility with meals and can substitute suggested menu items in all plans but “Basic.”

The Cost:

The cost of the program depends on which plan level you elect to go with, but the men’s plans with the Drop18now discount average costing about $11/day or $320/month. The most popular is the “Core” plan which is the middle plan as far as cost and food variety.

When you signup for Drop 18 Now, you’ll lock in their special promotional rate for new customers for 40% off the retail price. The advantage to joining through this promo is that the price won’t go up after 3 months like other promotions:

men promo

*Featured tv promotion or, view all coupons

*You can also read more about the expense in our article about Nutrisystem for Men cost here.

What Customer Reviews Say:

drop 15 men
Drop and give me 18… pounds!

I was really surprised to see that online customer reviews for Drop 18 Now! (“Perder 18 Ahora!” en Español) are actually more positive than those for Weight Watchers (for Men aka “Bad Hombres!), which is rated as the best commercial diet. Even so, let’s look at what men liked and disliked about the diet:

GOOD Reviews: Drop18Now is best for busy people. Nutrisystem basically does all of the calorie-counting, portioning, and preparation for you with their monthly meal delivery. Because most weight gain is caused by bad eating habits, Nutrisystem basically steps in and tells you what to eat and when. There’s no counting calories or points, but you’ll subside mostly on their food which can be a negative.

“Just like the name says, I did drop 15 pounds! In fact, I lost 20 pounds in the first month. I miss eating burgers, but this diet puts order to my meals. Going to stay on it for at least 6 months and see how it works.” – Gary, Brockland, TX

Bad Reviews: As with any meal-delivery diet, the main draw-back is that most restaurant food and guilty pleasures are off-limits. With Nutrisystem you only get one meal per day on your own, and all the others are meals and snacks supplied to you.

“I didn’t like the taste of the food, and when I tried to quit they charged me a $125 cancellation fee! I never saw that mentioned at signup.” – Joy, Cherry Hill, NJ

A number of other bad reviews mentioned dislike for the cancellation policy which can leave you with a $125 fee if you cancel after 14 days but before getting your second order. Read our review of Nutrisystem here.

Does “Drop 18 Now” Work?

Sure, words like “NOW” and “FREE” are power words that catch your attention, but does “Drop 18 Now” really deliver on its promise to lose 18 pounds in the first month?

This diet program has a high success-rate for people who stay on it and enjoy it, so the best question to ask yourself is, “is this the right diet for ME?” If you are busy and enjoy the structure and convenience of meal delivery, it’s a good bet that it will work.

If you enjoy cooking and freedom of choice, you might be better off with a DIY diet like Weight Watchers that has no food restrictions. More about whether Nutrisystem works here.


It’s often daunting to think far into the future, and the advice to take things “one day at a time” certainly applies to weight loss. The Drop 18 Now start to their plans for men are structured to help you lose 1-2 pounds per day, so you can expect to lose 15-18 pounds after the first month.

If you are busy and like the idea of an ordered eating schedule, learn more about the plan options below, and get the Drop 15 Now discount:

men promo

*Featured “Drop18Now” promotion or, view all coupons

*Note that “Drop18Now” is not advertised to diabetics as this quick initial weight loss phase is not diabetes friendly. They do, however, have specific diabetes-friendly plans available at the same price.

Have you tried nutrisystem for Men? We’d love to know if it worked.