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Medifast: The Medifast diet is a popular weight loss program for people who need a structured eating plan to regain control of their health and their lives. Check out our new review for Medifast diet, the cost, and today’s best coupons.

medifast or the south beach diet

Medifast vs. South Beach Diet: Which Is Better?

South Beach Diet or Medifast; Which is better? The South Beach Diet and Medifast are two big names in meal-delivery diets, but which one is best? Actually, no single diet is best for every individual, so the better question mighty be “which diet is best for you?”

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medifast reviews

Medifast Reviews | Does It Really Work? (Good + Bad!) • 2018

What we learned from Medifast reviews: Medifast is a popular meal-delivery program that’s high in protein and low in carbs and calories. It once again made the list of the Top 10 Commercial Diets and promises fast weight loss and diabetes control. But, does it really deliver?

So, Does Medifast Really Work?

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How Medifast Works | 2 New Plan Options: Which Is Best for You?

How does Medifast work? Medifast has been a top name in meal-delivery diets for over 30 years. Although the diet is still true to its roots as a nutritious low calorie, low-carb weight loss plan, it’s gone though some changes recently. Here’s an overview of the diet and their new plan options, ...  read more

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Medifast Shakes: $15 Off $150- Cheapest Price w/ This Coupon

Need Cheap Medifast Shakes? Your best bet is always going to be to get your shakes directly from Medifast, (and not from a 3rd party) but did you know that they offer monthly coupons to bring down the cost? Click below to get our latest $15 off coupon good towards shakes and meals.

Today’s Featured Medifast Coupons

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Medifast Gluten Free: Coupon for 28 Free Meals w/ Signup

Medifast Gluten Free PlanDid you know that Medifast has over 40 gluten-free foods? They now make it convenient to get them all in one place with their gluten-free 4-week variety packs. Click below to view, or take advantage of this month’s coupon code for up to 56 free meals!

Medifast gluten free foods:

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