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best diets for diabetics

Healthiest Diabetes Diets: 5 Best Weight Loss Plans for Diabetics

While as little as 50 years ago, diabetes was something of a rarity, it’s now a growing problem in the US. In fact, a rather mind-blowing 2012 report found that a whopping 29 million people (that’s almost 10% of the entire country’s population!) suffered from this life-altering condition.…

buy whole milk instead of skim healthier

DON’T Buy Skim Milk: Choose Whole, 2% Fat, Almond, or Soy Milk Instead

When shopping in the grocery store, you likely have your own habits. Whether we like it or not, we’re all slaves to certain brands or products. We just get used to buying them regularly, which means that we’re much less likely to stray away from them and try something new.…

Better Sleep = Better Weight Loss; Eat Tryptophan-Rich Foods

Better Sleep Equals Better Weight Loss – The difference between success and failure in your weight loss program might be the sleep you’re getting. Try adding tryptophan to your diet to help fall asleep, and get better quality sleep!

How Can Two People on the Same Diet Diet Get Different Results?

farro grain health benefits

Farro Health Benefits + Which Kind Is Best For You?

FARRO: The Trendy, Not-so-new, “Supergrain”

Step aside quinoa. Farro is not only here, but it seems to be everywhere. Surely you’ve seen farro dishes gracing the menus at all the trendiest spots. While it may seem as though farro’s popularity sprouted overnight, (my spell-checking doesn’t even recognize it yet!

80 20 diet how it works

What Is the 80-20 Diet? Practiced By Olivia Munn, Miranda Kerr, & Tom Brady, Jessica Alba

You might have heard of the 80/20 diet recently, as a number of celebrities have recently taken to it. In fact, think of it less as a “diet” than a lifestyle change.

Really, it’s based on eating healthy portions of mostly fruits and vegetables and practicing moderation and balance.…

ground flaxseed benefits diet weight loss

Flaxseed & Weight Loss: 7 Healthy Benefits of Eating Ground Flaxseed

The Benefits of Eating Flaxseed: Flaxseed might be a great addition to your diet, as they are high in fiber, protein, and healthy fats, and can reduce your appetite by making you feel full sooner. Here’s the skinny on the benefits of eating flaxseed:

Ground Flaxseed Reduces Your Appetite

“Eat food.

spicy foods weight loss

Spicy Foods Help You Lose Weight: Eat Less, Boost Metabolism!

Eating spicy foods helps you lose weight -There’s a lot of evidence out there that concludes that eating spicy food can help you lose weight while providing additional health benefits.

How is this possible, you ask?

Certain chemicals and compounds in spicy foods have the dual benefit of making you eat less while also increasing your metabolism.…

sweet tea sugar content

Sweet Tea: Sweet But Deadly – Like Shirley Temple w/ Ebola

arizona sweet teaSweet but deadly: Sweet Tea – Feeling like I needed a boost, I stopped in at our local CVS to pick up photos and grabbed one of those large cans of Arizona Sweet Tea. Ahhh… Just the name, “sweet tea” reminds me of living in the South as a kid, so I got a little bit of free nostalgia with my $1 purchase.…

Stay Vigorous at Seventy: Vintage Energy / Diet Ad from Kellogg’s

vintage diet seventy year old man ad

Vintage ad for energy wafers from Kellogg’s – Before there were Power Bars, or Smart Ones from Weight Watchers, Kellogg’s was selling their Sanitone Wafers, which promised to “keep your vital energy aglow, and drive away all gloominess and peevishness.”

“I’m the equal in nerce-force and power to any of the rising generation”

I can’t think of a better fit for Mighty Diets than this St.…

salty chinese food

Do Salty Foods Make You Gain Weight? Sodium Content & Weight Loss

does salt make you gain weight

recipe womanDoes eating salt make you gain weight? I heard it a million times from my grandmother: “lf you eat too much salt, you’ll puff up like a balloon!” Whenever we had dinner at her house, she’d make the traditional Italian meals high in carbs: spaghetti, lasagna, stuffed rigatoni, but never did she add any salt.…

What is The Glycemic Index? Here’s An Easy to Digest Answer

“Oh, twice as much ain’t twice as good. And can’t sustain like one-half could. It’s wanting more that’s gonna send me to my knees.” – John Mayer, Gravity

healthy vegetables heartTo many people, the glycemic index of a food is more important than other common measurements such as calories, fat, and carbohydrates, although they are all related.…