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Spicy Foods Help You Lose Weight: Eat Less, Boost Metabolism!

Eating spicy foods helps you lose weight -There’s a lot of evidence out there that concludes that eating spicy food can help you lose weight while providing additional health benefits.

How is this possible, you ask?

Certain chemicals and compounds in spicy foods have the dual benefit of making you eat less while also increasing your metabolism.…

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Ear Accupuncture for Weight Loss: Can You Hear Me Now?

Acupuncture and Weight Loss – New research from South Korea suggests that ear acupuncture may help you lose weight. That’s what I call sticking it to fat! (sorry, I had to say it)

In the study, patients received acupuncture needles in alternating ears over the course of two months.…

Top 10 Diets Ranked By U.S. News: One Diet Wins a 3-Peat

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diet guyDiets can often be synonymous with “fads” or “trends”. Coming in and out of style like the latest runway fashions. Therefore, it makes sense to pay attention when there is a trusted source ranking the best ones for you.  Some diets are more extreme than others, but all require cutting out some form of food, whether it be an entire food group, a certain food or simply reducing calories.…