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Coupons: We have exclusive coupons for popular diets like Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem!

Nutrisystem Coupons for Walmart? 5 Ways to Get a Discount

walmart logo

Nutrisystem at Walmart Coupon? So, you are thinking of trying Nutrisystem without committing to their monthly meal delivery? That’s a good idea! Walmart sells Nutrisystem 5-day kits featuring many of their popular meals and snacks, but are there coupons available?

Well, since 2015 Walmart hasn’t offered coupons specifically for Nutrisystem, but you can get a discount on the cost a number of other ways, including $100 off when you join at Here are the best ways to use a coupon or promotion towards your Nutrisystem purchase at Walmart, or elsewhere.

#1: Refer a friend to Walmart Grocery, Get $10

refer walmart coupon

(1986 Walmart commercial below!) If you refer a friend to Walmart’s new grocery ordering / delivery option, you’re friend will get a $10 coupon, and so will you! You can use this coupon towards Nutrisystem at, or any other product. View

#2: Signup for the Walmart Credit Card, Get $35 Off

walmart guy
Just your average day at Walmart!

Do you frequently shop at Walmart or If so, it might make sense to sign up for their credit card. When you do, you get 3% off all Walmart purchases, plus $35 off your first order. That $35 can be used towards Nutrisystem at Walmart! View

#3: Check Walmart Weekly Ad for Nutrisystem Coupons

nutrisystem kits walmart
Nutrisystem kits at Walmart

Is there a coupon for Nutrisystem at your local Walmart? They seem to have discontinued their $5 off coupon. (It was available in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016) You can check with their store locator to view your local store(s) weekly ads. View

#4: Use a Coupon Towards Joining Nutrisystem

nutrisystem save40 coupon

Featured 40% off promotion or, view all coupons

Maybe there isn’t a specific Nutrisystem at Walmart coupon, but there is if you join their weight loss program featuring monthly meal delivery. You can learn more about it by reading reviews, or check out today’s coupons here. As a side note, we recommend skipping the 50% off promotion, as it isn’t the best price long-term.

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#5: Buy Nutrisystem Food on eBay

Did you know that there are tons of kits and lots of Nutrisystem food on eBay?

It’s true, and many times you’ll get a lower price than at Walmart. Just be sure to buy from a trusted seller, and mind expiration dates!

What’s Better Than a Walmart Coupon for Nutrisystem?

nutrisystem logo

Although you might not be able to find an actual Nutrisystem at Walmart coupon, there are a number of ways above to get a discount.

If you are thinking of joining, you can also buy discounted gift cards at Costco to save an extra $25-100 when you join.

Thanks for stopping by, and if you have any Nutrisystem coupons for Walmart to add, please leave a comment below.

Have you tried Nutirsystem? We’d love to hear your honest review!

nutrisystem 50 percent off

Nutrisystem 50 Percent Off Sale! (Is It the Best Signup Deal?)

Nutrisystem 50% Off first Two Weeks: Well, if you are looking to join Nutrisystem, there’s some good news. To launch their new FreshStart® program, Nutrisystem is running a 50% off sale for the first two weeks:

nutrisystem 50% off sale

However, while this is a good sale, we did the math and it’s not the best promotion out there. If you plan to stay with Nutrisystem long-term, you’ll want to skip this sale and go for another one instead. Here’s why:

Is the 50% Off Sale Best?

We just ran a comparison of the three top Nutrisystem promotions, and were surprised to see the results. While the “50% off” sale sounds great, it only results in the best price for the first month.

Assuming you stick with the diet 3+ months, the cheapest way to join Nutrisystem is their Nutrisystem/Save40 promotion which locks in the initial low rate that you pay.

You’ll also be able to stack a promo code at checkout to save an extra $20+, making it the best deal out there.

“50 Percent Off Nutrisystem” is a Bit Misleading

Like, we said, the idea of 50% is really enticing, but it’s only for the first two weeks. Because you’ll be on Nutrisystem for at least 2 months (or face a cancellation fee) this sale loses its luster when you do the math long-term.

Before you join Nutrisystem (or any other diet) it’s good to educate yourself by reading user reviews. One of the most important factors is the total cost. For Nutrisystem, that includes the cost of groceries to supplement your Nutrisystem meals.

To learn more about the true price tag of Nutrisystem, check out our article, What’s the real cost of Nutrisystem?

*New: Flat Tummy Discount Codes

Thanks for stopping by Mighty Diets! If you have an opinion on this 50 percent off sale, please drop us a line below.

boost drink coupons

Boost Drink Coupons | Plus, High-Protein, Drinks: 30% Off • 2019

boost logoCoupons for Boost drinks: Proper nutrition is key to your energy levels and health, and that’s where Boost comes in. They say, “you are what you eat,” so skip the empty carbs and unhealthy snacks! Like Ensure, Boost drinks are nutrient-rich meal-replacement drinks that are high in protein, vitamins, and fiber and come in a number of tasty flavors. (mmm, chocolate!) 

Best of all is that we have coupons for the best price on Boost drinks from popular stores like Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and Target. Just click our featured promotion below for up to a 30% discount on Boost drinks including: Plus, High-Protein, and Glucose Control:

Best Boost coupons for :

1.Boost @ CVS: 30% Off - Best price!
Boost + store-wide discount. Get promo code:
2.Boost @ Walgreens: 15% Off - New!
New customers only. Store-wide (includes Ensure). Get coupon:
3.Boost @ Walmart:
No Walmart coupon for Boost drinks today.

*Use coupon code at checkout! Coupons that can be printed are denoted as printable. These stores allow for shipping to your house, or free in-store pickup at target

Using a Coupon Code for Boost Drinks:

Most of the time you’ll need to enter a promo code at online stores like Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and Target. If a code is needed, you’ll get one when you click over to their site. Just add any Boost drinks to your cart, and then enter the code at checkout as shown:

boost drinks coupon

Enter coupon code for Boost drinks here:

Use Coupons for these Boost Drinks:

boost high protein chocolate

Sometimes coupons will be specifically for Boost nutritional drinks, and other times they will be good site-wide. Here are the Boost products that our free coupons work towards:

  • Boost Plus
  • Boost Original (Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry)
  • Boost High-Protein
  • Boost Max Shakes
  • Boost Glucose Control
  • Boost Optimum
  • Boost Essential Protein (and more!)

Coupon for Boost Drinks at Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, & Target

We check available coupons for these popular stores and post the promotions that yield the best price on Boost nutritional drinks. Sometimes coupons are printable, but most of the time you’ll need to place your order online.

If you prefer to pick up your order in-store, just choose “store pickup” at checkout. It’s like having a printable coupon without all the inky mess!

Tip: Look for (Free) $3 and $7 Off Coupons

Once in a while we find a $3 off coupon good towards any Boost product, often from Walmart. If one is available, just print it out and bring the coupon with you to the store!

Often the $3 or $7 coupons are available if you signup for their email list.

*Related Coupon: Get up to 50% Off WW Here! | $100 off Nutrisystem | Noom Free Trial

Need Some Inspiration?

I’m a fan of their recent TV commercial, which kind of shows you what Boost is all about:

Related: Supplemental Nutrition Drinks: Help or Hype? –

Thanks for checking out our coupons! If you have one to add, please suggest it below:Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterest

jenny craig specials

Jenny Craig Deals: Top Special Offers, Coupons – 2019

jenny craig logoCoupons & special offers for joining Jenny Craig: Although Jenny Craig is the highest rated meal-delivery diet, it’s quite expensive! The good news is that they always have one or more specials for new customers that can get you a big discount at signup. These offers can change, so we update this page each day with the best available coupons and deals available below:

Today’s best special for Jenny Craig:

featured specialjenny craig food special*Lose 16 lbs. for $16 + $120 in free food!*

*We’ve been posting Jenny Craig specials in 2016, 2017, 2018, and now in 2019. This is one of the best offers for new customers that we’ve seen! 

How Signup Specials & Coupons Work:

There’s always a promotion available for joining Jenny Craig, so never signup unless you are getting a special offer like their featured deal. Here’s what you should know about coupons and deals:

  • Usually a special offer will be towards the first 3-4 months of your membership fees
  • The savings, such as “$100 in free food,” is split over the first 10 weeks of membership
  • Purchase of food is required, which is most of the total cost of Jenny Craig
  • Menu substitutions may not be permitted during the promotional period
  • $99 charge to cancel 2nd shipment of food, and cancellation must be made within 3 days of arrival of first shipment
  • The better deals include free shipping, plus a bonus like “free chocolates”

Coupon Not Working?

Usually the best deal out there is applied to your account once you click over to That means you won’t have to enter a coupon code to get the best price. (There usually isn’t even a field at signup to enter a code!)  

However, there are a number of dubious coupon sites promoting Jenny Craig promo codes. In my experience these codes are invalid, and the coupon site is more interested in getting your email address or credit for an affiliate sale than delivering a valid coupon!

The reality is that most of the time only one featured and valid deal is available, and no promo code can be stacked on top of this special offer. Having said that, they do run really great seasonal specials, including after New Year’s, when a rare promotional code is available. If this is the case, we’ll be the first to post the code!

Example: You can also try these supposed Jenny Craig promo codes:

  • $25 off coupon with code: order25
  • $25 off with coupon: M43
  • New members: 5% off food w/ coupon code: CW6
  • Free life-size Kirsti Allie Doll with signup. Use code: NotSerious

These are currently featured on RetailMeNot and I can’t get them to work, but if you are presented with the option of entering a code, give them a try. Once in a while they also post specials on their blog.

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Jenny Craig: What Happens at Signup?

retro women lifting weights

Women feeling good about Jenny Craig deals

If you click a promotion, it will be applied to your shopping cart. You’ll then go through 3 brief steps:

  1. Signup with email and address
  2. Choose jenny Craig Center location for your free appointment
  3. Schedule a day and time

Then, at the actual appointment you will:

  1. Meet with one of Jenny Craig’s trained consultants
  2. Learn how the diet can be customized to your specific needs
  3. Choose a plan, including a custom menu

There’s no pressure or obligation to purchase the plan and menu that you’ve chosen, but the idea is that if you do, you’ll get started promptly with the special price from the special offer that you clicked on. (above)

Deals & Specials May Require a Minimum Commitment

Before you join any weight loss program or signup for a diet, it’s good to do your homework, as there may be strings attached. When you take advantage of a special offer or coupon, you are most likely committing to a minimum length of membership. Often if you quit a diet such as Jenny Criag before your commitment ends, you may be charged a cancellation fee.

If you have any questions, call Jenny Craig at: 1-800-JennyCare (536-6922)Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterest

ensure coupons

Ensure Coupons | Plus, Drinks, Shakes: 30% Off • 2019

ensure logoEnsure drink coupons: Ensure is designed to increase energy and strength. Ensure drinks and shakes are loaded with vitamins and protein, and hugely popular with women and men on a diet, or as a healthy meal replacement.

Looking to get the best price on Ensure? The good news is that we have the best online coupons for Ensure including original, Plus, and Enlive nutrition shakes. Get up to a 30% discount for the best price on Ensure at top stores including Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS below:

Best Ensure coupons for :

1.Ensure @ CVS: 30% Off - Best price!
Ensure + store-wide discount. Get promo code:
2.Ensure @ Walgreens: 15% Off - New!
New customers only. Store-wide (includes Ensure). Get coupon:
3.Ensure @ Walmart:
No Walmart coupon for Ensure today.

*You can also get a $3 coupon from if you sign up for their email list

ensure plus

Best Price for Ensure: Walmart, CVS, Target, or Walgreens? 

It can be overwhelming to search the top drugstore brands for coupons. The good news is that we did the hard work for you, and posted a coupon that results in the best price for Ensure today.

While the best price after using a coupon is currently at CVS, this might change as stores like Walmart, Target, and Walgreens run sales on specific departments including health & diet.

Use Coupon for: Ensure Plus, Clear, Original, Max, High Protein, or Enlive Drinks & Shakes

Whether you’re looking to drink Ensure for weight loss or as a healthy meal replacement, you can be sure you’re making a good choice for a healthier diet. Each Ensure drink has 9+ grams of protein and 28 vitamins and minerals. You can drink 1-2 Ensure drinks or shakes each day to feel stronger and more energized.

Some of their popular products that you can use these Ensure coupons for include: Original, Clear, Enlive, Plus, High Protein, Shakes, & Ensure Powder

Free Ensure Coupons

ensure drinks coupon

Use promo code at checkout

Don’t bother signing up for those cash-back coupon sites, or on’s email list just to get a great coupon for Ensure. We post the best online coupons for Ensure right here, and they are always free require no email signup.

If coupons are your thing, we also have a number of promo codes and promotions for top diets like Weight Watchers!

Choose Free Shipping or In-Store Pickup

Do you have a favorite grocery store or drugstore that sells Ensure nearby? Although most of the Ensure coupons we post are not printable, you can still use them in-store. For most of the stores including Walmart and CVS, you can choose free in-store pickup or free delivery with a minimum order, ensuring that you get the best price.

Ensure Reviews: Original or Plus (Inspiring Commercial!) 

Ensure knows that people are different, and that’s why they make several different versions of Ensure shakes, drinks, and powders including Original, Plus, and Enlive. If you haven’t tried Ensure yet, the best place to read reviews is from the actual product pages on Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and Target.

More coupons: WW coupons, Nutrisystem specials, South Beach Diet Promo

Each of the products has honest customer reviews from thousands of real customers, so it’s a great way to learn about whether Ensure worked for individual users who used Ensure to lose weight, or as a healthy meal replacement.Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterest

Best South Beach Diet Specials, Coupon Codes, & Deals Now • 2019

south beach diet coupons

South Beach Diet coupons: The South Beach Diet is based on more than just dropping pounds, and promises that you can “lose weight while getting in shape.” In fact, they claim that you can lose 9 pounds in your first week with delivery of their high-protein, low-carb (prepared) meals combined with a healthier lifestyle.

If you’re interested in this diet, you can read our review to learn more about how it works and the cost, or take advantage of the best South Beach Diet promo codes and coupons below for up to a 40% discount:

*Best Deal? Use the 40% off promotion to lock-in the lowest price, then use a promo code at checkout for free bars and shakes!

Top South Beach Diet Coupons, Promo Codes Today:

Best Deal? Use the South Beach Diet/Sale + Stack a Promo Code(s)!

south beach diet/sale featured promotion

We strongly recommend that you use their featured sale, South Beach Diet/Sale, which locks-in a 40% discount.

south beach diet top coupon

Why is that important? Because other sales and promo codes don’t lock-in your initial discounted rate. This means they may only be a good deal for the first 1-3 months, before the monthly cost increases!

Here’s more about our featured 40% off promotion:

best coupon south beach diet
this is the best coupon (screen shot) – Notice, “40% off EVERY order”

Best coupon: Here’s what you get:

  • 40% off EVERY order (Not just your first!)
  • 7 free South Beach Diet Complete shakes
  • Free FedEx Shipping
  • Free shaker bottle (with South Beach Diet promotion code above)
  • Free Bars and/or high protein pancake mix (use promo code)

Here’s how to get it:

  1. First, click on the 40% off coupon to apply the discount
  2. On the second screen of checkout, use today’s promo codes above for free food (bars, shakes, pancake mix) and a free shaker bottle
  3. Make sure estimated shipping says, “free” like this:
use south beach promo code

Sweet! Well, keep doing your research, but if you decide to signup for the South Beach Diet, you’ll know to use the South Beach Diet/Sale offer plus a coupon code for the best price!

*The South Beach Diet costs about the same as Nutrisystem. While there used to be a $200 plan, now all plans are $300+ per month. (See our review to compare!)

Don’t forget: Use Promo Codes for Free Food!

south beach diet specials

*Related: Weight Watchers: Join Free | Medifast: $35 Off | Nutrisystem: $100 Off

Even though a discount is applied when you click over to, don’t forget to use a discount code for an extra freebie! The South Beach Diet includes shakes, so getting a free shaker bottle is a nice bonus valued at about $10.

Comparing Coupons: The “Renewal” Price Is the Key

If you linger on as a new customer, you might get a popup window with their “best” coupon for $50 off like this:

south beach diet coupon 50

If you activate the coupon (instead of clicking the snarky, “I don’t want to save” link!) you’ll get a seemingly unbeatable offer.

In fact, you’ll notice that your first month of the South Beach Diet is less than any other promotions. Sounds great, right?

Actually, this is misleading, as you must look at what the coupon renews at after the first month:

south beach compare coupons
Notice what the payments will renew at after the first month
  • The $50 off coupon saves you $50 on the first month, but it will renew at a higher price
  • That makes the 40% off coupon (South Beach Diet/Sale) a better deal, as it locks in the discounted price for as long as you stay with the diet!

Over time this really adds up. In fact, after 12 months, the 40% off coupon saves you an extra $200!

A Healthier Life (You Don’t Need a Coupon Code for That!)

south beach diet meals
Sample meal from Phase One, South Beach Diet Menu

So, if you do decide to signup, use a South Beach Diet promo code and you’ll feel good about getting the best price online. However, no matter how much money you save at checkout, the feeling isn’t as good as looking in the mirror and seeing positive, sustainable change in yourself.

The South Beach Diet offers monthly meal delivery of high-protein, low carb foods to help you reach your weight loss goals. Is it right for you? If you’re not sure, you can read reviews to help decide. Either way, thanks for stopping by!


Adam and Eve Coupons – 2019

woman learnedSize matters, so you should know that Adam & Eve is the largest provider of adult products in the U.S. They have an unrivaled selection of adult toys and videos for sale online, all accompanied by helpful customer reviews, and shipped discreetly to your door.

Adam & Eve have decades of experience and donate 20% of the profits from each sale to charitable organizations. Maybe that’s why they have over 10 million satisfied customers! Check out their sale section and daily deals, and use a coupon code for an extra 50% discount and free shipping online today!

Top 8 Adam & Eve Deals for :

50% Off + Free Shipping - Holy cow!
Adam and Eve featured coupon. Click for code:
Ends 2/01/19
50% Off 1 Item + Free Shipping!
50 off any one toy, dvd, or item. Click for offer code:
Ends 2/01/19
60% Off 1 Item + Free Shipping & Free Gift!
Any one toy, dvd, or item. Click for promo code:
Ends 2/01/19
Adam & Eve: 4 On-Site Coupons - Exclusive codes
Get up to 60% off your order with today's on-site codes:
Weekly 2019
50% Off 1 Item + Free Gift!
50% off any one toy, dvd, or item. Click for offer code:
Ends 2/01/19
Vibrators: 50% Offnew + Free Shipping!
$39+ orders include a free "make me come" kit! ($35 value)
Best Sellers: 50% Offnew + Free Shipping!
Adam and Eve Toys, toys, all types of toys. Get offer code:
Sale Section: Extra 50% Offnew - On top of sale prices!
Adam and Eve Toys, lube, etc. by popularity. View sale:
Free Shipping on $59+
$59+ orders ship free w/ code:

adam eve toy coupon vibrator

Using a Promotional Code

You should use a coupon code on every order at Adam and Eve because you can save 50% or more! Here’s how:

  • Click the icon to view your cart
  • Under your order total, there is a field for a “Source or Offer Code
  • Type in your code there, and click apply:

adam eve toys coupon code

Insert code here. No lube needed!

  • If the coupon is valid, you’ll get a message detailing the “Discounts Applied”
  • You’ll also be notified if you qualify for free shipping
  • The discounts are now reflected in your order summary
  • As you can see, you can get an incredible 50% discount!

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ― Nikola Tesla

Coupon not working? Codes can expire or have exclusions, so we suggest always having a backup. Note that some codes don’t work on sale items, and might be reserved for new customers. Also notice the difference between codes that apply to your entire order, or just one item!

adam eve vibrator coupon funny

Best Coupon or Discount? 50% Off Entire Order!

On most sites you can hope to get an extra 10-20% off, but at Adam & Eve it isn’t uncommon to find a promo code for 50% off your entire order with no minimum. You also might find a code for, “50 off one item free shipping,” which isn’t too shabby either.

That’s basically the foot-long double dong of deals

Before using any lesser offer codes, check to see if we have the amazing 50% off code posted this week, or if they have an even better code on-site! (today’s on-site codes & deals)

New Customers Get a Free Welcome Kit! (Free DVD!)

When placing your first order ($17 minimum), you’ll get a free welcome kit. As of 2018, the contents include: a free DVD, and a free clit vibrator, and gel.

That means if you are a new customer, you can use the 50% off + free shipping coupon on any item(s) totaling $34+, and end up you pay only half, plus you get the free welcome kit. Nice! (Naughty?)

adam eve free welcome kit

popup window. Just enter your email

To get the free welcome kit

  1. Click over to this page on their site.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see “free welcome kit” offer
  3. Enter email, and you’ll get a free welcome kit on with first $17+ order
  4. Don’t forget to use a coupon!

They say the kit is a $50 value, so if you use the 50% off + free shipping code in combination with this freebie, you’re getting quite a deal!

Don’t Forget: Deals, Black Friday Sales, Specials, + Sale Section

With all the excitement over that 50% off promotion code you may have forgotten that also has an incredible sale section and deals of the day that may be eligible for additional discounts from a code!

Take a minute to check out these orgasmic deals which can reach 80% on Black (dildo?) Friday, plus specials like a free dvd or toy with your order!

They also have great Valentine’s Day sales!

Another 50% Off Promo Code (video)

Kind of an odd video, but they include an offer code for 50 percent off your whole order. Blink and you’ll miss it. Jeez, for a company that sells sex toys, that video is really un-sexy! Did you miss the code? It’s OK, we have a similar promotional code at the top of this page!

More sexual health and diet coupons: Weight Watchers | Nutrisystem | Medifast

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bistromd coupons

BistroMD Promo Codes, Coupons, Specials (Best Now) • 2019

bistro md logo

You’ve found the best Bistro MD coupons online! BistroMD is often called, “the best tasting home delivery diet.”

That might be why they’ve gotten praise from high-profile sources like Dr. Phil and NBC’s The Biggest Loser. You can learn more by reading our review of the diet, or use a coupon below for up to a 30% discount + free shipping on your first order!

Top Bistro MD Coupons for :

Bistro MD: 35% Off - BEST deal for new customers!
Save up to $95 + free shipping. Get promotional code:
Ends 3/01/19
Bistro MD: 25% Off + Free Shipping!
Click to apply promo code:
Ends 3/01/19
Bistro MD: 3 On-Site Coupons - Updated weekly
Up to 3 new customer offers.
7-Week Plans: First Week for $99
Up to $81 off! Best coupon for 7-day full program.
Ends 3/01/19

More about their coupons:

how use bistromd coupons
Using a coupon is a snap!

Using a coupon at is simple, and you can get a discount one of two ways: either by clicking on a promotional link, or with a promo code. Here’s how it works:

Method #1: Instant Coupon / Discount

The most common way to get a discount is simply clicking on a promotional link or banner. After doing so, the coupon is applied instantly. You’ll then see the discount listed as the current coupon when viewing the plan options like this:

bistro md coupon applied
The applied coupon is listed under the plan options

Under the coupon banner will be the “special offer details,” providing a list of the terms and conditions.

If you add one of the plans to your shopping cart, the coupon will also appear in your order summary at checkout. The savings will be itemized as “less discount,” under the order subtotal.

BistroMD: Using a Promo Code

If you have a promotional code, you’ll have the chance to enter it at checkout like this:

Enter code here if not already applied

If the coupon code is valid, you’ll get a message confirming that the code was applied and the discount will be subtracted from your order subtotal.

Promo code not working? Codes are for new customers only, and may expire at the end of each month.

What’s the Best Coupon?

You might be happy finding a 25% off promotion at, but hold on! We should have a better deal!

You’ll get the best price when you click through on a promotional link, and use a coupon code!

We belong to a small group of health websites authorized to promote a new promotional code for 30% off plus free shipping on your first week of meals!

Just click over to their site and then use this month’s promo code for a total savings of up to $80 on your first month!

Can You Get Free Shipping? 

As mentioned, you can currently get free shipping on your first week, but that is the only free shipping coupon available.

After your first order, shipping will cost $19.95 per week, and there are no free delivery codes for existing customers. If there is ever a coupon for free shipping, we’ll be the first to post it here!

More about Bistro MD:

bistro md menu

“This is not a quick fix or fad diet. Eating less can be important, but just as important is eating better.”

bistro md logo

The top complaint with food-delivery diets is the taste of the meals. But why should you have to slog through bland and uninspired food just because you’re trying to lose weight?

Well, you don’t, and that is the premise of BistroMD. The program was developed by Dr. Caroline Cederquist after years of scientific research and the help of a team of professional dietitians.

Bistromd meals are formulated to be high in lean protein, and low in (bad) carbs giving your body the right balance of nutrition to lose weight and increase energy. Their pre-made, pre-portioned meals are complete, and don’t require anything from the supermarket or extra time for preparation.

Their meals deliver 1100-1400 calories per day which should result in healthy and sustainable weight loss. For more info about BistroMD including the cost, please read our review here! If you are interested, don’t forget to use a coupon.

Bistro MD Alternatives? (And Coupons) 

Trying to lose weight on your own through changes in diet and exercise has been shown to be ineffective, with many diets failing within 7 days. That’s why most of us need help! 

However, choosing the right weight loss program for your unique needs is a big decision. Consider comparing the diet against other food delivery diet plans like: Nutrisystem (review, coupons), South Beach Diet (review, coupons), Jenny Craig (coupons), and Medifast (review, coupons).

If you don’t like the idea or cost of meal-delivery, you can also consider the #1-rated Weight Watchers (review, coupons).

If you do signup for any one of these diets, be sure to use our exclusive promo codes and coupons to get the best price online!


Weight Watchers “Simple Start” Program: A Simple 2 Week Plan

simple start program by weight watchers - Use a coupon here!

weight watchers logoWeight Watchers Simple Start Program:  K.I.S.S. – (Keep it simple…  not the 70’s rock band!) one of my favorite acronyms and words to live by. Weight Watchers must’ve been reading my mind. In life’s already complicated world, who needs yet another complex diet plan? When you just need to lose weight and don’t want to think about it, Weight Watchers introduces their “Simple Start” program; a great way to start losing weight right away. You can get motivation from meetings, or the the plan entirely online. (Weight Watchers Canada here)

So, what exactly is Simple Start?

simple start appAlready ranked at the top of the top 10 diets last year, Weight Watchers has raised the bar yet again. Not only is this is a great way to sample their weight loss program (and it’s free this month!), but it’s also a great way to get the weight loss started. Lose unwanted pounds right away and then start shopping for a new summer bikini. Named as one of the top 3 diets in America last year for its sound plan and health benefits, you’ll want to check out their “Simple Start” plan.

With Simple Start you get:

    1. A step-by-step guide, shopping lists, and an easy-to-follow app
    2. Daily motivation – You can follow Simple Start entirely online, or add meetings for more motivation and support
    3. Delicious, healthy meal ideas made from real food from your local grocery store
    4. No need for math, measuring, or advanced calculus. When they say simple, they mean it.

And here are some helpful hints when dieting:

  1. If you need variety when eating, scroll through Weight Watchers meal planning menus. Click on the picture and the easy recipe appears.
  2. Sign up for their free weekly recipes and tips newsletter. Get recipe ideas for quinoa, recipes for pears, and dozens of other foods. Just enter an email address. It’s a gentle reminder to keep going.
  3. Be accountable for your actions. It helps if you let everyone know your goals. Not only will you get encouragement from your circle of friends, you’ll feel great once you’ve met your goal.
  4. Start moving. In the words of Sir Isaac Newtown “a body in motion stays in motion”. You’ll see how easy it is once you start. Choose stairs instead of the elevator. Park further away and walk. Turn up the music and dance!

Weight loss simplified with Simple Start!

Just like the proverbial “Snowball Effect”, Weight Watchers Simple Start plan is a great way to make that first move. See results right away and let the momentum move you closer to your goal. In life’s complicated world, simple sounds splendid. Why wait any longer? 2 weeks is all it takes to jump-start a path to a new, happier you.Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterest

Smart Ones: Printable Coupons for $2 Off Weight Watchers Meals

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Printable Smart Ones Coupons from Weight Watchers: One convenient way to keep up with Weight Watchers is with their frozen entrees and food that is called, “Smart Ones.” They offer a wide selection of foods, including breakfast foods (Smart Beginnings), classics, and even desserts. Every month you can find coupons directly from WW on their Smart Ones site, but you have to register with them to print out coupons!

Printable coupons for Weight Watchers Smart Ones Food

weight watchers logoWeight Watchers sells their line of frozen foods under the name Smart Ones, and if you are a member of Weight Watchers Online, these meals are a fast, convenient way to make sure you are eating the right foods for your personal needs. Each Smart Ones box is clearly labeled with PointsPlus value, (3-8) calories, fat, fiber, and protein. They also use convenient icons to denote foods that are low in these values, and also low sodium, low sugar, gluten free, vegetarian, whole grain, and low calorie.

If you are already registered with Smart Ones, just click the “print your coupons” button after you click over to their site.Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterest

Weight Watchers Magazine Coupon: 60% Discount on Subscription

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Weight Watchers Magazine 60% Off: If you are on their diet. you may be interested in this discount subscription offer for Weight Watchers Magazine. Each bi-monthly issue is filled with health news, recipes, fitness tips, nutritional information, as well as beauty and fashion news.

Need motivation to lose or maintain your weight? They have a feature called, “Pick Me Up” that does just that, and focuses on the latest health and fitness tips to give you a refreshing boost. Also look for “Cook it Up,” with seasonal, healthy, Weight Watchers-friendly recipes, and “Keep it up” which provides you with inspirational weight loss stories from people like you and celebrities as well.

Get 6 issues a year for this incredible subscription rate, discounted 60% off the cover price. That’s only about $2 per issue! Looking for coupons for other magazines? Check this month’s coupons for hereFacebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterest

Weight Watchers Canada Coupons: 30% Discount Online

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weight watchers canada logoWeight Watchers Canada: Featured Coupons – Looks like that guy shouldn’t have eaten that second order of poutine, eh? Well, the good news is that every month releases at least one coupon or featured promotion, enabling Canadians to get a discount of 25% or more on Weight Watchers Online. Click below for this month’s featured promotion:

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weight watchers canada coupleWeight Watchers Canada bills itself as, “a weight loss program 50 years in the making,” and it’s true; they’ve been refining their formula for successful weight loss for that long. They were once again named one of the top ranked diets this year for a reason. Improvements in technology have only made it easier to follow their program with Weight Watchers Online.

Whether you prefer the in-person support of meetings, or would rather lose weight completely online, they have you covered with digital tools, mobile apps, and resources to make sure you succeed with your weight loss goals.

With you’ll have access to:

  • over 16,000 food listings and 1800+ recipes and guides for dining out
  • Interactive online tools to help you manage your every day food and diet choices and activities
  • personalized weight loss goals based on your unique needs in Canada
  • track your progress with their Weight Tracker and Progress charts
  • Custom workouts for all levels of fitness, as well as video demonstrations of exercises

Weight Watchers Canada: discounts, coupons, promotions

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canada flagRegardless of your weight loss goals, we all strive to save money. That’s where comes in, as we post the latest and greatest coupons for popular diets online. Get up to a 25% discount or more in Canada with this month’s featured promotion! (no codes needed)Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterest