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About / Contact: Thanks for clicking my “about” link. My name is Missy Woodruff, and I’m a girl (mother of three!) who likes to stay in shape, and clip coupons.

Actually, I’ve also tried a number of diets, and am happy to share my experience in the reviews that I wrote about weight loss programs like Noom.

While I enjoy passing on fitness tips, please consult with your doctor or healthcare provider before starting any diet. (Speaking of covering our butts, you can read our boring terms of service if you enjoy fine print written by a lawyer.)

Thinking of starting a diet? You can check out our latest specials for Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem for the best signup deals online. And, if you’re into writing, we’re trying out a new scholarship here w/ great prizes.

Also, if you’re old and uncool like me, check us out on facebook!

Checkout the rest of my bio here. If you need anything, email me at: mwoodruf99@gmail.com

Thanks a lot! – Missy


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