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Negative Nutrisystem Reviews? 5 Common Complaints

Learning from Nutrisystem negative reviews & complaints: Nutrisystem is one of the most popular commercial diets, and generally people say it works, as it rates highly for convenience and short-term weight loss. Even so, you can find a lot of online complaints about Nutrisystem, which are worth reading if you are considering signing up for their […]

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Avocado Toast Recipe (w/ Optional Turkey) from Weight Watchers

Oprah’s (Weight Watchers) Avocado toast recipe: Avocado toast is my new obsession. We first had it a year ago at a neat little bistro in downtown Manhattan, and since then it’s been popping up on menus everywhere. So, if you’re going to make avocado toast, why not go with Oprah‘s favorite recipe from her new […]

weight watchers fried chicken recipe

(Not) Fried Chicken: Weight Watchers Recipe from Oprah

Recipe for Weight Watchers unfried chicken: When it comes to diets, fried chicken is not the first dish that comes to mind. Unless, of course, you are on a diet, then comfort food like fried chicken might haunts your dreams every night! The good news is that Weight Watchers Online (coupon to join) has a tasty […]

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Weight Watchers Cost? Here Are the 3 Plan Options w/ Prices

How much does the Weight Watchers diet cost? Whether you’re on a budget or not, it’s good to do your homework and read reviews before starting any diet. Because of its low cost, simplicity, and high success rate, WW has become the most popular commercial diet for people looking to lose weight and keep it off. Read on to […]

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Nutrisystem Cost Revealed: Prices Per Day, Week, Month

How much does Nutrisystem cost? Nutrisystem promises that you’ll “lose weight, improve your health, and have more energy,” but at what price? The actual price tag of the diet depends on a few factors, and we break these down so that you get an estimate of what it might cost you on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. […]

morninga health benefits

What is Moringa? New Superfood Offers Health Benefits + Weight Loss

Moringa health benefits: “Moringa!” It sounds like it could be Sheldon’s newest tagline on “The Big Bang Theory,” or maybe the stage name of an up-and-coming pop star. But nope – it’s the newest buzzworthy word that’s making waves in the world of healthy eating and diet. So what exactly is moringa? Moringa is a […]

Revealed: Here’s Why You Eat More When You’re Drinking Alcohol

People eat more after drinking alcohol – It was all going so well. You’d been sensible, had a grilled chicken breast with rice for dinner, headed out to the gym, but then… the worst happened. The moment you sipped that first glass of wine, you knew it was game over. When you’re on a diet […]

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Guided Meditation for Weight Loss + 15 Minute Online Video (Free)

Using guided meditation to lose weight: Could it be that Indian-style sitting and chanting a few “ommmms” could actually help you drop those pesky pounds? Well, why not? Just like our bodies, our mind can be infested with toxic substances like stress and self-doubt that throw a wrench into our journeys to attain the healthy, fit weight […]