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Nutrisystem Promo Codes 2017

The fabulous Nutrisystem diet: For over 40 years, Nutrisystem has helped millions of people lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. It works by combining portion control with balanced nutrition in frequent meals that U.S. News rates highly for convenience.

For 2017, their new Lean13 program is designed to help you lose 13 pounds in your first month!  Interested? This month, save 40% and get free FedEx shipping, & FREE shakes when you sign up for their Basic, Core, and Uniquely Yours plans, or up to $25 off your second order:

Top Nutrisystem Coupons for :

1.Nutrisystem: 40% Off
Plus free shipping & free shakes! All plans.
Ends 10/31/17
3.$20 Off Any 4-Week Plan
Nutrisystem: *May not combine with other coupons
Ends 10/31/17
2.35% Off Your Order
May also work on your second order!
Ends soon!
4.Nutrisystem: Featured Coupon
Up to $100 off + free bars & shakes on your first order!
Ends 10/31/17
6.New customers: Free Shaker Bottle
Free shaker bottle ($9 value) with new plan orders.
7.$25 Off Your First 2 Orders Apply discount code & view details:
8.Nutrisystem for Men: 40% Off
Discount for Basic, Core, or Uniquely Yours plan.
Ends 10/31/17
9.Nutrisystem for Diabetics: 40% Off
Click "shop plans," then choose Basic or Core for diabetics.
Ends 10/31/17
*Tips for Nutrisystem coupons:

  • Promo codes are usually not needed. Got a code? Here’s where to enter it
  • Pricing varies based on your plan. More about Nutrisystem costs here
  • Get free FedEx shipping with all new plan signups!

Got 60 seconds? How Nutrisystem Works: (video)

There’s also a good description & rating of Nutrisystem at

Where to enter a promo code at

Most of Nutrisystem’s best discounts are revealed as soon as you click over to their site from one of the links above. However, during the checkout process you have the opportunity to enter a promo code like this:

enter promo code nutrisystem

How to Use a Nutrisystem coupon code:

  1. Under your order total, click “Have a promo code?”
  2. You’ll get a text field, enter code there, click “apply”
  3. Your discount will be itemized in the order summary
  4. You’ll get a new grand total and your savings will be noted

*Coupon not working? Many coupons have restrictions, don’t work on top of promotional offers, or are reserved for new customers and won’t work on your second order if you’re an existing customer.

Try more than one coupon code: I recommend having a backup code in case the first code doesn’t work. They are easy to apply or remove at checkout, and you might be surprised which one gives you the best deal!

What are the best Nutrisystem Coupons?

Right now they are promoting $50 off for new customers when you sign up for auto-delivery. That includes free FedEx shipping, and a week of free meals, making it the best discount right now. Hmmm… so is the $50 off code a better deal than the 40% off promotion?

If you’re looking at more than one coupon, it’s easy to compare them. Just click the promotional link and you’ll be taken to a landing page on specifically for that promotion.

sample coupon nutrisystem

The key is the “cost per day”

When you choose a plan, it will give you a cost per day. (Usually around $10+) Be sure to write down the specific plan and exact price at this point.

You can repeat this process for a second promotion, comparing the cost per day of each plan. One coupon may give you a slightly better deal, sometimes as little as 25 cents each day, but those pennies add up over a month(s)!

Also look for seasonal promotions or discount codes giving you up to a 40% discount or more on select packages, or offers for free meals. (Up to 7 days of free meals or shakes!) The best time of year for coupons is early January when everyone is making New Year’s resolutions!

But, Is this Diet Right for You?

nutrisystem logoTo better determine if Nutrisystem will work for you, It’s a good idea to consult with your doctor before starting any diet. Having said that, Nutrisystem distinguishes itself in three ways: it’s effective, easy to follow, and affordable. That sounds overly simplified, but that’s what makes the diet work.

  • Effective: In their 40 or so years of success, they have seen a lot of weight loss programs and fads come and go.
  • Easy: No counting calories or points, (Oh, snap! Weight Watchers, I think they are talking about you!) Just portioned food that you actually enjoy eating. (unlike Medifast?) Their plan can be easily customized to your specific dieting needs, and is most effective combined with exercise.
  • Affordable: You probably spend more for one meal at your local casual dining spot than for an entire day of food from Nutrisystems. Including shipping, it’s about $11 a day. Definitely use a coupon or discount code to reduce the price even more, and get free shipping with their 28-day auto-delivery plans.
  • Looking to try it for 5 days? Sometimes you can even find a coupon for Nutrisystem at Walmart!
  • Compare Nutrisystem to Weight Watchers; another popular weight loss program
  • The effect of Nutrisystem meal provision on weight” – You can see the full results of clinical trials here (PDF)
  • Read about Nutrisystem complaints and bad reviews here

– Review by Kevin M. Thanks for visiting, your source for information, tips, and coupons for the some of the most popular diets online. *Nutrisystem also posts promotions on their facebook page

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7 thoughts on “Nutrisystem Promo Codes 2017

    1. kevin

      Thanks, Tim – Looks like they are now doing free meals and shakes “Fast 5” promotion instead of a $ off coupon. It actually works out to be even better, but not as gratifying as seeing the discount at checkout!

  1. Jamie R.

    Where do you enter a promo code at checkout? I think the $50 off coupon is better than any of the online codes out there anyway, unless you can enter more than one and combine discounts. Also, can existing customers use codes, or is it a one-time discount for new customers?

  2. Jeanette

    I used the $20 off promo code for the nutrisystem 28 day program. I don’t think it works for your second order though.

  3. Victoria F Birch

    Hello, I would like to get started with Nutrisystem and I am diabetic. I need someone to help me choose the plan I need just for a short time, maybe a month for now to lose the weight you advertise. Please help and reply to my email ASAP. Thank yo, victoria


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